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  • Roy - HADDlelujah image

    NN- nice steady figures (shouldn't you be Silent Night Nurse?) image

  • Some would say...NOT so silent image

    Just had a look at your stats too BD brlliant improvement.....stick with it well done 

  • Pressed wrong button then!

    At the start of the year I did not race for 4 and a half months this allowed me to focus on Hadding, but started to get " no race fever ".  In retrospect I feel that really helped me to get where I am today.

    Consolidation before moving up a level.

    Learned effort is the key, not pace per mile.

    Confidence that Hadding gave me, made me feel stronger as the race progressed.

    Adaption takes time, dont rush it, when its ready it will happen.

    I stone lighter,dont know how that happened, because I am always eating.

    Have not done any 85% training  runs this year but I know/ believe that will bring me onto where I wont to be next year



  • Roy same here how very true I used to be obsessed by pace for long runs and used to run them at 9.20s with average hr of 80-81%  now I a running them at sub 9.10s with ave hr of 71-73 %

    I am not a stone lighter though...maybe be 5lbs or so though 

  • Roy - I lost 1 stone over past 12 months and I'm eating loads as well.

    Also as a reminder to everyone HADDing - the last paragraph from the HADD document helped bring me 'back into line' when I was thinking of doing some harder workouts:-

    But what about “tempo” runs?
    I would suggest that only when you are capable of 10 miles at HRmarathon (without loss of pace) would you think about running at so-called “tempo” pace (marathon pace minus 12 secs/mile). Indeed you might then find the following paces ideal and find a regular place for both of them in your training (like Hinderloppet): a 10-mile run at Marathon pace + 5-10 secs/mile (aka 10k pace + 35-40 secs), and 4-5 miles at Marathon pace minus 12 secs/mile (aka 10k pace + 18-20 secs mile).

    Be patient. Do good work. And improvements will come.

  • Well only managed 12 miles.   Was not dressed very well for pissing down rain and strong winds.

  • Spen, 12 miles in this weather is good. I am now in my R&R phase, prior to getting drunk phase that will last untill my, I can't go on like this phase, that preceeds back to running phase.

    Life is just a circle of events.

  • Absolutely loving the success stories.

    Great stuff Roy.

    Spen, nothing wrong with keeping your powder dry.

    BD, good salient points.

    NN, amazing run! You actually got faster for the same effort! Was that downhill?

    Xmas lunch at work tomora. So I will do some 400's on the treadie first thing.
  • Brian no the whole route is failry undulating, and pretty much evenly " hilled " for the want of a better word ..all the way round, I just felt so strong..image the conditions were for me near perfect too very light drizzle on no wind/ breeze at all

    Spen if I had gone out much later the weather would have been more like it was for you run..so I was lucky

  • Ding Dong, Background is that I've always been pretty active and started running 'properly' when I stopped playing rugby. Was always reasonably quick at school but only ever did short stuff in athletics and left the long and the cross country to others. Did my first half marathon in 2004 (1:38 ish), my first marathon in 2005 (london 3:27). Subsequently got HM time down to 1:22 in 2007 and not really had a go at it since. Ran Manchester marathon this year in 3:12 using the 3 runs per week model. 5k pb is 18:00.

    Why Hadd?  Because I have been regularly injured and having got a place for VLM I wanted to try something different.  I love technicalities of sport and having read the Hadd document I could see the sense in it.  Being able to run up to 6 times per week without injury is unheard of for me.  The slow paces have taken some getting used to.

    My running in the last 6 weeks has been mixture of short 5-6 miles, medium 8-10 and long 13-16.  Pretty much all of it has been 75% or below apart from the odd parkrun @80%. I was around or over 2 hrs about 5 times.

    The 2.4k test results first time almost seem too good for where I was.  I can certainly feel solid improvement and last Sunday's 16 miler was pretty consistent at 8:10-8:15 pace with approx 10 sec drift in miles 14-16.

    Oh yes and I'm 46 with 184 max hr.

  • I'm enjoying the success stories aswell to be honest so am happy to persist with HADD.

    Planning on wearing the HRM again daily as of tommorow for training runs. Just been adding a mile a day while getting back up to mileage. Only up to 7 today but will soon be up to wear I was before.

    Interesting figures people are putting up at the moment of there improvements. Still wish I've of got onto hadd waaaaaaaaaaaaay before actually doing so.
  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Sounds like you have put some thought into your training Hollers. Also, looking at your 5k to marathon conversion I would have thought HADD would be good for you. 3.12 is impressive on 3 runs per week. For interest, what was your highest weekly mileage and LSR in that build?

  • Keir highest weekly mileage was 38 and longest run was 22 miles although the book had only recommended 20.  That run was done at MP+ 30secs so was quite demanding.  The plan works on 1 interval session (brutal) one tempo (tough) and one long run per week.  But there's another thread about it somewhere.  It is just about the  complete opposite of Hadd.  I didn't use a HRM but must have spent most of my training time at 90%!

  • hollers, Keir is bang on, your conversion from 18min 5k is poor. But on the other hand 3.12 off 3 runs is magical. You obviously have potential. Hadd will help you achieve that. Good luck with it.

    AtD, keep at it matey. Your building gradually which is very sensible.

    10.8k on the treadie this morning with 10x(400@12kph, 400@16kph+).

    After 3.2 k warm-up, I started at 16 and notched up 0.1 kph every 400. Was tempted to make the last one 17, but OCD kept me at 16.9kph. Felt hard on the legs but HRmax was relatively low at 172.


  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Sick today. Head cold. Decided to abandon all running and have extra time in bed. Never have I been so happy to hear the rain lashing down outside when I finally woke up. But I have made myself feel better by eating 6 mincepies this morning, and the School Xmas lunch is later, so I am getting in fuel ready for my next run. image

  • Keir, not a bad time to be off sick. When is your next race and what is the target?

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Thanet duathlon in mid January - I made the podium last year so a repeat would be good.

    The first serious race is Ashford 10k early Feb. Last year I was 2 sec off my pb with a 37.21 - so would like similar this year - although I had covered 6 wks of that McMillian 10k training beforehand, so this year might be a bit slower.

  • Yes I think you need the icing for a fast 10k. Having said that my pb came off of mara training, and a heavy week. Duathlon what does that entail - run-bike-run?

  • Love all the progress on here image

    NN: amazing run image. Great when that happens.

    I think HADD is brilliant for keeping the weight down. I easily put on 3-4 lbs before xmas but strangely enough I haven't put on an ounce since my marathon in October image

    2nd 80% run of the week. Did 90 mins with 3 x 20 @ 80%. Strangely enough the overall pace was the same as Tuesday when those 90mins had no breaks inbetween and yet the average HR was 4 bpm lower.

  • 4 wet and miserable miles later,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Got in a 20 miler today at around 8:20. Not HRM on but felt pretty steady right to the end. Bloody bleak condidtions though!

  • Yes, horrible conditions. I did 10 miles commute this evening with 4 at 80% in the middle which was my first run of this type. The last 2 miles at 75% were about 30 secs slower than the first 4 at 75%, so I guess the 80% bit took more out of me than I thought.

    Very easy 5 at 70% back to work tomorrow morning. It all helps to stop the guilty feeling when confronted with all the food which has appeared around the workplace.
  • Today got 8 in at 70% HRave. 8:15 m/mile, which fairly fast for me. Legs felt dynamic and finished feeling like I hadn't really done anything. Perhaps approaching a new corner to turn?

    Brian, very nice run. I don't think I've ever put in a 66% run, let alone one sub 8.

    And good juob Sen, Gaz and Hollers for getting it done in the sh*t.

    Last, in response to a question last week, I'm a virologist at a University and dom 90% research but also teach to grads/undergrads.

    Still can't think of a xmas name...

  • Also, I checked my running log back to 2009 and it became apparent my monthly mileage was much less than I remembered. Didn't really start accumulating big miles until summer of 2011. I look at what I did vs what I do now and suspect my injuries were probably to be expected. Will try posting some numbers later.

  • Hi Guys,

    The weather down south is horrible, hope you're all dried out, it is not too bad up here at the moment, but the forecast for the weekend is bleak.

    Jog Scotland tonight, I was out in a faster group so keeping to 75% was going to be difficult, so I ignored HR.  group run was 5.2 miles with a fairly steep hill thrown in,  a couple of us added on a bit at the end to make it 6 miles.



    The run felt very comfortable, should a 83% avg run feel this way?  Tomorrow I'll do a 60 minute run and try and keep HR down into 70%-75% range.

  • SC, the run at 79-84% shouldn't feel comfortable. I'm fairly sure that your max is more than likely higher than what you think. What figure are you working on and have you any race data?

    VT, sounds like things are starting to happen for you. imageExciting times.image Keep us posted!

    Gaz, Good effort on the 20miler. Was that 8:20 in the morning, 8:20m/m (or 8hrs 20mins?image ).

    spen, hope you've dried outt and you feel ok.

    I had a festive pizza last night - it was deep and crisp and even.

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    11.5m at 75% done with a few miles at 80% early this morning. Accidently tripped over a traffic islad which I forgot was there at one point and landed on the verge. Luckily it didn't affect my run, although my gait changed for the final few miles as I battled to keep the gingerbreadman from escaping from the oven.

  • Ding Dong, during my 10k race the max was 185, I've also done a few hill reps recently maxing out at 184, my resting HR is around 48,  my 70%-75% runs are between 130-140bpm, and on my Hadd runs they have been around the 75%.  I'm awaiting a replacement strap for my HRM from Garmin, hopefully it will be here in the next couple of days.

    here is my Garmin data from last nights run http://connect.garmin.com/activity/253170427

  • SC, I honestly think that your max is closer to 190. I have looked back and in races (or efforts) of over 6miles I have just about got to 10 beats below my max. In 5k races or efforts of less than 6miles I have got to within 3 or 4 beats of my max.

    It would be interesting to see what you could achieve in a 5k race, my guess is ~ 188.

    I would recommend that you use 190 as your max. I'm not sure it will make too much difference to your zones though.

  • Thanks Brian,

    I'll make the adjustment and see how it goes

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