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  • Seriously Stripes he was everywhere! Every post on every thread on every forum had his face on the left hand side. It was bizarre! Wish you'd seen it image

    How are the legs?
  • Hi Silver. I wish I had seen it as well.

    Had a Deep Heat bath and leg feels a lot better. Still not sure how long I should leave it before going out again. I know I could run tomorrow but know it would hurt afterwards and worried what long term damage I could be doing.

  • Run tomorrow with my sister image
  • Stripes - Weirdly I put the tele on last night about 10.30 and Family Guy was on! What was going yesterday Peter was everywhere - I think it must have been my imagination! It was a good one though he had plastic surgery and lost all his weight.

    Mal - good luck with the run today.
  • Morning image

    Had a good club run, we did about 3.5 miles there was only 5 of us image The Run England group is more laid back than DRR, we have abit of a laugh and only ever do around the 3 miles as can only last from 5.15 - 6.00pm

    I find it quite amusing how the two clubs I run with vary.  Like I say Run England pretty laid back and we always have a quick run then stop and do warm ups all together then run then same at the end image

    DRR straight off running and push on as hard as you can, never done over 5 miles with them but to be honest that suits me fine as they start at 7 and happy to be finished within the hour.  They have a nice little thing where we all shake hands at the end where we all meet up and say well done image nice little touch I reckon

    Stripes - sounds like the leg is mending, only go out when you are 100% sure and then make it a slow easy one to test it image

    Mal - enjoy you run wid your sis

    Silver - So? did you look at Silverstone HM?

  • Sounds like a good run last night Boo. I like the idea of a more relaxed one. My club run was full of younger people this week and they were a damn site faster than me too which is why I got a bad stitch I think.

    Anyway I looked at Silverstone but my only concern is that's its pretty close to Reading and I need to be well fit for that as some of my work colleagues have entered. Also as good as it would be to meet up and run together if you beat me Ill never hear the end of it on here! image

    I'll give it a bit more thought tonight as it still looks like there are spaces available.
  • Silver there is no way we would run together anyhow, I am a great believer when racing get in the zone and run at your own pace.  Ours would be totally different, I am 5'3 and have ickle legs, I believe you said you are over 6" your one stride would be 3 to me I bet image hehe

    It might be called a race, but believe me I will not be racing round the circuit.  Hopefully my training of longer runs nice and slow will see me get over the finish line image and you could be there cheering me over image

  • Or in the back of an ambulance on my way to hospital! Not cos you have hurt me in any way but cos Uve pulled something on the way round image - I mean my leg not a woman btw - or naked Jill perhaps hahaha! image
  • hahahahahaha yes thats it, a naked Jack and Jill at the finish line imageimageimage that would keep us both happy image

  • Those sort of races definately exist Boo but I don't think I'll be entering one anytime soon! image

    We are getting dangerously close to that Friday afternoon discussion a couple of weeks ago - remember! I still come out on a cold sweat thinking about those images on Google image
  • What the dog houses imageimage hahahahahaahahaah jk

    I wonder what we can google tomorrow and post some piccies

    Well hopefully I am off soon, its my aunties 90th B/day today so all the family are going over to Dunstable to see her and have a meal image

    Laters Dudes image

  • Hahaha! I forgot about the dog houses - they were excellent! image

    Had to google jk by the way as I didn't know what that meant. I learn so much from you guys! Haha!

    Have a good evening and enjoy the 90th birthday party!
  • OK so where is everyone today image

    Auntie Joan had a very enjoyable 90th Birthday Meal bless her image

    Well I am finishing at 1.30 today so will be out running this afternoon and all good intentions for Sat and Sun image cant wait image I need to get my mileage up for this month image

    Whats everyone else upto?

    Oh my hubby has got me a headtorch for Xmas image whoop whoop

  • Hi Boo. I'm here! V busy last few days so couldnt write much. I've no idea where everyone else has gone.

    What's all this about leaving at 1.30 part-timer!

    It's a nice day here so I'm contemplating a lunchtime run - just worried about recovering for my LSR on Sunday morning but if I take it easy today I should be ok.

    Are you doing a ressy run this pm? I'm guessing the weathers good with you too as you aren't too far away from sunny Oxford?

    Still undecided on the SS Half. I know I'd love it but not sure if my old body will recover for Reading 2weeks later. What d'ya think?

    Can't believe you've got another head torch. You'll be running out of space to put them and I'm telling you the batteries will slow you down soon.

    Do you wear one of these on a night out?

    http://www.google.co.uk/m/search?site=images&source=mog&hl=en&gl=uk&client=safari&q=hat lights&sa=N#i=128

  • Yeah its a lovely day here too, going to run from home this pm then prob do the ressy run over the weekend image

    I think 2 weeks is plenty of time to recover image why not just enter it anyhow its only 15quid and then if you are not upto it your not much lost image

    Don't wear one of those no hehe very interesting ..... not sure yet how the headtorch is going to work with the cap image lol

    The joys of working flexi time ah image

  • I'm v jealous!

    Speaking of new kit my off road trainers arrived last night. They are as good as new and have big bobbly soles for grip but guess what - they are too smallimage Grrrr! I'm an 11 and they are 11.5 so they should be fine but no chance and I wouldn't risk running in them. Oh well back onto eBay unless you know anyone who may be interested?

  • oh dam thats a shame image no sorry my hubby has way smaller feet which is a shame cuz he prob would have like them

    Wonder how Stripes leg is doing?

  • He's been v quiet hasn't he. Hope it's not dropped off! :-/
  • Stripes? We'll be ringing A&E's all over the country:

    "Have you got a runner there? ... Er.... Name of Stripes?.....Um.....Bit tricky to locate if it's not his actual name, no I see....er...how about any running types with limbs dropping off? ... "

    Booey and Silver I'm here too.

  • Stripes decided whilst his legs recovered he would have a go at the high jump, but disaster struck and they fell off mid flow imageimage

  • Have a great weekend everyone I am off now image
  • Hi all,

    Sorry I've not been on. Been out looking for my legs. They buggered off whilst I was asleep image

  • Wow! You're alive Mal and Stripes! I thought it was something I said!image

    Looks like Booey has skived off for the weekend lucky bugger!

    How are you both anyway? How's the leg Stripes and how did your run go Mal?

    I've just finished my lunchtime 5.3k. Regular route lots of mud and v strong wind but not too much trouble. I actually pushed it in last 1/2k looking for a PB but didn't quite get there.

    Wonder where Boo got that pic of the high jumper. Maybe she's a whizz with photoshop?
  • Hi Silver,

    Well done on the run. Shame about the trainers. I've got some Kanadias that I have yet to wear. I bought them in a sale for £30 because I had entered a 10k trail race on Sunday week. Not sure whether I will be doing it now though image

    Leg is a lot better but not ventured back out yet, bit scared how it will go.  May try a gentle couple of miles on the treadmill tomorrow.

    Have you entered Silverstone yet?

    Am not sure what to do about Liverpool Half in March, was going to enter when I got some spare cash but not feeling very confident after last weeks disasters.

  • Yeah bad news on the trainers but it was only £6 afterall. I'm sure someone will buy them if I relist.

    I liked at the Kanadias too intact I may look again now as they are good value. I've found adidas a bit small fitting so may need to go for a 12 or just lump it and buy some at a shop so I can try them on.

    I reckon when you start running again Stripes youll get straight back into it no problem. I had a week off soon after I first reached 5k due to my knees and I thought Id have to go back in distance but I actually felt stronger for the break.

    You should defo still do the Liverpool HM. Does it go passed Anfield?
  • You are right. The Kanadias do come up small. I had to go up a whole size.

    Hope you are right about not finding the break a problem. I wonder how long you would have to stop for before the training wore off?

    Not totally sure of the Liverpool route but 99% certain it doesn't go anywhere near the ground because it definitely goes to Sefton Park which is to the South of the town centre and the Anfield area is to the North. Getting to Sefton Park may well involve going up Parliament Street which is one hell of a hill, I've walked that way back to my mates house in Wavertree and judging by last Sundays efforts I will struggle to run up it even if I have two good legs image

  • Sports Direct seem to have the Kanadis for £38 Stripes. May pay them a visit this weekend to see if they have a 12. They will be great through the mud round here although I won't want to get them mucky! image

    Hope you can get out and rebuild your confidence a little. The tready may be a good safe place to start. I've also wondered how long you would need to be off running before you lost your fitness. I'm guessing a couple of weeks for your lungs to be a litle less able and probably a month or so for your legs? It's a good question for Mr Google - he's got the answer to everything!image
  • Ha Ha. The Beauty of trail shoes is that they are supposedly built for any running style due to the uneven nature of the surfaces you will be running on, therefore no need for a gait analysis so Sports Direct or JJB(where I got mine) will do.

    Its weird that all my troubles have started since I had my new trainers after the gait analysis which does make me wonder if I would have been better off with my £30 Sports Direct specials image 

  • Hellooooo! Finally caught up with what u've been up too!! I haven't been for a run since I got my cold as I ended up with a chesty cough >image But, I'm gonna give it a go on Sunday/Monday cough or not image .. Was gonna go this morn b4 work but I looked out the window at 6.30 and changed my mind image haha anyway, now I've told u all I will I'll have too!!.. Hopefully image
  • Hello Stranger! Where've you been hiding?

    Sorry to hear you've still got the lurgy prob best you kept away for a while until it clears up! image

    I know what u mean about the early runs its just too dark and cold now isn't it. I'll be out around 7.30 on Sun though as its the only time I can escape the demands of the Silver family!

    I'm starving tonight as I didn't have any lunch after my run - what's for dinner Sabbie - pork chops! image nom nom! Keep the dogs away! image
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