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  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Stewart, a lot to be pleased about there image Very solid first 7 miles taking elevation into account and not much drift at all when you up the pace ... even that last mile with 53ft ascent @ 8:35 !! From them stats i would be confident your max is much higher than 188, closer to 200 i'd say.

    Looks like the miles are doing the trick and improving your endurance. From memory, you have a while to go yet to your HM so will improve in that time hopefully. A weekly sub LT run and push the long run over 13M and you'll be steaming come race day image  What was the target time ?

  • Mace, I've got 8 weeks until the HM so I'll have some time to hopefully improve pace, my target is sub 2hrs my first was a 2hrs 3mins, when the hr went over 170 it was tough, 165-169 felt hard but after a mile or so felt comfortably hard could have done a few more miles @ that pace if asked.
  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Stewart, i'd say 2 hours will be an absolute breeze in 8 weeks image

  • Stewart, confidence and more of what you are already doing.

  • Hello hadders still here just been watchin the miles carefully. 60m 2weeks ago. 70m last week so feel thouraghly refreshed now. image

    Hope everyone else is doin good.
  • Hi guys, reporting back in from the dead image. Norovirus floored me for a couple of days image. Lost a lot of weight, but also all my strength. Back in the slow & shit camp. Boo. A grand total of 13 miles last week image

    Welcome Neil. Impressive set of PBs image

    Sorry to see a couple of you with injury woes (hollers, BD). 

    Well done to those doing their runs in atrocious weather. What a bummer about all those cancelled races image. For once we seem to have very little snow over here -  it's just cold with lots of wind.  

    Ashman: hope the new job is going well. I think warming up is important It's a bit like flooring the pedal of your car while the engine is still cold ...  no need to do a fancy stretching routine -- just run the first 2-3 miles of your run a tad slower. especially prior to an 80% run.

    andy the deestrider wrote (see)
    Oh the black hole of a situation lance armstrong is in, cant believe I watched lance in all 7 tours an thought what a legend.

    didn't we all think that?

  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    Bad luck Chick ... you'll be fast and furious soon enough!

    Brass Monkey half cancelled, so 13.2 hilly sub-70% miles instead yesterday and another 2x5M planned for today (half done). Focussed on Snake Lane 10M now ... I was never going to be fast for BM but I think I have time to give SL a good shot.image

  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    Gone quiet here ... must be all the snow and icey pavements!!image

    Hard work running in these conditions but I've managed to keep the show on the road ... 9.8M on Monday, 4.3M yesterday, and half way through 10.6M double today. So, I should have 3 weeks under my belt at 57-58 miles/week by Friday evening and plan to start the sub-LT sessions next week (if it thaws as predicted).


  • Im still about,  Im still putting the miles in,   Not bothered with the HR with the snow.   Did 9 Monday and 15 yesterday.   Felt like I had ran a marathon.   I think ive been at this for about 6 weeks now so im expecting a "WOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOO" moment.   I had started the 80% runs but no chance this week

  • Still hereimage

    Despite foot problem (which appears to be easing) still getting some miles in but keeping them low at the moment. Did put an 80% er in the middle of a 5 mile run as I want some pace increase with only 6 weeks to go. Pace at 80% will give me a PB for Half M - problem is I have not done enough miles at this pace yet.

    Dist    Split     Avg. HR        Time
    1.00    10:34    143 (78%)    10:34
    2.00    10:31    136 (74%)    21:05
    3.00      9:10    143 (78%)    30:16
    4.00      9:08    144 (78%)    39:25
    5.00    10:18    140 (76%)    49:44

    Good thing is despite doing lower mileage the pace at 75% is still 1min faster than when I first started in September.

    Current Pace at 75%

    Dist    Split      Avg. HR       Time
    1.00    10:30    137 (74%)    0:10:30
    2.00    10:25    133 (72%)    0:20:56
    3.00    10:38    137 (74%)    0:31:35
    4.00    10:35    137 (74%)    0:42:10
    5.00    10:44    137 (75%)    0:52:55
    6.00    10:37    138 (75%)    1:03:32

    Previous Pace at 75% last September

    Dist    Split     Avg. HR       Time
    1.00    11:24    128 (70%)    0:11:24
    2.00    11:36    132 (72%)    0:23:01
    3.00    11:55    135 (73%)    0:34:56
    4.00    12:44    136 (74%)    0:47:41
    5.00    10:53    138 (75%)    0:58:34
    6.00    13:04    135 (73%)    1:11:39
    6.95    11:51    130 (71%)    1:23:31

  • Nice improvement, BD!

    Yeah, it is a bit quiet in here. Everyone is frozen stiff.

    Well done Dr. Dan.

    Managed my 1st medium long run of the week (11.2) in the snow this morning. Hard work. Another one of those to be done on Friday ... Not looking forward to it! Kept HR at around 75%. Without the snow there would have been some 80% stuff in there but with the weather right now I'm ditching them until further notice.

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Good to see you have recovered Lazurus style Chick. 

    Glad to see you are making a post injury come back as well BeDe

    ashman wrote (see)

    Oh by the way how important is it to warm up as i've never done it and  recently have been feeling a slight pull in my hamstring ? am i being stupid ?.

    In short, yes you are. Although Chick gives a polite description, I would say that you don't jump into bed with the love of your life and bang away like a teenager on heat. We all need a little foreplay to warm things up and get the best out of every 'session'. If you don't lubricate yourself properly with a warm-up then you will get hurt!

    20m for me on Sunday exploring new off road routes in the snow, then work closed on Monday, so I fitted in another 2hr 16m run. Tonight I've got 14m inc 7m @ 85% (Marathon HR). I just hope I can find enough snow free ground to maintain the effort!

    edit: Forgot to say - great questions from Neil (welcome) and equally great answers from Brian (as always). image


  • Keir this HADDing is good for you  your looking younger and younger.

    Two sessions on the treadmill this week and another one tomorrow due to the snow,hope to get out onto the streets on Friday

    11 miles at 82% HR avg, pace went from 8 min a mile to 8.40  something was wrong as in the past am able to hold about 8.10 miling, bad day! one off ! will find out next week when I try another session.


  • Garmin packed up last night. Noooooooooooo. Okay had little tantrum now. Had a look on internet sites like amazon and seen that theres a watch on there (cardiosport fusion 20 ??44.99) so might order one of them. Had one before the garmin an it lasted aaaaaaggggeees. No gps on it but nothing much to go wrong suppose. An just wanna know what I'm doing again really.

    Been running everyday just steady though.
  • Correction: cardiosport fusion 30.
  • Checking in...had a beautiful 13 miler on Sunday in a town I was visiting. Very scenic and felt awesome (it helped that it was 50 degrees F). One of those rare days where life is GOOD. Since then, no runs, just work and frigid temps (it's -6 F now for a high). Almost getting out from under at work. Less running has equaled more sleep and a happier and more productive me. And since I'm not running a race till summer or fall, I can just get 35-40 mpw in on 3-4 runs and probably hold steady. No injuries looming on this plan (knock on wood).

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Andy - Send the Garmin back to, um, Garmin. For £50 they will send you a refurbished one. A bargin. 

    An encouraging 85% session for me tonight. 6.5m @ 7.44m/m - 137bpm (73%) on the cycle track. Then 7m @ 6.17m/m - 161 (85%) in 44min 6 sec on the running track finished off with a 1m w/d and an hour of core work. 

  • Not only is Keir looking younger I think a budding author to compete with Shades of Grey - some wonderful descriptive text on warming up!! image

    Still keeping miels low - put in an 80% run within a short run last night - shows I could not keep pace at 80% for any length of time as it was drifting after 3 miles!!

    Dist    Split        Avg. HR    Time
    1.00    10:46    139 (76%)    0:10:46
    2.00    10:34    133 (72%)    0:21:20
    3.00    9:27      146 (80%)    0:30:48
    4.00    9:28      148 (81%)    0:40:17
    5.00    9:45      148 (80%)    0:50:02
    5.92    10:02    139 (75%)    1:00:05


  • Hi  All

    I need a new pair of shoe's but don't know what to go for this time ? I've always worn Asic's in the past has anyone got any recommendations ? 

    What do you lot run in ?

    Any advice would be appreciated !

  • Hi all

    Decided to have 3rd restday of the year today.

    keir I think I've sorted the problem. Had to take the front of the garmin bend the contact slightly by hand then glue it back together then wrap insulation tape round whole unit while glue sets. Screens staying on now thankfully. So may have potentiolly saved meself a small wedge.

    *curses auto correct*

    ashman I run in adidas adizeros an other adidas shoes in that range.
  • Not sure why that link appeared in that message.

    Lookin forward to havin garmin good to go in the mornin hopefully image
  • Ashman, I run mainly in Kayano 18s and some in Nimbus 14s. Have tried the Kayano 19s as well...they are lighter than the 18s, but I don't think they are as cushioned. Almost like a racer (but still 10+ oz). The other brand I tried recently were the brooks glycerin 9. I love the Kayanos because they feel so cushioned and soft (I have tender feetimage). But the glycerin fit extremely well and have their own feel (a bit stiffer than the asics, but I really like it). I've also tried Mizuno Nirvanas , but they were too stiff for me.

    Today I got 13 miles in (first run of the week) and felt great. My HR and pace were a bit off, but I felt awesome and was just glad to be running. It was 1 degree F (-10 F w/windchill) and sunny. The gear we have access to these days is incredible (I didn't even get cold).


  • Keir, why didn't someone explain all the 4play stuff to me college?image Could have really enhanced my, er, runs.image

  • Morning all,

    Roy, don't worry about that on the treadie. The HR increases owing to the dissipation of heat.

    Keir, impressive MP session.

    ashman, I use mizuno mainly, inspire, ascend, harrier. Tend to race in saucony kinvarra, and I have a pair of newbalance trail shoes cos they were cheap.

    Bit disappointed having the BM cancelled. But met up with mates and had a few beers. Also my Feb races are ruined too. Liversedge HM I have a boozy day the day before, and I'll miss the Snake Lane 10 cos of Wembley image

    Thinking of the Liverpool HM on 17th March.


  • Great running, Keir image

    VT: glad you feel better. That run sounds awesome.

    Ashman: Saucony Kinvaras for me. I started my running life in Asics GTs but have since progressed to wearing lighter shoes. Probably best to go to a running shop and try various brands / models to figure out what suits you.

    12 miler d&d. Av. pace 8:22. I did some 80% running in the middle and despite the cold and me being unable to breathe properly it felt surprisingly ok. Didn't fancy the slippery pavement so I ran on the road and just jumped onto the pavement when a car came. Very little traffic so early in the morning so all in all it was ok.

  • Ashman - Brooks Ravenna and Asics Kayano

    I preferred my Brooks but I'm afraid its horses for courses as we are all different



    Both sites offer a shoe advisor / selection chooser


  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    Mizuno man myself ... I like the wide foot fitting. I'm just about to give up my 4th pair of Musha's (roadies) and I use their Harriers for trail ... and snow!

    Brian ... Wembley for the Bantams will come a lot less frequently than Snake Lane, so good choice.image

  • Well, 2 degrees F today...ran at 5:30 am...discounted how much the sun factors into warmth...hands got cold 5 miles from home but was able to get creative and survive the return loop. Despite the cold, had a nice 8:30 m/m 12 miler at HR140 (70%). Legs felt dynamic and the run was effortless. Amazing what a little sleep and a reduction of work stress can do.

    Supposed to climb into the mid-50s wednesday...planning on shorts for that day before the next cold front rolls in.

  • VT I'm intrigued how you got 'creative to survive the return loop'.  Did you mug someone and nick their clothes?  Running at those temperatures sounds challenging.

    It seems to have gone quiet on this thread, doesn't it?

    I managed 20 miles yesterday at about 8:05 average with HR at 73% for 7, 76 for 9 and 78 for 4.  The pace which had disappeared last weekend and at the beginning of this week was getting back to something like it had been 2 weeks ago. Not sure if it was the slightly milder weather that caused the improvement but it is a bit frustrating to see swings and not week on week progression. 59 miles total for the week is another PB so happy overall and I'll keep plugging away.

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭
    hollers wrote (see)

    It seems to have gone quiet on this thread, doesn't it?

    Perhaps everyone has stopped HADDing now that we are 12 weeks from VLM! image

    Good improvement Hollers. You need to look long term - month on month improvement - week on week is too short a timespan. 

    I'm curious VT. When you say you got creative and warmed your hands I think you need to explain (or perhaps we shouldn't ask!) image

    To keep my loyalty to HADD I'll go out for 90mins @ 75% tomorrow. 

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