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  • Why am I still awake?

  • Morning All

    Why were you awake at that time Mal? Was it baby Moo ?

    Booey did you run last night. I think I'm getting soft in my old age as it just looks too cold and wet to go out. Will try get out at lunch depending on workload and weather as I want to try the Garmin!

    Thanks for offer of CD Stripes. I downloaded manual last night and I'll see how I get on with Garmin website. Realised there was a bit missing - the USB cable - but I'm sure I have one somewhere in my man drawer!

  • Morning all

    No I didn't run last night image not even a quickie round the village it was raining image and guess what, I just had an email from Run England chap he is ill and cant do tonight image so its a quick 2.5 miles on the treadmill tonight that will have to do.  I have a feeling my few days in Wales running are going to be wet.  I would rather it was really cold but the forecast at the moment is looking like rain and more rain.  I will check in often while away as folks have a laptop and I am sure I will have times of boredom haha image

    Silver - never used the heart rate monitor no, I really don't use mine to its full potential.  I also don't download my runs from it as I log everything on fetcheveryone.com its such a great site, I have graph charts for my weight and everything its so good image

    Finishing about 3.45 today then I shall get up with hubby 2moz morning about 5 and head for the hills then image cup of tea with the folks by 9 easy image

  • Well we've all missed a few runs this week which makes me feel a bit better.

    Just wish I had a treadmill to turn to in these times of bad weather and low willpower! image

    Not sure that would go down well at home though. Mrs S found out about the Garmin and she wasn't too happy about the unnecessary spending this side of Chrimbo! Could be the dog house for me again Booey - have you anything suitable I could move into ? Haha image
  • I wish I had a treadmill too, it'd probably just gather dust but it's be nice to have the choice.

    Stayed up until 4 in the end, partly Moo had an allergic reaction and partly my old friend insomnia.

    Hope Mrs S isn't too cross with you Silver.

    Booey, I hope you have a brilliant time in Wales, I love North Wales and went to uni in Bangor, nr Snowdonia. Loved it!

  • Hi everyone,

    Mal, sorry you had a bad night, I often suffer with insomnia. Can be very frustrating and the next morning is always a right git! My treadmill has gathered dust since I ventured outside, only used it twice but it may come in handy in coming months.

    Booey, have a lovely time in Wales, hope the weather allows you to do plenty of running.

    Silver, I must confess that I haven't used the heart rate monitor yet either, mind you I had only had it for a couple of weeks before the lay off. 

  • Silver is back in the doghouse haha


  • Home Sweet Home! image
  • Yep get use to it, the silly season always causes loads of rows hehe

    My husband always tells me how the divorce rate goes up in January, not sure if thats to try and keep me in check or remind him of what happened to the last wife hahahahahahaha

    Well am off home for a tready run, next chat will be from the bleakness of those sheep covered hills image

    laters dudes *waves*

  • Laters Boo - Have a great time in Taffland! image
  • We can see you Silver image


  • Rofl Stripes! Will have to go on a charm offensive with Mrs S or it could be a very long and very uncomfortable Christmas!

    The kids have one of these if it all goes belly up! image


  • Ha Ha. Makes me laugh, some of my mates have terrible trouble getting a 'Pass Out' whereas mine can't wait to get rid of me image
  • I'm always very, very encouraging if Mr Mal wants to go out, love any excuse to turn the tv off and read my book in absolute silence, bliss!

    Didn't run tonight even tholugh I should've, there's always tomorrow.

  • Can't blame you for not running Mal, its got to be hard to go out on cold dark evenings like this.
  • I'm really slacking too. Not even tried out my Garmin yet. I walked out to the car to get something a min ago and it was freezing - so no run tonight!

    Mrs S isn't that bad but I do need to book well in advance if I want a night out!

    I may walk down the Spar to get some more Hagen Das - sorry I mean to test the watch is picking up the satellite signals. Haha! image

  • Ha Ha. Kill two birds and all that image
  • A worthy test Silver!

    Looking forward to tomorrow's run, I have a shiny new 3.5k route to try out when I'm not fighting 50mph winds and driving rain! I've eaten too much to go out tonight image (my first ever smiley) I'd be image (my second!)

    How are you feeling now Stripes?

    Sabbie, did you dust off your running shoes this week?

  • Feeling very nervous, the two weeks is up tomorrow and am dying to get out but also worried that it will all flare up again.

    Leg feels fine but it hasn't had to do much recently! 

  • Well I decided to have a quickie afterall - and I went for a run! Teehee! image

    No really - Mrs S opened the chocs and sat down to watch The Roylaty Variety (I ask you why do they still show that rubbish) but I was feeling too restless to sit still and too guilty at not running for a while so I did 3.6k round the village in 18 mins! I didn't break sweat really but that's probably cos it was bloody cold.

    Feel refreshed and content now. If weather stays good I may even run again tomorrow.

    Garmin is superb by the way. That's the first time I've been able to look at my time and distance while I've been running as my phone is usually on my upper arm.

    Good luck with runs tomorrow guys esp you Stripes. Take it easy and I'm sure you'll be back up to speed in no time.

    Now for a shower and bed - hopefully without any interruptions from the little people! image

    By the way Mal when are you going to get a profile pic? Now you are using the smileys there are no excuses!
  • Cheers Silver, well done on the run...and the Quickie image
  • Good luck Stripes.

    Well done Silver.

    Still can't work out how to make a photo small enough, and haven't picked a photo either. Smilies are easier!

  • There must be something you could use Mal. I see you as a very calm and content person so how about a Dove or s cuddly toy or a tranquil sea view? Then again you may be a crazy axe wielding looney in real life and prefer to have a picture of Ozzy Osbourne biting the head off a bat! Who knows?

    A picture speaks a thousand words so choose wisely! image

    Did you guys get out yet by the way?
  • Hi guys

    Made it to wales by 9am image already had a lovely run, I did 4 miles in 35.46 image am still in shock as thats pretty quick for me infact I am starting to think I read the garmin wrong but I did look a couple of times, I will check it lol  ran round in a loop from folks place down to the sea, had a look at the water then turned back and up to the village, nice little route to be honest image

    Silver - good for you getting out for a run, I watched the variety show what an absolute load of rubbish

    Stripes - good luck with the run,  I have fingers crossed for you all is ok just take it easy

  • Hey Boo. Didn't expect to hear from you today.

    You didn't waste any time getting out did you? Are the outlaws too much already. Hehe! image

    Wel done on run anyway. Good time and distance! Did you enjoy running near the sea?

    Have you got any suggestions for Mals pick?
  • Hi all,

    Managed to get out. Did a 5k. Did loads of stretching and walking to warm up. Took it steady but couldn't believe how much I struggled. Didn't realise my fitness would have dipped so much so quickly. Sure it would come back fairly quickly if I can carry on running but not sure if I will be able to. Right leg a bit achy but not too bad, trouble is I seem to have developed a bit of a problem in my left knee. May only be slight but am feeling very jumpy and paranoid at the moment. Think I may try running upside down using my hands!

  • Stripes well done on your 5k. Did you struggle with strength or breathing or just aches?

    My legs feel heavy when I havent been out for a few days but they quickly loosen up.

    If the pains arent serious you should persevere as you will get more confidence the more you go out. Did you try any bracing or supports as that could help.

    Sorry it wasn't a great run but well done anyway. Don't give up or I'll be the only bloke on here! image
  • Ha Ha. Sure you could cope with that image

    I was sluggish in the legs to start with but the struggle was definitely a Cardio thing which surprised me. 

    Am definitely going to go out Saturday morning and see how it goes as its the only chance I'll get over the weekend.

    Not sure about supports etc as the knee has never bothered me before.

  • Booey, well done on the run, great time, sounds a lovely place to be running image
  • Morning All. Its snowed here. Not a lot but it's still coming down and it's bloody freezing!

    Fortunately Im off work today but Ive been given the school run duties instead.

    Grandad and Grandma Silver are coming down from Yorkshire for a couple of days so it will be another busy one.

    Not sure if any of us will be out in this today although I am aiming for a LSR On Sun morning if I get the chance.

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