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  • Well done Preston, impressive improvements image
  • 20 miles for we today.   Kept it at 10:30 min mile all the way around.   Yet to look at the HR data but for the first 13 miles or so im at about 73% then it drifts up to about 78%,   More running at this pace to be done. 

    Im quite suprised how my pace has dropped since I was injured/loss of MoJo after the North Downs Way 50 in August.  Hopefully it will come back.

    Last 4 weeks milage is 40,45,30 and then carried away this week and did 60!

    Recovery week this week now,  But at least I can follow the plan for my first two ultras!

  • 16 miles today at 68%MHR time of 2.37mins

    16 miles this time last year at 69%MHR time of 2.55 mins

    yes patience is the key,same route and similer weather.

  • Some impressive long runs being posted. at last the weather is more conducive to getting out there and more importantly, staying out there.

    Preston, yes it IS normal for 80% to feel hard, but this will be only for the first couple of miles.Typically I find that it takes me 3/4 to a mile to get to 80% and then another mile or so for it to feel "comfortably hard". Congrats on turning a corner, this is normal after starting the 80% stuff.

    Rest day for me - hoping for the tightness in my calf to disappear. 54 miles for the week. Big week coming up for me, 90mins tomora, intervals wed and 5mile tempo friday.

  • Nice work Preston and Roy that looks a good chunk of time off with  a slightly lower HR.

    Preston the 80% work will feel tough at first but it will seem natural soon.

  • Oh heck....  I've missed reading about the 80% stuff (or more likely, I didn't take it in, amongst the mass of information!).  I've got more reading to do!

    Anyway... need to buy a HR monitor some time soon, so I can turn theory into practice.

    Thanks for advice to date.

  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭
    JohnnyBike wrote (see)
    10K 78% - intentionally going a bit quicker than normal as I need to get a few miles in before BM HM in 3 weeks

    Make that 2 weeks! image

    Good to see you back ... and with hope for the calf issues!

    Nice improvement Preston and good mileage Spen.

    Brian - I think you're going to kick ass at BM!

    I've finally thrown the lurgy (I think). 3.6 mile test run on Saturday - bit wheezy but okay, and enough to convince me I was over the worst. Sunday was an early morning hilly 11.6 miles at 71% maxHR. I think BM is going to hurt.image

  • Daeve - welcome. I was in the same boat as you about 5 months ago when I started HADDing. Seemed impossible to get my heart rate down to where I wanted it. Persistance  paid off - I can now comfortably HADD at 75% of Max HR with an improvement in pace close to 1 min . When I started it was 11:30 and I'm now at 10:35 at 75%. These numbers do not set the world alight but at 53 I'm OK with that.

    JohnnyBike - welcome backimage Like you I was prone to calf injuries before HADD. Have been injury free for 5 months now UNTIL this week!! Now have a niggle in my soleus which needs attending to. I can only put it down to increasing my mileage too quickly whilst at the same time taking on SUB LT runs at 80%. Whilst I felt I was ready for these perhaps I just need to throttle back a little. I am making great progress on pure HADDing and I know it will continue.

    Just a note on pasting data - all I do (if like SC you have SportTracks) is right click on the header bar for the splits and it offers 'copy' - then I just paste in the forum box. Not as pretty and best keep the columns to AvHR and Splits rto avoid over complicating.


  • DrDan, good to see that you are back in the land of the living. Thanks for the BM vibes! I think my calf issue is down to the extra weight I'm carrying. I haven't upped my training much over the last 6 or 7 weeks!  

    Gym this morning for some TLC. Really light session, basically powerplate, foam roller, stretching and some abs. Calf feels much better, but still not 100%

  • phwoar - a weekend without checking in and half a million posts to go through image

    Johnny: glad you found a good physio and a solution to your injury woes.

    BD: hope your calf injury is short lived (as short lived as my hip niggle which - like you - I put down to a high mileage week).

    Great improvements, preston!

    And quite a good number of long runs banked this weekend by many on here.

    Cutback week for me, so I only did 14 for my long run yesterday. It was hard work in the wind and rain but quite happy with 8:40 pace and 72%. 54 miles total for the week.

  • Dammit Dr D - only 2 weeks to BM as you say. I thought it was 27th. That is going to be a painful workout. My big challenge is to be within 45 minutes of my last HM (which was in 1989 and a PB). Well actually my challenges are to get there on the day uninjured, then to complete the race injury free and finally to worry about the time.

    Thanks BeDe re pasting data - I must experiment a bit

    I do think you have to be careful when going to the 80% runs, especially if you are doing decent distance in them. It is bound to put more pressure on your body as well as making you feel tireder

  • Well, after an interesting discussion with my wife about the dark side of my running addiction, only got one run in this weekendimage. So made it count. An 80% for 9 miles (up from my recent 7 milers). Kept the HR pretty stable until the last two miles. I felt really good so pushed it deliberately. The pace was a down a bit from previous efforts but the take home was it felt great and comfy throughout. So ended up with 41 miles on 3 runs this week.



  • The "dark side of your running"?? Do you dress as Darth Vadar ?    image   On a serious Note - thats good running VT - Well done sir !

    A cutback week of 54 miles sounds very good running to me Chick !!  Well done.

    A nice early 12 miles for me this morning -= enjoyed it afetr a days rest yesterday. fresh legs always feel good !!

  • chick, hope the cut-back week has worked as far as mending the dodgy hip.

    VT, I hope you explained to MrsVT that there is no dark side to running.image

    Did a marathon paced session with a colleague:

    11.86 miles in 89:20 (139)

    middle 70mins@7:20 pace (144 / 78%)

    Happy with that - was just aware of my calf, nothing more.


  • mace qaulification is 1st jan 2013 till 1st june 2014. The idea of the task is duanting because I qiute frankly dont even know if I'm capable but it just seems like the next logical step to try an get a wales vest. Had north wales but wales vest would be pretty sweet. they do say goals are ment to be just about achievable. I allways have had a more mileage based mentality. I havent told anyone I know that this is what I aspire to achieve because i think it just looks like another fellow who thinks it'll be easy and straightforward whereas in reality i know it'll be unbelievably hard work to just to qualify. Interestingly the pace required currently happens to be my 16:22 5k pb pace of 5:16. So its not impossible if looked at in that way.

    Another thing is aswell I would love to achieve something memorable for pride sake.
  • andy the deestrider - GO FOR IT!!

    I'm sure all HADDers on this forum wish you every successimage. Keep on the thread and keep us informed. Brilliant - I wish I was 30 years younger (mind you I still couldn't get anywhere near your timesimage)


  • Echo those sentiments bede.

    You won't know till u try Andy.

    Be great to have an international on the fred.

    All the luck in the world matey
  • Andy,  No pressure. you qualifiy, I will come and support you.

  • Good luck Mr Deestrider.  Really hope you do it.

  • Mace, nice run yesterday and good totals for the week, looks like you're enjoying P&D

    Spen, I'm sure the fitness will return soon

    Roy, That is awesome, a faster time for a lower HR

    Chick, Hope the hip is ok

    VT, good mileage of a couple of runs, if I was a little quicker I would get a few more in, but I supose it's all about time on your feet.

    AGF, was that before or after the run that your legs felt good

    Brian, encouraging that the calf appears to be settling down,

     60 minute run for me this evening, didn't enjoy it today, just could relax at all, I suspect I was worrying about pace/HR to much,

    Stats for the Run


     5.42 61mins @ 11:23 avgHR135(71%)

  • BeDe this support from fellow hadders is why I quite enjoy this thread. Since starting hadd I do feel an extra sense of conviction that its possible to achieve with the hadd method. Because the mileage seems more manageable injury wise. So this in turn means I feel more motivated and so the cycle goes.

    Stats for first 7days of year:

    110.1 mile

    14:20:15 hrs:minimageec

    7:49m/m ave pace.

    brian sounds better with the calf. Nice to eer that.
  • Andy i'm with Roy on this one will also come and support you mate if you qualify !!

    Did 7miles yesterday @ 75% getting better 8.35 mm avg..

    Resting today as don't want to get over confident and injured so just a bit of x - training !

    Have a good day Hadders !!

    Oh by the way spoke to my brother in law the other day, he's got a charity place for London.  He smokes like a trooper and does'nt run, think he's going to just do a few runs and run it no problem ! 

  • Ashman- thats a scary thought about brother in law doing a marathon off just a few runs. Good luck.
  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭
    JohnnyBike wrote (see)

    Over the last couple of days I have gone over the last 30 pages of messages and I see a number of things

    • The camaraderie of the thread
    • The knowledge contained within the forum members who contribute
    • The willingness to help virgin Hadders

    Personally I am always happy to help virgins! Run Wales - have you read both of these: HADD1  HADD 2 (cover to cover 5 - 6 times!) 

    Ashman, I guess he will have a bit more respect for what you do after he finishes!

    Spen - what was the ND50 like? Was it the first or 2nd half of the 100 course? It is local to me and a few club mates are doing the 100. I was vaguely thinking about the 50.

    I'm still ticking away nicely under HADD. I'm skipping the 83% stuff and going straight from 80% to 85% (as this was the ave HR % from my previous best marathons). Starting this week with 11m inc 4m @ 85% on Friday. 

    All of my other runs are currently between 70 - 75% and I hit 74miles last week, which is the most for a while. One of the best runs was on Sunday where I did 15m in just under 2 hours. Flat along the foggy seafront. First 7.5m @ 8.12m/m - 130bpm ave (69%) Return 7.5m @ 7.22m/m - 141bpm (74%). Nice to stretch out the legs a little on the homeward journey. 


  • Andy: Go for it, mate. Best of luck! You live like a proper aflete already anyway image

    Keir: impressive mileage for early Jan! Remind me again when is your next marathon?

    ashman wrote (see)

    Oh by the way spoke to my brother in law the other day, he's got a charity place for London.  He smokes like a trooper and does'nt run, think he's going to just do a few runs and run it no problem ! 

    image - he'll ride that hurt train pretty hard from 10 miles onwards (if not earlier) ... OUCH!!

    Bit of a revelation run for me this morning. I had a glass of vino too many (yeah, I know, I know -- only 6 days in and already smash bang off the wagon image) so the concept of an 80% run in the pouring rain held no appeal at all. Instead I opted for a nice easy run where I didn't check my watch. Ended up with 10 miles @ 8:53 pace and an av. HR of 124 (68%). That's some serious improvement over the past couple of weeks. In November and December I would need around 75% for that pace. Even better: after about 4k (warmup) the splits were rock solid and the HR didn't bugde.

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Nice HADDing folks image

    Stewart - yes, i am enjoying P&D and at the moment every week is a record week so it's a good challenge. I was a bit nervous to begin with but it seems to be working with me ... i feel after every run that i've had a good session without feeling totally done in and i'm thankful of the recovery runs when they come along and do run them at proper recovery pace and am ready to go the next day. So i think overall i'm coping nicely so far and have my paces/intensity pretty much spot on.

    Re your comment on not enjoying today's run, i'm sure that's the stress of trying to keep HR down and i've felt exactly the same way in the past. When you're fightng to keep the HR down to 70%, or whatever your ceiling is, at the end of a long run and there's a bit of disappointment when you can't quite do it image I think that psychologically, that makes a run feel harder than it really is when in the scheme of things it shouldn't really matter.

    Andy - another one here prepared to support if you qualify, would be fantastic !! And as Brian said, what kudos for our thread image

    Week 5 P&D, day 1 = 9M inc 5M @ HM pace ... can't say i was desperate to go on this after 18M on Sunday but it felt ok, and not as hard as the last one which was only 4M. Not sure on HR as my Garmin's at home, but it was around 83% @ 7:15 ish

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭
    chickadeee wrote (see)

    Keir: impressive mileage for early Jan! Remind me again when is your next marathon?

    Bit of a revelation run for me this morning. I had a glass of vino too many 

    VLM 21st April. I had a week off work so was able to get the mileage in relatively easily. The next few weeks should be in the mid 50s. 

    Have you considered Porridge or perhaps Jam on toast as an alternative breakfast Chickimage

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Keir - nice mileage, did you do the 15 along the sea wall from F to H and back ? Lovely run if so image My long run at the weekend was round the coast and half the time i couldn't work out where i was what with all the bays round my way and with the mist coming off the sea image

    Chick - great improvement, vino must be the answer image

    Ashman - blimey, like Chick says he's asking for trouble. To be honest, before i started running i thought that to run a Marathon would be "difficult" .... i think "difficult" would be a very big under-statement and it's not something to be sniffed at even with a decent level of training.

  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Keir wrote (see)
    chickadeee wrote (see)

    Keir: impressive mileage for early Jan! Remind me again when is your next marathon?

    Bit of a revelation run for me this morning. I had a glass of vino too many 

    Have you considered Porridge or perhaps Jam on toast as an alternative breakfast Chickimage


  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Yeap Mace. Started at 7am at the Grand (Folkestone HM start) then out to Hythe, over the green and out along the canal for a couple of miles before returning and finishing at the bottom of the steps to walk up to the Grand (so missed the final 2 miles of the HM inc big hill image). Misty all day, but it was just starting to clear at 9 when I left Folkestone. Unfortunately it never cleared at all where I live. 

    What is your target Marathon time? 5m @ 7.15m/m PMP this time of year is good.

    Impressive mileage for 2013 so far Andy. image

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