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  • I know what you mean about the longer runs, after about 3 miles I usually settle nicely and feel like I could just keep going image

    Ladies at run club not going tonight so I wont be after all, I will get out for a longer run tomorrow in the light though image so looking forward to running over Xmas I cant wait image

    Silver I was only thinking a while ago after today I may not get back on here before the big day so I just wanna say to you all.........

    HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL OF YOU image I will defo be on here before NY so will let you all know how the running is going image

    Takecare *waves*

    Boo x

  • Oh thought of another Garmin related question I'd like someone to answer. Is there any way of finding your splits on the watch without uploading the data? I'd like to see these as I'm running as I know 5mins/km is good for me 5.10 is my normal pace and 5.20 is getting too slow.

    I know you can set it to beep if you fall below a certain pace which would probably the best way of monitoring it.

    Scarlet - I've only run one Parkrun and no other races but I run 10k with club and on LSR regularly now. My HM is April 1st so I plan to up the miles after Xmas so I'm comfy up to 10 or 11 before the race.
  • I want to go out running but I'm too busy. At least I can finally feel my motivation returning. I will aim to get a daytime run in tomorrow afternoon because part of the problem is I don't like the streetlit route image

    Have made penguin and polar bear cakes and mini buttermilk scones, only savoury biscuits to go with the cheese and spiced apple tarts to do tomorrow. Failed attempt at fudge too but shh  I'm not telling anyone that.

    Sorry for hijaking the conversation with baking this week, normal service will resume after Saturday!

  • Hi all,

    Sorry not been on. Been a mad busy day. Work, shopping, visiting rellies.

    Managed a 5k last night, really hard work and very slow but pleased I finished it. Legs were really tired at the end but iced them and they feel okay today.

    Mal, you sound like an amazing cook, can I come to yours for Christmas dinner?

    Scarlet, I don't mind running alone but found it much easier running with others. I do think its much more difficult to run alone at this time of year.

    Silver, we should have won easy but always seem to struggle there.

    Booey, Merry Christmas, have a good one.

  • Maladroit, have you any pics of the penguin and polar bear cakes, they sound interesting!

    Managed to do an 8.6km run up hills (with doggie - who kept trying to trip me up!)  and went right up to the wind turbines that we have there, I know there's a lot of controversy and some people hate them but I think they're very majestic. Didn't feel a bit unsafe which was great. Saw a family out walking and a couple of women walking. 

    Silver, my watch only shows splits when the data has been uploaded, not sure about the more advanced watched though, sorry can't help. Do you wear a Heart Rate Monitor with your watch? I have stopped wearing mine as I think it's faulty (at least I hope it is!)

  • Scarlett that's a great run - uphill and with the dog too! I've run with my cycling 7yo before and I know the hazards of being tripped up mid stride. image

    I love wind turbines - I'm always amazed by how quiet they are close up and I love the juxtaposition of this very elegant piece of engineering in the open countryside. I drove to Cambridge on Tuesday and there we're lots of them along my route.

    Glad you felt safe on your run - where is it exactly - I love looking these things up on Goolge Earth. Sad I know but it goes with the job image

    Finally got out this morning and did a 7.5k in 40 mins. Not my best time and it was hard work after a couple of beers last night but I feel do much better for doing it. V busy for next couple of days so next outing will probably be Boxing Day.

    Mal is the party today? Good luck if it is and save a cake for me. image

    Stripes - sounds like you are getting back on it well done on 5k.
  • Hi

    Silver - the place I ran is off the A680 Rochdale Road/Edenfield Road - Cheesden - up near Knowle Hill, (Knowle Hill was my original destination but got swayed by the wind turbines!image) don't know if it's classed as Edenfield or Rochdale?? Peeing it down very heavily today so glad I went yesterday, I did get my feet soaked though as there was lots of mud at the beginning. Legs were aching this morning, especially so as I went to the local track last night to find it wasn't on, so me and friend did nearly 5k just running around the track chatting, taking it easy. Hoping to do Parkrun tomorrow but don't know if the weather will be any good. I hate getting wet. Where do you live, presumably down south somewhere? What's your running territory like? And running with a cycling 7 year old?!! You must be brave! 7.5k in 40 mins sounds great to me, wish I was that fast... is that on flat roads?

    Hope all OK with everyone, have a peaceful Christmas and don't eat too many cakes! image 

  • Well that's an interesting read. Not sure about the comparison with Class A drugs but it certainly is addictive at times. I get very restless if I can't get out often enough and then feel very content once I've been out.

    Had a good look at the map of your area Scarlett. That's a lot of open countryside and hills. No wonder you want to take up fell running you don't seem to have any other choiceimage

    I live near Great Missenden in South Bucks - used to live in west London but originally from Yorkshire. I run round the villages nearby mainly on roads or I run through the farmers fields near my office which is in Oxfordshire. Both my routes are reasonably flat (probably my own making) although my club runs are in Chesham and they always have some killer hills! I hate them too but I have realised they are good for building stamina and strength.

    How often do you run - must be quite regular to get the mileage up to that level.

    I have to say I'd love to have the freedom of running through the open countryside. I like planning and trying new routes and if it wasn't for my family commitments I'd be off to different races every weekend.

    Have you got any races planned for 2012?

    Mal - I'm desperate to know (if you left me any cake! image ) how the party went?
  • Lots of cake still because the party is tomorrow. I'd save you some but not convinced they'll be much left intact after I let the kids loose. I'll let you know if I've achieved domestic goddess status afterwards. I have gifts for everyone who is attending so that should earn me brownie points!

    Desperate to go for a run after 4 days of not getting out. Can't wait for Boxing day so I have time. How have you all been finding the time?

  • Mal I guess you are probably mid party now. Hope it's going / gone well. Let us know how it goes and if Little Miss Mal enjoys herself.

    Have to squeeze in runs early am at the moment. I'm hoping for a Boxing Day outing if I don't overeat and drink tomorrow.

    We are spending the whole day from lunchtime at my sis in laws with the rest Mrs S enormous family joining us in the evening. All good fun but v tiring. I'd love a little family Christmas one year!

    My kids are soooooo excited today they can not sit still. Hope they can sleep passed 4am or it will be a long day tomorrow.

    Happy Christmas if we don't talk again today. Hope you and the family have a great time. X
  • The party was magical, everyone loved it. The house looked amazing and festive and Big Girl declared it her favourite day ever! Eat your heart out Nigella! It was so satisfying to see everything come together so perfectly. Apparently they're all expecting the same next year.

    It's also nice that I'll be able to get out for a run tomorrow or Boxing Day with a clear conscience.

    Big Girl was exhausted after the party and has gone straight to sleep, I'm expecting an early morning too. I'm stupidly excited about giving everyone their gifts tomorrow, I can't wait either, I might wake her up instead of the other way around!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. If anyone gets out for a run I hope you enjoy it.

  • Happy Christmas everyone! image

     Silver yes there is a lot of fell/hill running countryside around me! I probably run sometimes 4 times a week, sometimes 5. Did Parkrun yesterday and got a new PB, really want to get under 30 minutes. I was so close... I have my eye on a 5 mile trail race in Smithills in Bolton in April, especially as there's a technical tee shirt to all finishers.  My next XC is in January, near the end I think. I am going to really try hard not be last or nearly last!

     Happy running everyone

  • Hi everyone. Hope you all had a good day today. We're just back from sis in laws with 2 very tired boys who have gone straight to bed. It's been a great day and they have loved it.

    I would love to go out first thing tomorrow to run off the excess food and half a pound of Christmas pudding in particular but I may have to build a Lego Harry Potter Castle with 1300 pieces first so I'll see how things pan out in the morning. image

    Happy running if you get out image

  • Wonder how many calories there are in a pound of Christmas pudding?!! image
  • Lol I did exaggerate a bit Scarlett but given my usual healthy diet and responsible intake of calories today was a complete right off. Then again if you can't let go on Christmas Day when can you?

    Just for the record the whole pudding weighed a kilo and had 4200 cals. It was supposed to feed 12 but I reckon I ate 3 servings myself. My god I just realised that was over a 1000 cals alone - I feel a right pig now. Definately running tomorrow sometime - a 10k should burn 1100 cals for me. I could kill that Heston Blumenthal! image

    Just in case you are interested I've got through about a third of the Lego castle so around 400 pieces. I wanted to finishe it so my boys could play in the morning but it's gonna have to wait cos I'm shattered image

    Please let them lye in tomorrow. image
  • I had a lie in until 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both children exhausted, Big Girl so hyped up she couldn't sleep until 9pm (bedtime is 6pm!) and I drifted off feeding Moo in bed this morning until Big Girl woke up at 10am.

    We all had a really perfect day yesterday, no arguments and a really fun time. Everyone thoroughly spoiled with presents, and Big Girl ate more chocolate yesterday than she's been allowed for the rest of her 3.5 years put together!

    Did you get a lie in Silver? Progress report on the castle too please.

    Hello Scarlet, well done on your new PB. That's brilliant.

    Hope Stripes, Booey and Sabbie also had a nice Christmas, and anyone else reading.

    Off for a run this afternoon, can't wait, it has been nearly a week.

  • I can only dream of lying in til 10 Mal. My 2 went to bed at 11 and still woke up at 6! image

    Your Christmas sounds lovely and well done on the lie in.

    Hot news is Hogwarts is finished. Just done last 2 parts and left it on the kitchen table for the kids to see in the morning. Hope they like it and don't trash it as I can't face building it all again. I love Lego but it shouldn't be given to children. Haha image

    Did you run today? I was too busy (again!) but I'm defo out in the morning. Mrs S bought me some Asics trail shoes for Chrimbo which I had to change for a larger size today so I may give them an outing.

    Still have Hestons Xmas pudding on my mind (and probably in my stomach) so I will need to work it off in the morning. image
  • Hello, thought it was just me bouncing around on here today.

    Lie in was definitely a one off, but how lovely.

    Tried to get out for a run but failed for the same reason as you, not enough time. Like you, I'll try again in the morning. Hope the trail shoes are good.

    Congratulations on the completion of the Hogwarts castle, bet they cheated and used magic for the original. So unfair that it resigns us Muggles to hour upon frustrating hour of faffing with Lego pieces!

  • Lol at magic and Muggles! I'm not a huge HP fan but my 7yo loves him. I'm so impressed with my Lego building abilities though I'm going to post a pic of Hogwarts when I'm on my PC later. Probably not the sort of thing this Forum is for but who cares. I know I'll include my new trainers in the same pic!

    Another let down this morning as I didn't get out but I will at some point today. The new shoes feel very comfy so I'm looking forward to trying them.

    I think my running has fallen to an all time low this month. I was doing 25-30k a week in November and all Ive done in December is eat Chocolate. Haha! image

    Scarlett - we do normally talk about running on here and sometimes we actually run too it's just a funny time of year! image

    Mal - I keep popping on here during the day to see if there's anything new so you're not alone although it is quiet. Good luck with run again!
  • I was going to ask to see your efforts at recreating Hogwarts!

    (Quick, think of something running related to say) I need to work out my training schedule for the 10k in March. It's looming ever closer particularly as I've been slacking since early December. Must get a move on.  Must incorporate a long run each week and a couple of park runs.

    More unexpected rellies turning up at our house today so having a quiz tidy of the Christmas debris and getting the kettle on instead of pulling on my shoes. Frustrating but I am looking forward to catching up with the family.

  • Has this become our own personal chat room? Rofl at thinking of something running related to say image.

    With no running going on I come on here just to get away from the family for a bit - wait a minute that's why I started running too - OMG it's all gone full circle - I'm eating chocolate again and playing on the Internet while the kids bother me!

    HELP! image

    I blame Harry Potter! Expeliamus! image
  • HI folks image

    Hope you all had a good Chrimbo and still are image

    Have done plenty of running, Xmas eve did 6.75 miles then y/day did 3.43 miles and had a lovely long walk with hubby today image gonna try for a LSR tomorrow

    I have found out how important hydration is with running image I drank (booze) chrimbo eve and chrimbo day tried to rehydrate myself ready for boxing day but my calf muscles completely locked up on my last mile and allsorts of wierd feelings in my legs image and I know thats what it was.  Luckily it was a short run for that reason but it was certainly uncomfortable that last mile.  Anyway I think I am more or less rehydrated again and ready for tomorrow and see what I can achieve.

    Hope your all having a lovely break and I will catch up again soon


  • Morning All

    Well done on getting out so often Boo. I for one have found it very difficult to fit in any running ariund Xmas.

    That said I have just done a lovely 10.1k in 55 mins exactly. Didn't even stop up killer hill and wasn't even tempted to call it a day as I passed the house at 7.5k. Started in the dark and finished just after the sun came up - beautiful - Thats why I love this running lark so much.

    New trainers were very comfy - I think they are called ASICS Gel Columbo or something like that - felt like I had been running in them for ages which must be a good sign.

    I'm going to try and fit in a couple more outings before going back to work but for now its back to family duties - parents visiting and I have to finish decorating the boys playroom.

    Have a good day all.
  • Getting frustrated I'm not able to run when I'm motivated and it has to wait until a gap between feeding the baby and keeping her settled and after Big Girl is in bed. 10am I was desperate to get out and running, now I can't be bothered! Mr Mal will be home about 3:30 so the perfect opportunity for a daytime run, I'll try to feed the baby and get everyone as settled as possible then pull on my kit and go before poor Mr Mal knows what's hit him!
  • Ooh welcome back Booey! Glad someone got lots of running in. Can you spare a little bit of energy for me please?

    And Silver *high five* for killer hill!

  • Poor Mr M. He's going to be in for a shock. Can you prewarn him so he's got his child minding head on when he walks in. I need to get in the zone before I have the kids on my own!

    Good luck if you can get out - you won't regret it - I feel great for having run this am.

    We'll wait for an update. image
  • Prewarned him but he wasn't in the mood to look after them so no run for me image  My lovely sis is helping to write me a plan for the 10k thank goodness because I haven't got a clue what to do. She's training for 2 marathons this year the crazy thing! (One is just for fun!) Can't wait to see what she comes up with. I hope I'm better at getting out when there's a reason for it.
  • Hi all,

    Hope you all had a good Christmas and received lots of running related presents.

    Booey, I am now the proud owner of a red flashing light armband thingyo for night running. Used it this evening image

    Managed 4 miles on Christmas Eve and 3.4 miles this evening. Boy is it a struggle. Legs feel incredibly sluggish and am going a hell of a lot slower than pre-injury. All feels like very hard work at the moment.

    Well done on the runs Booey and Silver. 

    I can imagine how frustrated you are Mal, hope you manage to get out tomorrow.

  • Stripes good to hear you're extra visable now, we'll all be having a competition so see who is the brightest soon, watch out Booey! Glad you managed to get out there but sorry to hear you're struggling with it. Still frustrated and still no chance of getting out running tonight as Mr Mal is out. May have to wait for the weekend and accept that I'll struggle to get out whilst there's so much to do. Once New Year's out of the way I should be back to normal. Phew!
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