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  • Sorry I keep forgetting but which HM are you already booked to do Silver?

    Do silverstone, do silverstone, do silverstone image

  • also

    forgot to tell you the most important news, I weighed myself Sat morning and I was 10'7 image I have lost exactly a stone since I started running image whoop whoop *does a lil dance* whoop whoop image well pleased, I have been so close for weeks.  I am sure I am more again now after curry and drinks in Brum but thats not the point haha

  • It's Reading Boo but it's not til April.

    I do like the idea of running round Silverstone. When is that one again. I need a couple of weeks rest before Reading.

    Mucho Congrats on the weight loss that's an excellent result. How can loosing weight be this much fun image. It's not right is it?
  • Silverstone HM is 11th March - do it do it do it imageimage

    just been looking  and there is a 10K this sunday at Woburn Abbey organised by Up and Running, just wondering if I should give that a go image

    I know how cool loosing weight and not being on a diet, its gotta be a first for me image haha  I really am able to eat what I like aswell, its only the drink I have kinda given up but running has total made me forget about liking to drink loads.

    I never dreamed I would ever say 'I would rather run than drink' image what a life changing experience this running is image

  • Totally agree my friend!
    I'm generally eating healthier but my portions are no smaller than before. I seem to have found a happy medium by doing 10k club run, 5k office run and 8-10k LSR each week. Gives me a days rest between each and keeps me v happy and healthy.
  • Right I am off and not on ere 2moz or I doubt anyway

    Catch you all weds image

  • See you Wednesday Booey. I am jealous of you all loving running right now, I'm having some good runs but finding it a chore as well, am I pushing myself too hard if I feel like that or is it normal?
  • I've just received some great advice to get some motivation back. I am new to running and I wasn't expecting to find it so hard to go out.

    I just don't want to go. I was told to go easier on myself first so that I am only pushing myself for things I can achieve then when I am feeling better to book an event.

    I have just entered a 10k in February.
  • Hi Bobby & welcome!  I totally agree, I was just doing 5k once a week with little motivation to go out any more than that - and then came the Great South Run!  I went from that 5k once a week to 20+k over 3 sessions a week.  Maybe that's what you need to do Mal, if you haven't already?  I'm finding some of my runs hard too, hence needing a GPS watch, my min/mile is so erratic as I said earlier.  Have you been tracking your pace?

     Boo - Well done!!  That's a fantastic loss, and I love running for the same reasons.  I've only lost a few lb, I'm now bang on 10st, but my body shape has changed, my legs are slimmer, more defined, and that mummy-tummy seems to be slowly disappearing too - get in!  I would LOVE to get down to my wedding weight of 9st 7 though, I felt fantastic then, but hey, I'm happy and healthier so I'm in no rush.

    Silver - cheers for the trainer info, I shall pass it on to the hubby!

     Just a quickie from me as my 3 yr old is demanding to play on the CBeebies website, lol!

  • Hi Bobby,

    Entering a race is a great motivator. It certainly got me focused.

    I am having my first running crisis. On top of the disaster race on Sunday my usual leg aches seem to have developed into a problem on my lower right leg. The ache has become a pain when I put weight onto it. Not quite sure how to proceed but am going to have to take a few days off at least so my training plan is out of the window image

  • Stripes, oh no! I'm so sorry to hear this. Get better soon.
  • Thanks Mal, not sure what to do for the best.

    As regards the fluctuation in how your runs feel, I think that is normal, it certainly has been for me.

  • Afternoon Everyone and Hello Bobby.

    Stripes - bad news on the injury is it bad enough to go to docs? I went through several weeks of really bad pain in my knees and ankles to the point that I could hardly walk so I know how frustrating it can be. Not sure whats best advice really. Maybe look on other forums as someone must have had the same before.

    Mal - sorry to hear about the motivation I don't mean to keep going on about my runs you must find it v tedious! Just remember any run is good exercise and that's what it's about - its not a race! (well it could be if you wanted but you know what I mean don't you?!!?). We are here to motivate and encourage each other so don't feel bad however far you run.

    Suzie - what's going on with those splits? Were you stopping for a sit down then sprinting the next mile? I'm no expert but a Garmin sounds like a good thing for Cmas list?

    Bobby - good advice on the races. I need to enter a couple myself to keep motivated.
  • Oh Stripes, I'm so sad for you. It's got to be so frustrating! Hoping it's a very quick recovery and doesn't hinder your excellent progress too much.

    Silver, I don't find it tedious at all, although I'm slightly impressed I got you to apologise for talking about running on a running forum! Think I just need to remember I'm not superwoman even if I want to be and my body is probably screaming at me to slow down.

    Hydration seems to be part of my problem especially as I'm breastfeeding Moo still (she's 5 months now)

    Anyway, going to do parkrun with my sister (if she's able) next weekend which should give me a goal, I really want to beat that first time and maybe not walk at all, or just walk once and not twice.

    Suzie, did you manage more consistant running next time?

    Thanks for the advice Bobby, I'll have a look at some of the cheaper ones over the winter months.

    I'm resisting the temptation to go to the shop for junk food, where is that pesky willpower when you need it?

  • Mal I'm no expert by any means and I open myself up to criticism from all the women here but if you are still feeding bubba then maybe you are pushing yourself a little too hard. I can definately see that dehydration could be a problem. My wife breast fed both our boys and I'm not sure she could have run down the stairs between feeds let alone 5k without feeling a little jaded.

    Anyway bringing the subject back to running I've just finished the Tues club run and I'm knackered. I had a stitch that just wouldn't go tonight which was horrible. We did 400m relays this week with a partner which was great fun but it became a bit of a race and I think I did my 5 laps a bit too fast. We did 3 more longer 1k circuits fastish but with a 2min recovery too. With the 2-3 k run out and back prob ran about 9-10k total.

    Now outside Chinese waiting for my Singapore Noodles teehee! It's becoming a Tues night ritual!!
  • I love your Tuesday night ritual, can anyone join in? Well done on your run tonight, it sounds like you really battled through your stitch. You are clocking up the k's now!

    You're probably right Silver, I'll ease it back a bit and see if it helps. Just had an enormous mug of hot chocolate, I'm counting it as good hydration!

  • Lol! I prefer the sound of your Tuesday night Chocolate to my Tuesday night Chinese Mal image. Take it easy and don't worry about not doing loads of miles! Your health and the health of your family are the most important things so just listen to your body and do what feels comfortable. (sorry if I sound like your Dad it's just my paternal instincts kicking in image
  • Aw thanks for caring Silver. I'll make an extra hot chocolate for you if you like but if you can't run here quck enough I'll be forced to drink it before it gets cold!

  • Mmmmm! CHOCOLATE! image image image
  • Hi folks am back image busy at work though so a flying visit

    I didn't get out y/day for my LSR so thats gonna have to wait for the weekend, various issues y/day and what with the rain it just didnt happen image I did have a tready run monday night though, did 2.5 miles so at least I did summat image

    Club Run at 5.15 with Run England group later so looking forward to that

    Stripes - how is the leg?  Personally I would give it a good few days rest and see how it is? Keep us informed

    Mal - dont be so hard on yourself, you have so much on your plate at the moment anytime you do get out running is a bonus......infact with you breast feeding having a 5 month old I have no idea how you manage image 

    Silver - club run sounded challenging and well done

    pop back later if I get chance image

  • Hi all,

    Silver, really like your Tuesday night ritual. Think it could be a new concept. The 'takeaway relay'. I love Chinese food, may work out a route that finishes by my local takeaway if my leg improves.

    Mal, hope you get to do the Parkrun, sounds like you have got a lot to cope with so don't get down about your running.

    Booey, enjoy the Club Run.

    The leg is not quite as bad but definitely not gonna risk running today because I know it will make it worse.

    I know I could run and it wouldn't really hurt whilst I was doing it but would be really painful after.

    Had to walk/limp for miles to and from the car at the LG Arena last night so that probably didn't help image

    Was due to go to club tomorrow but don't think I will be up to that either, really upsetting because I have got the form filled in to join image

    Don't think its bad enough for a visit to GP though, although being a wussy bloke I am never keen on visiting the Quack.
  • Welcome back Booey - we missed you! image

    I heard a couple of guys talking about SS HM last night. They said it was a bit difficult as there are no significant landmarks as you run round. It's also a bit up and down. Still like the idea of it myself. How many laps is it 4?
  • No its not laps, basically they use all the smaller tracks and pit lanes so you don't have to repeat where you have been which is good.  Also from experience of going to events there and seeing it on TV it has no hills to speak off.  Everyone I have spoken with that has done it says its pretty flat and a good PB course image also they have music on for you over the tanoys image

    The only gripes  I have heard are:

    It can get boring in places where there are no spectators cheering you on

    Its very flat and open to the elements so make sure you dress appropriately

    Go on enter it image

  • Think I'm going to go for it Boo! Are there any goodie bags or Ts for the runners? And how much is it? Will have a look on website tonight as I'm out today. No hills sounds v invitingimage
  • Its £15, here is the link http://adidashalfmarathon.co.uk/onlinentry/

    Hope you get a place ok

  • Just talked to my motor cycle friend who races at Silverstone a couple of times a year and he says it's v flat and v exposed. He thinks the outer parts could be a bit hilly if the race goes on these. He does 190mph down the straight considerably faster than my 7mph! image
  • I think you get a goody bag, not sure about t-shirts.  If you go through a charity they will give you a t-shirt but that means collecting sponsor money.  I was shocked when I signed up that I got accepted straight away as I heard it gets full quick.  If you don't have any luck you can always go down the charity route image

    Chat 2moz am off now to get to running club image

  • Hey Stripes hope you are feeling better. Is it just me or has your profile photo appeared under everyone's name on this whole website? I just checked other threads and you are on those too! You seem to have taken over the RW website! image

    Oh logged on again and it's all back to normal. Could be my phone or my imagination! It's been a very long day and it took over 2 hours to get round A10 and M25 this evening!

    Looking forward to that Hot Chocolate tonight Mal image
  • Ha Ha. Bet Peter Griffin is in your dreams tonight image
  • Hi suzie i get sick feeling when been running my boxing trainer says it adrenaline rush i only get it when push myself you be fine keep up good work x
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