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  • Well, my goal for 2013 is to make it to the starting line for a fall marathon and race 3:15 or better.

    2012 added up to 1750 miles (and ~3 months missed due to injury). Most important goal for 2013 is not to get a major injury.

  • Some mighty impressive goals for the upcoming year, my targets are no where near as impressive.

    by the end of 2013:

    10k sub 50mins (pb 55:44)

    HM sub 1:55 (pb 2:03)

    LNM to finish as close to 4hrs as I can

    Today's run was a 60min sub 75% run, a couple of the miles into a stiff wind, anyone else noticing how mild it is at the moment, not that I'm complaining.

    For those that are interested here are the stats for the run.


     5.37 miles 60mins @11:15mm avgHR 138(73%)

  • Happy new year guys.

    I am still doing lots of slow running in the background whilst lurking. A slow 20 miler yesterday was my first 20 of the spring campaign.

    I would like a comfortable sub 3:30 in brighton and sub 3:15 in berlin. The later is a bit of dream really.....but where are we without dreams image


    Keir, I would call it controlled effort.

    Spen, welcome back.

    Brian, how much faster do you need to be?

    BeDe, Cardiff .

    Chickadee, I tried the 200/200m thing and I found out that I could not keep changing my pace, really wierd I gave up after 5 mins.



  • Brian, should of added " to get into the top 20 "

  • Impressive miles being done out there.  Gaz don't know how you managed that effort in the middle of training.  Respect.

    1157 miles for me this year which is the highest since 2006.  I wouldn't have got anywhere near that without finding Hadd and averaging 40 miles a week for the last 8 of the year.

    Christmas week running was a bit disrupted and I ended up doing three long runs - 15, 12.5 and 17.5 each of which were 75% with some 80% thrown in.  Not sure it was a wise approach as my 10 mile run home from work today was slower by about 20 secs/mile.  Prior to Xmas I was hitting 8:10-8:20 mm for 75% and today was around 8:35-8:40.  Felt OK but could tell it was not quite as fast. How many runs do I give it to establish if it's a blip or if I'm a little under the weather without realising it? Had planned another 75% 8M tomorrow and a 70% 6 on Friday.

  • Hollers. Any one run can be a blip. Hydration/tiredness/energy levels /recoovery etc all impact things. If tired through a few long runs in a trott then easy to see how this slows you down. A good night sleep often works wonders image
  • To be honest you probably dont wosh you were me. Before new years day I said I was goin in to health mode but that lasted a matter of hours. So weight has crept up steadily each day over last month. The result of this is that my 70% pace stopped improving and actually has slowed down by a full minute a mile to 8:05 image so today was the final straw.

    I'm glad though that now I can truly say I'm sick of processed food FINALLY.

    Does anyone else here struggle getting back to there normal healthy diet an therefore back to racing weight?
  • Also its good to hear that amgettingfitter is still goin to.
  • hollers just read your last post. I wouldn't worry if its just one run to be honest, as AGF says theres a number of ways a run can be effected.
  • Morning all,

    Great to see some targets being posted. Good luck to all you Hadders.

    Andy, your targets sound tough, but I relate to that. Best of luck hitting tham. You are dead right on the targets, making them public takes courage and opens you up to failure. My HM and 10m targets are the same as last year, so I failed last year. But I do know that if you aim high, you will achieve the best that you can. I wanted to give my self targets that I will be delighted to hit, and proud of.

    Keir, you copying?

    VT, thats a very sensible target. The pb's will get themselves if you achieve consistency.

    SC, those stats are becoming more consistent. The pace/hr is pretty stable, getting there.

    AGF, Good work on the 20miler. Keep on keeping on....

    Roy, 20th place for 2012 was 2:52:11. I think that is within my capabilies, if everything goes right.

    Back to it this morning with a 6am gym session. Frightened myself to death getting on the scales though! The cold reality is my A race is 2 weeks on Sunday!!!!!!!!!

  • Took me 12 months to lose 12lbs and only 3 days to put 3lbs back on!!!

    Last nights run - wanted to do sub 75%, my mileage had dropped during Xmas - pleased that it was stable BUT I now have a niggle on my achilles. Ice packs needed and a couple of days rest image - pi**ed off but run was OK.

    Distance    Split time    Avg. HR    Time
    1.00    10:38    132 (72%)    0:10:38
    2.00    10:53    134 (73%)    0:21:32
    3.00    10:56    134 (73%)    0:32:28
    4.00    10:54    132 (72%)    0:43:23
    5.00    10:54    133 (72%)    0:54:17
    6.00    10:45    134 (73%)    1:05:03

  • BeDe, Hope its just a one-off. Plenty of calf stretching and massage when it feels ok again.

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    I just hope I can be as fast as you when I reach your ripe old age Bri! image

  • Keir, mmmmmm thanks? No reason why you shouldn't be faster.... I have no natural talent for running at all. But I am obsessed. And competitive (bet you hadn't noticed)image

    How old are you?


  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭


    Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated!

  • Keir, at 38 my mara pb was 3:05. I improved this steadily, until at 45 I broke 3 hours for the first time. I have run 6 more sub-3 marathons since and my pb (2:54) was at age 47. I was 1min slower (2:55) at London this year as a 51 year old. I KNOW I can go faster.

    And so can you.


  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    Happy New Year everyone!image

    Just clearing some lurgy from the system ... will be back to it shortly.

    Targetsimage ... 2013 miles in 2013. If I can do that, then the rest should take care of itself (i.e seeing 11st XXlb on the scales again ... and getting PBs at everything from1M to marathon).


    As you were. image

  • roy silver wrote (see)

    Keir, I would call it controlled effort.

    Chickadee, I tried the 200/200m thing and I found out that I could not keep changing my pace, really wierd I gave up after 5 mins. 

    200m is really short, I can imagine it must be very difficult to change pace constantly. I'm really shite at judging my pace anyway and often the Garmin needs 100 or 150m to settle and show what pace one is really going at...

    Brian: haha, I have no natural talent either. You've done rather well with no talent. Let's see where I get to at 50 image

    BD: hope your achilles sorts itself out quickly.

    My left hip is playing up again image. I reckon I've been doing too many miles lately (61 last week), so will back off this week. 5 easy ones today and it feels ok-ish. But yesterday after my 12 miler I was in pain all afternoon.

  • I dont believe in talent really. If I'm honest I think its just all hard work thats gets us runners the results. on the sub-3 thread about a monthe there was some good interesting debate about how its about how much you do of running rather than method ie Lydiard, Hadd, canova or whatever. But I do find its nice to have some kind of training method to stick to because you know how your fitness is coming along at anyone time. Esp with Hadd. For example I know that when at racing weight I will get 7:0X miling for 70% effort and could get a pb most likely at any race as long as I'm fresh on the day. Hadd is good for benchmarks in my opinion.
  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Chick, that does seem a lot of miles considering it doesn't seem that long ago you were recovering from a mara in which you pb'd !? Hope easing off will do the trick.

    Good luck to everyone with their targets this year.

    As for my own targets, well normally this time of year is when I start running again after jacking it in at the end of the summer. I'm pleased to say that HADD has been the trigger which has given me the motivation to take running more seriously so I don't have that problem now and have run consistently since last January.

    My main target is Brighton mara in April ... I'm not going to commit to a target for that other than to finish as I've never run one before

    and my longest run so far is 17M .... I have no idea what will happen after that !!

    But I have raced 10M ( december ) and 13.1M ( september ) so I'll have a go at them and also a 5k ( another that I've yet to run but will have a go after Brighton )

    Mara ...... TO FINISH

    13.1 ....... Sub 1:35 ( current pb 1:47:1x)

    10 ...... Sub 1:10 ( current pb 1:11:13 )

    5k ...... Sub 20:30

    So I've talked the talk, now time to walk the walk image
  • Chick and BD, hope the injuries sort out with a little rest. I have found it interesting to see how one foot, and other parts of my body become sore running on the uneven snow-packed, icy terrain. Went to the primary Dr today and from a prelim exam I seem to be OK, but have to get a colonoscopy for piece of mind. Hopefully much ado about nothing.

    So far have only run 1 day this week, but plan to rally Friday-Sunday. I can't believe the guilt I feel over not running each day (but I'm working my tail off at my real job so it all works out).

    Mace, I think you and I are just about spot on for racing abilities. I've only run a pair of 5Ks and one marathon, so the next few years should be interesting to see whether my engine is fully built or has some room for upgrade. I agree Brian that consistency is my key. I've never had more than 6 months of consecutive training before injury.

    Oh yeah, it was -12 F here today. On Tuesday I ran in 11 F weather in a 20 mph wind. The long hot shower was goooooood.image

  • Chick, hope the hip pain goes away as quickly as it came on

    Mace, good luck with Brighton and with all your other targets

    VT, that's mighty cold. Have you defrosted yet!

    8 miles this evening 3 before JS @ 73% and 5 in group @78% it was so warm tonight it felt like spring had come early
  • Hello Hadders,

    I've been reading quite a bit on this topic... but can't stomach reading through 2000+ posts on this thread!  Would someone be kind enough to comment on my understanding of the HADD concept.

    From reading.. I think that they key to good long distance running is

    • anaerobic running ability is almost unnecessary for decent half/full marathon running
    • When you train below the LT (preferably just below), then you build up and optimise your aerobic running system (e.g. increasing mitochondria function) - burning body fat, burning it with oxygen, which is very efficient (rather than the inefficient anaerobic chemical breakdown of glycogen in the muscles)
    • If you train above the LT, this does NOT train your aerobic function (or at least, it doesn't train it very efficiently... I assume that it gets some benefit, although I'm not sure I've seen that written down in Hadd articles.)
    • I had thought that if you go faster than the LT pace, then you give MAXIMUM training to your aerobic system  -  and ALSO train your anaerobic system.  I think that the fundamental point of Hadd, is that this is a common and very substantial misconception.

    If you can read those carefully, and tell me if you think I've correctly grasped it, I'd be really grateful   Especially the 4th bullet point.

    If anyone cares to expand on these, or add to them, that would be great.


  • Run Wales, welcome to the Church of Hadd.

    I can't argue against any of your 4 points.

  • DrDan, theres been a lot of lurgy about, hope you are feeling better soon. Good target for 2013 - are you still up for BM?

    chick, I guess the 200/200 session is aimed at changing gear. As mere mortal distance runners, we tend not to work on a kick.

    No talent = work harder! Hope the hip is feeling better?

    Andy, you don't believe in talent? You know of coro on the sub-3 thread?

    mace, good on you publicising your targets. That's a big chunk to knock off the HM, good luck with all of them. Run the run.....

    VT, did you say minus 12 fahrenheit? Thats -20C!!!!!!! I've run in -6C but I think thats the coldest. Good luck with the test results, as you say I'm sure it will be nothing.

    SC, good work warming up before your group run.

  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭
    Brian. wrote (see)
    DrDan, theres been a lot of lurgy about, hope you are feeling better soon. Good target for 2013 - are you still up for BM?

    Yep, I'll be there ...  not expecting anything fast though!

  • DrDan, must admit it's come around quickly, probably too quickly for me too. See you there. Anyone else doing BM?


  • Brian  I tend not to run on comparable ground tho.  I like to try different routes all of the time.

  • fair dos spen. Just thought it would be useful seeing how low you could keep it.

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