Excited new runner



  • Lol at nom nom nom Sabbie! I had the kids leftovers!

    Now watching Lady GaGa with a glass of red - guilt free after today's run too.

    Hope you are feeling a bit better image
  • Loads better now Thankyou image Dosed up on allsorts image Guess that means back to work tomorrow (hopefully the sneezing will have eased off hahaha) image
    Reckon I shall put this wk down to a rest wk rofl
    U watching the children in need concert then? Just put it on now..
  • Yep. Kids fast asleep, wife out for night and I'm watching Elbow. What could be better? I think Booey would probably call this old mans music but I've been a big fan for years.

    Are you watching then?

    Glad you feeling better. Shame about work tomorrow. image
  • Got to see Elbow (just then) they were great! image hopefully I can watch it all catchup!
    It really is a shame about work.. I'm there 9.30-7 tomorrow :'( detest Fridays now lol

    Watching the Ricky Gervais thing now..
  • I like Elbow too image
  • 9.30 - 7. Thats a long day? Do you work Sat after such a long day on Friday? I bet you're knackered on Friday night aren't you?

    We sometimes work longer hours if it's v busy but it's quiet at the mo so it's just 9-5.30. Its a fairly long drive to work but it let's me see the boys for an hour in the morning and again in the evening before bed.

    I guess your 4yo is ready for bed when you get home?

    Not a lot on the box here now so may retire early with the whole bed to myself. Joy!!

    Nice one with Elbow Stripes. Thought I'd be the only one on here.

  • Had a nice little run round the village, although was a tad dark in places image I did 2.85 miles.  I have worked out some other roads I could use so I reckon I can increase that mileage abit to 3-3.5 so that will do fine when I have to get out and its dark.  My pace was pretty good aswell but that was probably down to dinner would be ready image

    Sabbie - that Ricky Gervais thing is Life's short, how funny is it.  Johnny Depp getting Warwick Davis to Riverdance how funny was that image its on everyweek

  • lol Booey it is funny but it feels soooo wrong to laugh at some of it!! image glad u had a good run image there's hardly any street lights where I run so may have to get a head torch or somat.. Or maybe get in the car and run somewhere else lol but that kinda defeats the object to me image

    Silver yeah, it is a long day, and I do do Saturday's too image I don't mind doing the hours but I just don't enjoy this place. On the plus side the other place I talked to is happy to have me but winter gets really quiet in this business so he'd rather wait till after Jan/Feb unless the situation changes here, so I just have to stick it out a little while longer image
  • LOL at Sabbie - dont worry its a total spoof, like Extras did you ever watch that?  Warwick is totally game for it and its not really his real life.........did you see Liam Nieson last week, absolutely hilarious image  I love Ricky Gervais sense of humour although I know alot don't image

    A few of the people at run club have head torches and they are very good, I think I will prob get one.  I find it quite wierd as I only ever think of pot holers wearing them haha

  • Sabbie - have just realised have you not gone in again today? image How are you?
  • Good one on the run Booey. I'm also looking for new streets to extend my regular run although I haven't been out at night for a while so the streetlights haven't been a problem as yet.

    I'd love to watch Elbow live btw. My brother saw them in Manchester a while ago. They had a full orchestra on stage. Apparently it brought tears to his eyes! Soppy git!

    I saw the Ricky Gervais thing with Liam Neeson too Booey it was genius and Warwick Davis is excellent. Must watch catchup for last nights.
  • I am in work today but it's really quiet so I may as well have stayed home! image think the boss man may be in later so I'll see if I can leave early if it doesn't pick up image
    I never watched extras and only a few of the office although I do think I'd like to watch that one image an yeah, I've seen the interviews Warrick and Ricky have been doing.. was it Graeme Norton they/Ricky where on with Johnny Depp? I did see the Liam Neeson one yeah that was funny. 'I've got AIDS'.. image it really does go against acceptable humour though doesnt it image I do enjoy Gervais, follow him on twitter I was just a bit late actualy getting into him image
  • Silver - defo try and do catch up on last nights episode, really is funny image

    Sabbie - oh so you made it back to work image  bet you wish you hadn't image

    Yeah Depp and Gervais were on G Norton, I really think they have a great rapore together.  Both funny guys and a tad mental image

  • I got into Gervais late too. The office passed me by but Extras was superb. This is similar with the celeb appearances. Loved Lim Neeson explaining that Steven Spirlburg gave him the part in Schindlers List because he made lots of lists. Brilliant! image

    Also enjoyed Idiot Abroad.

    What's the plan for weekend runs? I'm aiming for 10k on Sunday morning this week. I will not be defeated by the Jill at 7k and will carry on for another 3!!

    Oh we're taking the boys to see the lights in London on Sunday pm too. Should be good if they don't get too tired! image
  • Yep we also love Carl Pilkington image  have you been watching Paul Merton oh his travels? thats also very funny image

    Well I am away this weekend with Mother.  Off to Brum tomorrow morning for shopping then show in the evening.  Its the Abba Show at the Symphony Hall, from what I can gather you can have a sing a long so should be a laugh.  Probably have a curry before hand then a few drinks after, staying Prem Inn over night so back home Sunday.  IF I dont overdo the drinking I may have a little run when I get home image

    I have the day off work on Tuesday, docs for blood tests but then I shall more than likely get out for my LSR then

    I may or may not have a quick village run or treadmill tonight.  Might just have a walk with hubby, we use to go out for a walk alot but since my running no where near as much.  He was abit down in the dumps y/day so may just give him some attention tonight as I am away Sat night.  We have steak for dins image

  • Silver - if the JILL at 7K were naked would it spur you on image haha read it back image
  • I think my fingers are just too fat for this keyboard Boo but a naked Jill would be much better than a long Hill haha! image. Been busy in the office so I haven't posted much today and didn't have time to read back. If you ever read something rude from me it's probably a mistake so I'll apologise in advance!

    I've been waiting for your reply all pm too but guess what I seem to have pressed Ignore under your name! What an idiot! Fat fingers again!

    Anyway enjoy Brum - did I ever mention I went to Uni there for 5 years. Loved the place but haven't been back in yonks! Abba sounds excellent I'd love a drink and a sing along to Abba songs. I'd need the drink first of course to loosen me up a bit!
  • You lot are quiet today. Has anyone been out? Stripes are you ready for the race? Mal, Sabbie are you feeling any better? Suzie you must have been out today?

    Just preparing myself for LSR at 7 in morning by drinking more Cabenet Sauvignon. After months of abstaining from booze the wine is slowly easing its way back into my evenings and also into my belly! Mmmmmm!

  • Glass of wine sounds lovely Silver. I haven't posted because I haven't been out still, feeling a bit better but not ready to run yet, thanks for asking.

    We have a children's birthday party to go to tomorrow, I'm feeling a bit guilty because I'm recycling a present which has never been opened because I want to give the lovely new books I bought to my own daughter! Not my finest Mum moment!

  • Morning all!

     Re the point about PB, I've never really thought about it like that before, I just assumed a PB was exactly that image ah well, I guess it dosn't really matter as long as I keep improving, lol!

     Boo - I am LOVING dubstep too, it makes up a good proportion of my running tracks, I'm a sucker for a a huge bass drop!

     My runs have been a bit pants this week, or should I say my non-runs...  I was meant to go for my club run Thurs eve, but the husband had to go take a judo class while the sensei was away (my eldest daughter (6.5) went with him for her first ever session, and absolutely loved it!). 

     Then Fri eve I was at a friend's drinking wine & eating chinese, very late night, shattered yesterday, and last night the husband did a naughty and brought home an indian (I think he felt left out from Fri!) followed by more wine (damn you cabernet shiraz!).  I feel pretty good this morning though, so I'm considering going out shortly, as we have a friend emigrating to NZ next week (as you do), and I'm cooking dinner for 11 this afternoon image which I am certain will involve more wine image  Today's menu will be coq au vin , hahaha, more wine, what a surprise!!!  Absoutely LUSH recipe, I've made it so many times lately!  Serving with creamed potatoes & slow braised red cabbage, can't wait!

     Seriously though, as we get closer to the half mara, I'm considering giving up the booze altogether, I don't drink all week anyway, and I don't want it to hamper my LSRs as I get closer to 10 & 12 miles....

     Mal & Sabbie - sounds like you've both been through the wringer of late image really hope things start looking up for you both xx

     Haha Mal, that made me laugh, totally the sort of thing I'd do!!

  • Morning All.

    Mal we have recycled so many kids pressies over the years. It gets so expensive with all the parties and if they don't want the present I don't think there's anything wrong in passing it on. I'm ashamed to say we have even recycled a few without opening them. God knows what was inside but we never had any complaints!

    Suzie cooking for 11 sounds frightening. My wife does have a Mahoosive family with loads of kids so birthday parties are the most we do but that could include 25 people. Lots of Pizza and crisps - they are easily pleased and that's the adults!

    Well I got out this morning in some of the thickest fog I've seen. Ran almost 10k in about 53 mins. So v pleased. I would have been happier if I'd done a full 10 but I calculated the route wrong and lost a bit on the way somewhere. Still no aches or pains and felt like I could do a bit more without too much trouble. Come the new year I'm going to push my LSR out to about 10 miles in prep for the HM.

    I may look at the Silverstone HM too Booey. May as well make the most of feeling this fit.
  • Silver that'd be great, you should definitely have a go at the Silverstone HM. Well done on your run time, fantastic!

    Glad to know you and Susie recycle presents too. I think doing it without unwrapping it is funny but risky! What if it contained a peronalised gift!

    Feeling much better so looking forward to running as soon as I am able.

    Susie, there was a theme emerging in your post! Sounds lovely though, how did it go?  I'm a perfectly competent cook but wouldn't feel confident enough to cook for so many people.

  • I want to upload a profile photo but they're all too big, how have you all managed? Not sure what the photo should actually be, that's the next conundrum.
  • Hi all,

    Not been on much last few days. My laptop has packed up, got Dell coming out tomorrow to replace the hard drive. 

    Race was a bit of a disaster this morning. Made two stupid mistakes which I will hopefully learn from!

    First of all I turned my Garmin on only to discover that the battery was almost dead. Thought I had charged it earlier in the week but obviously I hadn't image

    Secondly I set out running with my mate who is much quicker than me and was obviously going far too quickly(first mile split was 6:28 I found out after) because come the first big hill he left me behind and I was struggling so much I had to walk.

    Managed to get going again but had to stop twice more on the same hill, it lasted for 2km and was a total killer.

    Plugged through the rest of the race but felt rubbish. Course was very tough but I had made it much harder for myself.

    Managed to finish in 53.48 or thereabouts but felt a bit silly and upset with myself.

    Mate had come down from Liverpool and it was his first ever race, he did it in 46.30ish so was made up.

    Best bit of the day was going back to watch the match with another mate in a pub in Lichfield, couldn't drink because I was driving but result was rather good image

  • Stripes I've been wondering how you got on all day. The time was good so you shouldn't be too hard on yourself. If this included a couple of walks aswell it's not at all bad and if you know you went out fast (and that was fast!) At least you know why you felt so jaded. Hills do me in too so a 2km one sounds like a grueller! You still ran 10k in 53mins and finished the thing so well done.

    Loved the footie. I thought Liverpool had blown it in the 2nd half but Johnsons goal was a classic. We always seem to turn it on against the big teams - just wish we could be consistent!

    Mal it took me ages to reduce a pic small enough to add to the profile. I ended up nicking mine off the Internet (choose a really small image to keep the size down) and then saving as a jpg with a very low resolution. It did take several frustrating goes to get it to work so good luck. Can't wait to see what you choose.
  • Cheers Silver,

    Irony of Johnson scoring was that Sky were itching for Torres or Meireles to score and give it the big Ex-Liverpool player beats them nonsense image

    It was a great finish, I had been complaining my legs were aching but jumped off my stool when it went in to which my mates said 'Your legs are okay now' image

    Think the best thing about the race was that I have learned a big lesson!

    Well done on your run this morning by the way. Glad you are feeling good.

  • Morning all image hope you all had a great weekend

    Abba show was great, we had so much fun dancing and singing along.  Birmingham was heaving day and night, German Market was on which is always good.  Broad Street was mental Sat night but a great atmosphere.

    Silver - must have been great going to Uni there image  I really do love it there, shopping/shows/gigs/nightlife its got it all.  Rather go there anyday than to London, only takes an hour from home and the Prem Inn I always stay at is right in the centre with secure parking so ideal.

    Glad you managed to get out for your run even though it was foggy

    Would be great if you decided to do Silverstone HM image

    Stripes - your race time was good and like you say you have learnt a few lessons image  I am a great believer in yes go to a race with a friend/fellow runner, but agree before you will only be running at your own pace so therefore at the start line say, have a great race see you at the finish image 

    Not had a run now since Thurs so I am well and truly rested and ready to go.  I think I am going to do a stint on the treadmill tonight then tomorrow I have the day off and do my LSR in the light image and fog probably haha

  • Morning all!

    OK, so after I posted yesterday morning, I went out for a quick short one, just 2.5 miles, but I found it way more tough than I should have, and I know it's because my pace was all over the show.  I set my iPhone app to tell me my pace in my ear every 1 minute, and one minute it was 9.48 min/mile, then next it might be 6.45 m/m, then 8.30 m/m, then 7.00 *sigh*.  I really neeeeeed a Forerunner!

     My husband is currently looking for proper shoes, he's a slight over-pronator so is looking at stability/support shoes - what do you guys have Stripes & Silver?  Took me long enough to find mine, which I love and have been fantastic (Asics Gel 1160) - wonder if they do them in men's, hmmm.

    Silver - Look at you go!  53 mins is a great time, and to think only a month or two ago you were concerned you weren't going to get past 5-6k, now look image  Definitely sign up for a half, I think you'd be great!  Haha, I don't think I'd have the balls to give a present away without opening it, plus the suspense would near kill me (not that I'm nosy or anything.... image).

     Mal - Thanks, it went really well!  I just made a nice easy dish that could bubble away most of the day, nothing too fussy y'know.  But yes, it was very lovely, and everyone had a great time image  Glad you're on the mend, when do you think you'll get out for a run next?  Where in the country are you?  Oh, and I used a program called Irfanview to resize a pic of Santorini that I already had on my hard drive (it's where I got married last year).

    Stripes - really sorry to hear the race didn't go as well as you would have liked, but as you say, you made some mistakes and can learn from them.  Having said all that, you finished it, and in a great time too, so don't be too hard on yourself!

    Boo - sounds like you had a fantastic weekend!  I absolutely love Brum, for all the reasons you said, and definitely prefer it to London too.  Hope the LSR goes well tomorrow!

     Zumba for me tonight, so I'll not be running til Wed, boo.

  • Suzie - at least you did a run, its always better than not at all image  glad your family dindins went well, sounds lush

    I also have the Asics Gel 1160 and also like you think they are so good, I have had no probs at all with them from day one.  I am sure they do the same for men just a different number image

  • Morning All,

    Boo – sounds like you had a great weekend. 

    I love Brum – had many excellent years there and loads of fun in the late 80’s/ early 90’s as a student.  The Bierkeller was a fave venue – loads of dancing on tables and all that! And student night (Mondays) at The Powerhouse (subsequently Ritzys) was a classic.  I lived in Perry Barr but at that time a black cab home was only £4 so we always went out in the city centre.  I agree with you and Suzie that it’s much better than London and easy to get to even from my place.  

    Breaking news on the trainer front Suzie – after talking with my v. experienced running friend (a Dad at football) about some off-road New Balance RXTerraine trainers I saw on eBay he recommended they would be ideal – anyway I bid on them and got them for £6. They have been worn twice but they are as good as new.  Not quite the cool ones I was looking at last week but they do have the extra nobbly soles so should do the job in the mud – if they fit ok(?).  It’s worth a try for £6 even if they are used!  Will let you know what they are like through the fields when I get them.  Also bought a cool base layer top with fleece lining as it was cold in fog on Sunday and for once it’s not Karrimor!. With regard to over-pronating – I have just relied on good gel insoles (approx. £20) instead of the ones that come with the shoes – my aches and pains disappeared completely once I removed the standard insoles and added these to my Nikes so I’ll be doing the same again with the New Balance.

    I know I keep going on about it but I am loving my running at the moment.  Sunday in the fog was fab and I’m not even feeling tired after my runs anymore.  I think the club runs are increasing my fitness levels a lot – it must be all those bloody hills!

    Seriously looking at another HM marathon before April.  If Silverstone doesn’t work then Watford looks good, although it’s a gold event with some top names and 2500 runners!

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