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  • Love them but they are covered in sugar aren't they. Having 2 kids means there's always a lot of sweet stuff tucked in drawers or hidden in cupboards in our house. Haribos on 2 for £2 are v popular.

    I know we are bad parents letting out kids eat sweets but the truth is it keeps them quiet for 10 minutes and that's all the justification I need. It's the same with watching tele - v bad for them but v good for the parents!

    My 7yo came out with me running on Sun morning a couple of weeks ago on his bike. He was a nightmare as he kept weaving on and off the kerb cutting me up making me stop and start. It was the most stressful run I've ever had and by the end I could have clipped him round the ear!
  • Hi Folks,

    Hope you've had a good day. Didn't run last night, went to a gig in Birmingham and am like you Silver, don't run succesive days at the moment. Know I will have to eventually if I wanna step up but at the moment I am sticking to a vague interpretiation of a half marathon schedule I found which has two midweek runs and a longer weekend run.

    Went out early afternoon and tried both a new route and some new gear. Proper running socks felt great but first go in the base layer top and felt very strange being in something so tight. Breathing wasn't so great and think it was because of that. New route didn't help, its amazing how you dont notice undulations when you are driving but it was a lot more up and down than I realised. 5.24 miles in total but boy was it a struggle. The highpoint was racing an old lad in his mobility scooter image

    Blimey Booey, ten miles? I am a long way from contemplating that. I have had a couple of short runs by the sea. Did two miles along the front when I was in Brighton just after I started running outside. Absolutely loved it. I also went for a jog in the Jardin du Luxembourg when i was in Paris for the weekend a few weeks ago. That was amazing, like a crazy running racetrack at 8a.m. People everywhere going in different directions. Great fun.

    Love the story about trying to run  with your son Silver image

    Am off shopping for Haribo at the Asda later on image

  • Hi Stripes glad you are back. Like the image of you racing someone in a mobility scooter -that's a classic.

    Hope you won although those things shift don't they.

    I'm sitting here contemplating a late run but can't motivate myself again partly because I have just had a big old Chinese (Kung Po chicken with Cashew nuts) and partly because I have a v busy day tomorrow and Im out with Mrs Silver to a comedy gig in the evening. I won't be able to get out tomorrow so I think I'll leave it until Saturday morning and get out early doors for a 5k.

    Feel a bit of a let down at the moment compared to you guys but I'll pick it up again shortly. I blame it on the change in weather and dark nights. It's annoying cos as soon as I do get out there I know I'll love it.
  • Thanks for the welcome.

    I stopped neglecting the children after the baby called childline with the power of her mind! The ducks were pleased, I think they were in on it!

    Did a very little plod tonight, roll on Saturday. I'll let you know how I do but I'm aiming to finish at some point anything else is a bonus!

    How long have you all been running? I feel like the newset newbie there is! (Not so glad I knocked you off the top spot Stripes!)

  • Hi Silver,

    I think we will all go through spells like that. It sounds like you have got a tough job and added to your family commitments means you have a heck of a lot to fit in. I am self-employed and my business is struggling big time so I have plenty of time to slot runs in, hence me going out at 1.30 today. Every cloud eh image

    I do love Chinese food, I had another salad but am not far off my target weight so if I keep the running going I can ease the odd treat back in soon image

    You would have laughed if you had seen the sight of me trying to make the corner ahead of this fella, if he'd got there first I would have been stuck behind him all the way down a narrow street on the edge of the town centre(can't believe I ran so close to the centre by the way, I usually choose routes where there are as few people about as possible to laugh at me!)

    Vaguely remember seeing a photographer near the halfway/finish area last week, had thought no more about it until I saw a report on the race in the local newspaper earlier. There was a link to a site with hundreds of photos of the race. My god I don't look pretty image

    Who is the comedy gig? I've been to hundreds of concerts over the years but don't recall ever seeing a comedian. My step-daughter went to see Lee Evans at the o2 a couple of weeks ago. He sweats as much as me on a five mile run! 

  • Hi Mal,

    Ha ha, to this day I still jokingly tell my Mum that I'm calling childline if she says anything I don't like.

    You'll be amazed how small increases in distance covered build up until you suddenly find you are covering distances you never dreamed were possible.

    I have had a treadmill for about 4 years but had only used it in a couple of short spells until May when I got on the scales after a few days away and was 14st 11lb, bearing in mind that I am only 5ft 7in I was horrified and knew I ought to do something. My treadmill plods built up until mid August  when I finally plucked up the courage to go outside. So glad I did because I think the treadmill would have bored me to death by now. Running outside may be more difficult because the treadmill does so much for you but outside is so much more rewarding and as we are all finding totally addictive.

    Even my trip to the supermarket this evening was dominated by thoughts of running. Got some of those Quaker Oats sachets, lots of wholewheat Pasta and most importantly a big bag of small bags of Haribos(not sure that makes sense)

  • Morning All!

    Stripes you don't need to explain anything on the Haribos front I know exactly what you mean by a big bag of small bags. Still lovng that image of you and the mobility man by the way. It could be a great TV sketch.

    We're off to see Mikey Flanagan to tonight in High Wycombe. He's the cockney fella off the tele. My wife's choice really but he's had good reviews. We went to see Jimmy Carr a couple of weeks back but to be honest he wasn't great and some of his humour just doesn't fo it for me. We used to do music gigs many moons ago but it's been a while since we saw anyone. As usual kids restrict what you can do after the sun goes down (in every way!)

    Mal welcome back good to hear you are still getting our there and enjoying it. It's defo a bug but a v healthy one. I started using the C25K programme which got me from not being able to run at all to running 5k in about 6 weeks. Im slowly pushing up the miles but I'm still some way behind Boo and Stripes. It's also v difficult with small kids as I'm sure you know. My wife has always worked so we meet each other half way with housework and child duties etc. My boys are 4 and 7 so it's a bit easier now. Stick with it though when you can.

    Keep us updated with your progress and don't worry about Childline - what's the worst thing that could happen you get a visit from Esther Rantzen (!?!)

    Boo how did the run go last night? I saw a glow on the horizon to the North and assumed you had made it out! image

  • Club run was good we did about 3.5 miles, one of the ladies has a hip problem at the moment so we said whatever she wanted to do we would stick with her, the other 3 did a couple more miles.  I am defo going to invest in a head torch, lady had one on last night and it really helped us, lots of street lights turned off round here council cuts etc really not nice in places image

    Really glad I made the move to join 2 running clubs, getting to no people more now and feel part of the group.  We have a club meeting next tues with DRR to sort out their annual race next year and also a chrimbo meal image

    Stripes - what gig did you go to and where?  I go to loads of gigs especially in Brum and have done over many years, well into my music and have some abstract tastes.  At home I have made a huge collage of all my concert tickets right back to when I first started.  Also seen loads of comedians, took my folks to see Peter Kaye a few months ago, love him.

    Oh and the little bags in the big bags of Haribos are ideal for in the pocket at races image

    The base layer shouldn't be so tight you can't breath Stripes image

    Silver - so when you running next?  Anymore thoughts on a treadmill?

  • Sounds like a good run Boo. I know what you mean about the head torch it's difficult to see anything round our way at night and the drop kerbs between drives are a real hazard. In fact it's safer to run on the road than the pavement as there are less pot holes.

    No further thoughts on the treadmill. I did mention it to Mrs Silver as a chrimbo pressie but I got the usual disagreeing look.

    Now feeling desperate to get out after 2 days off but it's not possible today. I think zim going to go for an early one tomorrow morning round the village. Put the kids infront of the tele and give them some Haribos and they will be as happy as Larry for an hour while Mrs S dozes upstairs. God it's hard work keeping everyone happy :-0

  • Hi all. The gig was an Irish Rock band called The Answer. Been to see them a few times. I'm mainly into Rocky type stuff. The Wildhearts are my favourite band of all time. Went to every gig of a UK tour a few years ago. It was only 7 dates but nearly finished us off it was so tiring image
    Glad the club stuff is working out so well Booey.
    Running in the dark is another thing I have yet to experience.
  • I don't know how people manage with kids image I am not child minded at all and knew from an early age I never wanted any.  Always been the strong independent type which makes me quite selfish I am afraid image I have 1 niece and 2 nephews  so at least one of us gave the folks some grandchildren image

  • My wife is also a strong independent type Boo and I think she's the first to admit she is not a natural mother. She never wanted kids so when our first came along it was a shock and a complete change to our lifestyles. When the second came along it was an even bigger shock and a massive change to our lifestyle.

    One is manageable between 2 working parents as you can juggle him between jobs and medtings etc but two is a whole different ball gam esp when they are young.

    It's a permanent compromise when you have kids and I'm often unsure how it all fits together every day/ week/ year! We have to rely on a childminder for part of the week who is brilliant but expensive!

    I have to say as mucj as I love my boys I often long for the days when we were free and had the money to do whatever we liked. Once you have kids your own life always comes second.

    Now I remember why I started running to get away for an hour and do something for myself for once.
  • I guess its that famous line that everyone must quote you 'make the most of them being young they soon grow up' image

    Getting out running alone is a good stress reliever and time to have a think image

  • I really love having children, Mr Mala doesn't get a look in! I'm on Maternity leave at the moment, I wish I could always stay with the children but I'll have to go back to work in July.  I work nights so I can spend more time with my little brood. Having said that I do like the chance to sneak off for half an hour to go running!

    Booey, the club sounds like it's brilliant for you, It's nice to hear positive experiences of it. I don't think being a strong independent type and being selfish are necessarily linked.

    Silver it sounds like you have lots of time with your boys. Your achievements sound pretty good from here! I haven't lost any weight at all running yet but as I'm still doing piddling distanced this may explain it. It has helped me tone up a bit and the wobbling jelly belly looks a little less intimidating.

    Stripes, running in the dark does not sound like fun, I've had to stick to pavements by well lit roads instead of my lovely route by the local river. I've already been jeered at by drunken louts as I was running along the main road into town.

    Nervously awaiting tomorrow morning's 5k!

  • Mal - good luck for tomorrow image my first 5K was a Race for Life back in July, it started my race bug image

  • Best of luck with your 5k Mal. Im sure it will spur you on to do more races.

    At my last Parkrun there was a Mum with a buggy who finished 5k running and walking so there's no excuse for you not to get out there whenever you want!

    Just kidding - it looked hardwork and imagine if that baby had kicked off in the middle of the run!

    Off comms this afternoon as I have to visit clients office in West London - I ask you who wants to meet on Friday afternoon let alone drive in and out of London! Have a great weekend all if we don't speak again.
  • Thanks Silver, you have a good one too. Off to Liverpool tomorrow afternoon but not drinking much because I want to be fit for a good run Sunday. Can't believe I've just typed that image

    There was a similar sight at my race last week. An obviously fit and talented guy came past me pushing a toddler in a buggy, never saw him again so he obviously finished well ahead of me. God knows how quick he would be on his own! Had forgotten about that, you lot reminded me, gonna look for him on the photo's now image

    Good luck again with the race Mal, sure you will love it, this time last week I was terrified, now I can't wait for the next one!

    Right then, am off to open the Haribos

  • God, I've got no excuses now, all these people pushing their children in pushchairs and racing. Am certainly not a dedicated enough mother to take the children with me!

  • Off at 3, have a great weekend everyone

     Happy running/racing image

  • Quick stop by to say I did the 5k in 37 mins with 2 90 second walking breaks. It's a start.
  • Hi Mal. Let me be the first to congratulate you on completing the 5k and with just 2 short walks. You should be very proud. It will be plain sailing from here.

    I remember doing my first continuous 5k back in June and I was on a high for the rest of the week. You've got there much quicker than I did too so well done.

    I also got out at 7.30 this morning. I ran about 5k round the village then stopped at the Spar for a bacon sarnie on the way home. I figure you have to treat yourself after so much exertion!

    Have a glass of plonk this evening after the kids are down you deserve it.

    Well done again!
  • Well done Mal.
  • Hi Stripes. How were Liverpool today. Disappointing result against Norwich.

    Good luck on the run tomorrow. I'll be out at 7.30 ish myself all being well. Need to crank up the mileage a bit to keep the pounds off!

    Did you manage to keep off the booze?
  • You made me laugh Silver, no glass of plonk today. None in the house but I am really pleased with myself. I love that you got a bacon sarnie on the way home!

    Thank you Stripes. At least I've made a start. I have something to compare improvements to and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!

    I'm going to ease back a little bit now and enjoy running so I don't get disheartened with the cold, dark nights then hopefully challenge myself again in about 6 weeks and see how I do.

    What are you all working towards now?

  • Well done again.
    On train home. Had good day but awful game.
  • I'm home and working towards being sober image

    Another race on Nov 6th.7 miles. eek, Further than I've ever been. Aiming to beat 1 hour but that will be tough.

    Gonna go out for a run tomorrow and pretend the football, beer and kebab today didn't happen!

  • Stripes sounds like another poor display from the 'pool. Disappointing. At least you cheered yourself with beer and a kebab. A man after my own heart.

    I had a foodie day yesterday. Bacon sarnie Maccies with boys at lunch inc a Mcflurry and some Chocolate on way home. I'm off out in a min to run off the excesses too. Will try for 10k on my own for first time. 3 laps of the village is exactly 6.6miles so that would work.

    My other team Leeds ( that's where I grew up but I never go to watch them) had another good win yesterday so that's a bonus.

    Mal are you aching today? Hope you relaxed with your feet up last night. Can't believe you haven't got any plonk in the house! Very healthy and responsible of you.

    Right I'm off will call in later for update on my 10k.

  • Well I did 2 laps of the village so 4.4 miles. I could have done another one but thought I'd come back for a shower before the RWC started. My boy came round on his bike again too and he kept from under my feet which was good although he did keep chatting the whole way. Mental note to self running and kids don't mix!

    So not quite the solo 10k I was looking for but a good 11-12k over the last 2 days which I'm pleased with. Really enjoyed getting out there too couldn't wait to get my shoes on so that's a v positive sign.

    Right off to watch The Lion King at 11.30 - the 2d one as the boys and I can't stand the glasses - cant wait. No really I can't wait its a great film.

    Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle all!
  • Well done on the run Silver. Did a 6.63 mile plod myself. Decided to take it steady so it took 1.00.47. A lot slower than last week. Don't think yesterday was the ideal prep for a run image
  • Well done Stripes and Silver.

    I'm impressed you went out Stripes after your football, beer and kebab night.

    I've taken my Big Girl with me too but she got suddenly very clingy and cried everytime I ran! Not exactly what I was aiming for. I might take a tip from you Silver and bring her bike, that might help.

     Hope the Lion King was good.

    I'm already itching to get my shoes on and go running again this evening so it won't be long before I'm back at Parkrun even though I said it'll be at least 6 weeks!

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