Excited new runner



  • Mal - it is good to hear from you, just not good to hear that you are having such a rough time of it.  Wish there was more we could do to take some of the stress away but guess just knowing we wish you well and think of you will have to do image


  • Hello All - I've defected to Twitter with Emma P! Maam I've sent you and Mal a follow request if you are interested. You missed some good fun tonight while Eurovision was on. 

    Mal really sorry to hear you're horribleness Hun and you still have a while to go too. Hope it doesn't mean bed rest or it will be loads of daytime tele. Don't overdo it!

    Ma'am when you mentioned burning buns I thought you'd be working out too hard! 



  • Got you silver, still not got the hang of twitter, but getting there.

    Hope everyone is having fun image

  • I have been on twitter ages but dont use it half as much as facebook, I am @BooeyLewin image

    Didnt run the weekend ......oh dear.......just cant help wanting to be with Poppy as much as I can image

  • You could take her for a walk to warm up, then run, then take her while you warm down image


  • I have every intention of running with her over the fields but everytime it looks like I can get out of wellies it rains again and its just bog image 

    I will get back to it soon image we are off to Wales Friday for a long weekend stay with my folks image cant wait to get Poppy on the beach image

    I have R4L 5K in July in Rugby - that was my first race 2 years ago image

  • Cool Boo - sounds like a great plan.

    I can't wait to run again, really wanted to do the Port Sunlight 10k, that was my first race, but this years was 19th image

    At Dr's tonight for full diving HSE medical which is a full going over so to speak so will hopefully give me all clear to dive, run and live again image

    Where in Wales you off to Boo? I love it in Wales image

    I'm off to Plymouth for the weekend diving all being well, can't wait, it will be my first weekend holiday ever just me and dad, plus coastal diving woo hoo!

    Can't believe I'm meant to be doing the GNR this year too image

  • Folks live North - between Harlech and Barmouth

    Hope all goes well with the medical Maam and enjoy your weekend diving in Plymouth with your Dad image

    added you on twitter

  • Cool, have a great welsh weekend image

    Medical went well, scraped through it but knee really sore after.  Good news is chest infection has finally gone image

    The bad news was he can't see me running again after seeing my knee.  He is a Dr, Diver and Mara runner so should know image I'm still aiming for GNR after all it has cost me 2x entry fees to not do it so far so the plan is even if I walk it I'm going!  Hopefully in less than 4 months I will be able to build some milage without pain image

    Got you on twitter image

  • Sorry about the Dr's knee comments, hope you are able to prove them wrong.


  • Thats a shame Maam what the Doc has said image lets hope that you prove him wrong, take it steady and just see how it goes image

    Mal - also added you on twitter image hope your feeling ok too image

    Cant wait to get to Wales image have a nice bank hol weekend everyone image

  • Echo..... 


    Are you all busy running?

  • Hey Suzie, I've only started running (4 runs in total) first being 40 minutes and 4th being 35 minutes (all done in one week at a distance of 4 miles) im sloly progressing and im doing a 10K with my two big brothers in the middle of June and also im thinking of doing a half marathon with them in October (dont know if thats pushing my boundaries though). 


  • Steven - Welcome and well done on getting out there and running.  Good to see, stick with it.

    I'm back from Plymouth, very long and tiring but great weekend! Would like to get a run in this week, but need to see how feeling. 

    How was Wales Boo?


  • Wales was great thanks image we had great weather Sat and Sun and took Poppy to Black Rock Sands and loads of walks, she loved it bless her and settled at my folks place really well image Monday was terrible and rained all day but we were travelling home so not so bad

    Get my new car tomorrow image

  • Get you, it is just getting better and better for you.  Glad you had a great weekendimage

    Plymouth was so sunny too, such a nice change but rubbish since back image

  • I've done it, I've been running. Did 3km in 25 min 52! Very slow but steady and felt so so good to be out there hitting the streets! image

  • Well done Maam thats great news image really pleased for you

    You need to get on twitter thats how we are all communicating image

  • I'm getting there, just not used to it image

    Thinking of another plod on Sunday too image

  • Still not been running although I had a short burst this morning whilst walking Poppy image lol very short burst haha

    Fingers crossed I should be club running tomorrow night image

    New car is going well, BMW being valeted today ready to stick on ebay image really hoping we can sell it image

    Did you get out for a run Sunday Maam?


  • Hey Boo - no didn't get out for a run, had walked around chester and along the river Dee on Saturday day, then around Manchester Saturday night, then around bit of Cheshire Oaks on Sunday so walked a lot instead.

    Been hoping to get out today but time seems to be running away with me so to speak, think might compromise and do a kettle bell workout instead. At physio today too so don't want to do anything till been there.

    Sounds like dog is keeping you very busy, good luck selling the car too image

  • Still not been running.....where has my time gone lol

    Sold the car, the valeter loved it so much he bought it......what a result that was not having to advertise etc etc......so that went Fri night image sad to see it go in some ways though image

    Then I spent the weekend doing chores, gardening and walking and loving my little Poppy image

    Camping in Bude in a couple of weeks for a week with Poppy, she is gonna love having us with her for a week image

    Hows it going Maam? all of us are communicating via twitter but dont want to leave you out x

  • I've been running again! Only 3k again but 2 min quicker than last run.  Worked out that GNR is 13 weeks on Sunday, better get heaps running!

  • YAY MAAM! I'll cheerlead carefully from the sidelines.

  • Will be needed as family won't be about to support image

  • Sorry to hear it, will bring two extra cheeky cheerleaders and paint a "Well done Maam" message on bump too!

  • Sounds good Mal, feeling happier so far with running too.  Feel stronger every time I go out image

  • 5k run in 36 minutes today, that's 2 minutes quicker than last 5k! I'm feeling very happy but knacked as a result, but to help kickstart the new body I've done some crunches too!!! image

    I hope that everyone is having a good time

  • Hi Maam glad your doing well image you deserve it after the 12 months you have had.  I have the R4L in a couple of weeks so i really do need to pull my finger out and do abit of practice image I spend all my time out walking Poppy.  Work have accepted my working part-time so my hours change hopefully from beginning of August so I do permanent 8-3 every day, this is when hopefully I plan on a routine of getting back to proper running with the extra time i have image plus I am starting to feel fat haha

  • How are you Mal? how long now? image how exciting image

    I know we all speak on twitter now but sometimes you just cant write what you want to say because it doesnt allow the room image hence popping on here to see who is about image

    Had a great time in Bude camping last week, Poppy loved it image

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