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  • Am just showing my age as tats are so fashionable now.  I don't think they look nice on women, infact I don't really like them that much on chaps either image

    I have my ears pierced, even got a mate to do two more holes either side for me with a pin image when I was very young.....ouch......how the hell did I go through that lol anyway I let them close up image thought about nose but thankfully never did it

    Wanted a quick run when I got home but its pitch black ere already image maybe a quick round the streets will have to do image

    Have a good evening

  • Boo image I do get people sometimes tell me they don't like tatts on women and u know what, everyone is entitled to their opinion! None of my family have any, it's just something I personally like
    Hope u enjoy ur run image

    Rofl Silver, Well! This is the problem, if it isn't that that's made me do all this stuff (running included) then what's next!! Tri's and ultras!!.. Nah, I think I'm much too lazy lol
    It was a fast run today! I try to pace myself better than that though cos fast like that means I always end up walking at some point. Can't wait till I've got more consistant miles under the belt and then hopefully I can get my pace up there! image
    I do have kids yeah, (4) started young too so eldest is 17!! (Maybe that's a good enough reason for it to a) be mid-life and b) be on this thread.. Didn't realise I was too young!) image youngest is 4 so now finally past the stage of them being soooo dependant! Does make it easier with leaving her with OH image

    Tatts.. Full back, 3/4 sleeve (they covered up some small pieces) and there's a couple of others.. Ones a geko in fact! Rofl I would love more but am trying to grow old a bit more 'gracefully' so will keep them out the way image
  • lol I promise to keep the tatt talk to a minimum.. I might be compelled to mention it if I get another though image I was trying to think of something witty to get that could be read in a mirror (I work as a barber) but haven't thought of what yet image
    And yeah the kids have been hard work but fun image luckily the two oldest are of an age where as long as they have access to food, showers and electrical points in the house they are happy (even the thirds getting to that point and he's 10 this wk!) lol I have to say the little girl is the most demanding.. But then she would be wouldn't she!! image
  • Ahhh.. The fabled lay in!!
    Very occasionally I manage to guilt the OH and get one but it is rare! Seems they have to get to 16/17 b4 they spend extra time in their beds.. Trouble is that's when u want them getting up image
  • Hi all,

    First time I've had chance to look in today. Been very achy all day following yesterdays exertions image

    Sabbie, well done on the run. Good time that. I am surrounded by Tattoo addicts. My partner has a few  small discreet ones but my step-daughter has loads, one of which goes all down her side. Not got any myself but am tempted to get a Liver Bird. I could suggest a really funny one that my partners friend was considering getting but think I would get banned from the forum image

    Silver,  wasn't good Saturday, midfield really unbalanced, not looking very positive with Chelsea and Man City next two games. Couldn't even drink to make it better with having the race yesterday image

  • Yeah, been working, mind you I had a lie in and didn't go in until late due to aches and pains image

    Didn't realise you had suffered a bout of depression. I went through the same thing two years ago. Had never understood it until it hit me. Mine was mainly brought about by the struggles of trying to keep a failing business afloat. Went onto medication but managed to wean myself off it in a few months(never been comfortable with popping pills) Still have my moments but think the exercise has helped in the last few months.

  • Arrgh! Stripes! I wanna know what the funny one is now image I think u should get the Liver Bird image
    I think I read somewhere recently that u should have a real gentle run 2/3 days after a race to get the blood flowing through and wash away the rubbish and it will speed up the recovery image is that right? No2 son supported Liverpool for ages but has moved onto the local teams now so he can actually go and watch the matches.. He doesn't seem able to decide between footie or rugby though image goes to both!

    Silver I reckon a couple more years and u'll be able to doze till 9 at wkends if ur lucky image I can get 8/8:30 on a Sunday now on occasions lol
    .. Not trying to put u off the motorbike though image take it ur dad rode if u went TT so many times as a kid?
  • Hi Sabbie,

    I've heard the phrase 'Recovery Run' but don't actually know what it entails. Suppose I ought to look it up image 

    Your son has got the right idea! Which team is closest to you? Torquay?

    Oh well here goes. The girl in question is a bit crazy and was considering having the phrase 'All You Can Eat A Fiver' tattooed in the vicinity of a certain part of her body. I guess the ban will start very soon image

  • image that's a great one! Definately have to be single to get that or suffer some grilling lol

    We're about 5 miles from Exeter so him an his mates get the bus and go to them and the Chiefs for rugby.. I have no idea about footie so have no clue who's the better team between Exeter or Torquay? image

    I found where I saw the advice, the new runners world mag surprisingly image
    'ur muscles need between 30-60 hrs to recover from hard effort. Running super slowly and relaxed for one to three days after tough workouts promotes blood flow to ur muscles, which flushes away broken down protiens, delivers new proteins to help rebuild damaged tissue, and carries carbohydrates to replenish depleted stores'

    There u go! image
  • Silver, I'm sorry u have suffered (and u stripes) but happy u did something about it image my OH refused to talk about it for years. He had a back issue and to say he got in a funk is an understatement! to make it worse our daughter was 4 months old and as he couldn't work I had to go back to work when she was 10 months image it very nearly destroyed us!
    It's definitely a big reason for me running, he was really into marshal arts and UFC stuff but he can't do what he wants to do now without putting some effort into getting fit first (I don't mean he wants to fight in UFC rofl but he would like to do mixed martial arts) and I reckon running is a foot in the door for him to get fit again image he's joined me a few times but I'm hoping if I stick with it now he'll give it a go image
    And yes I feel good doing it too, So selfish image

    Oh, and I sooo can't wait for the TT!! I'll be staying in Douglas too image
  • .......I got lost.........

    I ran a lot!

  • Mal image the first day I headed out the door running I didn't have a clue where I was going! Hadn't explored the area at all lol but had been told about a quiet road and where it came out
    Think I know more than the kids do now image

    Do u know how far u went or do u have to map it? Actualy one of the blokes who's hair I cut runs and told me it's nice to just run..
    I always have a route in mind and know the distance, maybe getting lost is the way forward! image
  • Thanks Sabbie,

    Am going for another trial run with the club tomorrow if I feel up to it so will do it slow and hope that it qualifies as a recovery run.

    Exeter are a division above Torquay at the mo, Liverpool played at Exeter in the League Cup earlier in the season but I couldn't go because I was on holiday at the time. Went to the races there once, was a good course and had some excellent beer in the town centreimage  but the main thing I remember is the bus ride from the town to the course, didn't think the bus would make it up Haldon hill.

    Silver, hope you didn't think I was prying over the depression thing, just hit home when I read it having been there myself.

    Mal, I like the idea of going out and getting lost, may try it next Sunday, may end up somewhere more exciting image

  • Hey where did Sabbie go? Her posts have dissappeared too. Maybe the forum police have taken her away. Maybe it was all tat talk!

    Hi Mal. Like your teeny post. How come you can catch the moment in a few words when it takes me hundreds!

    Club run tonight. It will be cold but I can't wait to get my tights on and get out there. image
  • Mal - your post cracked me up image love it

    Didn't get out last night, hubby had dinner ready when I walked in so that put pay to that image club run tonight image

  • Silver - did you say you are near Marlow or live there?  There have a santa run there which would be an ideal first race.  They have them all over the country, I am thinking of doing the local one to me which is 5miles I believe, its more fun than elite runners so no pressure image
  • I’m not far from Marlow Booey but I’m not sure I want to dress up as Santa and run for 5 miles.  Is it compulsory? 

    Although I have the white hair already (and prob a white beard if I let it grow) so all I need is the red suit.

    I did look at your bookmarks at the weekend but I didn’t see anything close enough to me.  My club has a 10k race coming up soon which I could enter but apparently it’s a difficult one. Info here.


    I’ll have a chat about it with the guys tonight.

    BTW - do you know where Sabbies posts went – they seem to have disappeared over night.

  • Santa suite is not compulsory don't worry, I will defo not be wearing one image I struggle with over heating as it is hehe

    I would chat with your chaps tonight about your club race, I always get a tad put off when its a top club organised race as it makes it all sound to serious image just for the elites kinda thing.  Am sure I am just being stupid though hehe

     Sabbies posts are there, or the last one is at 22.40.  I wasn't online so not sure what was posted image

  • Now that’s weird I can’t see any of Sabbies posts right back through the thread certainly not one at 22.40.

    Do you think she’s barred me? Or am I getting paranoid?

  • Oh!  It seems I accidently hit the ‘ignore member’ button. 

    Sorry Sabbie don’t hold it against me.

  • Ha ha, I reckon all the Tattoo talk has scrambled your brain Silver image

    Booey, I was worried that the race on Sunday would be rather serious as it was the annual race of a running club but it turned out fine. Maybe there were less 'fun runners' than the first one I did but everyone was very friendly and it was really well organised and marshalled. Only difference was this time I finished nearer last than first image

    Am trying to find a race to aim for in January that would be my last prep for the HM on February 19th but am struggling. Was considering the 'Stourbridge Stagger' a 10 mile race that is less than an hour away from me, until I discovered that it included climbing over several stiles image

  • Just checked out that race Silver, you ought to go for it if you can. Sounds perfect.

    I know I am childish but I love the name 'Herberts Hole' . I gather its the name of a valley?

    On Sunday I ran along 'Butt Hole Lane' and am still giggling about it now image

  • Stripes maybe that's partly my problem, being scared of being last image  all the races I have done so far have been charity organised or similar and I have always seemed to stay more or less in the middle of the pack image 

    One of the chaps who runs the running club came in last once image he said your not a true runner until you experience coming last image that made me feel better haha

  • Butt Hole Lane hahahahahah thats well funny

  • Butt Hole Lane  - that’s a classic Stripes.

    I have to say in this part of the world everything is ‘bottom this’ or ‘hole that’.

    I’ve just looked again it seems to be a bit of a grueller – no level paths apparently all up and downhill.  We train in the Lowndes Park at the beginning and I know that’s a real slope and a drag out of the town.

    I agree with Boo on the quality of runners – I don’t mind coming down the field but I wouldn’t want to come last especially when I run with these guys every week.

  • I must admit I am scared of being last as well but I checked out results from previous years races and was hopeful I wouldn't be image

    There were lots of older runners in Sunday's race who would no doubt have spanked me in their prime but are maybe not as quick as they were!

  • Guys - go and read the post.....Even with all the training....in this forum......its f*cking hilarious hahaha
  • You need to read it all from the beginning, page 1 haha
  • Which post Boo?
  • You need to read above I have said image
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