Excited new runner



  • Glad you had a lovely time camping with your cute little Poppy Booey, how lovely to be able to get more running time in. 

    Maam that's great, sounds like you are going from strength to strength, you deserve it.

    34 weeks pregnant now but my midwife said I'm in slow early labour which is exciting and not all at the same time. It can go on for weeks apparently! Ouch! I am really looking forward to the baby being born but panicking a bit about looking after three children.

    Can't wait to be able to go running and once the baby is here and I've recovered I'll be starting operation get my body back, I fear it will be quite a challenge!

    Where is everyone? What are you all up to?

  • Hello All - just popped on to see who's still about. I have to say its nice to be able to write more than just a few words!  I have a friend at work who's in need of some moral support and encouragement as she's training for Abingdon Mara in October. if I suggested this forum do you think there would be enough of us here to reply? Can't think of anything better and Twitter is so restrictive (but a lot more instant!)

    i know I wouldn't have done half of the running I did /do without you lot encouraging me! image

  • Totally agree Silver its not as easy to talk on twitter with the space limit, but then we all seem to not bother coming on here now image I do pop in to have a look now and again and yes tell your friend to have a look on here image I will look out for them and give some moral support image Like you, when I started out I really couldnt have done without this forum and the people that gave me advice and supported me image

    Storms all cleared here now and its beautiful again image long may it continue as far as I am concerned, I love it image

    Looking forward to starting my new hours at work from 1st Aug, 8-3 image and I will be back to running yippeeee image

  • Silvertop!  You said Stripes had been on here and we'd been neglecting him!  where IS he!! image

    Must go - i've almost used my 140 characters....

  • Shame we have lost stripes, maybe he is on twitter, along with Stewart

  • Stripes? You still out there? 

  • Ok dilemma time - I entered Mo's 10k run in August but haven't raised any sponsor money (need min 75 quid) and haven't run more than 5k for weeks!  Do I pull out now or give it a go and pay the money myself?  #icantstandaskingforsponsorship!image oops wrong web-site! 

    Answers on a postcard please - either twitter or RW Forum. 

  • Be brave, ask for sponsorship at work, from friends, relatives, on twitter and FB if you have it then go run - might want to make it either late at night or early to avoid the worst of the heat. You can do it!!!! #bebraveforcharity I'll be labouring and giving birth in the August heat so no excuses allowed for not running it!

  • Lol Mal when you compare a 10k to giving birth I realise I shouldn't complain there are clearly more difficult things in life! 

    im going to tap my wife's extensive family for the money as the people at work are the tightest I have ever known - particularly one few bit that's another story. 

    If my 4 SILs and 1 BIL give a tenner each and then the wife sticks her hand in her pocket that'll be £60 right there. I can raid the kids piggy banks the rest!

    And when it's really hurting half way round Ill think of you in the throws of labour for inspiration! Haha! #itsgonnahurt 

  • Ha ha ha! Impressed I've shamed you into it!

  • What's the date of the run? I'll cheer you on virtually.

  • 11th August. What's your due date?  No excuse for not cheering me on even if your in labour! 

  • Well 1 text to 6 relies and Ive got 70 quid so I reckon that's a done deal. I better get done longer runs in or Ill be walking the last 2 miles And infront of Mo that will be embarrassing. 

  • Ha ha, due date is 22nd August but may happen sooner! £70 is great well done! Ha ha, get training!!!

  • Oh here you are Mal. I don't know whether to twitter or RW all this social networking stuff is so confusing. I'm training hard now upping my speed and my miles. Ive stocked up on Beetroot shots as they are the future! 

    Got my race number today so well excited about running. Just hope Mo will be there to cheer my aching body over the line! 

    22nd Aug ain't long you must be ready to get the bubba out now. I remember Mrs S was pretty knackered by that stage and couldn't wait to get it over. Unfortunately both of ours were overdue by almost 2 weeks so it seemed to go on forever.  Hope you don't wait too long.

    Just remember wherever you are and whatever you're doing think of me on 11th Aug between 12 and 1 cos Ill need all the help I can get! image

  • Am I the only one who uses this forum anymore?


    Where is everyone? 

  • HELLO! *echoes* Hello! *echoes* hello! *echoes*......


  • http://instagram.com/frankiee_lew

    Follow me and help motivate me, had i bad week off and paying for it now


  • Echo echo echo.....

  • is there anybody out there????????

  • All that's left are the memories!!!!!!

  • oh how I miss the fun we used to have! ;.-)

    (is that how you do a crying smilie?)

  • Your crying smiley didn't quite work out but I'm here to see. Just a few more days until your race, how are you feeling?

  • I have a check on here now and again but thought we all communicated via the twitter image 

    Good luck for Sunday Silver - you will smash it image

    I have every intention of starting to run again this weekend image watch this space ....

    Mal - hope your ok and good luck with the big day whenever it happens image

  • Thank god - there is life out there - I thought I was going mad!

    So are you really going to start running again this weekend Boo?  Can't wait to hear how you get on. 

    Mal you must be really close now - how longs left a week? - How exciting! image

    Good luck to both of you!

    im running on Sunday so Ive done loads of training this week 4x 5ks and Ive eaten really healthy. Very little alcohol, far too little ice cream! BUT if it all goes well Ill be pissed as a fart and stuffing my face with Hagen dasz by 6pm on Sunday night. image

    Oh I forgot to mention my boys are off to stay with grandparents in Yorkshire for a whole week. It will be the first time in more than 9years that Mrs S and I have had a full week alone! With no interruptions, or noise, or lego strewn around the house! Can't wait - bring on the nookie! 

  • Haha! - in my dreams anyway!

  • Hello all,

    Silver - good to hear that you are getting up to speed with your running so to speak, I seriously need to take a page out of your book.

    Mal - not long to go now.

    Boo - you got your doggy running yet?

    I'm only 5 weeks off the GNR and still can't get past 10km!!! I just want to cry, going to see if I can push to nearer 10 miles tomorrow to try and restore me some confidence.

    I have been on holiday in bonny scotland too so eating way too much and drinking, but now getting back on straight and narrow.

    Good luck with your run tomorrow Silver - you'll do great and love it image

  • Good luck tomorrow Silver.

  • Hi Maam - I remember struggling to get passed 10k too as it seemed such a long way. Have you tried some music to take your mind off time/distance? Or maybe a run buddy? Sure you can still make it to GNR. 

    Good luck. 

  • Silver - how did your run go?  I hope good.

    I have tried running to music, it annoys me image Don't know people around here to get a running buddy and the running club is on at a time I can't make with getting back from work so late so at a bit of a one woman fight to do this.

    Feeling a bit better after todays 14k, but know GNR will be a long slog and will be a plod from start to finish and hopefully won't see me off in the process image

    See how I feel tomorrow to decide what Wednesday run to do then planning another long, about 16k, for Sunday all being well. Diving Saturday so see how tired the legs are but have to keep pushing on.  Also need less loo stops image

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