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  • NN - I have stopped running temporarily with my club for the same reason.

    Pace was too quick and I was getting niggling injuries. I will go back at some point and use it as an 80% run - but that could be a while yetimage

  • Brian and Keir,

    Funny you guys should both suggest running tall. I've noticed over the past year that I'll have times where I just feel great on the run...and I quickly figure out that I am 1) running tall and 2) taking smaller, steps. I think the past year of hadding has led to a more efficient stride. Even when I was doing the 80% runs, that's how my form was starting to work. As a former sprinter, I just love to take big strides and eat up the track. Not necessarily a good thing now that I'm a distance only guy.

    Had a good run yesterday Brian, thanks for asking. There is a guy at work who asked if he could tag along with me on a run a few weeks ago. He's a bit slower than me and we ran so both of us could talk (well, he was puffing a bit, but still talking). ANyway, he runs probably 30-40 sec/mile slower. We've now adoted going for 2 runs during the work week. It's great for me as I talk the whole way an my ave HR is at 70% and below. A built-in regulator! ALso, I had forgotten how nice it is to run with someone. For the past 4 years I have done every run, minus my races, solo.

    Buried a friend today so no run; will devote a nice one to him over the weekend.



  • Keir wrote (see)

    AtD - the pace there is awesome, but as we all know, that is just relative. The thing which is really impressive for me is to see the consistency of the avge HR and also how close max is at every split (other than the first, for obvious reasons). To peak at 1 -2% above ave HR for each mile is a really impressive even pacing of effort. 

    Keir i`ve been doing these efforts on me own though so far because this way i can do them on the local cycle path dictating the pace myself and with it being onthe cycle path its very easy to do an out and back turning around at halfway when it suits me. i feel this is one of those sessions which has to be done on your own really in my opinion. because everyones 80% is different.

  • Brian. wrote (see)

    I stumbled upon this on the net recently. It's another angle on the Hadd approach, and makes for interesting reading.



    interesting read Brian this is. the aerobic bit is anyway. i`d be a bit unsure about consciously changing the stride that comes natural though. because of the whole compensation injury issue.

    interestingly though last month i started to get a bit of a niggle on the outside of my shin (left leg) last month, i noticed that over time my form had changed without me realising. i used to run a fair bit each week in the Vibrams, completely injury/niggle free, because the vibrams forced me to relax my running style completely. anyway i went out in them again last month for 3 runs, all several days apart. did 1mile, 2mile and 3mile. stopped the bad running form in its tracks. they dont arf strengthen up your feet image

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Morning peeps,thought this was an appropriate place to share...

    It's been a worrying few weeks here: Had an ECG and it came up with signs of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy.  Visit to the cardiologist followed by an echocardiogram, followed by another cardio visit this morning ended with...I do have LVH but it's physiological not pathological.  My heart now has "above average" function and I can truly call myself an "athlete" as I have "Athlete's Heart". 

    I guess that's what running 3 marathons and 2,049 miles in 11 months does...image

    Knee still sore but I'm running again...


  • Hi Tek. Hope the knee calms down. What's the impact to your running of the heart diagnosis ?
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    AGF - nothing - it's a common result in athletes, i.e.enlarged/toughened heart muscle. So I just keep running... image

  • Tek, I've read your post a few times and can't decide whether congratulations or concern are in order over the LVH!

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Sorry, didn't mean to be cryptic.  LVH is usually bad news as it's a symptom of some problem eg high blood pressure / thickened arteries.  However LVH can also be merely a physiological reaction to aerobic training... like my legs, the heart muscle has just got bigger/tougher...so, good newsimage

  • Right!!image

  • Interesting that is TEKNIK. I had an ECG on thursday, only this time they put me on the dreadmill. To be honest the look on the doctors face when doing 5:30pace at 170bpm (85%max) was just priceless. I take it he'd not had to many runners before.
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Andy - LOLimage

  • Is it possible to have a winter max heart rate and a summer max heart rate?

    can not get my HR above 150 bpm, yet in the summer closer to 160! bit confused!

  • Roy, the heat kills my heart rate in the summer. this year after an hour or so at 140-145 BPM I was slipping down from 8 mins/ mile to over 9 when it was hot. I stopped wearing the HRM in the end. 

  • The heart has to work harder to dissipate heat.

    12miles at hrav 130 in 96:50
  • Yep Brian, I didn't feel I was struggling at all with the pace, just the heat.

  • Ive got to go and have an ECG,  Been havign a bit of chest pain, palps and this wheezing!   Looks like im finally getting somewhere!   Doctors are crap tho,   been there loads of times and they did not even check my blood pressure!

  • My max is my max irrespective of the time of year or the weather!!!

    Or am i missing something important here.

  • Spen, hope every thing works out OK.

  • Max is the same Roy but the HR for a given pace goes up. So if you are trying to stay under 140 the winter you might running 9 mins a mile but in the summer you have slow to 10 mins a mile to keep the same HR.

    Sounds like a check up wouldn't hurt Spen.


    Nice run Brian.

  • Ran 40:18 at Wrexham 10K today taking just shy of 2 minutes off my PB. Between that and Conwy half 2 weeks ago thats my soft target PBs taken care of, any further improvements will be much harder work.
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Great running Gaz!image

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Nice run Gaz, big pb

    BD - good to see you heading in the right direction

    ashman - likewise

    Tek - congrats on the ATHLETES heart, well deserved image


    I ran a local race this morning - the Alan Green Memorial 10M

    Brass Monkey's when i got out of the car at 8.45 and entered on the day at the Westgate Pavillion race HQ. I was cursing myself for just having a long sleeved base and shorts and leaving the leggings and wind jacket at home as the wind at times was pretty bitter. Ho-hum !!

    Plan was to run to pace and ignore HR and i got myself amongst the first 50 odd of the 300 or so runners then we were off.

    First half mile i was determined to go to feel and at around the half mile i looked at my garmin and my current pace was 6:15 !!!! SLOW DOWN OLE SON !!!! Eventually settled at around 7:00 pace and for the first 4M i felt fine. It was about this time i checked HR and was up around 160 ( about 8 beats above my sub LT runs ) Runners behind me seemed to be struggling from their breathing patterns which made me feel very comfortable.

    Although there were a few uphills to halfway i managed to control my pace on them and didn't get carried away. Then we got to the turn and as i headed back the wind hit me from the north ..... jeez it was bitter !!!

    The return 5M i basically locked on to a couple in front of me and focused on staying with them, attempting to draft a bit but i couldn't work out where the wind was coming from, it seemed to be everywhere !

    At about 7.5M the wind seemed to pick up and i started to work . Pace had dropped a bit and HR was up to 164 as we battled the wind. We'd picked off a few runners and the 3 of us became 2 as one dropped off. Into the last mile and the fella with me opened a bit of a lead and joined another runner so now i was on my own. Now it was feeling tough and i struggled to get back to them. Round the last bend on the prom and the finish was in sight .... then i realised the finish wasn't on the prom where we started but on the cliff top at the race HQ ..... i dug as deep as i could at the uphill finish but couldn't quite catch the 2 in front ... GAME OVER.


  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Finished in 71:13 (7:07pace) @ 161HRav ... 41st out of about 280 finishers

    I was targetting 72 mins so very happy with that and also happy that i ran to pace and managed to ignore HR most of the time.

    My sub LT runs have recently been 7:22 pace (150HRav) over 6-8M so i thought for 7:07 and 161 my HR was a a bit high relatively, but not as high as my only previous race when it rocketed. So the plus i guess is that i wasn't as nervous this time but still not totally relaxed and can hopefully improve there.

    Another plus - i hit another HR max ( my third since i started HADD ) at 183 ... i remember somebody saying when i hit 181 in my last race that my max is probably higher and he was right. I think it was Dr Dan image. So i think i'll use 185 now.

    Overall a very enjoyable race, well organised, superb Marshalls and i'll be back again next year


  • Great running there Gaz, Its allways nice to take silly amounts of time off the pb image well done. I honestly dont know how you find the discipline to only train at sub 70% but hey ho if it works an you manage to still enjoy training then its okay I suppose.

    Mace nice one there. Again a run when you convincingly achieve your target is allways good, esp for the confidence image
  • Longest run since chester marathon today for me with nemesis erhem I mean club mate. 17.9mile in 2:09:43 @7:15average pace. 145average heart rate (72.5%max). that was to finish the week on 108miles average 7:31min/mile. 13:31hrs running time. Okay there the figures. That was hard today. First long hilly run in aggggggeeeesss. Well happy to of got through able to have a conversation the whole way though. Legs a bit tired though to tell the truth.
  • GazOC out of interest could you see a tallish bald guy not far ahead of you in a green an white vest at helena.
  • Cheers Andy (great long run BTW), Mace, Tek.

    Good racing Mace, is that it now til Xmas?

    Andy, I didn't notice the tall guy. TBH although the race was well organized and marshalled the surroundings were pretty grim to look at and I tend to switch off a bit any way as regards other runners and whats going on around me.

    Now my races are out of the way until the end of Jan I'll be trying to make sure I get my 10 miles 80% run in once a week in addition to the 70-75% stuff.



  • Gaz and Mace,

    Well done on the races. Having kept an eye on Mace for while now, I'm very impressed with your progress. Now you have a bit of the unknown removed for your next race. Experience trumps all.

    Got 14 in today. Was an OK run. HR seemed a bit high for the effort by a few beats per minute. Although it is interesting that on most of my long runs now my pace keeps dropping near the last 4-6 miles but my HR doesn't necessarily increase. I haven't been drinking any water on my runs since september (didn't want the drink belt over my injured area). Perhaps it's time to reintroduce some hydration to my runs (although to be honest I don't need as much when the weather is colder).

    Other thing I never manage to do is get sufficient sleep. I'm lucky to get 5 hrs per night. I feel like I'm slowing my metabolism and obviously slowing my powers of recovery. Out of curiosity, is this about what you guys get? What do you get and do you feel chronically sleep deprived (or that all the running exacerbates this feeling?)?

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