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  • Very funny! - I've been lonely in here on my own all afternoon! image

    Did you get out for a run Suzie? It was chilly when I left the office in deepest darkest Oxfordshire tonight.
  • Sorry we must have posted at the same time. Well done on the run. I've sort of given up on the solo evening runs since its got darker do well done on getting out at all tonight.

    I'll probably go for a lunchtime 5 through the fields tomorrow as I haven't done that for a while and I'm in the office all day so it's a nice break. Then the LSR early on Sat or Sun morning when I hope to do 10k.

    Tonight I'm staying in and drowning my sorrows after being so neglected this pm. image

    Not sure where that dodgy looking smiley came from I thought I'd entered a sad face not a lairy one!

  • Hi all.
    Been visiting my Nan this afternoon.
    Well done on the run Susie.
    Sorry you were neglected Silver. That story about the woman in your village is well scary.
  • Hi Stripes. Trust your nans ok still.

    I read the bit I wrote about the Mum from school and realised how scary it sounded. When I talked to her she was very matter of fact about it too. The more I think about it the more I want to give her a ring and tell her not to run anymore or maybe to join me at the club. I hope to God she will be ok now. image

    BTW I just posted on the Running Tracks thread within the Beginners Forum. Could be an interesting one if you fancy declaring your fave running tracks.
  • She is home but not in the best form.

    Maybe you should check she is okay if you know her well enough? Doesn't sound at all safe running on her own in those circumstances.

  • Morning all

    Well done on your run Suzie and PB time thats great image Race PB will be even better

    On that note re PB's - does everyone only class races as PB's?  Thats probably a silly question as we all run faster in a race so it should always be better image I record all my runs, time and distance everytime I go out but discussing PB's I would only give race times......so 5K, 10K races I have done I would take my best time as my PB as its professionally/legally recorded for everyone to see/view where our personal runs are recorded my our own means.  I hope that makes sense image

    Club run tonight image

  • Hi Booey,

    Yeah. It does make sense. I have as you know only done one 10k race so I count that as my PB(It is anyway) therefore Sunday will be strange as I can only achieve a PB or a PW image

    Having read lots of stuff on here I can't imagine ever wanting to run flat out in training again in order to try to break a PB. 

  • A PB has to be in a race really as it needs to be over a measured distance doesn’t it?

    Then again if you run a regular route and just want to measure your progress its ok to time yourself each time you go out.

    Since I got to running 5k’s I have always timed myself and compare progress each time I go out.

    May get out at lunch today by the way – v.overcast here but no rain – should be perfect.

  • Blimey Booey – your music taste’s a bit hardcore isn’t it?  Makes my MoR stuff seem well tame!

    Still can’t believe that fella listed a track from the Karate Kid II soundtrack!

    Just received this weeks Parkrun newsletter which coincidentally is all about PBs.

    Read online here http://www.parkrun.com/about/news

  • LOL yeah my music taste is very varied to be honest, love anything thats abit out there and keep my music knowledge upto date image enjoying the dubstep thats hit us at the moment image was big into the club scene back in the day and I really really miss it lots some days image

    I still go to alot of gigs and some of them are completely the other end of the spectrum image imagelol

  • Whats Dubstep?

    Just received this weeks Parkrun newsletter which coincidentally is all about PBs.

    Read online here http://www.parkrun.com/about/news

  • Morning all image
    I've pulled a sickie!! image really not like me! But still full of snot, red eyes, red nose, voice is failing.. Just the person u'd want to spend half an hour with while u get ur hair cut hey!? rofl image gorgeous day here too, wish I could go for a run!!

    Well done Suzie image as I haven't done any races I look at the times I run my routes and give myself a pb from them image I think I need something to compare too to try and improve and I know I can improve loads! image and honest I never wore a jacket, in fact I never wore sleeves either! (New top has long sleeves) don't know if maybe u regulate temp better the more u do it? Maybe find next winter I'll feel the cold and wear one then lol I have bought gloves and a beanie just in case though.. Also want to get the spike things u can strap to ur trainers so u can go for a run in the snow image would love to be running through it!
    U guys have ur club runs tonight then! Have u decided what to do yet stripes? I'd probably just go for a smaller run today or tomorrow but it's u that knows urself best and a 6 miler may be what u fancy doing! image hope ur nans better soon, went to see my grandad on Monday and he announced he's gonna try and make to 100 now as he's got this far (he's 84) lol stubborn bugger image
    Silver I expect the lady would be glad of company, but I think u might find ud have to slow a lot to run with her! U do seem pretty quick image u should definitely recomend the club to her though! Hope u enjoy ur lunch run! Wish I could do that! image I'm on the oranges today.. Well satsumas image I'm not a big fruit eater so I have lots of smoothies image
    Booey how many races have u done? I think maybe I can find someone at the club to enter some races with.. Hopefully! Or I might never do it! image
  • Still ill. Should go to the doctors but don't want to. Over a week of no running now.

    Feeling too rubbish to catch up on the thread so will just say I hope you're all good and running well.

  • Dubstep is the latest music craze image

    Oh dear Sabbie hope your feeling better soon, you cant go to work like that if your a hairdresser can you image

    I have done 4 5K and 2 10K races, I ran them on my own its easier.  Unless you can find someone totally your pace there is no point you will seperate anyhow

  • image Mal! Pants init hun and I've not been as ill as long! I never used to get ill, and all I've done this wk is moan about it hahaha can't suffer in silence image

    Booey, it's definitely the 'unknown' that makes me want to go to a race with someone else, if they leave me behind after we start that's fine (although I'd probably get lost image ) but someone who knows what's going on when I got there would be most welcome image
  • Mal oh dear your still poorly, thats crap image

    Sabbie - lol you wont get lost, courses are mapped out and there are marshalls everywhere - get one booked you will love it image

    Well my club run tonight is not happening now, my own choice though,  just had a text to say time moved to 7.30.  The lady who won the ballot for the VLM with the club is injured but desperate for a shortish run to see how she gets on but can't make till 7.30.  So the other two girls have said they will go at that time to support her (they do alot of their races together) so I understand totally.  Other club runners going out at 7 will leave me for dust and no way am I going to hamper them.

    So I have made the decision to get home from work and go out on my own round the village (although I suppose I could treadmill) will be nice to give it a try for the first time and try and stay within the street lights imagehehe its a big village and very long so I should manage ok and 5.30ish plenty of people still about, even if I only do 3miles it all adds up image

  • Well the sickness is definitely going round isn’t it?  Sorry to hear you are both unwell.

    Mal – you’ve had a really rough time lately what with the kids and the pooch.  Can I suggest the following foods as a pick-me-up

    Fruit – Any

    Stew or Cottage Pie – with loads of bread!

    Soup – Tomato

    Crisps – Cheesy Doritos

    Chocolate – Any

    Haribos – Starmix or Tangtastics

    Sabbie – good you took the day off I wouldn’t want you cutting my hair in that state. I’m still looking to run my first proper race (I did a Parkrun in September) but I’m too chicken to enter one and a bit nervous about turning up on my own at the start tbh.  Shame you are in the back of beyond as we could enter one together.  You’d probably leave me standing though at your pace.  With Reading HM getting closer Ill think more seriously about entering a few in the new year but for now I’ll just keep getting out there when I can – and the family let me out on my own for a bit!

  • Booey! What a shame! But the run through the village sounds great and like u said miles all add up!

    lol Silver! I ain't fast image fluked a quickish (for me) 3miler but way off ur pace image maybe 2013 I'll do the reading half as dad lives there image but can't see myself doing one anytime soon, scary distance to me!! lol

    On the subject of comfort food.. I just had Tom soup and a cheese toastie Mmmmmm image been indulging far too much since the wkend though image
  • Mmmmmm Sabbie can't beat Tommy Soup when you are feeling unwell coupled with a Cheese Toastie too Bliss! image

    Well talking of PBs I have just run my farmers fields route of 5.34 km in a PB of 27.19 mins. That's a whole 2 secs off my best. Think it would have been quicker but it was v warm as the sun came out and was in my face a lot of the way and also it was very muddy and I nearly went A over T a few times. Still v pleased to get out and run a decent pace.

    Ram the second km in 4.50 too which is going some for me!

    Right I'm starving now. Where's that Toastie machine!
  • Well done Silver image good time through fields!

    Toasties all round then! image I wanted pickle in mine but sadly the cupboard was bare image
  • Great run Silver and good time, bet it was nice in this sunshine although not in ure face
  • You are on here lots today, trying to make up for being neglected yesterday Silver?

    Thanks for both the concern and the suggestions. I will try out as many as possible as soon as I'm better, maybe not all at the same time! I have had a rough time lately but hopefully things are improving and Mr Mal is being really lovely and supportive which makes such a huge difference.

    Booey, good luck with your village run tonight, hope it goes well. I live at the edge of town and have to pass all the pubs to stay within street lights, it'd be fine if I was a vision of lovliness running passed them but alas, I'm not quite there yet!

    Sabbie, I hope you get better soon. Hope you get lots of rest.

    I'm dying to get out for a run, shame this happened just as I was seeing improvements. Parkrun as soon as I'm back to form, I'm hoping I can improve on my first time or make it without walking.

  • Mal - keep your chin up, once you are better that first run will be great image

    I don't worry about being a vision of lovliness, to be honest I don't think anyone that knows me would realise it was me image I am a vision of hi vizzyness haha image

  • Thanks Guys – I’m so pleased I got out and in the sun aswell – that’s the first time it hasn’t been dark or foggy while I’ve been running in a few weeks.

    Someone mentioned getting some off road trainers to me which may not be a bad idea as mine are slipping around in the mud now.  I must look for some – can anyone suggest anything?

    Mal you are right I’ve been on here far too much today - almost as much as Booey! J – but at least you guys are replying and I feel loved again! Don’t worry about not getting out just enjoy a bit of R and R at home for a few days.

    Sabbie – where’s my toastie? L

  • Oh yes they are rather nice image
  • Could be a good Xmas pressie Booey!  Think my feet deserve a bit of rugged luxury after all those miles.

    That web-sites good too - loads of stuff and some good ofers. Ill be on there again tonight for sure!

  • Silver! It's been sat on the side.. Did the dogs get it? Rofl
    Those trainers look nice image must admit to not having looked at off roading stuff cos I'm always on the roads at the mo. When I've built it up a bit more may venture onto some trails image
  • Darn those Dogs - I was starving too! They can sleep outside tonight!

    What's for dinner?
  • lol pork chops, mash and roasted veg! was nom nom nom! image
    Run go good Booey?
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