Excited new runner

Hey everyone!

I've been reading the boards for a while, but haven't posted as I just haven't really felt like a proper runner til now, not sure why...

Anyway, I went jogging with a friend for the first time at the end of May, and to my utter surprise & disbelief, I did just under 5k! (Albeit with a good few stops.)

I haven't had the confidence til recently to enter any events, so I was just kind of plodding along, 5k once a week, maybe 6 if I felt good.

I then went running with a local running club, with the 5-mile group, and I did it! It was 5.5 miles & v tough but I felt amazing after. I suffered though, (couple of black toensils & an under-sole blister) as I wasn't wearing proper shoes, so I went and got fitted & I've never looked back image (pun intended!)

Then on Sat night, I went to a wedding, and ended up leaving with my friend's Great South Run entry!! It was only going to go to waste & I live really close to the course.... I promptly started my training last night with a friend who has also entered, and ran 11k (or just under 7 miles) without stopping - shocker for me! I feel great today but a couple of things I wanted to ask advice about:

Firstly, I felt so sick all evening, probably started a couple of hours after getting back and ended up staying up til 1am as I felt so rough. Is this normal? Can I do anything to help prevent it?

Secondly, am I increasing my distances too quickly? I'm aiming to do 2 x 5k ish runs during the week, & a longer one on a Sunday (8 miles next Sun, 9 the week after etc) as the Great South is just under 5 weeks away....

Sorry for the ramble, I don't know many experienced runners! Thanks in advance image

Suzie x


  • Hi Suzie

    I'm new to the forum too and looking for advice on speed distance frequency etc.

    It sounds to me like you are a natural as you seem to progressing really well and with few aches and pains. I run 2 or 3 5ks a week and have only stretched to a 10k once but I really felt it afterwards.

    Ive never had sickness but I have found it difficult to sleep after late runs and often lye awake til the early hours.

    I think the most important thing is listening to your body and if it seems to be ok with the longer runs just keep with it.

    Good luck with the Great South.
  • Hi and welcome

    regarding the sickness......it could just be coincidence eg a bug or it could have been connected to when you had you previous meals....eg too much food or too little.......these things are very individual and so a bit of trial and error.......

    your plan seems fine as long as you don't push the long run too much...don't do it too fast and as said above .listen to your body

    good luckimage

  • Thanks for the replies guys image

    Silvertop, it's interesting you're a newbie after speed/distance advice, speed isn't a priority for me at all. I'm not the slowest I know & most definitely not the fastest but I know in myself that I'm going to take some time to get much quicker (about 11min/mile currently) but for me it's all about the distance. An interesting observation image

    Seren nos, good point - we've had 3 weddings the last 3 weekends in a row (AKA overindulgence abound!) and I got food poisoning after the last & have been feeling sick on & off all week, possibly a coincidence. Good tip about listening to the body, the run last night was ace til the last km. I'm guessing by your post count you're a v experienced runner?

    The other thing I've suffered with is hard painful skin on the balls of my feet, any tips or wonder products to help with that?
  • Suzie........don't confuse the ability to write lots of rubbish on this site with being able to runimage

    I have only been running 6 years and doing triathlon the last 3.........I love the feeling after the runs............I tend to do longer races as i find I'm not built for speed but have the stamina and mental ability to go long...got a 47 miler in the beacons coming up in November...

    so I have run lots of miles and I am still slowly running faster but will never be fastimage

     not sure about the balls of the feet .I can remember a thread about it once.I will see if I can remember which one

  • Haha, good point SN image

    Wow, 47 miles!! I can't even begin to imagine that.... I think I may be similar to you in that I'll never be the first one past the finish line, but I'm seeing that my stamina is better than I imagined.

    Isn't it ridiculously addictive? I'm on a rest day today yet can't wait til I can run tomorrow night! I think my friends are getting bored with it, hehe.
  • Thats why we come on here ...........friends and family who don't run really don't understand and its understandable why they soon get bored of our obsessionimage
  • Suzie - Hi and welcome to the forum image you sound abit like me to be honest, I started seriously running about 4 months ago.  I have entered a couple of 5K races and one 10K race so far, and finding it very addictive.  I am female (Booey is my nicname and doesnt really give anything away) 43 years old and 5'3 tall and probably run about the speed you do

     I have made sure I listened to the advice people have given me on here, don't try and do to much to soon, just enjoy it and make sure I take rest days

    I am about to join my local running club this week and am alittle nervous that I will just slow them down image but hey I gotta start somewhere and sure they will help me progress image

  • welcome suzieQ,...just wanted to echo seren really, yep, your plan looks fine, dont do too much too soon. As for your feet,try "flexitol, Heel Balm"....its good stuff. (you can get it in Boots!)

  • Hey Booey image Thanks for the reply, it's comforting to meet others similar to me! I'm 31 with 2 young daugters, so running just fitts in really well, esp as i can go whenever!

    I think I'd like to start some form of speedwork, but not til after the Great South, one thing at a time! But I definitely need to keep at the races, my motivation has increased ten-fold since last week.

    Good luck with the running club, do they have different groups to join? Ours does, & I had intended to go with the beginners but I spotted a colleague in the 5 miler group & ended up going with her. But within in each group, there were people up front, people in the middle & the 'leader' at the back & even I couldn't have gone as slow as him! I think you'll do better than you think. It's definitely daunting though, the fear of the unknown I guess. Keep me posted image

    Thanks for the info Towner, I'll definitely give the Flexitol a whirl!

    I don't usually carry water during a run, should I be doing this for the Great South?
  • Hi Seren

    I thought it was just my friends and family who didnt understand or care about my running but it seems to be a common theme.

    It's a bug for sure. I now travel everywhere with my kit in the boot looking for any opportunity to have a sneaky run.

  • Hi silvertop.....its a great way to keep running fresh and interesting......running from different starting points

     Suzie....sensible to wait with the speed work until after the Great South......more sensible to get the legs used to running more mileage.........too mant people go into the speed work too soon..........and if you haven't learned to recognise the warning signs it can lead to injuries.......

    I tend to avoid speedwork ( personal choice)  but do the 5k Parkruns on a saturday which I count as my speed work...........that really helps my speed pick up a bit......

    after the great south might be worth seeing if they are any in your area..........infact I would advise those to anyone taking up running............free and open to all abilities and help you focus on a pace you would never achieve on your ownimage

  • I've been thinking about a 5k Park run for a while now. Just need to get over that first race anxiety!

    My nearest Park run is Black Park in Slough which is nice and flat with some lovely tree lined paths.

    I'm busy this Sat but if all goes well I'll pitch up next weekend and give it a go?
  • do try and get there silvertop.....you won't regret it.......you have nothing to lose...its free and if you have a bad day you can always go  back a week or two later and get a better time............they remind you that you can't always have a good race/run but if you keep going then overtime you will improveimage
  • Yep same ere, my family and friends don't get this whole running obsession either.  They very rarely ask me how its going even though I always let them know when I have done a race image my hubby is very supportive though and thats all that matters to me image
  • With the exception of a couple of the dads at my boys football I can safely say that nobody is interested in where, how, if I run! I could be out for 30 mins or 3 hours on a Sunday morning and my wife and boys wouldn't care. Not that I mind too much but sometimes you just want to share the highs and the lows! Still I guess that's what we are doing now.

    I think my wife's interest quickly dissappeared when I started to lose a lot of weight from running while she failed to lose anything working out to the Shred DVD. Not that she's jealous or anything......
  • Right that's it I have decided to set myself a goal and I have entered the Reading HM with a colleague at work. It's not til next April which gives me plenty of time for training (even with a couple of weeks off for Christmas)

    This will be my first winter running so I'm not sure how I'll cope with the change in weather and the dark nights but I'll give it a go.

    Not cheap these races are they -£30 and not even a free T-shirt!

    Anyone want to join me?
  • Silver - I have to say that my hubby is a tad jealous about my weight loss since I started image  its just little comments I pick up on.  He windsurfs and is pretty fit to be honest but has let a few pounds creep on since we first met, as we both had until now image

    When I first started seriously running a few months ago I entered the Silverstone HM next March image to give me a goal to work towards, I am still pooping myself that I might not be capable haha

    Its my first winter running also image its my b/day the end of Oct when the clocks alter so hubby is buying me all my hi-viz gear image also joining a running club so I can run with others

  • Hi Booey

    It's great that your hubby is supportive. If he's pretty active himself he would understand your passion for running.

    The Reading HM finishes in Madjeski Stadium so I'm hoping the family will come and cheer me along at the finishing line. I have to say I'm filled with fear at the thought of 13 miles but it gives me a goal to aim for.

    The running club is a good idea as hopefully it will help you get through the winter months. I'm thinking of doing the same if I can fit it round work and home.

    Let us know how you get on with training for the HM?
  • Well I ran my first Parkrun on Saturday with 64 others and it was great. Really good to meet and run with other runners. I was pleased with my time too at 25mins.

    I was away visiting family so this wasn't my local run but it was v well organised.

    I really need to join a club now as I think I can get much more out of running with other people. Strongly recommend Parkrun to anyone at the 5k level.

  • Hey everyone! Apologies for my lack of posting, an iPhone isn't the easiest way of viewing/posting but I don't get on the PC much either.

    It's the same here Booey & Silvertop, most people look at me like I'm mental when I explain how much I love running.... My husband and my Mum are so supportive though, thankfully, and they're the ones that matter most image My daughters kind of support me too in their own way, but they're only 6 & 3 so I've no doubt they'll be my loudest cheerers at the Great South!

    Well done Booey on entering the Silverstone HM - do you live in Northants? I grew up in Milton Keynes & most of my family still live there, so, depending how the Great South goes, I'll be signing up for the MK HM (a week before Silverstone). V excited at the prospect, & it's 2 weeks before we fly off to Oz on hols so I'll probably need a break, haha!

    Silvertop, really glad you enjoyed the parkrun! The nearest one to me is in Eastleigh, about half hour away, which really surprises me as Portsmouth seems to have such a large running community. I might contact them, see if anything is in the pipeline. I've been out with Portsmouth Joggers a couple if times too, which is great, but last week the slow Joggers were anything but & I really struggled, bit demotivating :-/ I'll keep it up though, I need to get me speed up somehow! I see you've signed up for a HM too, maybe we should all be virtual training buddies image God knows I'm gonna need the support!

    I had 2 other good runs last week, one was a 5k at 32mins, PB for me (10m30s/mile) & the other was 13km (8 miles) in 1hr 30 (11.05mins/mile) which although is slower, was non-stop with a couple of hills. I want to do the Great South in under 2 hrs, should be achievable at that pace. I'm going to be doing 9 miles this weekend, the following weekend I'm attending a huge charity Zumbathon in London, so no long run, and the weekend after will be 9.5 miles. I want the GS to be the first time I do 10 miles!
  • Suzie

    I'm still impressed with your progress. I seem to have stuck at 5k and I'm a bit too nervous to go further just in case I mess up my legs. I had a week of pains just after starting the running and while I felt fitter I just couldn't keep up with my 7 year old playing football which was one of the reasons for getting fit in the first place. It's not a problem now but I worry that I'll injure something if I overdo it.

    I enjoyed the Parkrun so much I have contacted my local athletics club Chiltern Harriers to see if I can join. I'm worried they will be streets ahead of me (literally!) in terms of speed and distance but Im going to give it a try next Tuesday.

    As for the HM I'm up for the virtual running buddies. It would be good to compare experiences along the way. The training schedules I have seen so far are quite intense so I'd be interested to see how you get on.

    As for partner support I just wish my wife would show some. When I mentioned that I did the Parkrun on Saturday while she was away she just laughed and said I hope you didn't finish last!! What I'd give for a bit of moral support!
  • I had exactly the same thing ST, I knew 5k was fine, I was nervous of going further as I didn't know how/if my body would cope. However I went for a run with a friend who pushed my usual route a bit & we ended up doing 7k! This is the huge key for me though, having someone to run with who is of a similar or slightly higher ability, had I been alone, it would never have happened. Do you have any friends you can run with? Your work colleague?

    I just had a look at the Chiltern Harriers site, looks great, & v similar to Portsmouth Joggers, in that everyone turns up of an eve, and I would imagine everyone will get split down into groups, dependent on ability. Might be wise for you ST, while you find your feet image and gain confidence, to go with a group that does 5k, or runs at a similar pace to you. I went too high the first time & nearly killed myself trying to keep up with them all! I did it, but I suffered for it!

    How often are you running? And are you doing proper warm-up/cool-down & stretching? I wonder if that's what the pain was after your first run? And that's really sad your wife doesn't fully support you or encourage you - do you think that would still be the case after you've done a HM? Do you think she would ever take up running? I've seen a huge improvement in my figure in such a short space of time & whilst eating what I want (within reason of course!)
  • Suzie - yeah I live in Northants, hoping to do a couple of 10k's in MK before Xmas

    13th Nov - The Mo Run 10K and 11th Dec - Up & Running 10K

    Well tonight is defo the night I am out for the first time with the running club, its all arranged.  I am nervous image but they know my ability etc and said I will be fine and will run about 5miles so I will let you know tomorrow how I get on

    Did the Northampton 11 5K on sunday in 30.58, wanted a sub 30 but it was so so hot I cant complain

    ST - maybe a mention to your wife 'it would be nice if you supported me' and an evil look might work image

  • Like the evil look Booey but I've tried it before and it doesn't help! Don't want to discuss relationships here but it's enough to say she's a cup half empty person and I'm a cup half full.

    I also lost a lot of weight quickly Suzie in fact I'm now 2.5 stones lighter than I was when I started in April and I pretty much eat what I want still. Not meaning to go on about it again but I think this is a big part of my good lady wife's problem.

    Unfortunately she shows noninterest in running or exercise so I'm on my own in that respect!

    Definitely need a running partner and hope the club will allow me to find someone suitable. I do know a Dad who runs at my boys football but he did the London marathon in 2h 45min so I think I'd hold him back somewhat!!

    As for warming up I struggle with this and tend to use my first km as a warm up rather than stretching. I'm over the aches and pains now and feel comfortable at 5k. I have to say buying proper running insoles for my trainers mDe a huge improvement on my knees and ankles.

  • Forgot to say good luck with the club running tonight Booey. Can't wait to hear how you get on. I'm going to run this evening after the kids are in bed and may push the distance up to 7/8k.

    I've been on the road all day so looking forward to some exercise and fresh air!

    Best not leave it too late though as I didn't get to sleep until 2am last time I did a late run!
  • Well I went for the club run, was ok I only ended up doing 5K.  There was only 5 of us there, the guy who runs the club stayed with me the other 3 ran ahead, faster much more experienced runners.

    I am going again on Thurs as I have been told another lady who runs about my speed will defo be there.  I will see how that goes image

    Whilst I was there I got to meet alot of other runners from different clubs, one guy lives in my village and said to give him a call as his wife also runs.  Maybe this could be a good lead and I may have someone to run with or maybe even possible running club set up in the village, who knows we will see.

    Did you get your run in last night Silver?

  • That's a really good time Booey, 30.58, esp considering is was SO hot! I'm off for a wee 5k on my lonesome tonight so hoping to better last weeks time.... Might go for a seafront run actually, as we hit it at the 7/8mile (and toughest) part of the GS course & apparently the wind is a biatch!

    Well done for doing the club run, I don't know about you but I was ridiculously nervous before going, but I'm glad I did image Shame there weren't more people at your level, hopefully the other lady will be there tomorrow night. So do different clubs meet at the same time/place?

    My friend that I went with last week isn't going this week so I might go with the same group anyway, in the hope it gets my speed up....

    Blimey Silver, 2.5 stone is fantastic! Hope last night's run went well & you got to sleep earlier! image Might be worth finding yourself some 5/10k races before the HM to prepare yourself, I wish I had as although I'm not far off the 10miles now, I'm going to be nervous about not knowing where to go, what happens, what to expect, y'know....
  • Well done on the 5K Booey – I’m v. impressed you’ve made the leap to run with a club and hopefully you’ll have find a similar level runner on your next time out.  My biggest fear is getting there next week to meet a load of blokes 20 years younger than me who can run like the wind!  Still nothing ventured, nothing gained and I’m quite pleased with my 25min 5K time so I’ll give it a go.  Having said that the first place guy at this weekends Parkrun finished in 16min 50!!  Now that’s going some!

    I didn’t get out last night as by the time I’d got the boys down and eaten it was after 9 and I didn’t fancy running on a full stomach and staying awake til the early hours afterwards.  I do though have a route planned for lunchtime today near the office which is around 7K rather than my normal 5 ½K.  Weather looks good with a coolish temp and nice overcast sky but no rain so I’m itching to get out there, come 1pm I’ll be on running through the farmers fields of Oxfordshire.  JOY!  Can’t wait to escape my desk!

    The 2.5 stone surprised me too Suzie.  I obviously had it to lose but I did get a bit concerned at how quickly I shed the pounds!  I changed my diet quite a bit and cut out the saturated fats, chocs etc. but I still ate well.  It has completely changed my body shape though – the rapidly expanding middle age spread and moobs are now a distant memory!  

    If all goes well today will be the first time in ages in have gone past my comfort distance of 5K so I’ll let you know the outcome – hoping to keep to my 5min/km so should be back in the office in 35/40mins or so.

    I’ll post later to let you know how it goes.

  • Well that was great and I feel so much better for it.image (I also found the smiley button at last!)

    7k cross country with a little bit of road running in a cooling breeze.  I did it in 37mins which is not great but I didn't feel tired or out of breath at all, in fact I could have plodded on for another couple of k's if I hadn't arrived back at the office.  I took your advice Suzie and cooled down with a few stretches too so hopefully no aches later today.

    I don't know why running so addictive (adrenaline rush? personal achievement? being in the great outdoors? solitude?) but I absolutely love it.

    I'm going to make it a 10K next time out, although that will probably take more than my lunch hour so I'll have to find a good time to fit it in.

    Back to the deskjob and the joys that come with being an architect now!

    Just 48 hours to go til the next run! image (love these smiley things!)

  • Well done on the lunchtime 7K image

    I think the running addiction is summed up nicely in those 4 points -

    Adrenaline rush for me is when I have completed the run (sometimes when I am doing it and fighting for breath up a hill, I think why am I doing this haha)

    Personal achievement - knowing that you are keeping fitter and healthier, seeing a slight improvement in your runs and of course losing weight (nearly a stone for me) oh and I have more or less given up drinking which is a major achievement if you could see how much wine I use to sink image image haha

    Being in the great outdoors - when I was just tready running I used an ipod all the time.  Outdoors on the country lanes I love to be quiet and listen to all the lovely country sounds and admire the beautiful scenery.  I quite often say to myself 'you cant get much better than this and how lucky I am'  That quote could change when I am running in the dark and freezing cold image

    Solitude -  now thats a good one, escape everyone and everything just for while, time to think........Heaven image

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