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  • BD, Bri glad I'm not the only one then. I am thinking the temporary break might be a good thing really to be honest.

    not complaining now but genuinely cant believe how much rain weve had recently. have got to be honest I did feel sorry for the people round the country who have been flooded for christmas. Made me appreciate everything just that bit more.
  • keir whats it like "14 minutes"? I would be impressed if you got through it in 14mins.
  • I'm about a third of the way through Scott Jureks book "Eat and Run", its been a good read so far bar the Vegan recipes at the end of each chapter.



  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    I also enjoyed that one as well Gaz, although each recipe made me hungry!

    The Salazar book is ok. 7/10. I didn't realise how short a peak he had - mainly due to overtraining when knackered and ill. However a lot of the book is about his hart attack and 14mins without breathing. I wanted more on his training of Lance Armstrong and Mo Farah rather than 1 sentence on each in the entire book.

  • GazOC- to be honest as much as I respect the achievments of Scott jurek. I just cant see how being vegy improves life quality. I dont know about you but to me food is one the great pleasures in life so the idea of limiting that is not something that sounds good to me. So many foods you just cant have. I love fruit an veg like anyone else but also love to have a bit of meat with christmas dinner for example.

    Keir- cheers for the insight to the salazar book. I dont feel I need to buy the book now you've summarized it for me image
  • Managed 9.4m today. Was going to do a hilly one but had the same hamstring/calf problem in the left leg when running downhill image so just ran on the flat which seemed fine.
  • Yes, Andy. I'm the same, one of the benifits of running is that I can eat what I like and that includes meat.


    I've not read all the book yet but I think I've heard somewhere that meat is good for getting protein into an athletes body but in a Western diet theres no shortage of protein so being a veggie and an athlete is OK from a nutritional point of view.


  • BTW has anyone noticed more runners out tonight than usual? People starting their yearly 3 week health kicks before returning to normal before the end of January.

  • GazOC I wonder how many see us real runners an think they"ll give up by end of Jan.image
  • Aye! There is that.  

  • BD, a minute a mile improvement for the same HR is awesome, well done

    Atd, hope the calf doesn't become an issue, 

    GazOC, I was one of those runners last year, joined the gym in January and starting running in February, I'm glad I've stuck with it I'm definitely feel a lot better for it image

    Today run was a group run so it was always was going to be a little faster than 75% run, it was very icy in places so I had to be careful not end up on my backside image


     6.11m 9:50mm avgHR 153(81%)

  • Similar happened to me but not in January. Joined a gym to lose a bit of weight and a couple of months later realized I was spending most of my time on the treadmill and could be saving myself 20 quid a month and running outside!

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Always lots of runners around at this time. It helps that people are off work. I think running then peaks on the 5th and 6th of Jan before slowly the duvets warmth becomes too much.

    I like th eidea of New Years resolutions, but I always find the best way to change something in my lifestyle is when I change my routine- say after a holiday. As you readjust it is easier to give up and forget old habits. 

    I had my best years (cycling) when a pure veggie, but I was a bit worried after 10 years that I wasn't getting enough essential oils and fats. So now I do guiltily eat fish occassionally. You rarely see over weight vegetarians and never fat vegan's. I think if you are a vegan, you have to be pretty much aware of you food and how to cook properly. It isn't something that you can blag.

  • GazOC wrote (see)

    BTW has anyone noticed more runners out tonight than usual? People starting their yearly 3 week health kicks before returning to normal before the end of January.

    haha, very true image.

    Great run for me today - 11 miles, av. pace 8:30 and still only 73%. It's slowly coming back image

  • I would imagine there will be a few new faces at Jog Scotland on the 3rd Jan, 

    Santa Baby, that's quicker than my current 10k pb pace image

    Keir, I don't tend to make resolutions at new year, I never been able to stay the course, I've found having a goal or focus tends to make those lifestyle changes a little easier and this has worked for me, stopping smoking and loosing weight/improving fitness.

    Solo run today, 60 minutes in the light rain with the wind pickinhg up as the run progressed, I don't know why but these slower runs feel a little un-comfortable, it wasn't until I was into my third mile that I started to relax and enjoy it.


     60mins 5.42m 11:12mm avgHR 142(75%)


  • "Bouyed" by the fact that I popped the top button off my trousers this morning, I attacked the lunchtime run with my serious head on.

    1:58:51 for 14.85 miles.

    After 10 miles yesterday, I feel wasted now. But short easy tomorrow before a hilly 5.8 mile race on Sunday. Should get me to mid 40s for the week with 2 rest days.

  • Ding Dong merrily on Bri sounds like your in the same boat as me based on your last comment apart from the burst button. I got the elasticated waistband pants out to avoid that. According to the scales I was 11st 13... On boxing day evening......AAAAARRRGH HOW THE HELL did that happen. So yesterday I went back in to health mode. This afternoon the scales were were saying 11st 6lb (better, but more to go) still felt heavy on feet today so going to stay in health mode till sub 11st, I feel good when running that way.

    general question is anyone finding that there calfs are taking a battering after putting a few pounds on over x-mas? Anyone lurking feel free to answer, (ste).
  • Nearly out of drunken phase, only 3 days to go.

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    You need some of these magic buttons for pregnant women Fatty Ding Dong Bri! image



  • 10 miles tonight in 1:26. Felt awful.

  • Atleast you got round though isn't it Gaz
  • Yep, just about Andy. The sooner I get back to work and a semi-regular rountine the better from a running point of view.

  • I'm scared to go on the scales, fortunately ours are broken image

    I wonder if I could get some advice for the HM training I'm about to start on the 14th Jan.  I'm going to continue on with the 60mins @ 75% runs for 4 days a week and introduce two  faster runs, one being interval/hill work and the other being a tempo run could be deemed as a 80%+ run, the long run on a Sunday will be  2-2.5hrs with some time @ race pace.


     Keir, thanks for the link to those interval sessions.

    I would also be grateful for some pacing advice, my only 10k race was completed in 55mins(sept) and HM 2:03(Oct), I certainly feel a lot fitter and stronger and  I've increased my base mileage considerably in the last three months, I'm currently running 40m+ a week.

    I would love to get close to 1:50, but this would be a gold target, sub 2hrs would be my ultimate goal.



  • 3 hours over the Breacon Beacons today, boy was it wet.

    No HRM, ran with a friend, great morning trying to out do each other.

    SC, just the confidence that HADD training gives you will help you break 2 hours, for sure.

  • AtD, funny you should mention calves. I have a tight leftie. Plenty of foam rollering today.

    Roy, great work on the 3 hour run. Hang on in there with the beer.

    Keir, lol! It's magic potion I need not buttons.

    Gaz, well toughed out on the 10miler. It's those hard ones that make the difference physically and mentally.

    SC, sounds like you have a good plan. All I would suggest is to swap a couple of runs over. Make your tempo the race pace run, and build some 80% into hour long run.

    Did 5m active recovery on the treadie today. Easy pace with 8x100m strides.

    Weather looks awful for tomoras race.
  • Roy, that sounds like a tough run, you deserve a beer after that

    Ding Dong, good luck with the race today, hope the weather wasn't to bad

    One of the goals I had set myself for this year was to run up to the mast, which overlooks Inverness, to get up there you need to climb two particularly steep hills, one has the nickname of vomit, I've got no idea of the graident but it is the steepest hill I've ever attempted, the last time I got two thirds of the way up.  Well today I conquored vomit, I didn't run up it particulary fast, indeed most could probably walk quicker image

    I lost my trainers in the mud twice and almost slipped on my but coming down the snow covered trail from the mast.


     10.19m  2:04:19 12:12mm avgHR 154(81%) Elv +1,390/-1,434

  • Did 17 miles this morning nice and slow, left my heart rate monitor at home just took my garmin.  That takes me to 61 miles for the week the most i've ever done ! pretty good considering its christmas as well.image

  • SC, that was brave! Where do you live? Scotland?

    roy silver wrote (see)

    Nearly out of drunken phase, only 3 days to go.

    image same here... my liver is in dire need of a break image

    Managed 17.5 miles in fierce winds & rain today. 8:37mm @ 72%. That was pretty decent. HADD is coming together, yay image

  • Ashman, excellent running congrats on the distance pb

    Santa baby, yes I live in Scotland, the weather has been aweful the last couple of days but I had to get out and beat the beast, excellent Hadding if I'm anywhere near an incline or stiff breeze my hr shoots up, just goes to show it takes time to develop your endurance.
  • Well, got 10 miles in yesterday in a fairly good snowstorm. Slippery going so just downshifted, took little steps, and enjoyed the muffled silence. Vermont in full snow mode is beautiful. No run today as we got anohter foot overnight and there is literally no room for me on the roads and the paths/sidewalks are MIA.

    Also got in some great sledding with the kiddies yesterday...Hillworkimage

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