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  • I'm finally home, did it in 2:42:50, a post op pb by 9 minutes from last weeks run so very happy with that image  Only snag was legs so much like jelly when finished.

    I'll aim to do a full report but for now off to bed as up at 5 for work image

  • Hi all, feeling tired and stiff today but what do you expect when I broke 3 pb's yesterday image

    Race report:

    Queues crazy to get near the start, missed my pen lock in so had to squeeze in with heaps of others.  So many people, such a short path and lots of beloveds blocking the way so they could be at the start with their whoever.

    So the race started and I stood still, took 40 mins before I reached the start line, yep that long!  While waiting we saw the Red Arrows go past, there was such a cheer.  Great atmosphere, lots of enthusiasm, laughter etc.  Then once nearered the start wished those around good luck, set the watch and off I went.

    The first couple miles were fun, downhill ish towards the Tyne Bridge, lots of oggy oggy oggy through the tunnels, great atmospher and fun.  Even though it rained the crowds were out and happy to give you something to smile for.

    I was a bit disappointed crossing the bridge, wasn't the emotion I had expected, but guess I'd missed the Red Arrows so that didn't help.  Anyway onwards and upwards.

    3 miles and passing McDonalds, oh how tempting that was.  Good job kept going though, a steady plod which soon after I realised I may have gone off somewhat quick as it was a new 5k pb of 34:24 - a whole 2 mins off! 

    The next few miles were tough, all slightly uphill and just a constant slog.  I got overtaken by a gremlin and went passed a 92 yr old doing his 27th GNR! He was inspiration if ever I saw it. 

    The crowds were a bit thin along this section so hard going, deep in own thoughts, trying not to trip over runners who decide to stop and walk, just onwards and upwards - literally! 

    10k marker was a good sight, a feeling of getting there, but still out a tad quick as another pb 1:11:53 - 7 minutes quicker!!!

    The bands were good to keep you going and watching the costumes go past, the firefighter in full BA, the army guy with 40lb pack, the penguins, stig, storm trooper, made me smile behind the pained grimace image

    Half way point and I wanted to break down, it was feeling so tough I was convinced I wasn't going to make it, stomach was cramping, legs were tired, got a stitch but something inside just kept telling me to go on, so onward and more upward I plodded.

    I'd love to say it was all downhill from there, but the pain got worse and every step was such an effort, by the time I reached 11 miles I was fighting with my breathing and just wanted the uphill to be over and the run to be behind me.  The crowds were there in spatterings, but often I didn't hear them for the self focus to keep going.

    Once you reach about 11.5 miles it goes from uphill slog to a steep downhill, boy did that hurt.  My comfort was 'at least I just about had control of my legs and didn't have the runaway effect some others did' made me chuckle.  At the bottom of the hill a sharp left turn, a mile to go, the sea winds, and knowing the finish line is so so close, but yet another hill away.

    I mentally pushed, one last push to the end, but there was nothing left in me.  I kept going, 600m to go and a spectator jogged by me cheering me, made me smile a true smile, then 400 to go, another mental push and nothing from my legs, 200 and same again.

    The finishline arrived and pure relief in me, it was over, the last 11 miles of hell was over image

    It took quite some time to get through, chip removed (by the nice man as I couldn't bend down without falling over), water, goodie bag (I needed my foil blanket), charity tent for another goodie bag/drink/sweets (massage queue too big though) I started to feel the post run chill kicki

  •  Cont....I started to feel the post run chill kicking in so decided time for home. 

    Wrapped in foil, bags in tow I headed to the metro and the heavens opened!  So not fair coz now tired, stiff, in pain, cold and now soaked through.  Thankfully once I finally got the metro back Carl was there waiting for me (3hrs after crossing the finish line!!!)

    I know I paint it as a bad day, but tell it how it was on the day I guess. So once back at parents Carl was so kind that after seeing the state I was in offered to remove my running shoes and socks! Brave man I know.  I'd been in them since 9:15 it was now gone 4pm, I'd been walking, running in wind, rain, mud, puddles.  It was a good job though as I still couldn't bend over without falling.  Guess I was in a bad way, I've never been like that after a run.

    So while I stretched off Carl ran me the most important hot radox bath, then sat to keep me company while I soaked, stretched and gradually began to smile, laugh, enjoy the experience, tell tales of what went by.  Being overtaken by a power walker at 11 miles.  The Gremlin. Me going past the Blues Brothers, a Chicken, and not forgetting the girl in pink (shoes, socks, tights, tootoo, top, hair, bobble) and I mean PINK not pink.  I was becoming human again.

    Not that I could stop to rest too long as we still had to drive home, Carl drove so I could move as needed, we stopped part way and enjoyed a lovely pub meal, Steak, Chips and all the trimmings nom nom nom.  Then got home around 9:30 and time for bed before work today.

    On reflection I have a lot of fun memories that will always live with me, a lot of emotion but also the memories of so much pain, hurt and feeling like I was in hell!

    Would I do it again??? I doubt it, unless mum asks me to do it with her.  Would I do a different, smaller HM??? Maybe!

    Well that's my tale, guess it doesn't help when you have bad weather, crowds of people around who blank you and to top it off a bad days running.

    The good news was that my Garmin and Chip registered the same time of 2:42:50 which was 9 mins quicker than last week, yet another post op PB!!!!

    I'm smiling now image

  • Oh, and I've checked and even though my BIB was 40387 I actually finished 35464th out of an estimated 56000 runners, happy with that image

  • Great report Maam and sounds like you really went through it image but I have to say your an inspiration after everything you have been through so please be VERY PROUD image

    Silverstone? image

  • Thanks for that Boo, I am proud and I've not ruled out Silverstone, just need time to reflect and feel like I can walk again!

    The pics are out and I look really bad.




    I'm bib 40387, no laughing though!!!

  • Maam I love the pics they are great image gritted teeth and true dedication face image

    Have started looking at various races around me so I can start back on it again......after Silverstone I thought maybe I wouldnt bother doing it again but I feel duty bound as its on my doorstep image I shall register soon so I dont miss out image


  • Sounds like a plan Boo, I think the pics are pics of hell, but they show I did it image

    I'm still considering Silverstone, but I need time to reflect and sort my legs and back out first or my physio is going to scream at me image

  • OK, so I've looked at Silverstone today and am seriously considering it.  I've also signed up for the GNR 2014 reminder service to know when the ballot opens. I think I've gone mad!

  • Nah its the love of running and the buzz that races give you......that amazing sense of achievement image

    Have a great weekend image

  • Maam, that's fantastic, you have done so well. I think the photos are fantastic too. I loved reading a true reflection of how you felt, your determination astounds me. Congratulations. 


    PS. You really earned your steak and chips!

  • Mal, thanks I felt like I earned it.  I've had a week of cakes, chocolate and all the naughty foods. Today is back on training and eating better.

    Oh and why are you on the net so early, 03 hrs is bed time lol x

  • I'm suffering with insomnia, so annoying because the baby is asleep!

  • Yippeeee I made it to club run last night image felt great although a struggle at times, feel like I am getting back to it now I gave the effort to actually go image

    How are you Mal?  Are you coping ok with all your little ones depending on Mummy image rather you than me, you must be wonder women hehe image

    I am just about to register for Silverstone Half image

  • Boo - nice one on the club run, I tried to get home for my first club run last night and failed so did kettlebell workout instead.  Not such a great idea before a days diving, my the legs are sore today!

    Still thinking about Silverstone, not ready to commit yet image

    Mal - hope you are finallly sleeping image

  • Maam - totally understand about Silverstone, although dont leave it late like Em did and not get in image I think your safe until the end of the year

    Off out for a run tonight image whey hey

    Have a great weekend everyone

    Off to see the film 'Rush' on sunday at the new small cinema at our theatre image

  • I'm thinking Silverstone will be a go, but not booking till later as need to see how strengthening goes first.


  • Hello, is there anybody out there????

  • Hello Maam image everyone's talking on twitter

    I think you should give Silverstone a go image dont leave it much later than Xmas though

    Well I am back running image been club running and got out yesterday in the sunshine image all is good, just need to get out more and up the mileage

  • Glad your still running, keep forgetting about twitter, oops. 

    Still thinking Silverstone, will decide after holidays so by end of month image Not been running for over week now, just having some chill time, plus changed hours at work so getting used to that too

  • Another club run done and around 5 miles this week image 

    Off to Weymouth Saturday for a week image its Speed Weed so my OH has entered Windsurfing, rented a house in the olympic village.  Cant wait to get away and run and walk poppy loads image dont care what the weather does (hopefully windy for the OH) but I just want to get away and chill image

  • Sounds like heaven Boo, have a fab time.  I'll think of you from sunny Egypt, fly monday, can't wait to get away and chill.  Leaving run kit at home too, back to it when I'm back though image

  • Boo - hope you've had a great holiday.

    I'm back and wishing was still away.  The UK is so dull, boring, wet and cold image 

    Hope the running is going well.  For now I'm giving running a break, my legs especially my knees are hurting, I need to get them sorted first.

  • Hi all, I've not forgotten you all. 

    Twitter has chucked me out and having problems getting reset. Got a new phone today so hoping to be a bit more modern (best intentions and all that).

    Good news, my final GNR total is looking like £1,147.02!!!! Not bad when charity set me £400 target image

  • Hi gals and guys - I lost my phone a week ago whilst in Brum image so will be off twitter for sometime as I am back to using an old phone ......gutted.......can upgrade in about a month......hope your all good

    I am doing a santa run on 1st Dec 5 miler

  • Hey boo, bummer on the phone, but sure you'll get sorted soon. Good luck for run, work are asking me to do a 5k santa run, but I'm just not feeling the running bug at all at the moment.

  • Hello all. I'm still here. Physiotherapist says I'm not allowed to run for 6 months image due to separated stomach muscles but Benjamin is worth it. Loving my hectic, happy life but exhausted with a combination of insomnia, night feeds, uni deadlines and volunteering. How are you all?
  • I am running more and even treadmill running but still not as much as I want image need to get more upto speed training ready for Silverstone.  I am doing the santa run 5 miler this sunday image

    Mal - ouch to your tum tum image hope your ok.  You certainly sound cheerful even though you have such a hectic life image

    Maam - I hear what your saying - I am just finding it difficult to get out running as much now we have Poppy - its a catch 22 really as I love being out walking with her but just need to grab abit more running when I can image

    Anyhow I will let you all know how I get on this Sunday

    Takecare x



  • stripes?  are you out there?

  • Striiiiiiiiiiiiipes??????

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