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  • Sorry to hear about your gran Emma. Hope you are okay. I agree that running can be cathartic when you are feeling at your lowest.

    I'm with you Maam, I didn't get even get a reply from the job I applied for which I could have done in my sleep. Oh well, their loss image

  • Too right Stripes, bigger and better things await us image Maybe it is meant to mean we win the lottery and then can do our dream job image

    Waiting for OH to get home before trying a bike ride, gulp, nervous is an understatement, but hey ho image it's exercise image

  • Hi all,

    Good luck with the bike run Maam, sorry to hear about the job.

    Stripes a lottery win wouldn't go amiss here too!

    Emma, sorry to hear about your loss image

    Gym last night, with a run to and from 4 miles easy, no running today, no exercise at all unless you count walking to and from barbers.


  • Stewart, I miss read your post, I thought you said unless you count walking to and from the bar! That seems a better option anyway.

    OH, still at work so still not been out, but sure will be fine

  • Yipee, I've been for a bike ride.  Took it nice and easy, slow, all on flat ground.  Planned on 15 mins, felt like 15 mins but was actually 9.17km in 43min, oops! Feeling like I'm on cloud nine now.  Knee not really hurting but resting just to be on the safe side. So happy image

  • Hey everyone - all ok here!  Had tapas last night and today (MY BIRTHDAY) we've just got a chinese delivered.   To say i'm eating badly is an understatement!

    image image image image

    Run planned for the morning x Hope you're all well.

    My age no doubt, but now I'm thinking of a marathon too.... lol!!! (i've not been drinking)

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY Em image Sounds like great celebration plans and I'm with you on the mara front, go for it!!!


  • Happy birthday Emma image

    Maam, well done on the bike ride now rest up and revel in the glory image hmm the bar would have ben a better option, I'm feeling the cold now image

    Long run tomorrow, thinking about running up around daviot woods again image


  • Hey Emm. Happy Birthday. Just home. Bit bevvied. Rest Day. We won. Woo hoo. Wigan at home. Am thinking Marathon myself next May. Enjoy long run Stewart, I am 13.2 once rehydrated image

  • Been for another bike ride today, only a little one as got physio monday and tuesday and I don't want to over do it.  Did 4.26km in 22mins so again very slow but at least plodding on and feels good to be doing something.

  • Hi all,

    Well done maam image

    Stripes how did the 13 miler go

    14.4 mile for me today a new route, it was a hilly one, I loved the run, beatiful countryside made to look even better given it was a crisp autumn morning blue skys with the sun out. I took some photo on my phone I'll see if I can upload them to the computer and I'll post them up image


  • Taken around the 10 mile mark



  • that's a nice run by the looks of things - mine today went through a few housing estates, through an industrial estate, all along main roads.. There was a bunch of cheeky little sods that I would have enjoyed drop kicking into a pile of steaming cow dung (but there wasn't any and i'd prob get arrested) taking the mickey (because they were that age) and loads of cars.

    I did my run late in the day.  serves me right.  Feel so much better for it though - have eaten atrociously of late!  and still have half a chinese take out for dinner tonight. Ah well..... 5 stone lighter than a few years ago and 23lbs lighter than the beginning of the year - a few days off i'm not too worried about.

    Where are Booey and Mal?  seriously - should we send out a search party?

  • Evening All. Done a couple of miles on the tready today and probably going back for more this evening. Also took boys swimming which burnt a few cals. My 5yo is off at last Yay!!!! Really proud of him too - hopefully he'll be a little fish like his brother.

    Like you guys I e been eating badly lately. Pizza Hut with the kids last night and a full on Sunday roast followed by treacle pudding and Ice Cream at the local pub after swimming. It was delicious but now I can't move! image

    Off on our annual mini cruise next weekend so the food will be plentiful image but there is a big gym at the back of the ship sp Ill clock a few miles

    Emma - sorry to hear about your gran - hope you are feeling ok.

    Ma'am - well done on the bike just don't go too mad too early

    Stewart - great pic - we have great countryside round here but just too many cars for my liking.

    Stripes - 3-0 great win and I heard they played pretty well too. Just trying to plan our annual pilgrimage to Anfield and its looking like Norwich or Swansea. I'll let you know when I've booked the tickets.

    Right what's for dinner? image
  • Hi all,

    Well done on the ride Maam.

    Love the idea of you drop kicking the local yobbos Emma image

    Impressive run Stewart, that is one seriously hilly route, looks lovely as well image

    Silver, hope you get the tickets, they will be easier to get hold of if we stay in the bottom half image

    Did my LSR this morning, 13.21 miles, went well. Weather was perfect. 36.08 miles on the week.

    Looking at the Marathon de la Meuse in Belgium/Holland in May. The race starts in Vise near Liege, crosses the border and goes through Maastricht. It looks very picturesque and almost totally flat image

  • That sounds great Stripes. I like the idea of using your running ability to experience another country. Hope you can get there.

    May defer trip to Anfirld in favour of England Brazil st Wembley in Feb.
  • Really sorry guys I am still about but I just seem to be so busy with work and thats the only time I get on here really image tried a couple of times last week and ended up logging out because didnt get chance to read anything.

    I have been running plenty although not great mileage but I am trying lol

    Em happy birthday for last Saturday image same day as my best friends image

    I have the santa run on the 2nd December but thats my only race this year now image

    I WILL catch up with you soon I promise image

  • ps Silver - I have been on the treadmill twice in the space of a week image dam these dark nights image

  • Hi Booey,

    Glad you are well.

    Where has everyone gone?

    Had busy few days, had to give evidence in Court on Monday, then had step-daughters Graduation Ceremony yesterday so running took a back seat.

    Managed a nice ten miler this evening, if I run tomorrow I will be back on track.

  • Evening All - just watching Liverpool - Suarez on so fingers crossed they can get a win and go through.

    Booey! Glad you are well. Can't believe you've been on the tready - beats running round in the dark with a light in your head doesn't it! image

    I must tell you about my dream last night. I was running a half marathon in Melbourne Australia and guess who was running alongside me - only Jason bloody Donovan! And what's more he was only wearing his underpants! I kept up with him too til the last 1/2 mile and then he left me standing! All I've kept thinking about today is his pert little bottom in this tight black pants disappearing into the distance!image

    I'm not sure what it all means but it was weird alright.

    Off on our mini cruise to France tomorrow. No kids for 3 days. Woohoo!! Can't wait. Runners packed for jogging round ship and using tready. I'm gonna eat like a horse by night and run like the wind during the day. Happy running - see you all soon.
  • Silver - pert???? really???? could it be a man-crush you're experiencing?  Dreams are a bit odd.... my worst one is the 'walking down the corridor in school and not wearing any clothes'..... does everyone have a 'in a public place naked' nightmare they have?

    Anyway - have a great mini cruise.  Hope its not too windy for you?!

    As for running with a light on your head - I have a head torch and its very fetching thanks very much.  lol

    Stripes - you really do some good distances everytime you go out nowadays!  weekday mornings I only really get between 4-4.5 miles.  must try and do a 'long run' on sunday.

    weather is really atrocious out there - sounds great!!!

  • That is one scary dream Silver. Think a psychiatrist would have a field day image Hope the cruise is good. Dont run too quick round the boat in these winds, you might fall overboard!

    Emma, I used to have lots of naked in public dreams but not had one for a while, thank god. The falling ones are the worst though, waking up with a start image

    Did my longest ever run today, 14.2 miles, was a bit tired after but not too bad, still 4 miles down on my weekly target because the weather was just too awful yesterday, ran in a gale on Thursday but yesterday was too much even for me and I don't really mind being out in the rain.

    Where are Stewart, Mal, Maam and Booey? All gone very quiet this week image

  • Hi all,

    Congrats Stripes, inpressive mileage, I've only ran 14+ miles twice, the first time I was also totally pooped, but last week it felt a lot better than I expected.

    Silver, hoping the mini cruise went well

    Emma, I hate those sorts of dreams, the one I hate the most is when I'm driving and reversing the car hit the brakes but it keeps going!!! 

    Sorry for the absence, been an eventful week, not much running for me last week, mainly due to picking up a calf niggle on Thursday night, I ran down to JS as a warm up (2 miles) adn we went out to field for interval session, did another half mile or so warm up and went into doing some strides, and it was on the last rep of strides I felt the calf tighten and get a little painful, so I decided then to call it a day.  Thanfully it nothing serious, I've been good and rested up, did some cross training at the gym yesterday and ran on the amt machine with no ill effects.

    I'm going to test it out this evening on a flat route running at an easy pace fairly close to home just in case.


  • Evening all

    Hope all going well and no more dodgy dreams.  I just don't sleep so not much chance of them for me.

    Silver - enjoy the cruise, should be extra fun with no kids image

    I've not been feeling too good so not done much.  Did some dive teaching on Saturday which wiped me out a bit, got more on Sunday, but other than that nothing.

    Will catch up soon x

  • Evening All. Back from France after eating way tooo much on the ship. All that free grub though - its difficult to turn down! image

    Anyway ran on the ships tready 2 days in a row - 7 miles total - while looking at the sea. I tried to run round the deck but it was too windy.

    Also treated myself to a full body Swedish massage on board which was fantastic. Really therapeutic and very relaxing. That little Thai lady had such strong hands it was amazing! I almost fell asleep it was so relaxing - although my neck was stiff the next day.

    I've clearly put on a couple of pounds so I've decided to run 3m everyday for the whole of December to lose a bit of weight and also to prepare for my next half sometime in the new year. Hope to make 90m before New Year's Day.
  • Hi all,

    Silver, Good on ya for getting some running in on the cruise, the massage sounds devine.

    Maam, rest up you sound tired

    Went out last night and did a 3 miler, calf felt tight but no sharp pains during run, afterwards it was a little tender but was fine when I woke up this morning.

    Took the 5 mile group this evening average pace was just over 10mm, last two miles below 10mm and last .3 below 9mm.

    Delighted with the run and no niggles at all, but I'm going to lay of the intervals for a while, as this is the second time in the last two months I've had an issue with it.  I'm planning on doing lots of strength/stretching exercises and see where I'm at after the new year.


  • Hi all,

    Boy it's quite in here! it will be good to hear how everyone is getting on.

    On Wednesday I went out for a 90min easy run, 9.14miles in 94 mins 10:20mm, relatively flat run out by the river and round industrial estate, I also started to notice how cold it was getting, so I decided to bite the bullit and get a pair of running tights.

    Thursday is Jog Scotland night, I was at the back of the 5mile group, a slow 5.2 miles in 59 mins 11:11mm, it took me over a mile to warm up, the conditions were not great, it was raining and dam cold! on the upside the tights really helped to keep the calfs warm, which I think will help keeping the niggles away

  • Santa run this sunday image think I will be glad of wearing the suite to keep me warm image

    Have a good weekend image

  • Have a great weekend everyone image

  • Booey is that you???

    Love my tights Stewart. They made running in the cold enjoyable. I wear them under my jeans now when I'm watching my boy play footie. Definately have then on tomorrow morning.

    My mission to run 30 days in a row starts tomorrow and you know what I can't wait. I'll have to find time between work, kids etc. but it should be doable.

    I really want to do another HM in the new year so any suggestions welcome. I was planning to run Marlow Santa Run with my boy on Sunday but he's off to Bruge with his Mum for a day and I don't think my 5yo is up to it. Maybe next year.
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