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  • Hi All

    Still looking for a GPS watch and came across a Garmin Forerunner 405 for 119 on EBay. Does anyone know if this is any good? Seems like a good price to me?

    I am guessing it can do the things your 305 can do Booey and Stripes but not sure why it's so cheap? Am I missing something?
  • Hi all image had a quick look on eBay and they seem to have bought a job lot of them so that may be why they're so cheap? Bargain!!
    Am seriously upset with myself and my lack of running at the mo!! Someone needs to give me a boot up the arse! I was contemplating a little run tonight but then I remembered the kids are off school tomorrow so I may use it as an excuse to escape for a bit image .. hopefully it will kickstart me again!

    Happy Birthday Stripes!! Sorry it's sooo late!!
  • I don't know much about the Garmin malarky I'm afraid but I got told the best one is by far the 305. Couldn't tell you why though.

    I really CBA to go out tonight now either (that's just for you Silver!)

    http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=CBA That's the apporpriate link to save you time looking!

    Good luck on the treadmill Stripes.

    Hi Booey, did you find you had some improvement after fueling yourself properly this time?

  • Mal lol at the urban dictionary image. You know me too well. I actually stared at CBA for about 10 seconds before realising you had added the link. Very funny.

    Sabbie are you stuck at home with kids tomorrow then? Teachers are good people but these strikes just effect everyone.

    I'm missing my run now. Should be out on the hills in the rain but TBH I am just too knackered tonight. Just about to put kids to bed with a story and then peace for a little while. Let's hope Silver minor sleeps tonight! image

    At least I ate healthy pasta instead of Chinese tonight and at a reasonable time. Also got to take my older boy to his swimming lesson so not all bad missing the run.

    Will wait for Booey and Stripes thoughts on the Garmin but certainly looks like a bargain to me.

  • I'm home anyway tomorrow so the strike  isnt a problem for me this time image

    Fingers crossed Little S knackered himself out last night hey!!

  • tried to load up a profile pic.. but its not changed! image
  • It took my profile pic a couple of hours to update when I added it Sabs. Check again in a bit and it should be there.

    Forgot to ask how the new jobs going - are you happy there?

    Little S is a stubborn bugger unlike his older brother who is very laid back. I think he takes after his Mum haha! image. When he's standing next to the bed stamping his feet (literally!) at 1.30am cos he doesn't want to go back to his bed it's just not funny! he's old enough to know better now so I'm not sure what's upsetting him. He told Mrs S that he thinks there are monsters in his room. image

    Let's see how the night goes! Not sure who will be in which bed when we wake up tomorrow!
  • Hi all,

    Not suprised that you didn't go out Silver or Mal, combo of crap weather and no sleep last night would kill off any thoughts of running for me!

    Hope you both have better nights tonight.

    Sabbie, my profile pic took ages to appear, mind you Peter takes some squeezing into that little box image

    I've had a great evening. Treadmill run went okay. Did a very steady three miles with an extra long warm up. First few minutes of run were awful, legs felt sluggish and thought I would be jacking it in forever. Luckily things improved and I actually started to feel comfortable after 16 minutes would you believe!?!

    Felt okay afterwards and legs are totally calm now.

    Gonna risk an outside run on Thursday before I decide for sure about the Trail race Sunday.

    Evening made even by the football though, watched it on a dodgy stream on the net image

  • Morning Stripes. Good news on your run last night. I'm sure your confidence will grow with every outing now.

    I forgot about the Carling Cup until I saw the Liverpool result on the news at 10.30. Sounds like they were dominant again. Little Silvers well excited at the prospect of them winning something. It hasn't happened in his 2 years of being a fan. Fingers Crossed image

    I'm glad I missed my run last night although I do feel guilty this morning. May go out at lunch in the mud if I can get away.

    Good news is everyone slept until 7 this morning hurray! and I feel human again! image
  • Had a great club run last night, ran with the girl I ran with last time who is faster than me and she said I am defo getting quicker image we did 4.62 miles.  The other 3 girls that came in after us all said well done to me so I must have done well image I can see on all my run logs on fetch that my pace is getting slightly better image  I think the LSR's are defo doing what they are suppose to do and I feel great at the moment image

    Silver - am guessing that the 405 is better than the 305 in some way but not sure what image google it to see what the differences are.

    Sorry you didn't get your club run but at least you got sleep last night and feeling good today

    Stripes - whey hey, glad the treadmill went ok for you image you must be feeling alot more positive now am really pleased for you

    Sabbie - when I loaded my pic it didn't show till the following day

  • Hi Boo. Well done on the run. You are really stepping up the pace and distance. You must have quite a few miles under your belt in November.

    I'm looking outside and it's glorious so I reckon a lunch run is on the cards. I'm busy and hassled at work too so getting away from it all for an hour will be great. Problem is I left all my winter stuff at home so it will be a bit chilly for the first mile or so. I may do the 7.5k route too just to push myself a little further. Can't wait! image Think of me at 1pm!

    I think the Garmin 405 does most of the stuff the 305 does but it has a smaller round face more like a watch and the battery lasts 2 weeks in watch mode too so it can be worn everyday which is good for when I get the urge! Ooooo Mrs! image

    By the way how did you cut the legs off that high jumper last week. Was it good photoshop skills? I could send you a couple of pics to touch up for me if you have the time.
  • Well done on ur runs image I am aiming to get put about 2ish I reckon.. I think I've got it in my head that I run better first thing in the morn though so I may find I HAVE to get up an get out in the cold and dark lol
    Jobs great cheers Silver, the boss man seems hopeful that we can get the hours up sooner than later so that's somat to look forward too image did u get a good night last night? image
  • Thats funny you saying that Silver as my mileage this month is infact lower image

    July - 43 miles

    August - 62

    September - 59

    October - 55

    Nov - 54

    I know they are all pretty close but its surprising ah, my total now is 274 image I have 26 miles to go to call myself a novice haha image 

    Anyhow, how did the run go at lunchtime

    I have no photoshop skills at all, I just google the net for silly pics image

  • Just back in and it seems I smashed it as the young folk say. Usual circuit of 5.3k in 27.03 today which is 16 secs faster than previous best image

    Conditions were perfect so I went out faster and tried to keep it up all the way - as they say! image felt great too.

    I only had my stopwatch today do can't see my splits but if I work that back it would be a 25.31 5k. Still not as fast as the Park Run I did which was 25mins. Weird that as it felt a lot faster? :?)

    Must get that Garmin ordered.

    Did you get out Sabbie? Did you just desert the kids or can they look after themselves.
  • lol The OH was home so I didn't just abandon them, as tempting as it is sometimes!! image Well I went out and did my usual trick when I've spent anytime off (20 days!!) and was running far too quick and having to have walk breaks Doh!! But I know from experience I'll sort it out in a wk or so so not too worry image I did pants though 2.34m in 25:49 Still, I'm glad I got out now, and much room for improvement image
  • Hey well done Sabbie. 2.4m running or walking is still good exercise. Once you get the rhythm back you'll be going for hours! image As they say! Blimey everything has a double meaning in my head today - don't know what's going on!

    Good mileage too Boo. It adds up quickly doesn't it over the month. Do you need to do 300m to be a novice then?

    Without me looking it up can someone tell me what OH means I know it's something to do with husband? Ta. image
  • lol Other Half image
  • Derrrrr! I was sure it was something husband! Almost correct! Haha! image
  • You're getting there Silver!

    Booey, I can't believe the distance you've covered, my car hardly clocks up that much!

    Hi Sabbie, glad your job's going well.

  • Mal I'm going to keep a copy of the Urban Dictionary next to my desk! image. I'm so out of touch!
  • Morning forumites image

    Well done on the run y/day Silver image

    Running club for me tonight image I have the inlaws staying with us at the mo so nice to get out and escape haha also I won't be about tomorrow as its my annual trip to the Clothes Show with my best mate image whoop whoop

    Yes Silver, apparently you go from beginner to novice when you have done 300 miles image so all being well I can go into the NY a Novice image how exciting image haha

  • Oh and I got my new mag a few days ago did you get yours?
  • Boo I keep meaning to say that my mag came last week. Love it too. There's loads of gear Id like to buy now ! If only it wasn't Xmas I'd be in there. Love the pics of people running in the mountains too. That would be my perfect run if only I could manage the hills! image

    No free gift though - will gave to call them.
  • Well it's quiet today. I thought I could rely on you Boo for a bit of gossip during the day too. image. Anything occurring out there?
  • Nah naff all image av been pretty busy, always am month end/beginning

    Just wanna get outta here, 3 days off image whey hey

    Its tickled me that what Clarkson said on the One Show is headline news, you can always count on him hahaha

  • I forgot you are off tomorrow you lucky thing! Enjoy your run this evening and the Clothes Show tomorrow and have a good LSR on Sunday.

    I'll be on a lunch run tomorrow weather permitting and a LSR early Sunday before my boys footie match.

    Hopefully someone will be sround to talk to on here! Any volunteers?


  • Me! I'm here.
  • Hi Mal. There is life out there afterall!

    Think we've all been too busy to write much this week. How's your running? Have you been out again lately?

    Are your kids getting excited about Chrimbo? My 2 are counting the number of sleeps to go already!
  • The Big Girl saw Father Christmas yesterday, she was so excited she could barely talk to him!

    Haven't been out since Tuesday, I'm really struggling with the dark nights, by the time I've finished bedtime at 6:30 I'm too tired to find the motivation to run in the dark. Must find a way around it until the evening are lighter. Suggestions welcome!

    Mr Mal is off work with a migraine today (currently snoozing upstairs) but maybe when he's recovered I'll get my running shoes on and get out while it's light.

  • Sounds like a plan. I struggle with the dark nights too and only really do the club run at night now. Early morning weekends work for me but my kids can pretty much look after themselves so I can leave them with Mrs S knowing I won't get it in the neck when I get back!

    My boys also went to see Santa for first time this year at last weeks school Fayre. Little one was v nervous big one less so. Actually I think the big one has pretty much worked out that he's not real but he hasn't quite said it to us yet. I have 10 days off Over Christmas so I'm almost as excited as they are - just 21 sleeps until my holiday starts yey!

    I suffer from bad migraines too although they are a lot better since I got healthy again. Exercise and healthy diet has helped. I have some prescription tabs for them which really do work - infact they are the only thing that does work for me - Sumatriptin - if you catch it early it will stop a full on attack. I once lost my vision in my left eye for about 20 mins with a migraine. I was in Tesco car park and had to sit in the car until I could see again. Now that was scary.
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