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  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    I did some maxHR testing and i'm pretty convinced my MaxHR is 184 bpm. This puts my 70-75% numbers so low that they are totally out of my grasp. I know that hadd talked about running 3min/mile slower than 5km time but my HR is still very high at this speed even. Balls.

    I'm just going to run more miles and hope this takes care of things to get me to a point where i can start on Hadd.

  • Khanivore, don't get too despondent. run lots and run slowly

  • As Brian says   just keep running  try to keep to 75%.   And as time goes on the pace will be quicker for the same HR.

  • Brian,

      my annual pilgrimage to the Welsh 1000m fell race on the first of June, I think its my 20th time, spread over 32 years.

    After that 5 weeks of nothingness , followed by the Saunders 2 day  mountain marathon  in Cumbria, just a bit of fun this one.

    Then back into Hadd training for the Loch Ness marathon, and I know Andi is doing it, so looking forward to that.

    Well done on your PB.

    Khanivore, it will come down, nice and slow does it.


  • Khanivore, as the others have said, run slowly and bide your time image  I started HADDing in Feb this year and just taken almost 3 minutes off my 5k time running at the same WHR % in training. (Have my MAX at 188bpm btw and my resting HR has gone down from 60 to 50bpm).

    Brian, excellent trio of times image now some relatively peacefull HADDing for youimage

    Roy, is that 1k or 10k in the Welsh Fell Race? And yes, think it's just over 18 weeks till Loch Ness and just realised what I signed up for! fingers crossed my stamina improves pretty quickly image First goal is to finish and second goal is sub 5 hours image

  • Roy, nothingness sounds.... errr good! Best of luck with the fell race. Don't think you'll be getting lost thenimage. 2 day MM a "bit of fun". Mmmmmm.... maybe your type of fun. A two day trip to benidorm is more my type of funimage. Thanks btw, yes it was a Vets pb - did a few sub 18s in the 90s.

    Andi, your marathon will be fine. Hadd is a perfect way to build your marathon endurance. The secret is to keep it slow and gradual.





  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭
    Brian. wrote (see)

    DrDan, How did jnr go on? Thanks for the encouragement at the end, was needed, I can tell you!

    #3 last night. Psyched myself up and gave it everything. 1st km in 3:22. After 3k it was just a case of running from memory. Nothing left in the tank at the end, got passed by about 4 runners in the last 100m, that's not like me! Happy though, a bit windier than the other 2 and another 3s knocked off for 18:17.

    Yep, looked like you were in the hurt locker in the final few hundred metres! Great times! image

    The boy topped of his 2:32 800m in the afternoon with a 19:22 5K 5 hours later ... two PBS in a day, so a happy chappy.image

  • DrDan, fantastic day for your lad. Hope he is inspiring you.

    I have been inspired by my mate at work. I have coached him recently, he beat me in the 5k and the day after just done 38.25 for an off-road 10k.

    Im gonna try and hang on to his coat tails.


  • Andi, the heading of the fell race ( 1000m ) is a bit misleading, it's actually about 20 miles with 8000 + feet of climbing, lots of map reading involved, and the bit I like, it finishes at the top of Snowdon, so followed by a 5 mile walk down to Lanberis, with your legs shot to pieces.


  • What is that one Roy?   Im doing the Welsh Vegan 3000s!

  • Thanks Brian image Shall keep on plodding though doing a couple of 'speed' sessions as well noy (taking walk breaks if/when I go over 80% WHR). Sounds like your a great trainerimage

    Dr Dan, your boy must have a good trainer as wellimage

    Roy, best of luck with that! When I was a boy we walked up Snowdon on a school trip the day after I got burnt at the beach - I was wearing a Cheesecloth Shirt (so that dates things) and my back blistered and they grew through the shirt - painfull for a 13yr old boy image

  • The welsh 3000s is about 35 miles and all 15 peaks over 3000ft,

  • Well, not exactly sure what happened today. My legs were trashed last night (did my long run (16) Wed; recovery run (10) yesterday) and just wanted to do an easy recovery-type run. I expected my legs to be mush but to my surprise I felt GOOD and ran 8 miles at a 7:47 m/m pace with ave HR of 144 (73%). Normally a run like this would be in the 8:20 to 8:40 range. I did go downhill the first 2 miles (but got them back the last two miles back up). Anyway, legs felt recovered and strong. Maybe my (aerobic) monster teeth are starting to show just a bit? I think I just shifted another gear. Amazing what happens when you can start stringing together a series of 50+ mile weeks. Then again, this might just be a flash in the pan. Must not get hurt!!!!!


    Also, officially registered for the October Twin Cities Marathon. Just a few more weeks to get my base set before starting the P&D...


    Brian, you are beast! Well done leaving it all on the course.

    Chick, I missed it before, but hope your quad is feeling better.

  • Am in awe VT! Doubt I'll ever run 50 miles in a week, not made it to 30 (yet). I think the speed devil will be unleashed when you move to P&Dimage

  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    Did my hr test and my max is 184. I ran my marathon in 4:05:54 with an average hr of 164. I decided to start hadd with 75% max hr as 70% is virtually walking. I know the min speed is 5km pace + 3 min miles but my hr is very high if I do that.

    At 75% hrmax my speed is average 13 min mile. It's embarrassing at that speed but I will stick with it. Does it sound about right to you guys given my stats for the marathon?

  • Khanivore if you did a marathon in just over 4 hours your 70% rate should be less I would of thought.   Im no expert say maybe others could help.

  • Did a long run of 20 miles today,   HR was 10 beats up than normal.   Combination of the flu and the heat maybe?

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Lots of brilliant running going on - with excellent PBs, especially the double by Dr. Dan junior image

    Khanivore: when did you run your marathon? Just thinking if it was recent your HR will be messed up. Mine is crap for about 6-8 weeks after a marathon.

    VT: you are on fire at the moment - great running image

    I tend to avoid pain too which is why I love HADD and hate any training plan that makes me do speed work. In most races I give up when the going gets tough and slink home in a rather mediocre time image. I seem to get on well with HM and marathons but I'm really shit at 5 and 10ks because they hurt from the word go and I find it impossible to endure the pain that's required to run a good time. I'm firmly stuck around the 45min mark for 10ks (PB 44:49) and 21 for 5ks image.

    Tried a short run today and quad seems to have mended. Did a few strides and everything felt fine. Phew.

  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    Did my marathon on April 21st. Did closer to a 70% run today and the average time was something more like 14:45-15:00 min per mile lol. Felt like I was jogging on the spot but I kept it up for 7 miles and am happy to keep doing this if you lot thing it is doing me good.

  • Spen,

     there used to be a 3000m fell race but a soldier died in the race and after that it was stopped.

    The 1000m race is a shortened version of the same thing, and is in its 41st year. At first, it ran ( if I remember rightly ) the week after the 3000m race.


     its the only way mate, I ran 5 miles yesterday at 65% in 45mins.

    same run last year 70% in 53 mins, the stats speak for themselves.


  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    Cool i will stick with it. I found a relatively flat country lane where I won't meet too many people. The bad bit is when you find a walker going in the same direction as you image

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Nice progress, Roy!

    Vierlaender Volkslauf today: Wet 'n windy but I did surprise myself ...   44:11 - it's a PB image. It's also what the calculators predict I would do off my recent marathon time. So yeah, it's not a brilliant time but considering the non-existent build-up I'm well happy.

    2nd lady including some bling, flowers and best of all: free entry to a 15k night run on June 14 image.

    Ran with a group of 2 girls and 2 boys till about 5k when one girl pushed on (she won in 43:43). Managed to shake the boys (they didn't like that and were trying to stick around) and had to sprint for about 100m to get rid of the other female. Picked up a few more boys that had gone out too hard but the last 2k hurt like hell image.

    Ran naked so no idea about splits. Oh and BTW: I hate 10ks image. No pain at all in my quad, thank heavens for that. 

    Now back to proper training, HADD stylee. I've had it with speedy stuff for now and won't be doing any more 10ks soon.

  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    My runs this weekend, and my first two runs at 70% hrmax. Felt like i was running on the spot most of the time lol:

    Saturday: 7 miles, average HR around 70% (130bpm), average pace 14:25 min/mile
    Sunday: 8 miles, average HR around 70% (131bpm), average pace 14:49 min/mile

    Super slow *blush* - is this a world record for slowest running while hadding?

  • Well done Chick great time and you got flowers!! Nice mini review as well image

    Khanivore, was that MHR or avg MHR? I think that folks all seem to place their 'stake' in different parts of the ground? In order for me to get a similar length run at 70% of WHR (I use working heart rate not max) then I need to be up around 75% for a while.

    My Max is 188bpm and if I use 70% of MHR it's 132bpm but if I use WHR (MHR-RHR*.7+RHR) then 70% is 147bpm so a big difference in the lower %'s.

    I guess we are all different so chose different methods? My 250 miles in 4 months of HADDing have been run at an average (of monthly averages) of 11:45 min miles and 69%. I did do my fastest 5k since starting running again last week in 30:35 at an average of  69%. What was your Marathon time btw?

  • And  your resting  changes day to day so very difficult to do working hr.   

    Khanivore - if this pace is so slow why dont use mcmillian calculator for your marathon and get a 5k time

    .  Then add 3 mins tomile for it

  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    That was average hr and I calculate a % of max hr. my marathon time is 4:05:54.

    Spen71 I did exactly what you suggested but my average hr was 83%. I'll stick to the super slow speeds as long as its doing me good. I hope it is!

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Brian - no, not foobtall. Prem had finished by then and non league finishes even earlier. It was my sister in laws birthday so a reasonable excuseimage

    Khanivore - something doesn't seem to add up based on your marathon stats. I can't see how a 4 hour marathoner needs to be starting at 15 min miling. 


  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    why? You think my heart rate should be lower at a faster pace?

  • Khanivore,

        I agree with Mace something is not right with your Pace per mile and HR.

    Ran Snowdon last year in 4.05 same time as you.

    All training was between 70%-80%MHR at a pace of 11.00- 8.00 per mile.

    Are you sure of your Max Heart Rate?



  • You need to do a maximum heart rate test

        Try couple of miles building up the pace.   Then 800m all out,  jog for 2 mins and then run as fast as you can for as long as you can.

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