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  • Hey everyone!

    I had hoped to be around a bit more this week, but my eldest daughter (aged 6) has had a right old week of it, bless her.

    I got a call from school on Monday to say she'd had a fall in the playground & could I come and see her. She'd obviously had a bit of a shock, she hadn't got her hands down in time and landed on her cheek, most of the side of her face was cut and slightly bruised, so I took her home & tucked her up on the sofa with a movie.

    The following day after school, she was doing homework and complained her feet were itchy, then complained at bedtime her body was itchy. I put some aqueous cream on, and she went to bed.

    She woke at 11.30pm crying her eyes out, tearing at her skin, and her body was COVERED in hives image we couldn't work out what had caused it (we now know it was probably melon). We gave her some Piriton, it all calmed down, and by morning it had all but gone. But when she got home from school that day (Weds), she was again covered in rash, which got progressively worse through the evening. I took her to the docs Thurs morning and she was given a stronger anti-histamine, but by Friday lunchtime, it was obviously not doing anything to alleviate the itching, so she's now on steroids. There is a noticeable improvement already, but it's still not gone from her legs and face. Hopefully more improvement over the weekend. My poor girl!

    Well, sounds like training is going well for you all! I totally agree about being stronger after a week off, hence tapering in the run up to a big race, I assume. My strongest run yet has been after I had 10 days off due to illness. And the week before the GSR, as you know, I didn't run at all, and it seemed to do the trick.

    I only did one run last week, after the GSR, on Sunday eve with 2 friends, 5 miles, and very enjoyable! The knees gave me a little bit of jip, but only towards the end. I've referred to the physio now so will have to wait and see.

    Loving the sounds of those early morning runs Silver, I've never done one yet, but with these dark eves, it's tempting!

    How are the tights stripes? I definitely need some, my ankles get chilly now, so what's it gonna be like come freezing temps!!

    Someone asked if we did any other exercise? I do Zumba once a week on a Monday, and I absolutely love it! I'm feeling like my upper body needs some resistance work though, so might have to start breaking out the Davina DVD on a Saturday....

    Just been looking at HM training plans, trying to find one that I like and fits me, and I think this one sounds good: https://www.lucozade.com/media/44527/hm.pdf, also this one: http://www.fitsugar.com/Half-Marathon-Training-Schedule-Beginners-2845222 Have you found anything to work on yet Booey?

    My youngest starts an extra pre-school session in January, which means I'll be able to start some speed work, I'm so looking forward to that! If I can crack this HM in some where near the 2 hour mark, I'd be well happy. At my current level, I'd be looking around 2h 20...

    Anyway, off out on the razz tonight, a friend's surprise 30th, festival-themed, so I'm off to doll myself up, and then pulling on the wellies & shorts! LOL!

    P.S: Silver, I'd be interested to know about the gift, I too signed up for the 3 for £3, and I think that was the 'gift' as the link you posted Booey, was 6 for £16.
  • Hi Suzie,

    Nice to speak to you in your own thread!

    Sounds like your daughter has had an awful week. 

    Tights not come yet. Can't wait to get the Lycra on image


    I think my problem is that I struggle to slow down enough. All the experts on here and other websites seem to suggest that slower is better. My slow run is probably only 10-15% slower than my fastest and I am trying really hard to ease off more. Easier said than done though image

  • Dog has gone, feeling sad but relieved the baby's face isn't as swollen, she resembled a pumpkin! Out for a run first thing tomorrow (in my new tights!) can't wait.

    Nice to see everyone on here.

  • How could you all be busy spending time with your families etc instead of heaping sympathy my way? come on runners, you'll all have to be doubly sympathetic now. If you're not I'll be forced to punish you with 100's of photos, anecdotes and snippets related to the puppy.

  • Aww Mal! I'm sorry hun, the bottle of vodi distracted me! image I'm guessing Silver and Stripes have been somewhat distracted by England winning the footie! Who'da guessed! image

    image sad news on the pup, I take it what u got from the docs didn't have the desired effect! If it's any consolation a lad I used to know was allergic to male dogs but not female so may be worth looking into when littlies are a bit older (if u still want a dog then) image I would have done exactly the same cos u can't watch ur kids suffering!

    Have a good run in the morning image I would like to say I plan the same but a trip to the outlaws is on the cards and I don't think I'll be hydrated enough to get out b4 we set off image Good job I have Monday's off too! image
  • Thanks Sabbie, you are now excused the punishment.

    Can't wait for the run, I'm feeling restless without it. Hoping to attempt a 5k route to see how I go. Really want to have another go at parkrun to see if I can improve my time but not feeling on top form yet, I seem to have a bit of a stomach bug but could just be stress. 

    Hope the outlaws is good. Nice to have Mondays off too, what do you do?

    Had a glass of wine and a chat with a lovely friend of mine so feeling happier.

  • Glad ur feeling happier image
    U can definitely do 5k u know! I found I have to slow right down to run it without stopping but I'm hoping by going to the running club I shall eventually find I can run further faster.. Well, that's the plan, may have to stop the booze and cigs! And I know that sounds awful! All these serious runners on here! But I go for a run cos I enjoy it so I'm hoping I'll want to get more serious about it and it'll have a majorly positive effect on me image
    What was ur parkrun time? (I bet u can match it image ) I know there was one earlier in the year nearish here, I should have a look see if they still do them, not sure I want to do a race on my own! lol
    Let the stress melt away tomorrow.. In them new tights image they're all I've worn running cos I didn't run through the summer haha

    I'm a barber and I'm lucky cos I picked Monday as a day off image I have to work Saturday's so it's nice to get two days in a row, one day on the kids and one day to focus on stuff that needs doing rofl.
  • Well England won who'd have believed it. My boy was made up and my Dad loved the whole thing. He was almost brought to tears when he first set eyes on the pitch all lit up under the floodlights - bless him - he's never been to a proper stadium in 66 years so he couldn't get over the whole experience.

    What's more my boy has just scored 2 himself this morning so that's great for him and I'm a very proud Dad! image

    I'm well and truly footballed out now so I promise no more mention of it.

    Mal I'm really sorry to hear that your dog had to go. I know how pleased you were to have him but if the kids suffer its for the best. Like Sabnie mentioned I had a friend who was allergic to cats but only the long furred ones. When she got one with short fur she was fine.

    Suzie I'm sorry to hear about your woes too. I hate rashes or temperatures in my kids as I'm a real worrier and always think its something far more serious than it actually is. Still I'm glad things are ok now.

    Stripes - did you get out today and more importantly did your tights arrive? My wife said mine were too tight yesterday (they had just come out of the wash!) but I thought that's how they were supposed to be?

    I know what you mean about pacing yourself. I generally run at the same pace just over 5 min kms but I'm afraid to try a faster start as I think I'll run out of gas. I did read somewhere that the best way to get a PB is to run faster at the beginning and not the end as this is when you have most energy.

    It's a beautiful day here today do have fun if you get out.

    Sabbie I hope the hangovers not too bad today!
  • Hi all,

    Mal, sorry about the dog going, bet you were gutted, hope the run this morning went well and took your mind off it.

    Sabbie, sounds like you were having a good night, hope the outlaws was okay.

    Silver, glad they won for you, bet your Dad and Son were made up. I've taken lots of stick from mates and my girlfriend after confidently predicting England would get hammered, sure you would like to join in image

    Did my LSR? this afternoon and it went very well. Managed 8 miles in 1:11.08, took it very steady and kept an even slow pace. Legs were turning to jelly towards the end but was my furthest ever run so am really pleased. Tried my first ever Gel today about 4 miles in, not sure if it made much difference but it tasted better than I thought image

    Still no sign of the tights. Reckon the Fashion Police have impounded them image

  • Lol at fashion police Stripes. Well done on LSR 8 miles is a real achievement. I'm not surprised your legs went to jelly by the end.

    A friend of mine said that you should practice with the gels before a race as he has found that some of them can make him feel sick when he's on a long run.

    I also thought Spain would stuff England but tbh I thought England deserved to win. For all their skill and accuracy and pace Spain just frustrate me as they seem reluctant to shoot unless it's going to be a wonder strike. There's a lot to be said for just having a crack at goal sometimes. Don't get me wrong they are fantastic but they just didn't trouble Harte enough from distance. Do you agree or am I just imagining it?

    Best bit last night was my boy learning to sing 'Who are Ya' at Torres when he missed another sitter and to think this time last year he was his favourite player! That's my boy! image

    David Villa to Anfield in the New Year I reckon.
  • Ha Ha. You are right about Spain, bit like some of Wenger's teams. Always trying to score the perfect goal. Good when it comes off though. Hope you are right about David Villa but can't see it somehow image

    Still can't believe I went that far, ruined it mind you by having a Chinese takeaway for tea  image

  • Don't worry about the Chinese you must have burnt 1400 cals or so on that run you need to replace those and what better way than with a Kung Po Chilli Chicken with Cashew Nuts. Mmmmmm!

    Yesterday I had pie and chips before the game and hot dog and curly fries at half time followed in the evening by 2 large glasses of plonk and some chocolate with my old man! Now that's calories! image

    Just think how bad youd hsve gelt if you had eaten the Chinese without the run. image

  • You are right. I was planning a nice salad because I had a bacon sandwich this morning but got tempted image

    According to Garmin it was 1074 calories but I've got no idea how accurate these things are?

    You gonna have a chance to get out tomorrow?

    I'm not sure if I should go for the two club runs this week as I've got another race on Sunday. Don't want to do too much.

  • Morning all

    ditto Stripes I did 8 miles on Saturday also my furthest run so well done you too, took me 1.27 though image hehe I loved it so much the weather was great and the scenery beautiful, I live very close to Althorpe House where Earl Spencer lives and where Lady Di is supposedly buried.  So I ran to the back of the house and back and it was so nice image I had one moment where I was turning round to head back and my legs felt abit weak but then soon after I seemed to be fine and got a 2nd wind and pushed on image I even managed a rather nasty hill

    Also I have to say I felt fine y/day, I thought my legs would ache more but they don't and today I feel good too image will prob rest again today as I have to work till 5 everyday this week so home in the dark then will do club runs tues and thurs

    I knew I was going out Sat night so had a few G&T's to celebrate image haha really not use to drinking anymore but felt ok'ish yesterday

    Mal - so sorry your pup had to go, was you able to find someone you know or taken back to original owner?

    Silver - well done on your early morning run and great news on the footy result with you being there, bet it was lovely being with your dad and son image

  • Morning Boo! Wow 8miles is a great distance. Well done. You and Stripes are putting me to shame. I'd like to try for that sort of distance soon but at the moment I seem to be maxing out at 7.5k as a single run on my own. I do more with the club but that's broken up with a couple of stops.

    I always think I'm going to continue further than 7.5 but the damn hill at the end just wipes me out. Unfortunately our village is the highest point so it's always uphill getting back. I may look for another route that takes me further out.

    I was hoping to get out at lunch but Im leaving work early to do my annual stint with my sons Monday night Beavers so I need to work through. Looks like I will have to wait for the club run tomorrow night.
  • WOW! Well done for all the runs! You're all doing so well, impressive distances here today.

    I didn't get out for mine because I have a stomach bug, I'm itching to get out there so maybe getting ill and having to stop was all my motivation needed.

  • Hi all.
    Well done on the run Booey. Sounds a lot more picturesque than mine image
    Shame about the bug Mal. Hope you feel better soon.
    My big news is that the tights have arrived! Already tried them on and terrified our secretary at work image
  • Wonder if we might get a pic image hehe
  • Rofl at the thought Stripes! I wouldn't dare put mine on in front of our secretary! I had to think twice before I wore them infront of the wife and we've been married 11 years! image

    They can be very - hmmm how should I put it - revealing?

  • Ha Ha Ha. I did have underwear on and T Shirt pulled down image

    May try them out on a few unsuspecting dog walkers image

  • I'm gonna wear them Sunday at Cannock 10k Booey and there is a photographer there according to the Race Info book I received so you may all get to see the harrowing images next week image
  • There is no excuse then, I shall look forward to seeing the proof imageimage
  • Not sure I want to see any proof thanks!
  • Afternoon all!

    Hope everyone's weekend was good! Our festival themed night out was fantastic, but I was concerned that my, errr, overindulgence might hamper my LSR on Sunday eve, so I reduced it from 6 to 5, and it was great actually. Pretty tough to start with but I soon got in the swing. 54 mins, incl a couple of stops. Must try harder next week.

    I've researched lots of half-mara training plans and have now devised my own 12 week training plan to fit me, which starts officially on 12th Dec, but I'm going to put in a regular 3-4 x a week until then. Its hard to believe that, as of Jan, I'll be exercising 5 times a week, when this time last year, I didn't do anything!!

    I'm seriously considering getting a GPS running watch, I like the look of the Garmin Forerunners, the 205 & 305 look popular. I need to keep a track of my pace, which isn't easy when it's on the iPhone on my arm! Does anyone have a running watch?

    Mal - I'm really sorry to hear about your dog, I can imagine how hard that must have been image Could you not have gotten rid of the kids instead?? ;0)

    Sabbie - hope you had a nice time at the Outlaws', do they live far? I have Mondays off too (well, the first half of the week actually) and I love not ever getting the Monday morning blues! I'm considering giving up the wine too, though my head is conditioned to associate Fri and Sat eves with a nice glass of red....

    Stripes - well done on the run, great time for a LSR! And look forward to hearing how the tight tights go!

    Booey - well done on your run too! That's the same time as I did my last 8 miler in, felt good actually image How are you feeling about your half-mara? Got any ideas what time you'd like to do it in?

    Silver - sounds like you had a lovely time with your Dad and son, that's the stuff good memories are made of. I'm the same as you, I don't push myself nearly as hard on the alone runs. Hence why I much prefer running with a friend, but it isn't always doable.

    Off to Zumba shortly but I'm shattered (Sat night catching up with me I think!) - looking forward to a night off tomorrow!
  • Hi Suzie,

    Sounds like you had a busy weekend. Well done on getting out last night. Which half have you entered?

    Myself and Booey have the 305, I haven't really got to grips with all the features yet but am very impressed with it. Not even used the HRM but will do in the next couple of weeks.

  • Suzie - I am following the Hal Higdon Novice 2 Half Marathon 12 week training schedule.  I started it a few weeks back so am repeating some weeks to take me up to the race

    HM time ummmmm I am not sure, after taking 1.27 to do 8 miles maybe 3 hrs image hehe, if I was to be honest I would like to achieve under 2.30.  My running club think I will achieve that as based on my times with them they reckon around 2.20 image  to be honest I just feel proud that I am now thinking I can probably do a half decent job of it haha image

    I use a Garmin 305 and log all my runs on fetcheveryone.com and yes as guilty as Stripes and not used the HRM image its a good bit of kit thou

  • Hi There Suzie. Good to hear you are back in the swing of things. How are your knees since the GSR? Have you made a full recovery or are you still having physio?

    All you guys are really pushing the boundaries and I fear I'm being left behind. I'm going to make time for at least a 10k run this weekend.

    Club run tomorrow night so looking forward to stretching my legs for an hour or so. I have a bit of a sniffle still but that shouldn't hold me back.
  • Susie that made me laugh, apparently nobody wanted my brood, too noisy!
  • Morning All

    My sniffle has turned Into a cold, well a sore throat anyway. Desperate to go for club run tonight but not sure it's wise to be out in the cold for an hour and half.

    Will see how it develops during the day but will be v disappointed if I can't get out.

    Any tips for treating man flu?
  • OH dear Silver thats bad news getting a sore throat, I think there is lots of it going around.  Over the past two weeks I have had a sore throat now and again but never developed into anything.  I have to be honest I cannot remember the last time I had a cold, its been years, I am way to healthy image

    I would see how you feel later, if it just stays as a sore throat you may be ok to go running but if you get a full blown cold and are all bunged up not so nice image

    Am looking forward to my club run this evening image

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