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  • Soz Silver I have been finishing work early as I have so many flexi hours owing me image and still have infact image

    Hi Sabbie, hope you manage a run today

    Well I went out with Run England group last night, only 5 of us and they all quicker so we did abit more than normal 3.88 miles image I struggled in places but then one of the other girls said when we finished that she also did which made me feel better hehe

    Out with other club tonight to do abit more image

    Well Chrimbo is creeping upon us now, everything seems to go slightly mental in these last 2-3 weeks ah.  I have some holiday owing so am off to Wales from 15th-19th, my folks have a place there so going to stay with them and get in plenty of running image really looking forward to getting away on my own, hubby has no hols left, and really doing loads of running.  I think fingers crossed I should be able to make December the most miles run in a month and also my transition from beginner to Novice image haha

  • Hi Boo. Well done on the miles. Don't blame you for splitting early!

    I had to pick up my boy from his second school play last night do couldn't get out. It's really windy today but I may try a lunchtime run when I escape London and get back to the office!

    I'ts so manic at the moment I don't know whether I'm coming or going. I've also got 3 days hols owing so I'm going to try and fit them in this side of Chrimbo. We break up On 23rd so I may start my hols early - cant wait. Only thing is I'll get roped into home duties if I'm not working.

    I'd love to escape it all for a bit - dont fancy a running partner in Wales do you? That sounds fantastic.

    My mileometer is saying I've now done 300ks so I'm still some way off novice status. Seems a bit unfair really as I've sweated buckets getting this far. I'm still enjoying it though so should get there in a month or two.

    Hi to you Sabbie. Glad you are feeling better - is that a rat on your pic? Is it real? Is it preying? Excellent pic though!
  • Well if you have 3 days off you could still get some running in even with home duties image you are more than welcome to join me running in Wales, all that sea air does wonders for the health image I bet it will be darn cold thou image 

    I know I am lucky to be able to do what I want when I want, I do remind myself now and again to not take everything for granted and know how lucky I am image just wish the OH did the same once in  a while image

  • You're right Boo I could get a couple of 10ks in couldn't I. Although Mrs S would find something for me to do round the house for sure which would probably eat into my running time! image

    Is your OH not appreciative of your flexi time then? Or does he not have the same arrangement himself? Sounds like the perfect job to me. We are quite flexible with family commitments and things like that but we still have to be their for clients and contractors at all times! And the damn smart phones mean we can never escape the dreaded emails! image

    Too many sad smileys in this message and actually I'm quite happy so....image...image...image
  • No sorry I was just thinking out loud really, having a moan about the OH image my flexi time is great for him also as his hours are 6 till 1.30 every day.  I just wish he appreciated what he has abit more, like take a step back and realise there are so many people alot worse off.....hey hoo such is life I am a real optimist he is a real pessimist image

    Am off now, catch u tomoz


  • Hey all image Booey, running in Wales sounds ace, bet u can't wait!

    I got my run in today *hooorah!!* but I'm gonna have to build my distance again! 2.35 miles 25 mins but I got my pace right today! No walking image lol when I get back on it this time fingers crossed there's no lurgy going around!! image
  • Oh! And yeah Silver it's a rat, he's holding a iccle teddy!! Awwww image
  • Well done on the run Sabs. Was it windy? It's blowing a gale here so I didn't run. I haven't run since my 10k last Sat but I've been a unwell and b too bloody busy! Will get one in at the weekend for sure! I might have a run too haha! image

    That's a very tame rat - is he yours?

    Booey - the pessimists frustrate me - life's too short for that and there's so much to live for and so little time! image although I think most couples have a pessimist and an optimist it's life's way of balancing things out. Listen to me getting all new age and religious!

  • "Sup QT? Bin running l8ly? XLNT! FYI M8 I'm BK2WK 2day bt my ED Still 8ks! image wot U up2 Hun?"

    Oh my goodness Silver! Can't believe you managed that. Took me longer than I care to admit to decipher it, particularly "ED 8ks" but I'm sorry your head was still aching!!! You made me laugh, then I had to explain why to my "OH" to end the strange look he was giving me! Did you have help?

    Sabbie, I'm glad that cold finally cleared off, you poor thing, that was the longest one ever. Good you managed to get out for a run. Well done.

    Booey, will you still come back to speak to us when you're a *gasp* novice?! Well done getting so close. Mr Mal is a pessimist too, it gets annoying sometimes but I'm just grateful I see life in a happier more positive way.

    Running, I went out with my lovely twin sister (she's SOLB on these forums) and her friend also from here. It was good fun to get out and show them some of my little route but  I was nervous because I set the pace etc I think it went well and it was fun to meet someone new.

    The 10k is a race I've signed up for in March, I've got ages to get up to it but I want to make sure I'm doing it at the right speed. I'd rather have done 10k regularly before the race so that I can enjoy the experience a little more. Do you have any advice?

    Both children are being little angels and sleeping at the moment, how long will it last? I completed the application for a school place for my Big Girl this afternoon and cried my heart out, it was so sad, she's too little to go to school!

  • Hi Mal. Only help I had was from t'internet! Had to make a few words up as you can probably tell but it just about worked. I love the QT!

    Sounds like the run with your sis and friend went well. Maybe this is the answer to achieving your 10k goal. If they are experienced runners couldn't you make your runs a regular thing? It's bound to improve your range and stamina etc and you'll be up to 10k in no time. It's also more sociable as an hour run gets a bit boring on your own.

    The school application brought back memories. I felt exactly the same when we made my older sons application. It's only 4 years ago and now he's in middle school playing guitar speaking Spanish and scoring goals! It makes the pessimist in me really sad that he's growing up so quick but at the same time it makes the optimist in me very proud he's doing well and he's happy!

    I'm sure your daughter will absolutely love school just make the most of her being at home until she starts! image

    L8ers QT! image
  • Morning Boo. How did the run go?

    It's a beautiful morning here. Cold but clear blue skies. I'm desperate to get out after a week off but ive got a client coming for lunch today so it's not gonna happen.

    Will aim for LSR tomorrow morning - another 10k should get the old heart rate up for an hour!
  • I have just had real problems getting on here, not sure what I have done but the login button at the top has disappeared and its still not there image plus everything looks different, logged off and on again and still not right image strange

     Anyhow I didn't club run last night, it was absolutely tipping it down for about 2hours solid where I was, I don't mind getting wet but that was ridiculous image 

    Cant run later as straight to hotel for xmas do tonight so will have a short run 2moz then LSR sunday.  Oh and have running club xmas drinks 2moz night.  I shall not be drinking tonight or tomorrow night image how good am I image this will be the first work do I have not got rather tipsy haha

    Catch u in a bit if I can get on again haha

  • Have a drink - go on you know you want to and it's Chrimbo afterall! And you don't have to drive! image

    I have another manic weekend of visiting and 2x kids parties. I should be out for a curry this evening but I know it will all get a bit lairy and I want a clear head for a run tomorrow so I've wussed out!

    Did I mention that I've been asked to be Santa on the Beavers sleigh on Monday evening? Haha! it must be the white hair image
  • The profile pictures are all in the wrong place now, how do I change that?

    Nah not having a drink I need to run this weekend, its much more important image

    We had the sleigh round our village last night, I love it image brings back so many good memories for me when I was a child image

  • It all looks fine to me Boo although that has happened before to me when Stripes pic appeared everywhere - wonder where he's got to?

    I like the sleigh too. The kids usually rush out to see it - very exciting! I have to pull it with my car on Thursday too while another Dad sits at the back dressed as Santa which could be fun! image. Never pulled a trailer before so it could be a disaster if he ends up in a hedge image. I only use the towbar for the bike rack usually.
  • We need a Silver-Santa photo!!
  • Have a great weekend everyone am off now image

  • /members/images/672640/Gallery/Santa-Clause-Waving.jpg

    Hello and Happy Christmas to Everyone ! image
  • Going for a LSR later, am really looking forward to it. Not sure how much I should be attempting though, I usually run just under 3k, can just about complete a 5k at a stretch and have managed 7.2k by accident but it almost killed me! Advice please RW friends.
  • Just take it as it comes Mal. If you are feeling comfortable carry on. Even if you have to walk the last bit it's good exercise. It's a great day for it too.

    Id aim to go 5k and look to stretch it out if you are feeling ok.

  • Sounds good to me, why didn't I think of that. Where is everyone this week? What are your weekend plans?
  • It's so quiet in this forum at weekends - just me and you to keep things going Mal!

    So did you get out yesterday? and was it 3 5 or 7k?

    We went to visit friends in East London so I was stuck in the car for a couple of hours and then had far too much to eat while we were there. Long day! And no te to write on here.

    I've just done my 7.5k run though so feel much better this morning although my legs were v heavy and I struggled a bit. Still got round without stopping except for a tiny stroll up the killer hill at the end - I hate it - didn't fancy running around the village to make it up to 10 though.

    I do think running a route where you can extend your run if you are feeling fit is a good idea. That way you always have the option of increasing the miles if you want.

    Oh update on Santa duties! It seems my towbar is more important than my Santa abilities And I've been asked to tow the sleigh on Monday too rather than being Santa. I'm gutted as Ive been practising my Ho Ho Hos all weekend and now I'm just one of the reindeers! image
  • Shame about Santa duties, gutted for you but sure you'll be a pretty reindeer!

    I didn't get out all weekend, too busy making Xmas decorations, which failed miserably! Leaky snowglobes containing drowned Santas, robins and snowmen anyone? To add to the domestic Goddess image I made a chocolate cake but forgot all about it, luckily it didn't burn but it wasn't exactly a slice of perfection!

    Swimming this morning was fun, only us in the whole pool so we made an enormous rainbow from swimming aids and had a great time.

    Will sneak off for a run tomorrow, aiming for 5k I think, love the idea of the option of an extension if I'm feeling ok.

  • I'll have a piece of crispy chocolate cake and a couple of leaky snow globes please TeeHee image

    You're good to even try these domestic goddess things. In our house if the cake mix doesn't come ready mixed in a box with Bob The Builder stickers for the top it won't happen! I defo didn't marry Mrs S for her cookery skills or for her decoration making skills for that matter.

    Swimming with the kids sounded fun today. Our pool is always packed so it would be great to be the only ones in there.

    I've just come back from another kids party - a family member this time - so I've had another huge slice of cake. Held back on the pizza and just had salad and jacket pots which wasn't too bad.

    I'm permanently knackered at the moment. This whole build up to Xmas is exhausting with the kids this year. Actually can't wait to break up from work for a rest although I imagine after 10 days at home with familyI'll be desperate to get back to the office.

    May consider my longest LSR ever over the hols just so I can get away for a while. 150miles over 5 or 6 days should just about do it. Haha image
  • Only 150 miles, best get moving before I overtake you!

    Despite my recent performance I love cooking and baking, I'm pretty ok at it, usually. I like doing stuff with the cute little ones but I'm rubbish at lots of other things instead to balance it out!

    Agree it's exhausting this time of year, Mr Mal and I are having martyr-ish "tired wars". I nearly always have a head start because he doesn't ever do nights with our baby owls! But he's edging a lead with his reocurring headaches. (I sometimes cheat by exaggerating wildly but he'll never know because he was too busy snoring!)

    I'll post the crafty abominations to you in the morning.

    Why do I always get a second wind and want to go running at 10pm? When it's a reasonable time after I've put the Big Girl to bed I'll be the exhauted heap in the corner but 10pm and suddenly I'm a bouncy runner again.

  • You didnt go out at 10pm did you? Blimey that's commitment if you did! image

    I love the martyr-ish tired wars. It's exactly the same in our house but our attempts to outdo each other on the tiredness fronts usually turn into full blown arguments about who does most for the boys. Tiredness can get you that way!

    While we are on the subject Silver Minor decided to come in for a chat at 3.15 this morning and then dragged me in his room to find some missing teddies! image. Needless to say he went straight back to sleep while I layed awake tossing and turning until 4.30. Can't wait til he's a teenager and he can't wake up in the morning - then it's payback time! image (evil smiley!)

    By the way don't assume Mr Mal is sleeping just cos he's snoring! I have faked my snoring on many occasions when the kids have woken up! It worked for a while too but then mrs S did the same and it was stalemate so I ended up getting up anyway! Haha image.

    Good luck if you get out today. L8ers!
  • Oh hot news on the Garmin front!

    While doing some mindless Internet surfing last night I found a Garmin 305 on a Buy It Now for £76! I know what you're thinking must be something wrong with it but although it's used it's all there in the box inc the heart rate thingy. Only thing missing is the CD.

    Anyway I purchased it and am now awaiting delivery! image. Hope it spurs me on to new PBs!
  • Oooooh exciting news on the Garmin purchase!

    Uh-oh, I hadn't thought of Mr Mal faking snoring!!! Although we have a long standing agreement that I will always do all nights because he's foul if he hasn't had a full night's sleep!

    Went for a huge, long run at 10pm but only in my head! Decided not to but heading out today. I am finding it tough to motivate myself while it's dark. Can't wait for lighter/longer days.

  • It's quiet here today - I'm guessing Booey is out of the office?

    Did you manage to get out Mal? I dontlike the dark nights either although strangely I love running in the morning when it's still dark. It's nice to set out in the dark and get back when it's light so you can be running as the sun comes up! image

    I'm a bit suspicious about my purchase now as it just seems too cheap. The description was very brief too so maybe there's something they are not telling
    me. Hmmmmm! Oh well if it's pants it will be straight back on eBay! Haha image
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