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  • What's up Mal???? Don't be so unhappy, we are all here for you xxx

  • Hi All I speak to you from my lounger beside the pool and already it's hot here. 38 yesterday and probably the same today! I hear it's a warm one there too. Our villa is perched on the side of a mountain and every road goes either up or down STEEPLY! I ran 2k down the mountain this morning which was easy and ran/walked the 2k back. It was hot and sticky even at 7.30.

    Can't see me getting many miles under my belt but the views are spectacular. I'll post something on here later.

    Bye for now! X
  • Sounds like you are having a great time Silver, and sure even walking those hills will help you. As for 38 being hot, that is cold in comparison to Cuba, it was 45 -49 degrees! Now that is hot!!! image

  • My goodness how can anyone manage in those temps Maam - that's ridiculous! It's been really humid here to day too so lots of pool time oh and an afternoon siesta.

    Now where's my beer.......?
  • Mal qu?? est?? sucediendo?

    Don't you love Google translate? Hope it's right it could say anything for all I know. image
  • Silver - beer sounds good. Like you we used the pool and when I couldn't be in the pool I sat under palm trees, great shade image Forget the running, swim instead, bar to sunlounger and back again with a drink on each lap for hydration image

    I also like your google translation. I ordered my teach yourself spanish on amazon yesterday and it's on its way image So that is arabic, german, italian and spanish, just to order the norweigen manual and will be fully set image I like a challenge!

  • OMG, i'm melting and its twenty to ten in the evening and prob only mid twenties.  I would DIE in the 40's...

    Silver - have a great holiday - keep running down the hill image

    I got my long sunday run in the morning......thinking I may go at 5 instead of 6 so i'm back before it gets too hot.... meant to be the hottest day of the year tomorrow....

  • How did the run go? And hottest day of the year??? We've had rain all day!

  • Hi everyone,

    Just thought that I'd see how everyone is getting on. I finally went for a drive yesterdsay, only to OH parents which is less than a 10 min walk but felt good being behind the wheel. Only problem was that it hurt like hell and I've been in pain since image

    Good news though, my spanish lesson arrived today image guess that is more for me to do now!

    Hope everyone else has had a great weekend!

  • Sorry this is another flying visit

    Not run since Thurs, did 6.2 miles.  Had a great time in Brum shopping drinking etc sunbathed all weekend, my god was it a hot one, loved it. Cooler today but still lovely image

    Less than 3 weeks to HM, panicking more image

    Chat more tomorrow honest *waves*


  • Don't all shout at once!

    Things are difficult and stressful for our family at the moment especially regarding work and nursery but the end is in sight. Hope to be on here a bit more soon and running more too. Not intending to moan, life is generally good promise.

  • Hi all - sorry for the absence..... been a bit full on here, new job taking it out of me a bit - lots to learn, all new technology and a million different systems and packages to be used!  Steep learning curve much!

    Running - i've been out a fair bit (shorter runs mainly) and started at our local pure gym and am doing 3/4 spin classes a week.  Not forever but for a little while.  

    Mal - hope things pick up.  We had a particularly stressful year 2010 / 2011 in our family, but things have picked up this year.  There's generally always an end point to miserable situations so fingers crossed you all turn a corner soon xxx 

  • Think our little thread is dying on its arse image

    Did a half marathon in training today(1:57) so felt I deserved a few drinks after!

    Hope you are all well.

    Bet you enjoyed the game Silver image
  • Hi Stripes - I think you're right - but from my end, i'm not getting the email reminders stating that there's been a posting made - so i'm just forgetting to check it so often!!!  

    I wonder why that is - I haven't changed any settings.

    Did a little run this morning (6.2 miles) but it was all down a canal tow path, through kissing gates - was lovely.  87 miles for the month so far - so it looks like I will make my target of 90 miles (am now thinking to push for the 100!!!)

    I've been doing lots of spinning too this past week as i've joined a 'pure gym' near to where I live.  So cheap with all the classes included at 17 quid a month!  I will be a member for a couple of months until my OH comes home and then i'll get fat again LOL!

    Happy Bank Hol weekend to everyone.  Stripes - sounds like your training is doing brilliant!! Keep it up and let us know if you get in the marathon (have you put your name down yet?)

  • Well done Emma. You are way ahead of me on miles(76) but I should still beat last months 80.

    Not entered a marathon as yet. Not sure how London entry works but think its full for at least the next ten years image

    Was thinking of something smaller like Stratford upon Avon but will see how my body reacts to runs of 18+ miles in the months leading up to Christmas before I commit.

    Have you got any races coming up?
  • I don't have any big races - I get a potential RNLI 5 miles in Portsmouth next month and then a definite 10k (Hursley 10k) on the 23rd Sept..... I opted for the 10k rather than the half marathon which is on the same day (lol)....

    October there's a definite 10 mile Great South Run, but I may look to do a shorter one (a couple of weeks before...) maybe, maybe not - I like collecting medals at the moment though I'm sure the novelty will wear off!!!

    What about you?  I know you had a race last week or the week before was it? I lose track of time..... any more in the calendar?


  • Hi Guys - just had a quick scan back through posts but been a bit busy with the hols to write too much. Hope the thread isn't dying - I'll try to contribute a bit more.

    The Barca game was unbelievable Stripes. Me and my boy flew up to Barcelona specially for it and the whole experience was fantastic. Walking down the road with 90000 fans at 12.30 at night in 32 degree heat was something else. I toOk a lot of video which I will try to post when I'm back. Thanks to my dads generosity we had seats right next to the touch line and level with the penalty area. I could almost shake Messis hand we were that close. Thing is every other game will seem a letdown after that. Great result for Liverpool today - I thought they had Man City didn't you?

    Anyway I've run a couple more times up and around this godforsaken Spanish mountain mainly early morning as its been 38degrees and humid everyday. We've had a great time but I'm sick of the pool and San Miguel/ Sangria now. I'd love a bit of rain and a nice cup of tea!!

    Well done on the running all - I'm in training for Oxford half when I get back!!
  • Lol Silver! Sick of the pool and San Miguel and want rain and tea - well, there's plenty of that about for when you get home!!! image

    Oxford Half - phew - I know I could do another half marathon but really, after 10 miles I start to flag.... image

  • Ha ha Silver. Glad the game was good. Anything will be a letdown after that image Thought we gave it away yesterday which was upsetting but there were some good signs.

    I have got two definites(Lichfield 10k and Macclesfield HM) plus a couple of maybes so similar to you Emma.
  • Hola all

    Well I can report that I have done no running this month, but my walking is getting stronger. Been away camping this weekend in the Peak District, was scared about going as didn't think I'd manage, but after a couple of can't get out of bed (as in can't stand up) moments and everyone arranging days that wouldn't take it too much out of me it ended up a weekend of pub, drink, beer with the odd 300yd walk in between (pub to tent and back image). We tried to go to Chatsworth House yesterday but without a scooter there was no way I'd of managed it so gave it a miss and came home.

    Less than 2 weeks till back at the hospital now where hopefully I'll get some positive news.  One guy who we were camping with said after his 10 week intense physio he is running/cycling etc so fingers crossed.  It will hurt but I can't wait to be active again.

    Glad to hear that everyone is doing so well and still signing up to races, I can't see any until back on feet, but still have Silverstone HM to look forward to. Haven't given up on that one image

    Silver - glad you have had a good holiday and that you and your boy enjoyed the football.

    Em - brilliant running, impressed with spinning, and great milage image

    Stripes - Great HM time, bet you are really chuffed.

    Mal - Hope all gets better soon and that we hear more from you.

    Boo - What you up to?

    Don't let our thread die image what else would we do???

  • Hi guys

    I have just booked a holiday image Fuerteventura 4th Oct for a week image whey hey cant wait image we are stopping in Costa Calma again as we know there is a good windsurfing place there what OH used before.  Different hotel though which is right on the beach behind the windsurfing place image it means OH only has a few yards to walk back to me sunbathing and food and drink haha

    Had a lovely BH weekend, I ran Sat 6.2 and Mon 5 still no LSR image gonna try and do one this week otherwise I am out of time image HM a week Sunday image oh well its my own fault I will have to see what I can manage but really wanna beat my time of 2.22 image

    Off to Westbay camping this weekend Fri-Sun, mates 50th Friday so we should have a laugh image just preying the weather is kind

    My end of month running total is going to be pretty grim again I think unless I do squeeze the LSR in this week, I will keep you informed

    Stripes - well done the HM training time - brilliant image rather you than me if you do decide on the Mara, are you prepared for training to take over your life image

    Em - well done on the high mileage again this month, at least you are consistant unlike me image

    Silver - holiday sounds great, glad you had a good time

    Maam - counting the days off now till hospital ah, think positive and hopefully all will be good and you can start on physio

    Mal - hows things?  hope all ok

  • Hi all.

    Glad you had a good weekend away Maam. The pub beats walking any day! image

    Booey. Hope you manage to get your LSR in this week. Sure you will smash your best HM time.

    Had my gait rechecked at a different shop and have ended up with non Adidas shoes so will have to change my username!
  • This forum is very strange - i've started getting email notifications again.

    hee hee - what's your new name going to be Stripes?  Brooksy?  Asicsoid?  Niker-Boy? image

    Just done my tempo session.  Felt easier today!!!

  • Well done Emma. What does it consist of? I know I will have to try some proper speedwork if I am ever going to improve but not sure where to start.

    I have been varying the pace of my runs for a long time now and try to do one faster run each week.

    Cant take a 'fartlek' serious but then I have got an incredibly juvenile sense of humour image

    Ha Ha. You were close with Niker-Boy image

    Was thinking of 'Swoosh' but imagine it would cost me a few million dollars!

    The shoes do feel good though. I've always been a slow starter but for the last few months I have been extremely cautious early in my runs due to the knee niggle but it wasn't there at all tonight. Not sure if its the shoes, the exercises, psychosomatic or just a fluke image


  • Hi all.

    Glad you had a good weekend away Maam. The pub beats walking any day! image

    Booey. Hope you manage to get your LSR in this week. Sure you will smash your best HM time.

    Had my gait rechecked at a different shop and have ended up with non Adidas shoes so will have to change my username!
  • Stripes your playing copy cat again image

    I've had a great night out with the OH at the pics to see The Expendables 2. Fantastic film, so cheezy, full of action but just brilliant!

  • Oh no. Sorry. Bloody phone. Glad you enjoyed the film.
  • hi Stripes

    The speed session on Tuesday was a pyramid (?) or something.... basically there's a track of 400 metres at the leisure centre - its grass but they've cut the grass and painted lines.  We did 100 metres full pelt, 100 metre jog recovery. Then 200 metres full pelt, 100 metre jog recovery 300 metres full pelt, 100 metres jog recovery... then 200 / 100, 100 / 100 x 5 (or was it 4). The faster team members got to do the 300 metres twice in the middle.  And we had to avoid the dog sick.  

    I can never bring myself to really do the fartlek (titter titter) on my own - I do it for a few lamposts then realise its too much hard work and potter on around at my pace again.  Do you have a local running club that do speed training?  I joined mine for this reason only (and as a bonus I get to do races at cheaper rates!!!)

  • Blimey that sounds tough, although I'm sure the dog sick made everyone go a bit quicker.

    The local club didn't do anything like that on the few trials I had. May try a different club in the next town. They appear to be much larger and their website makes them seem very well organised.
  • Em that does sound like hard work, but I recon it has to reap rewards. I keep looking at joining my local club but unless I get a move with work it isn't worth it as I'm not home early enough to run with them image That is when I can run!

    Stripes, don't loose heart, you'll get there. I must admit I find the fartlek between lamposts a good challenge to myself. I mentally play games with myself to make it a which will win out mind or body and up till now my mind has set strong enough to carry me through every speed bit image

    Been out today for a bit of a wonder round shops and do some shopping for cooking tonight, got friends coming round for dinner as a kind of trying to set them up type thing.  They seem to like each other but won't do anything so call it a helping hand image Candles at the ready!

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