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  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    VT glad the blister is finally fixedimage

    Chick super pace for the LT session ! Nice oneimage

    Brian that's a great set of intervals

    DD nice low HR on the canal run

    BeDe  yaay!!  Don't go crazy on the bike !image

    90 minutes hot yoga for me.  After yesterday's 18m, my legs were very heavy, so just a short 3m bimble to Sainsbury's and back for the last minute holiday shopping.  Off to the Sarf o' France tomorrow...image

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Hey BeDe, that's the best news of the day image  enjoy the freedom image

  • Evening image 16 miles long run don tonight, 3:21, at 12.31 mm pace, I wanted 13.00 mm but hey! HR average was 141 this week, so pleased with that! Similar thing as last weeks lsr but after 12 miles the rate didnt want to stay down. Up to that, I was sub 135 on the flat, and 126 on most downhills! I have to admit the last mile I struggled, but I serves me right for not staying at 13mm image

  • Great news BeDe. Take it easy on the bike please!

    Enjoy the hols Teknik.

    Cheesy, wow 3hrs+!! You will come on leaps and bounds with that sort of  time-on-feet.

    DrDan, very low hr for your 10miler. Good progress.

    Rest day for me (feel like I've been run over by a steam roller). Meeting a couple of mates tomorrow afternoon for a long one.

    Enjoy the weekend everyone. 

  • Man, what awful weather: nearly 100% humidity and 75 degrees at 5 am!

    Got my longest run of the year in. Stuck to the P&D paces (~8:45 to 9 for first half; ~8:10-8:25 second half). HR stayed down well considering the conditions. Everything felt really great until about 19.5 miles...then my HR jumped a bit and I started to feel a bit tiredimage...but structurally everything felt great (despite running in sweat soaked shoes for the last 11 miles). My Achilles acted up a bit in the first half but calmed thereafter (seems to be OK now knock on wood).

    In the bank.



  • BeDe, hope you had a nice freedom ride yesterday!

    Chick, you are my hero of the week (Brian is a close secondimage). You got some wheels girlimage.

    Dan, nice discipline and great fitness on display.

    Cheesy, don't know about you, but the 3 hr club is tiringimage.

    Tek, I think I could use some hot yoga. I'm about as flexible as a broom handle. Nice mileage again. How is everything holding up?

  • VT: yeah it is image but at the moment, my pace is slooooowwwwww in comparason! still, I have to start somewhere image

    Thing is, I am following a plan to get ready for Beachy, and if it says today is 16 miles, or whatever, if I also want to keep to low HR I have to keep the pace right down, so time is taken. I actually do love running for silly time, so its not all bad. If I want to keep below 70-75% at the moment, I have to stay around 12:30 - 13:00 mm, just for a long time imageimage

    Did a  V Easy 6.6 miles today with my partner, average HR of 117 (63%) She is still very early stages and can just manage 90-110 mins at a time on our sunday runs, and its the only time I can go really really slow and enjoy it!

    'Easy' week this week ... apparently image

  • Morning all. 

    Got just under 18 miles in yesterday. Planned to run 10 miles with 2 mates, so ran to and from the meeting place. The 10 was a little faster than I would have liked and so I ended up at 77% avg for the whole run. Job done though. Week1 of 15 completed - 53miles, incl track session and 35mins of mp.

  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    Great long running from Chick, VT and Brian!image

    I was LSRing too yesterday...16.8 hilly miles at 68% maxHR and 9:47/m. I sought out 3 of the 4 biggest hills in my part of Leeds and re-worked my usual "Sunday route" so I could get to the top of them. Over 1000 ft of accent ... hot day but I beat the heat by getting out at 6am. Hope to add the 4th and biggest hill at a later stage!


    I cycled in today but I think I'll skip the run and swim instead ... I'm tempted to do a sprint traithlon on 28th but have hardly been in the pool for the past year.

  • Excellent running from everybody and really puts me to shame, only run 4 miles since I got to France on Wednesday - it's just too hot and as I overdo the wine and single malt at nights I'm not getting up early enough for a cooler run image Oh, and mild sunstroke on Thursday then Sunday (us Brits never learn).

    Roll on getting home to sub 30 degrees weather lol

  • VT - great stats - looks like natural HR drift the longer the run and in those conditions I'm not surprised! Some steady miles in there.

    Yep the ride was great image - only 30 mins as I'm feeding in slowly, out again yesterday but puncture cut it short! Ride was liberating but still want to get on the legs - that will wait for another few weeks. I use SportTracks and this shows how much fitness lost.




  • BeDe, sensible stuff.

    Andi, dinnae worry. Rest will do you good.

    DrDan, doing a tri? I'm impressed. Good luck with that. 

    An hour yesterday was just like pulling teeth. Gym at lunch and track this eve for 8x800

  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    BeDe ... glass half full ... think of how much fitness you will gain.image

    Brian - good luck with the 8x800m - sounds painful!image

    I've done the Leeds Xpress triathlon the past 2 years, so think I may as well make it a hat-trick seeing as this year I've been on the bike more than I have ever before (still not remotely a cyclist though!). It's a 400m swim,  challenging 14 mile bike (very undulating) and a 5K run. I'm not ready for 5KP but actually after the cycle stage the run feels more like the closing stages of a 10M or HM race and the pace by that stage tends to be 30s/mile slower than in a 5K race.

    As planned, I biked commuted yesterday and also went to do some controlled drowningimage. In the pool I started with 400m front crawl (16x25m) ... having only been swimming 3 times since last year's tri, I needed to know if I could at least make the distance! I'd normally do another 3x400m but instead I did 8 x 50m intervals (1 min reps with 30s rests) as it gave me the chance to work on technique (which tends to distintergrate after a few continuous lengths). I'm not going to improve much in the next 2 weeks but I'll go a few more times just to get some confidence.

    Today it's back to running. Phew.image

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    VTrunner wrote (see)

    Chick, you are my hero of the week (Brian is a close secondimage). You got some wheels girlimage.

    image  you make me blush there VT. But err thanks image 

    Some great long running going on. I only managed 15 on Sunday. Had a lie in, ran in the midday heat and melted image

    BeDe: how does this thing measure your fitness?? In any case, I'm sure you'll be back before long image

    Andi: enjoy your hols - I usually take a break from running whilst away. Too much nice food and drink beckons and we all need a rest every now and again.

    Nice swimming, Dr. Dan. I couldn't even manage 1 x 25m front crawl without drowning image

    Have fun with those 800s, Brian. I did speedwork too - 10 x 400. I know it's not HADD but as I'm training for a half, not a full marathon I need to do more speedwork. Tricking my brain into thinking HM pace doesn't feel so bad if you do more stuff at 3 or 5k pace image 

  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    I didn't do speedworkimage ... 7 miles at 70% maxHR (9:08/m)

    Not looking forward to sub-LT day tomorrow in this heat... may have to go straight off the bike commute again and work through lunch.image

  • chick - it measures CTL (chronic training load) and ATL (acute training load) - a plug in on SportTracks.
    Here is a better explanation that I could ever explain;

    CTL - ATL explanation

    I found it useful for planning a taper (although to be honest it's not necessary - i just like the stats)image

  • Morning all.

    Interesting stuff BeDe. My numpty spreadsheet can't cope with any more measurements. 


    DrDan, hope the sub-lt went well.

    Chick, manup. You are somebody's hero.

    The 8x800 session went well. HR increased to about 96% on the last couple but maintained a 2.54 average.

  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    Great session Brian.image

    Biked in this morning in record time ... I was planning on taking it easy until some numpty on a mountain bike came past me on a downhill section in full aero Tour-de-France alpine style descending mode ... I then felt obligedimage to wipe him out when we got to the bottom and so kept up the work rate for the duration. Not a good idea imageas I then bombed out on the sub-LT which followed on straight after. Bottled it after 4 miles at sub-LT - 7:23/m at 81% maxHR (5.3 miles in total). However, if I call it a "brick session" as part of my tri build up, then it looks better image. Actually, with the tri in mind, I might parkrun this weekend.


  • Hello guys and girls.

    I am thinking of adopting this method of training as after 8 months of being on the bench with a serious calf tear and associated problems (quad and hamsting issues) I need to get back into training. ( I have put on loads of wieght image and have become very unfit generally) Totally lost all inclination for running or any other type of exercise.

    Anyhoo signed up for the Brighton Marathon 2014 (it will be my 10th mara 2nd Brighton). I have always struggled to reduce my time and really would like to get under 4 hrs. After alot of thinking and analysis of my training I have come to the conclusion that I train to hard (fast) after reading HADD training Method and quite a bit of this thread.

    My only issue with this methd is I am crap at mathsfigures and it seems a bit daunting... I guess that my garmin will help out once I get my head around the first set of data...plus the high milage/time as I am an early morning runner.

    So any help, encouragement you guys can offer to assist in this endevour would be most appreaciatedimage


  • Tommy - welcome - if you need any help just ask. We can work out the numbers for you once we have your MaxHR. You will need to find out what that is first.

    Dr Dan - !!!!! - that old image on your shoulder got the better of you!!image

  • Hi BeDe

    I used to have a maxhr of 198 but that was about 8 years ago, not tested it since. Just looking at my Garmin data for the last couple of years and highest I have gone is 191 although that was not at maxHR test conditions just a 10k race. But I doubt it will be much higher.

    I think I need a week more of light running before I perform the test though, just to make sure I don't go an injure myself again, although I suppose I could do the test on the bike  sprinting up a steep hillimage

  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    Tommy - welcome!image I'd be tempted to forget the maxHR test and go with, say, 195 as max. It's not going to make a huge difference anyway but will reduce the risked of re-injuring that calf.

    Stage 1, I guess, is just to get some basic fitness back and lose some weight. So, cut out any excess feeding and start off by slowly building up the running. Try to keep below 75% maxHR (sub 146 bpm) and try if possible to go as low as 70% (sub 137 bpm). Make a note of times, distances and average HRs and keep us informed. image

  • Sounds like  plan DrDan,

    I have only just started running/jogging again and even have begginers DOMS after the first run image 

  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    image Glass half full ... the only way is up!image

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Welcome Tommy image

    Brian: blimey, that was some serious pace for those 800s image

    Nice brick there, Dr. Dan image  I love it when the competitive side kicks in image

    11 and a bit miles with 10 @ sub LT this morning. 20 degrees, 93% humidity so all I managed was 7:59 pace @ 79%. My hamstrings feel tight and niggly. I think I need to lay off speedwork for a while. Speedwork plus sub LT is probably too much image

  • chick -

    20 degrees, 93% humidity so all I managed was 7:59 pace @ 79%

    still - pretty good - although you will know from your own stats. Speedwork and me never got on although I hadn't really built up a big enough base when I first tried it. Even sub LT was a bit ambitious for me image. Take care of those hamstrings.

    OK - back on the bike now - 3 rides this week so far (gentle). Went to my physio yesterday and she reckons there is no reason why I can't start fitting in some gentle runs come Augustimageimageimageimageimage. Off to France next week where there is a pool so some swimming also.image Feels good to at last be doing some regular exercise (albeit not HADDing yet) - now all I have to do is lose the 8lbs I put on during forced relaxation!!!


  • A bit on lactate - interesting stuff here for those who want to know more. There is a bit at the end about a test for finding LT threshold.

    Lactate Threshold

  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    imageWill have a read later!image

    No running today ... legs felt mashed and I need to avoid over-trainingimage. I did bike to/from work and I repeated the last swim session (850m - 400m warm-up, then 9 x 50m intervals).

  • So I'm hovering in a strange place right now. The heat is something to behold...my work schedule is full on, and I'm working through this Achilles/calf issue. It has been hard to get out routinely due to work and the weather (just can't go when it is convenient each day). Anyway, was able to get out last night and ended up doing a 12 mile run with 4 miles at LT. It was about 85 degrees and very humid. I went brisk from the beginning and miles 7-11 were at LT (ave HR of 170 or 85%). Overall it was a good run...felt strong and held the LT effort for each mile. Was pleasantly chuffed at the end. The heat is supposed to break Sunday...just in time for a 20 miler.

    Also, the source of my achille's niggle seems to be some deep tightness in the middle of my calf. The weird thing is I now have numbness on the outside of my heel on that leg. If I press along the Achilles up into the calf it tingles. Probably a nerve getting impinged due to some swelling. I wore compression socks yesterday and that helped a lot. My PT thinks I should see a sports medicine person about this though. Anyone have a similar experience in the past?

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