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  • Ha Ha Mal, loving the Antlers bet image
  • Hi Scarlet welcome to the thread image your more than welcome to join us and our silly chat which is sometimes about running haha and your never to old to start running, I started outdoor running 6 months ago and I am 44 image 

    Mal - I have lost 16lb since I started running image post a pic of you with the antlers

    oh btw my dad downloaded dominic the donkey for me and the aldi parrot like it like it like it hahahaha

    Not run since my longish run Sunday, I will be club running tomorrow night and Thurs.  Run England tomorrow night always on the last one before Xmas do the Christmas lights run, basically run around and look at all the houses that have over the top xmas lighting hehe

    Still not sure if I am finishing Thurs or Fri image I have the flexi hours to finish Thurs so I may well do although OH finishes 1.30 Fri

  • Thanks Three and Maladroit for your welcomes. I like the sound of running in reindeer antlers! It's one thing wearing them in a group run, but are you going on your own?! Would love to see a pic.....
  • Hello All and welcome Scarlet. We don't take things too seriously on here (like some of the other threads) but we do try to be very supportive and encouraging.

    Completely understand the yawning relatives and friends I tell everyone I meet about my running adventures but no one in the real world cares! image so I come on here to speak with my virtual buddies. image

    A friend of mine is a fell runner and he's passionate about it too. I love the idea of it as I love the scenery and countryside but all I can manage is a few runs across the local farmers fields. Still feels good though. I'd love to take on some proper hills one day.

    Stripes lol at the picture being of you. Strangely I look just like my picture too. image

    Booey we did read your posts with great interest - in fact we couldn't wait for the next one but I thought you were going for a 10 miler on Sunday that's all. Still over 7 is very good and more than I've done in one sitting. image. Glad you are back safe.

    Mal - I love food! And I love talking about food! It's all I can do to resist eating permanently at this time of year. Childminder made a massive snowman cake yesterday with vanilla icing and chocolate buttons which was irresistible! She makes up for Mrs S domestic shortcomings. Haha image

    Can't wait to see the antlers. image
  • Thanks Booey I am a leetle beet older than you, but not to worry like you say never too old! image I think I have lost about a stone-ish since February, I have clocked up nearly 700km by road/track and not sure how many on the treadmill image  (wanted to do 1000km by end of this year but not going to make it now unless I suddenly develop superhuman powers and that's not very likely)
  • How many KMs? image

    I think you are over qualified for this forum Scarlet. My total is around 350k since April so your 700 makes me feel totally inadequate. What's your monthly totals?

    That's all I need another another running machine like Booey on the forum to make me feel inadequate. Haha image

    Just Kidding JK
  • This is me just coming from the beach on sunday.  I had already ran from the local town but was trying to extend the distance so did a turn down the beach and back, still only 7.26 when I finally finished image

  • The final hill where I finished image like I said, mum kept popping up taking pics of me haha


  • Fantastic pics Boo. Hill looks like a grueller.

    Good of your Dad to take them. I don't have any pics of me running yet. In my head I look like Steve Cram so I know I'll be dissapointed when I do have one. image haha!
  • It makes me laugh what a state I look when I am running haha but then what are we meant to look like image I always make sure I am totally comfortable with what I am wearing then I am off image although that coat annoys me a tad as it has no pockets so if I wear gloves I have to shove them up my sleeve when my hands get hot image
  • How about this for my new avatar image if I can shrink it enough I might look better image

  • That's a good one Boo. Look forward to seeing it on your pic

    BTW my hands got hot all the time while I'm running and I seem to grip my right one really hard. I only notice a few ks in by which time it aches like mad. Wonder why?
  • Don't have one of the antlers in my running kit but here's Big Girl and me showing them off first. Running alone, so yes, I'm the only one looking silly! 

    It's a bit dark sorry!
  • Love the pic Mal. The matching baby and grown up antlers are very cute and little Mal looks like a little sweetie in hers. The dim light and Christmas tree make for a very festive scene.

    I sometimes wish we had a little girl. They seem so sweet and gentle compared to my 2 bruisers! image

    Did you really run in those Antlers today on your own? I think I'd need some moral support to wear them out in public. I did see 2 lads dressed as reindeers in full top to toe outfits yesterday which made me laugh but I think they'd had a couple beforehand so they didn't care.

    I missed my club run again tonight - poop - although I left for Cambridge so early this morning I hardly saw my boys so I wanted to read to them before bed. I keep finding excuses not to go but sometimes other things are more important.

    May go out for a couple of circuits of the village in a few mins to make up. That will be 6.4k so not bad. How did you get on?
  • Thanks for the welcome Silvertop.

    I am no running machine believe me! I only like the idea of hill/fell running I haven't actually done it yet! It's just in my head...

     My monthly mileage this year has been: Feb - 13k, March - 37.5k, April - 50k, May - 80k, June - 88k, July - 51k, Aug - 55k, Sept - 101k, Oct - 90k, Nov - 77k and not much this month image According to my Garmin I have done nearly 680km and burnt 35,000 calories. That would be quite a few biscuits.

    Love the antlers Maladroit! How brave of you to go out alone, did you not get any heckling?! 

     Do any of you do Parkrun? 

  • I got lots of friendly jokes but nobody was unkind, I only ran 2.5k so it was over pretty quickly! I've done a Parkrun, just one so far and I really enjoyed it.

    Silver, not sure you'd call Big Girl gentle if you met her! You're not alone with the excuse making this month, I've been making excuses too, but I've decided it's better if I go for a tiny run than none, even if it's only round the block.

  • Mal am loving the pic its very cute image and festive

    Am winding down now dunno bout you lot image just wanna finish for Chrimbo now image still not sure when I am finishing but I guess I will find out tomorrow and hopefully it will be tomorrow image

    Boss already said I can finish early tonight so at least I know I can defo make Run Club tonight image

    Scarlet not done a park run as I dont have one local but since started running I have joined two running clubs and they have helped me loads image where abouts are you in the country?

  • Morning All

    I am finishing tonight! Hurray! I was thinking of having a last office run at lunchtime but as its the last day for me I'll have lunch with the guys instead.

    Mal - tiny runs are good and you can fit them in around the family. I'm desperate to get out now but don't have time for a 10k do may go for a quickie myself. image

    Boo - have a good run this evening - you should come round our way and look at my Christmas lights on the house! It took long enough to put them up afterall! image.

    Scarlet - that's great mileage. Is this all solo running? And do you have to fit it round family or don't you have that worry? Love the thought that you have burnt 35000 cals - excellent!

    BTW I'm new to Garmin - does the watch actually log and keep all that info or is it just a matter of uploading to the website?
  • Blimey you lot have been quiet today.

    I've finished for the Xmas hols

    image yippee image

  • YAY! Home for the holidays, hope everyone escapes unscathed in January!

    No running for me tonight, wrapping the last of the presents with a glass of wine and hopefully doing a bit more baking for this tea party.

  • That's going to be some tea party Mal. Can I come?

    Afterall you know how much I love cakes image

    Off out now for a quick run round la village! No antlers though image
  • Not sure if I'm allowed to invite my friends to Big Girl's party, it's probably against her rules!

    I'm pretending it's just casual but really I'm hoping to out do the gorgeous Nigella Lawson, can't tell anyone that in case it goes wrong!

  • Forget Nigella you should get a mum of the year award for all your hard work.

    Found another excuse not to go out tonight - Liverpool on tele. image. Anything will do when it's cold and raining! image

    Now where's that Ice Cream ? Mmmmm!

  • Hi all

     Am enjoying reading all your running / other stuff! image

    Booey - I am in the North West, approx 16 miles north of Manchester, it's a rural area but very close to a few large towns. Lots of trails/tracks/bridleways. My local Parkrun is called Heaton Park.

    Silvertop - the Garmin holds quite a few hours of information but overwrites it when it's full (I forget how much exactly). I can look at the history on the watch but I just upload it all to the Garmin website and spend hours analysing all the data! Sad I know. Which Garmin have you got? I have the Forerunner 110 which is a basic model compared to the others, so I have read, but dearer. for some reason. I have just ordered a much cheaper Casio watch with a few other functions that my Garmin doesn't have, such as a pace maker to help set/maintain a rhythm (it beeps, like a metronome) and a stopwatch. The mileage that I've done include running with different groups, 25 Parkruns so far, and more recently a few cross country races (in which I came nearly last!)

    No I don't have any family to occupy me and not currently working (long story). So have a lot of spare time when not doing housework/baking/cooking/gym/running

    Not seen anybody running in anything remotely interesting image (as in antlers!)

  • Well didn't get out again last night - feel like a right let down and desperate to get back on it.

    I think I've realised the problem actually I'm really enjoying my 10k at the weekend but I'm not finding my other shorter runs very satisfying and putting on all the winter clothes for a 20 min run seems like hard work. Does that make any sense or is it another excuse? image

    Good news is I ate half a tub of HD Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream last night while watching the footie and it was excellent! image image

    Booey - is today your last day then? How did the club run go? See any good Christmas lights?

    Mal - did you get out at all yesterday? Are you ready for the tea party? I may still gate crash just for the cakes! image

    Stripes - where are you - how did Liverpool not score a hatful last night! Frustrating wasn't it?

    Scarlet - I haven't spent much time in the North West with the exception of holidays to Blackpool but the countryside is great esp for Fell Runners. My friend is a member of the fell runners association http://www.fellrunner.org.uk/. Thanks for info on Garmin I have a 305 (only got it 2 weeks ago) I need to look at it a bit more closely before I go out again.
  • Morning all

    Did xmas lights club run last night, only 5 of us we had a right laugh.  We ended up doing just over 5 miles, some of the houses were very pretty some were very over the top image hehe apparently one of the very over the top houses even brings presents out for the kids that go for a look image I guess thats nice imageimage lol

    Yes I am finishing work today yippeeeeeee I have to work till 5 today but I have flexi hours owing so I can take tomorrow off, the Boss is cool with it image that means I can get up early 2moz and get the last minute food shopping done image leaving chrimbo eve free image

    Silver - you are making excuses image I sense your passion for running is dwindling, get yourself out there image your HM will be upon you before you know it........come on chop chop image

    Scarlet - I do work but don't have any children so I more or less please myself when I get out running, its only the dark nights that sometimes hamper me but I have the treadmill at home to use.  Like Silver I have the Garmin 305 which I think is great and use all the time, I log all my runs on fetcheveryone.com

  • Silver I think it's much harder in the winter to get motivated, it takes real willpower but you don't want to lose what you've achieved - when is your HM? Have you done a lot of 10ks? I started reading all the posts to find out what people had been doing since this thread started but got half way ish and had to go to bed! It is a faff I must admit getting all togged up but hey it's even worse for women, we've got even more to put on!

     I will take a look at the fell runners link - the trouble is I need to actually do some fell running before I join the fell running club but difficult to do on my own - i have visions of being attacked by a mad axe murderer with a vicious dog (though the dog would be the least of my worries) or falling into a bog and not being found for weeks like that famous fell runner Bill Smith - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/8810847/Pensioner-Bill-Smith-who-lay-dead-in-peat-bog-for-three-weeks-was-famous-fell-runner.html

    Trouble is I don't really like running alone, and my running friend that I had has a hip injury and can't run any more, and other friends that ran for a bit have given up due to family stuff or injuries! The clubs I go to (which are for beginners) have all finished for Xmas image so I either go alone or don't go. Do other people not mind going on their ownsome?

    What a great idea a run to look at Christmas lights!

    The Garmin 305, does it have a virtual running partner? Think that one does a lot more than mine.

    I like Fetcheveryone, there's a great thread on there about 'things you wish you could say..' which makes me laugh.

    Well I am contemplating going for a run up a hill with the dog we are minding and taking my chances image

  • Scarlet - I like running on my own, but thats just me.  Don't get me wrong I enjoy running with both the clubs I have joined and I know that they have helped me no end, my pace has defo improved since I have been with them

    Not sure about the virtual running partner on the 305 image I really dont use it to its full potential, I got it for £70 on ebay image

    Did you hill run with the doggie?

  • Booey you are right I need to get my finger out and run a bit more. I'm not at all worried about the HM as I reckon I could manage 10m now if I could find 1.5 hours of free time! Really once I get into the rhythm I feel like I could go for hours! If you know what I mean image. (this wasn't intended to be an innuendo it's just the way it came out!)

    The longer runs are far more satisfying in many ways don't you think?

    Scarlet I also like running alone but like Booey I joined a club and reay enjoyed running with others. My club is a bit too big 50+ people to get to know people well but everyone chats while running. When I get out in the countryside though I love the peace of being alone.

    Take your point on the risks though esp for single females off road. I didn't know someone had died in a bog while out running. That's sad but for some reason I couldn't help smiling at it. I did loads of endurance walks when I was younger and Ive seen people go up to there waists in mud before so I know it can be dangerous.

    Maybe you'll have to stick to roads over Xmas period?

    Garmin 305 does have a virtual partner and I'm keen to use this for pacing when I'm next out.

    Booey if we don't speak again before you leave have a great Christmas and New Year and keep on running. x
  • Sorry I just read that whole article in The Telegraph and feel terrible for what I said - it's really sad. What a loss!
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