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  • Hi all image
    Well I did it!! image 4.86m (about 7.5k if I worked it out right?) in 1:02.. Bit slow but they run UP hills!! image Daft huh!! image at least I can only get quicker.. I hope! lol
    Like was mentioned b4 there was a bit of stopping and starting but as we were planning on running along the sea wall it was unavoidable, tide was in and no one wanted to get washed over the edge image I stopped to walk a few times but the guys and girls there where lovely and made sure I wasn't left behind image and surprisingly I was quicker the last 2 miles! Must be better at pacing myself than I thought image can't wait to speed up though!
  • Hi Sabbie,

    Thats great. Sounds brilliant running along the sea wall, whereabouts is that?

    If you can run the latter part of a run quicker than the earlier you are definitely doing something right!

  • Running clubs at Dawlish in Devon image love being near the sea, used to live in Reading but wouldn't go back now!
    I reckon the only reason it was quicker the last two is because the club knew what they where doing and I paced myself with them image wouldn't of stood a chance on my own hahaha
  • Reading is not until 1st April Stripes. Gives me plenty of time to build up the distance I guess but I'm worried that unless I get some decent races in and start covering more distance I'm not going to stay enthusiastic until then.

    Just going to keep getting out there and enjoying it while I feel so enthusiastic about the running.

    Where's your race on Sunday near Tamworth?
  • Sabbie well done on your run. Knew you would be ok with the club.

    I'm very envious of you living and running by the sea. My runs in Swanage in August were some of the best I've done because of the setting.

    Has this rejuvenated your enthusiasm. Will you join the running club and make it a regular thing? Will you give up the smokes?

    All these questions and I haven't even had a drink tonight!
  • lol well not to rub it in but the little village I live in has a castle with a deer park and it's right by an estary!! image that's nice to run around image
    Definitely joining the club.. Hopefully my energy levels will have returned by Tuesday which is the next run lol
    The smoking I will work on, but not ready to quit totally yet.. image
  • Blimey sounds idyllic!

    And to think I'm stuck here in Reading!

    Teehee only joking image

  • Haha I'm sorry, but I do love where I live it's great to be outside image but u've found that too haven't u! Always running through fields image I found earlier this year the nettles went manic for a bit! image never noticed it before!
  • Morning Sabbie.

    I know what you mean about the nettles I get stung everytime I go out but tbh I'd rather be running through fields of nettles than road running given the choice. I love the countryside and I love getting away from it all. My family and most of my friends think I'm mad which is why I inhabit this forum to speak to people who understand this crazy obsession!

    By the way I'm not from Reading although 3 guys in my office live there and think its the centre of the universe. Don't get the attraction myself.
  • Morning everyone image

    Stripes - my runners are Asics and cost £55 in the Sweatshop Sale, they did my gait analysis by me running up and down the shop.  I can honestly say its the best thing I have purchased for running, I have had no problems what so ever with them and they are so comfortable.  Also told me to go up a size as feet swell when you run, this is very true and wise words, did they say the same to you?

    Sabbie - glad you enjoyed your run with the club.  We holidayed in Dawlish Warren when I was a little girl, I don't remember much of it to be honest but it was so lovely there

    Silver - so you found a race you can do soon?  The ones I have marked before Xmas are prob not gonna happen, I just seem to have so much on.  If I can do one I reckon I will be lucky image

    Well I am finishing at 3 today so get home in the light and will do my local 5K run, I have a docs appointment at 5.10 about my swelling hand joints (arthritis I think) image I had xrays and blood tests last year but nothing was detected.  In the last few months things have got worse, I have constant aching, swelling and its causing slight deforming now image not good.  To top it all I have had trouble with my knees the last week, I wake up in bed and they just ache (not the same ache as after running) so I think its now travelling to my lower half joints image  It is worrying me more now as I am struggling to open jars and things and it does run in my family image 

    I sound like an 80 year old image haha

  • Hi all,

    Silver , my race is in Shepshed, Leicestershire, about 45 mins from me. Never been there but reviews of previous years make the race sound good. Know what you mean about coming on here. All my family and friends are sick of hearing about me going on this run or trying out this route etc etc image

    Booey, he did say about going up a size. I told him I was an 8 but sometimes I can get into a 7.5. He tried me in 8.5 but I ended up in an 8. The trail shoes I bought a few weeks ago are a 9 but apparently they do come small.  Hope things go well at the doctors.

    Sabbie,  you are so lucky living somewhere like that. Never been to Dawlish but went through there on the way to Torquay once. I live about as far away from the sea as its possible to be I think image

  • Morning All

    Well that's 2 kids school drop offs done, dentist done and haircut done - a productive morning you could say and now I'm free for ooh at least 1hr 20 before I pick up my little one from pre-school.

    Booey I don't like the sound of those swollen hands does it cause you any pain? Hope the doc doesn't stop you running if it's going to your knees. Honestly why didnt we all take this up years ago when things like arthritis were old people's problems. Not that you're old Boo! Didn't mean it that way!

    I've noticed that when I run I grip my right hand really tight and it gets very hot. Then when im finished it aches and my fingers feel very tight to uncurl. I'm sure this is also an arthritis related thing. I also get shaky hands too (I've got them as Im writing this) but I think that's another thing entirely which I don't want to think about.

    Well the weather is weird today. Showery but with a fair bit of sin. I'm actually itching to get out again on my 7.5k route but like Stripes I'm going to take a day off between to recover.

    Still undecided on the HM but I will have a look at your bookmarked races in a min Boo to see if there's anything else I could do. Achy legs aside I have so much energy at the moment it would be a good time to have a race. And my weights down to a spectacularly low 14 4 which considering I was 16 8 on the day I started training makes me feel great.

    I'll be on comms all day again today so look forward to reading your posts. Let me know if you get bored of my witterings!
  • 'Showery with a fair bit of sin'  Sounds like great weather to me image
  • Thanks Stripes didnt notice that one and I read it back.

    Bloody IPhone could get me into a lot of trouble with its autospell.

    Thinking about it I wouldnt say no to a bit of sin in the rain though. I'm fact I wouldn't say no to a bit of sin whatever the weather! image TeeHee!
  • Ha Ha Ha.

    Chapter Three of our book. 'Running Into Sin'

  • Ha ha - Brilliant! This book could be a best seller Stripes especially with a bit of sin in there!
  • Was looking for a pic of something to resemble running into sin and found this haha image

    Thats tickled me image hahahaahhahahaahahah


    Sorry I will calm down thats totally off the wall haha
  • Ha Ha Booey. I like that.
  • Blimey with all this talk of sin I typed rude running into Google to see if there were any funnies but it translated it as nude running and I got a right shock, well a right eyeful anyway!

    Let's just say don't do it when the kids are around.

    Didn't think the forum police would be happy with me posting that kind of image so I'll save it for personal consumption later tonight!

  • How about this for Friday afternoon fun. I'd definately be keen to get passed him if I was in a race.


  • Yuk that would seriously make me run faster to get past image hehe

  • I saw a fella walking through Liverpool town centre wearing one of those a few weeks ago. Not a good look image
  • So they wear those in Liverpool do they? I tell you the male derrière is not a thing of beauty in anyone's book is it?

    Love the Run Sin hat by the way.

  • Sure the character wearing it was a tourist image

    Off now to visit my Nan in hospital, will be fun trip back later from Solihull to Tamworth in rush hour traffic.

  • haha I like the run sin hat image

    Stripes hope your Nan is ok

    Am off soon, really looking forward to run image I will prob go online at somepoint over the weekend so catch you all then

    Off to the Fireworks at the Sailing Club 2moz night image

  • Defo running sometime tomorrow before fireworks at Amersham CC tomorrow evening!

    Hope your nan's ok Stripes. Have a good run Boo.

    Will check in over weekend. Be safe and have fun all!
  • Booey, the pup is demanding better quality living arrangements now! Sorry to hear about the arthritis. Really crappy that you're suffering.

    Stripes, I should get my gait checked too but am too skint for new trainers anyway! Have you noticed a big difference in yours?

    Silver, sounds like you have got some fantastic running in, well done. Whichever event you do you'll be fine I'm sure, though perhaps turning the half to a full marathon is a little ill advised!

    Hello to everyone else saying hello, I couldn't keep up sorry, just sneaking on here while baby and puppy sleep and preschooler is engrossed watching Peppa Pig.

    Going for a run with my sister tonight, I'll ask for advice on stretching the time up to 30 mins or so continuous running since that's much more enjoyable.

  • Hi Mal

    Did your pup have dog house envy at Boos pics. They are bigger than a lot of houses I've seen.

    Don't know how you manage with 2 bubbas and a pup esp with a new born. You deserve a medal. I remember the time they napped duting the day was very precious.

    I've done the childminding and school runs and dinners and cleaning for 3 days this week. (Did I mention that already - several times?). I've loved it with my boys but it's bloody hard work and I havent had a minute to myself apart from yesterday's run that is. I don't know how working Mums manage to do al of that and still go to work.

    Enjoy the run with your sister tonight hope its not too cold or wet out there.Let us know how it goes.

    I'm taking the boys to Pizza Hut in a min as a treat and cos I can't be bothered to cook in my tidy kitchen. Mmmmmm Pizza!

  • Brrrrr! My twin cancelled so I went on my lonesome, cold and miserable, had to run along the main roads and got jeered at twice by idiots. No idea what they were saying but it is intimidating. It makes me wish I'd skipped it altogether.

    I don't know how I manage sometimes either, I'm lucky that I don't mind hard work at all. I'm finding accomodating (and house training) a puppy a little restrictive but hopefully it won't last long. Can't wait til she has her 2nd vaccinations and we can get walking. Silver, I'll post a medal for you, or a sticker for all the excellent child-juggling you've been doing!

    I love running because nobody is talking to me!!! Nobody is demanding my attention, time or talking at/to me, blissful.

    I was attacked by an enormous bag of Cadbury's Giant Chocolate Buttons a few minutes ago, don't worry though guys, I fought them off with my Pac Man moves. Phew, it was a close call for a while there!

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