Excited new runner



  • lol - i'm @run_twinkle_run  and yes, i basically follow lots of other runners..... its quite good actually 


    Poo - yes, twice within last month I've had to stop and practically hobble home due to urgent toilet requirements..... the last time I had to literally throw keys and ipod on the floor to get there in time.... but that's not as bad as the time I actually had to go, on the golf course (ha ha) I hope that it could've passed as a doggie one..... not fun. image but funny now!!!


    I took a photo and sent it as a message to my brother - completely grossed him out.  

  • Now that is gross - and I was just settling down to sausage casserole too!

    Didn't want to appear stalky re the twitter - just thought it may be interesting to see what you've posted. I only ever read other people's posts so mines well boring. I'm Windy Tonite - no I haven't got the farts that's my twitter name! image
  • can't see you - are you @windytonite or are you putting other characters in your name?  and don't worry about stalkerish! image  twitter is open for the world to see image


  • I've followed you Em so you should be able to see me. I am @windytonite I think. Ill tweet you something now.
  • I had to go behind a barn for a poo once image whilst out running, its the only time its happened thank god but I had to go or else I really would have pooped myself image luckily I always carry tissue image had many experiences where I have had to go straight to the toilet when through the door at home

    Have a great weekend everyone, we are off to Moggerhanger Park Hotel tonight with friends image

  • You lot are making me lol with your poo stories!

    Em I made a right balls up of the tweeting and sent you a message for my office twitter account by mistake. I've sent another from my own but god only knows if its reached you?!? I'm well confused and should have stayed away from all social networking apps - aren't you in computers - can you help image. Either way let me know if you've received anything?

    Oh and no more poo stories please!
  • lol - have a great weekend booey! keep us posted with the doggie news.

    silver - I got your tweet from your work twitter.  Do you'tweet' from your phone or from your PC? 

    If you tweet from your phone, if you click on 'ME' with the head icon at the bottom right of your screen, there should be your page showing.... halfway down there's an icon with a wheel (settings) and then two heads.  If you press the 'two heads' icon, then if you set it up - you should see all the twitter accounts you are running? 


    If not, don't worry - i'll just refer to poo stories on your work twitter image


  • Hi all,

    Silver - not related to George, not for a lack of being asked though lol

    Still not been out running, trying to shake off a cold, it has even stopped me diving.  My kettlebell has arrived last week and I really want to use it, but just not felt able to breath enough with this cold image Thinking of having a go this afternoon, just want the washing to finish first so I can hang it up and not get distracted with the sound of whirling image

    I hope that everyone is having a great weekend, oh, I'm joining Chester Zoo too image Can't wait, will be able to get the camera out I got for my birthday and see what I can do.

    On a sad note though my triggerfish died this week from stress image very sad, my OH has buried him for me, I can't look at him without getting too upset, I miss him heaps!

    Em - keep the poo going, I too carry tissue just in case as with my colitis I don't always get so much notice so bushes can be very handy image

    Have a great weekend everyone, if I'm not on often don't fret just my internet is a bit iffy at the moment.

  • Kettleblast workout done! Ouch!!!

  • Yippeeeeeeeee we are having Poppy image she is a springer spaniel nearly 4 years old and very sweet image went to see her and went out walking with us all and she is good off lead and to command, needs work on lead and jumping up but I can soon sort that image we are going to go and see her a few times before we get her as they are willing to keep her till after our hols so end of month should get her.  They are only rehoming her as their 18month old daughter has become allergic to her fur image which is rather sad

    We have Meg, our friends springer again this weekend, so going to introduce them and see how they get on image

    So excited image

  • Booey, exciting news about Poppy. Hope she settles in well. 

    I have done no exercise and eaten too much for ages and now am a beached whale with a baby bump. Starting my wussy stretchy class on Wednesday which hopefully will remind me why I want to be slim and not a huge fatty!

  • Echo???

  • I hear you Mal! You beached whale you!

    How's the pregnancy going? Are you over the morning sickness phase yet? When's the bubba due?

    I'm running again yey and losing weight like nobody's business (sorry not what you want to hear if you feel like a beached whale!). Maybe you should consider a marathon - it's never too late you know.
  • Hey Mal - sorry, I don't always get the notifications and i'm pretty rubbish!  I bet you look fabulous pregnant - enjoy it image xx

    Booey - so happy to hear about Poppy.  I've been looking at dogs on the internet. I've decided when I get a dog, i'd like something whippetty.... my last dog (pebble) was half whippet half lab and had the nicest disposition.  A dog like that I could go running with!!! image  And that would mean i'd not find it so difficult to get up and go out running in the mornings.

    Had a lunchtime run today and literally ran through what felt like the four seasons - wintry freezing cold torrential rain, sun shine, bitter wind and a mild section where it felt quite comfortable for a while!

    Maam - how you feeling? managed to have a quick fling with those kettlebells yet?  SOrry to hear about your triggerfish image


    lie in tomorrow.  looking forward to it....

    Silver -good on the weightloss!  My Fitness Pal really does help and it encourages exercise too!! Has mrs silver lost weight too?

  • Touchy subject Em as she's only lost a couple of pounds compared to my half stone! I've invited her for a run on the tready but she's just not interested so I can't really help.

    I think the fitness app has really focused my mind on all the crap I've been eating lately and I've totally changed my diet as a result. Combined with the running Im really getting back into shape. Can't wait to run outside again although this weather is still all over the place - I know what you mean by 4 seasons!
  • well done!  It definitely makes you realise that some foods are just so calorific and can be easily substituted for something else!  I cut out chips and went with potato waffles instead..... from normal bread to danish and anything with pastry kind of went out the window!  It's a shame for Mrs S, if only she'd give it a go, the weight would fall off - it does with diet and exercise - fact.  Still, with diet alone she'll lose the weight but not as quickly.

    Ah well - the tready remains your domain!  Got a day off running tomorrow and a long run on sunday - not sure how many miles to do yet....


  • Silver, I'm half way through beached whale season, baby due towards end of August. All well, we had the 20 week scan last week, we planned not to find out the gender but the cheeky baby wouldn't stop showing off, obvious to all concerned. It's a boy! Well done on your weight loss, that's really great. You sould like you're on track for lots of good things. Sorry to hear weight is a sore subject with Mrs S but she's done really well to lose 2 pounds (Approximately 7000 calories under her needs to lose two pounds) What's the next goal for you both? Would Mrs S prefer going walking with you or swimming, maybe she just needs help to find something she enjoys?


    Emma, I hope you have a lovely lie in tomorrow! Your four seasons run sounds like lots of fun. We spent a chilly, soaking 3 hours in torrential rain in a national park today completing a Gruffalo trail and collecting various soaked bit of "nature" Imogen's doll did some unintentional muddy puddle swimming and Georgia's toy Gruffalo insisted on coming too.


    Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends. 

  • Awwww a boy  and two girls! x image  sounds perfect!  so exciting image image

  • Hi all,

    I've just got back from a lovely doing nothing weekend back home at parents, so nice and slept so much.

    I did do a kettlebell workout too, that is 4 done now and can't wait till the one tomorrow image

    Glad you are all doing so well

  • Hi All

    Mal - I love the sound of the Gruffalo trail - we went on something similar a couple of weeks back and my boys loved it. Greatcoat hear you are having a little boy if you need any tips let me know. I've also got 4 pairs of old footie boots in the garage if you ever need them! Silver Jumiors feet grow so quick! Oh and Mrs S does get exercise...when she walks round the shops on Saturday! image

    Ma'am - I've no idea what kettle balls are so I will google it in a minute - they're not rude are they? Or am I thinking of Chinese balls? Or have I just gone mad? It's been a busy weekend!

    Em you haven't tweeted in ages - what's going on? I need to think if something interesting to say and Ill tweet myself.
  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    Just a quick update I'm now a marathon runner 4:28:52 image

  • Stewart!!!!!! Massive congrats to you!!!! wow - how did it feel??? talk us through it!!!

  • Stewart - awesome news, many many congrats, really proud! Hope you aren't suffering too much image

    Silver - kettle bell is a combined cardio/weight workout, great fun but tough going.

    Boo - good news on the dog

    Mal - good baby news, bet you are really excited.

    Just thinking about kettlebell again, but lacking energy today image

  • Ouch, kettlebell shoulders hurting, along with abs, arms and legs. Talk about tough!!!  Really good fun though image

  • Stewart that's fantastic Congratulations.

    Ma'am those kettle bells look painful. I'm feeling my back go just watching a video of them.

    Just watching the Boston news - it's dreadful. Those poor people.
  • Well done Stewart, that's fantastic!

  • Silver - they are tough, really tough. Rest day today then thinking of trying a little run tomorrow.

    Agree really bad news on the Boston situation, should be fun not fear.

    Stewart - still in ore of your acheivement image

  • Stewart - congrats great news image

    Boston - terrible news - really choked me to be honest and what with London this Sunday

    We had Poppy for the day on Sunday and took her home to ours so she is familiar when she comes for good.  She seemed ok and we had Meg there aswell so took them out together.  Next time we see her will be for keeps, 2 weeks tomorrow and we cant wait image

    Off to Spain this Saturday for a week image really looking forward to a week chilling in the sun image

  • Have a great holiday Boo - and bet your more excited about getting home to Poppy image

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