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  • Hi all,

    Migraines sound horrible, glad I've never suffered with them.

    My step-daughter is mega excited about Christmas and she is a 21 year old trainee paramedic! Not sure she has worked out Santa isn't real yet either image

    Hope you got to go out Mal and Silver.

    My plans have suffered a serious blow. Felt very stiff on Wednesday morning after the treadmill run on Tuesday so I made an appointment with the Sports Therapist.

    Went yesterday after work. Turns out I have damaged a muscle in my lower right leg which I didn't even know existed. He did all kinds of tests on me and eventually found the cause of all the trouble. Once found he said he would 'work on it' Oh boy that wasn't fun. There was basically a lump of scar tissue which he wanted to break up with massage. The pain each time he hit it was pretty bad but eventually started to ease as he worked through it. He has given me some stretches and strengthening exercises for it and told me not to run for two weeks so Sunday was immediately out of the window. Gutted about that but the way I feel today I doubt I would have run anyway. Feel like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards but he did say I would feel sore for a couple of days.

    My main worry now is that I am gonna be way behind the Half Schedule but will have to see how things go  when I get going again image

  • Poor Stripes, that sounds awful particularly the enforced two week rest. I'm really sorry to hear Sunday is out too. Hope you won't be too far behind your schedule, how tight will it be with the break? My younger sister is a newly qualified Physiotherapist and some of the things she has described sound excrutiating. Hope it all helps and you're back on form as soon as possible.

    Silver, shame you also suffer from the dreaded migraines. Mr Mal has tried Sumatriptin but it hasn't worked for him. He's tried lots in the past but has tentatively been given a new diagnosis and prescription, hope it helps.

    So...running....I did get out for a run, couldn't find my fleece and borrowed Mr Mal's I looked ridiculous, particularly as I'd squeezed into a pair of my sister's running tights which are a size too small. What a look! I did my usual route in 9 seconds less than the last time but I really didn't enjoyed it, felt rubbish all the way around. Ah well, I have a 5k on Sunday planned.

  • Hi Guys. Stripes that sounds like torture. I'm really sorry you can't make the race on Sunday and you are out of action for 2 weeks. Can you do anything in that time are is it feet up beer in hand and tele on time? My wife has some scar tissue deep in her neck from a car crash she had 20 years ago and it still gives her grief. Hope the treatment sorts you out. When's your HM again?

    Well done on getting out Mal. Sorry you didn't enjoy it. It's funny how sometimes it just seems easy and other times it's such hard work. If I'm struggling I can tell because my breathing just doesn't get into a rhthym. Handy having a sis as a physio now you are running! image

    Has your hubby tried the spray up your nose Sumatrapin. I take this if I haven't caught it early enough. I also take 2 strong Ibruprofen at the same time (on docs advice) and that relaxes the neck muscles. That said if its bad they only thing to do is close your eyes and try to sleep it off. Hope Mr Mal feels better soon.

    I am just about to get my gear ready for my run early tomorrow morning. I prefer Sundays as they are quieter but we have a big night out with friends tomorrow night so chances are I'll have a thick head on Sunday morning. I'm going to time my run so that I'm passing the Spar just as it opens at 8am so I can pick up a bacon sarnie on the way back home. Can't wait......for the bacon sarnie! Haha image
  • Love the reward running idea Silver, I'll be having an enormous slice of Birthday cake tomorrow after my 5k!
  • What is life for if you can't reward yourself now and again! Is it your birthday Mal? If so have a great day and I hope Mr Mal let's you put your feet up and relax all day. image

    Are you sure you really want to do 5k on your birthday? Surely you should have the day off. Although if the reward is birthday cake then it's well worth running for.

    Many happy returns for tomorrow. X image

    Oh Almost forgot I ran 10.1k on Sat morning in 55mins. Only one walk for about a min up the killer hill but if I hadn't done that I wouldn't have managed the last 2.5. And yes
    I ran passed the house and back round the village without going in for a bacon sarnie! image
  • Thanks for the Birthday wishes Silver. Gotta earn that Birthday cake somehow. Not much chance of putting my feet up but I'm happy anyway.

    Oh my goodness what a brilliant time on your 10.1k I am really hoping I will just make it around that distance by March but certainly not even thinking about doing it in under an hour! Well done. Also congratulations to your willpower for resisting that bacon sarnie!

  • Ended up doing 7.2km by accident! Completed in 53 mins with a 3 min walking break after 25 mins. It was really hilly too. I'm pleased I did it but I did find it really hard. Back to a shorter route for now. Had a lovely Birthday and got thoroughly spoiled. x
  • Wow! That's fantastic Mal but how did you accidentally do another 2.2k? image. Did you have a birthday drink and just got carried away? And 53 mins is a good time too. I'm very very impressed! (hope this doesn't sound patronising as its not meant to!)

    I think you deserve that birthday cake now so put your feet up and enjoy the rest of the day! image
  • Hi all,

    Well done on the extended run Mal and Happy Birthday image

    Silver, well done on the 10k. Think you would have deserved the bacon sandwich!

    Leg still a bit sore but nowhere near as bad as it was Thursday.

    Very frustrated, especially when I had a full race report on the Edwinstowe 10k from my mate image

  • Aw Stripes, didn't your friend lie outrageously for you? I'm sure it was a hellish race really! Good your leg is a bit better, you'll be racing off into the distance soon.

    Managed to accidentally run further because I was running with my sister, she used the route lots when she was training for her marathon so she picked a pretty (hilly!) 5k from it. She got a touch carried away!

    Agree with Stripes. Silver. you deserved that bacon sarnie!

  • Hi Folks, blimey so much to catch up on

    Had a good day friday at the clothes show, didn't buy an awful lot and not that many people and stands thereimage but to be honest it was the same last year, people just don't have the money

    We had the in-laws with us for a week but they went to other sons yesterday so we have our house back image they are no trouble at all but its just nice to get back to normal hehe

    Didn't manage to get the LSR over the weekend it was just to manic, but managed my usual short route of 3.5 miles Sat and Sun, so at least I managed something.  Also did the club run Thurs night of around 4.5 miles.

    Silver - well done on your longer run over the weekend, I noticed y/day it was defo a colder run for me took me longer to warm up......wonder how we are all going to get on in the serious cold image

    Mal - also well done on your run, at least you did it even though you didn't enjoy it

    Stripes - sorry to hear your leg is still a problem, although you now know what the prob is and having it treated.  Think positive that the 2 weeks rest will sort it out and then you will be back out enjoying your running.  I don't think it will hamper your HM training its still away off and you were doing fine

    *waves* to everyone else

  • Booey! *waves back* lovely to see you! Glad the in-laws visit went well but also that you have your house back!
  • Afternoon all. Busy rushing around to and from meetings this morning and now in The far reaches of Hertfordshire almost in Essex (yikes! I may come back with a spray tan)

    Good to hear everyone is well.

    Stripes your mate should have been a bit more respectful with you carrying an injury. Hope you are recovering well. Youll be itching to get out in another week.

    Booey good to hear you have your house back and you enjoyed the CSL. Not sure how you fitted in any running at all with all that activity and people staying over.

    Mal is it back to normal after the mega run and bday celebs?

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I had 2 bacon sarnies on Sunday morning so don't worry. I was actually nursing a hangover from 5 pints of Peroni the night before so they went down very well. I then stood outside in the biting cold wind for 2 hours watching my boy play footie. His team won 6-0 and 3-0 so it was worth it but Boy! Was it cold. Not sure how well cope in coming months but bought another thermal base layer yesterday pm as a precaution! image
  • Sorry Mal forgot to say Happy belated Birthday wishes image hope you had a lovely day image

    Its cold here today image I really don't want to see any snow image

  • Brrrrrrrrrrrr! It's brass monkeys! image
  • Still rather be running than sitting in car though! image

    Must buy some thermal tights for the cold. Nothing is going to stop me getting out image
  • *tumbleweed*

    Where are you lot image I have been busy at work so am guessing you all busy too

    Got my club run tonight image

    I weighed myself this am and was 10'6 which surprised me as I felt like I had been a real bloater over the past week image hehe I need to get a LSR in this weekend that always kick starts my weight loss

    Still umming and rrrring whether to do the Up & Running 10K in MK this Sunday image its 20quid on the day which is a tad steep and I can just go out and do 10K by myself image a race is always good for a push on though image

    I have my work xmas bash Fri night, all paid for with partner and overnight.  Then Sat night supposedly running club xmas meal but still unsure if this is happening image

  • Hi Booey. I'm not well! image. I've been off work with a killer migraine today. Just starting to feel normal again but not up to the club run this evening. image. I hate feeling unwell and I haven't had a migraine for ages. Think it was all the driving yesterday and rushing back round the M25 in the dark.

    Enjoy your club run tonight. You should go for the race at the weekend - you may need to run off the excesses of Fri night by the sounds of it! Good of your company to be so generous. We have done similar things for the guys and partners for last few years but unfortunately this year the recession has bitten and the luxuries have had to go. Hope it's only temporary.

    Is it me or does this thread seem to have quietened down a lot lately? All too busy I guess. Or maybe less excited about the running now the cold weather has kicked in.
  • I ran a slow 2k. Feeling ok but am surrounded by man flu, I'm-too-tired-itis and a baby with a chesty cough!

    I think it's been a bit quiet too but it's a busy time of year for everyone.

  • I know what you mean Mal. It's a manic time of year isn't it? I always look forward to the run up to Christmas but with all the plays, parties, visits, shopping and work dos it passes me by in a blur every year. We've been busty for the last 4 weekends and it won't stop til after Christmas now!

    I'm determined to keep getting out there though. Annoyed I'm not out with the club tonight but Im just not up to it today.

    Well done on 2k today. Every little helps as they say! image

    Sorry to hear baby and OH image have lurgy. . Hope you don't catch it too!
  • Ooooooh Well done Silver! "OH" Check you!
  • Been reading the Urban Dictionary while I've been unwell Mal!

    BCnU later image
  • You made me laugh!

    I'm doing another gentle run on Thursday then devising a proper plan, any tips from you all about getting to 10k? I've gathered I need (and want) a LSR but aside from that what do I need?

  • Hope your feeling better today Silver image never suffered with migraine's thankfully

    Mal hows your lot doing any better?  Well done on your 2K image

    Well I didn't go to club run last night image I was home about 4 and it was tipping it down so I made the decision to have a treadmill run instead image I did 2.5 miles and god was it boring lol  I wasn't feeling quite right last night and after I had eaten and showered I sat down to catch up with Garrows Law and fell asleep just before 9 image thats just not like me at all.  Hubby woke me at 9.30 and told me to go to bed, which I did and fell straight off again until this morning image feel great today so I obviously needed it.

    So I shall get out with Run England club today at 5.15 then DRR tomorrow night image

    Mal - do you have a 10K race and when is it? Sorry I can't remember image  I would say you just need to plod on and increase your distance abit at a time.  With your hectic life, baby and everything I dunno how you get out at all so don't be hard on yourself image

  • Morning All

    Well done on tready run Boo and more importantly a good nights sleep. image I also went to bed early and slept well but The dreaded migraine is still lingering - back at work though so hopefully it will go soon. image I hate being unwell!

    Mal is the 10k your own goal? You have done well getting to 7.5 why don't you stay on that for a while and slowly stretch it by say 1k every week or so. I do realise that my training periods have obviously increased quite a bit now I'm running further so it will mean more time on the road. If you want to get to 10k quick my advice would be to join a club as this will stretch you and make you stronger.

    I'm working on the mother of all messages which will be written entirely in text talk at the moment. Watch this space! image

  • Mal

    Sup QT? Bin running l8ly? XLNT! FYI M8 I'm BK2WK 2day bt my ED Still 8ks! image wot U up2 Hun?

  • I understand it all apart from the Sup QT? image lol you are very silly Silver haha
  • Very Silly!

    Not sure why text talk is so popular it took bloody ages to write that!

    Sup QT =. What's up cutie! Haha! Got you Booey!
  • Booey? You still there? Hello? Is there anybody out there? image

  • Helloooooo!!
    Stripes! Sorry to hear about the two wks off image but u'll soon be back too it image
    Happy belated Birthday Mal!! And well done on making urself get out, and ur 7.5k! image
    Booey, what a shame there wasn't a great choice at the clothes show!
    Silver the bacon sarnie idea sounds like a winner to me!! image
    I still haven't been able to get out running much lately image although my cold has finally cleared up! Sunday was spent driving up to Liverpool and back, and Monday I had to work so Tuesday I was shattered and didn't make a run! Hopefully.. Fingers crossed I'll get out tomorrow! I feel like I need a few runs b4 I go back to the club or I'll be holding people back!
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