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  • less than 145bpm avg 140 at 10/mile  ...!!!

  • apologies just discovered that this thing doesnt like the [less than] symbol hence the mess above!

  • Lee, Have you tried Mapmyrun?

  • Lee - if you are near Portsmouth try running along the sea front - nice wide promenade

  • 6.73 miles recovery. 8:27/118.

    Cold and dry, not as windy as yesterday. Reccy'd the new 5M handicap route for next Friday.

    DrDan, Starts outside Staples (on Kirkstall Road) there is a taxi/bus lane sign, joins the canal just before Viaduct Road bridge (turn left at the lights on Kirkstall Rd) . Turns just before Kirkstall Bridge (222) by the Wildlife Sign board. 

  • 6 miles recovery 10.00 @125bpm which  is 65%.  That was my 72% run at Christmas so got to be pleased with that.

  • Nice stats spen. Im in london. Apparently theres a footie game todayimage
  • Spen - good going on the improvement

  • And the improvement continues for me.   More it tonight for an experiment,


    5 miles at 9:15 min miles.   Steady at 135 bpm   71%

    5 miles at 9:00 min miles.   Steady at 140 bpm  73.5%

    Thats go on my max from 2 years ago of about 190.


    This shows to me that it works.   Constinant 5 or 6 days running which is possible as you are not trashing the legs by running quick.   When you add in the steady 80% run the improvement really starts,

    I presume my improvements will slow down as this is 1 min miles over 2 months.

  • Wow Spen that's great. I'm about 4/5 weeks in, my 70% of WHR is 145 and I'm at or around 10 (flat) or 11 (hilly). I've found a cold impacts things a bit as I've found it (hr) spikes quite a bit again
  • Spen - brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. An inspiration to us allimageimage

    So what has your improvement been on your pace at 75% for the 2 years?

  • Would like to add my improvments to the list.

    My 83% run of 133bpm, is now 80% at 128 bpm for the same pace with no drift, over the same distance, ie 12 miles




  • Sorry better explain.   Ive been running 2 years and for the first year ran pretty much fast.   Got some good times and decided to follow this last January.   Booosted my endurance but lost patience, ran intervals and got injured,


    Got myself fit again and did NDW50 in Aug,   After that had bouts of depression, injury and general lost mojo.

    Then I started back up with this about 2 weeks before Xmas so the improvement have been a minute a mile since then.   Probably back to the fitness I was when I did my best Mara of 3:51 last March.

  • Spen, more to come on your 70% runs. Last year I knocked off 1 min per mile. then  this year out of the blue another 25 secs per mile improvement.at 70%.

    Keep at it, it will come

  • Cheers Roy.   I just vary the pace as and when I feel.   Do not wear the HR monitor all the time as I prefer to run to pace as thats what we do in a race.   For my long runs im doing 10 min miles which is low 60's now.

  • I dream of numbers in that area!  10/m miles at 60ish is in a different league to me right now  ....but something to aim for!

    I have to wear the HRM as Im constantly having to slow down as I seem to [without noticing] speed up all the time even when Im really tryng to run at the same pace.


  • Lee all I can say is be patient.   I see some people whizz past me and know I could keep up with them but keep it in check.   Try and get 5 runs a week in.

  • I've read quite a bit (but not all) of this thread and think this is something that I should try ahead of trying again at the Great Scottish Run this year.  Can I just check that I've got the gist of it correct?

    My MHR is about 200 so working from the figures in the long document I would run at a HR of 145-150 and no more than that for approx 6w or until I can run 10miles without my HR increasing.  Once I've done that I increase the HR to 155 and do the same and so on, adding in faster pace runs no more than twice a week.  Is that right?  I run 5 times a week so 4 runs of an hour or so and one long run should be okay?

    Also, I do three short (20-45min) circuit/plyometric sessions a week that are definitely not at a low HR.  Would I still be "allowed" to do this?

    Sorry if this is going over old ground.  It just seems like a lot of text and I wanted to check I've got the summary right!

  • I follow a slightly different system [John L Parker], though what youre proposing sounds good.  Personally id leave the speed work until youve got the base in place and then introduce it.  Cross training I do [swimming and cycling] but I also make sure Im doing stretching - lots!!  I do 2 Yoga classes every week at the mo but will reduce to one after easter.

    Your MHR sounds quite high, how have you got that number?  Your HR limit is that a 'limit' not a target - though I have found that it was mostly a walking pace at first I am now jogging and my pace is getting better every week.

  • MHR was obtained following a test (running up a hill a few times) and also in a few races!  It's not uncommon for me to see readings of 190-192 in a 10k.  Actually hit 214 one time but then keeled over so not counting that one! 

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Rubbishrunner - welcome to the thread

    I agree with Lee, HADD isn't about speedwork initially .

     Build the miles EASILY at low HR and when you can run for an hour with little HR drift at 70% then you add in a weekly sub-LT run at 80% ( the rest of your running is still easy @ 70% )

     Again, once you nail this weekly session ( ie little/no drift ), ramp it up a bit by say 5bpm.

     If you struggle initially, split the run into manageable sections eg 15mins w/u , 15mins @ 80%, 5mins easy recovery, 15mins @ 80% etc

    All the time, restrict your quality sub-LT mileage to 10-15% of total weekly mileage.

  • Great.  Thanks very much both.  I won't be starting for another couple of weeks because I have a race to do but then I have a clear 6months almost before the Glasgow half so that should be loads of time!!

  • Rubbishrunner welcome to the best base phase training there is.

    My question to you all, on the last page of the HADD document, first paragraph,( run 10miles at HR marathon with no rise in HR and finish confident that you could go round again at the same pace with no rise in HR or loss in pace at constant HR )

    It's the word "confident "that I have problem with, when do YOU know you could do the same again? because for me I would not really know untill I had run it.


  • I dont know Im not there yet!    .....but my view would be that the HR is soooo consistent and you feel sooo fresh it feels very easy etc etc

  • Roy - I guess by the time you can run 10 miles with no HR drift or drop in pace you will have done plenty of training to get there. The confidence factor will slowly be 'built' in during that period. You will know your body better after all that training and what it is capable of. I know for certain that I couldn't do it - so I'm confident from that point of view!

    I am 'confident' at this point in my training that I can do 7 miles with no HR drift and no drop in pace (at 75% given a flat course and no wind) and that I could do the same again.

    Good luck to anyone doing the Silverstone half on Sundayimage

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Hi. I've been off the thread for a few weeks, but have just read back. Some good discussions as always. Training is going ok for me. Legs tired all the time and I have the same stiff lower back which put me out of VLM last year so I am trying to stretch and massage it frequently. 

    Last saturday night I had a bit of a break through run in that I covered my furthest distance so far - 32.75m in 4hr 32 mins at the Moonlight Ultra. Despite the cold wind and snow it was almost fun running in the dark with headtorches at times. Was pleased with a steady consistent HR in the mid 150s (82%) for 8.13m/m overall. The pain was less that in a marathon, but the suffering was worse. However I did enjoy the off road aspects and will look to do some more off road ultras or marathons when VLM is out of the way. 

    As you were. image

  • 32 miles!!!! - just about do that in one week - respect Keir image

  • Have you recovered Keir?

  • Welcome RR.

    Re 80% runs. They should not feel like tempo runs (even though they sort of are). By this I mean after your 80% section finishes the run should continue into you warm-down, with no need to stop, and bendover wheezing. It should be comfortably hard and feeling-wise I would equate it to the first 10miles of a marathon.

  • good luck in the silverstone HM BeDe, look forward to hearing about it.

    Today did a 'run' pace  [just up from a recovery level] for 7 miles on moslty xc type terrain.  Avg 10/m mile [it was bloomin heavy going!] with an avergae HR 151 around 75% of WHR.

    Thats the longest Ive ran since I started all this again after my 27 year break - feel ok tomorrow is 3m at recovery rate [70% of whr].  Must measure my resting rate again soon, as before I went on the run it showed up as 54 and I'd been up and down stairs etc.  the last proper reading I did was 55 when lying in bed after waking up    ..so im beating that me thinks! image

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