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  • Morning all.

    Last night went well even if did add a few pounds to the waist. Was nice to cook for friends again though. Might even try to make it a more regular thing too image

    Oh, I've spoken to work and I'm going to do a trial run to work next week to see if feasible for me to get there and back safely with a view to returning to work the w/c 10th! Looking forward to going back but sure after 1 day I'll be fed up again image Oh well lotto win still hasn't come my way so don't have a choice image

    Hope everyone else is doing well and has a great weekend planned image

  • Hola my friends I'm back!! When I said Id like to come back to rain and tea I didn't think it would only be 14 degrees too. When I left Alicante airport it was 34! Brrrrrrr! Been back in the office today and feel absolutely knackered. I'm sure I've put on a couple of pounds so I'll be looking to get out running again this weekend.

    Well done with your August totals all and hope you're feeling better Maam. I'm off back to watch Sky news to see if Liverpool complete the signing of Iniesta and Messi before the transfer deadline!image
  • Welcome back Silver, what temp did you expect in 'sunny blighty'? Good luck with the run this weekend.

    I'm getting there, talking about going back to work in couple weeks time. Got less than 2 weeks to physio and can't wait. Going to hurt but will be worth it.  The leaflet says they do physio and sports physio so hopefully will get the full deal not just a piece of paper of what to do.

    Got a busy one today with family and friends over, going to be a hectic one but think will be good x

  • Hi Maam - glad to hear you're on the mend. I seem to have caught a cold in this lovely English summer.

    Played Dads v kids footie this morning so no time or energy left to run. Maybe tomorrow will be better if the weather holds. Not sure I'll be able to do more than a couple of miles though in my current state. The HM seems a long way off from here.

    Enjoy your day with family and friends!image
  • on the road to recovery Maam! sounds positive image

    Silver - you can do it - it doesn't take long for your overall running fitness to get back to where you left it (whenever that was!!)  We got the better weather for running in coming up (as in not hot - what a joke eh!).... Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year for running - until the all the leaves on the floor get too slippery that is!

    Hope everyone is well!  I managed 102 miles in August.  I aimed for 90 so it was a good result but i'm not going to aim so high this month - maybe only 75 again....

    Cheerio for now - back to watching cable guy on the telly! image

  • Hi all.

    Just back from great day out. Game awful but rest of it great.

    Watched Dave Weir win. Brilliant.

    Managed 90 miles in August so pleased.

    Had a wedding in Liverpool Friday night. Recovery day yesterday so went for nice early morning run today. Had a nasty need for toilet halfway through so second part was rather quick and panicked!
  • BRILLIANT Stripes!!! that made me laugh out loud.  I think most of us have been there - I've actually had to go in the golf course before.... I am not joking, it was a near thing but thankfully I timed it perfectly between dog walkers!


    Once, my brother and I did some laps around the common in southampton - he's a super fast runner so after a couple of laps (miles) I told him to do some at his pace and lap me - so off he went into the distance.  35 minutes later I knew what had happened and I saw him running towards me (wrong direction).  With the extra speed and movement from doing my pace to doing his pace, meant he had to jump in his car, go home, go to the loo and come back again.  Some funny timesimage

  • Hi all

    Sounds like some great milages, fantastic weekends and of course good stories.

    I had a great weekend and match making is going well. OH took me out this morning and bought me my birthday pressie (Birthday isn't till Oct) image Nice new camera, all shiny and great. Only thing is need to learn how to use it now.

    OH has a track day in his Lotus Exige S on Wednesday so want to get some pics for him, so I'm thinking I'll head out to a nice area for pics, get ice cream and chill out. Oh, and I've got a passenger ride on track day too which should be fun image

  • Hi everyone

    Well I actually managed a LSR early Friday morning and did 10.17 miles image and I really enjoyed it and felt fine and also didnt ache much next day image so my total for August is 63 miles image but I am all set now for HM Sunday image 

    Went to Westbay camping for the weekend, was mates 50th friday, we had such a laugh.  About 15 of us in total and the weather was good image I drank rather alot and had two fried breakfasts, got home sunday night and felt rather ill image image I am being exceptionally good now counting down to sunday image

  • Boo - sounds like a great weekend, with heaps of fun and laughter.  Good luck for you HM this weekend, I'm highly jealous.

    All this talk of HM is making me miss the GNR even more image I should be counting down to a week on Sunday but instead I'm still sat at home.  Off to Manchester today to see how I get on with a view to returning to work next week image

    Hope everyone else is getting on good too image

  • Hi all.

    Well done on the LSR Booey, sounds like you had a good weekend image

    Hope you got on okay in Manc land Maam image


    Did this weeks LSR tonight. Set out to run for 2 hours and managed 13.17 miles so quite a bit slower than last week but wasn't worried.

    Got back and watched Dave Weir win again. He is amazing.

    Best bit of games so far though was cheering on young scouser David Devine in the 1500 metres. He did so well to get a bronze, I was virtually in tears. If he wins his 800 tomorrow I will turn on the full waterworks imageimageimage

  • Went out last night for a short little run, just 3.5 miles nice and steady image thats it now before Sunday image am actually looking forward to it image

    We are off to Wales early Sat morning through to Weds to stay with my folks, so can travel to race from there image I will defo pop on though to let you know how I get on, really wanna beat my Silverstone time of 2.22 image I feel confident at the moment so fingers crossed

    Maam - how did you get on in Manchester

    Stripes - great running - well done - if I could run your LSR this Sun I would be over the moon hehe image

  • Great stuff Booey. Make sure you let us know how you do. Bet you will smash 2:22.

    Am doing Lichfield 10k on Sunday, hoping to dip under 50 for the first time.
  • Stripes - good luck also for Sunday, you can do it image we can telepath each other to spur us on image although mine dont start till 1 which as far as races go is pretty late I thought image

  • Hi all, still doing loads of great runs which is nice to see.

    Manchester - Tuesday's trip I found I need new glasses and today was to discuss going back to work. I'm going back from Tuesday, but phased return so only 2 days next week. Nervous but excited too, be good to be back. Must admit it's going to drain me, this week has and it's nothing by comparison image

    Good luck with the HM Boo and enjoy your trip away xx

  • I'm not going for a run tonight.  Or a spin class - i'm off to eat piles of carbs, cheese and garlic.  And i'm going to let it all hang out!!!

    Good luck for the races this weekend!!! how exciting - wish I was doing one......

  • Em - sounds like a perfect night and very well deserved. Enjoy image Nom Nom Nom!!!

  • Hi all,

    Where is Silver? Can't handle you all on my own, especially when Emma is letting it all hang out image

    Good news workwise Mal. Sure you will be fine.

    That is late Booey. Hope its not too hot or sunny.

    Mine is much earlier, must check time. Whoops.

    Did a steady 5 miles earlier. Last run before Sunday.

    Been to Tamworth Beer Festival tonight. Usually do all three nights but not drinking after tonight because of Sunday.

    Got home and watched Cockcroft, Peacock and Weir. All amazing image
  • Stripes - hot and sunny image no chance, this is North Wales we are talking haha

    Have a good one everyone image

  • Hi All I'm still here - just lurking in a Mal sort of way!

    Sounds like you're all doing great and good luck with the races this weekend.

    I went to the Paras too on Tuesday - had a great day although the athletics wasn't that great - the blind long jump was good though - we all had to be quiet so the jumpers could hear their coaches clearly and then a couple still went off the tracks and almost took out the camera man. It's amazing to think they can do so much without sight though. Tha Olympic Park is impressive too. As someone who works in the construction industry I can't believe we pulled it off!

    Good news on running - Mrs S has given me the royal seal of approval to buy a treadmill. I was excited at first but the more I think about it I'm not sure if it's a good idea as I don't want to rely on it and the thing I love about running is the great outdoors. Still if it gets me going again it's probably worth it.

    I've got a footie tournament all morning Daturday and my 5yo birthday party (with bouncy castle in back garden) on Sunday oh and dinner with the missus on Saturday as its our 11th anniversary - how we made it this long I'll never know but it's definately worth a couple of drinks! Haha image
  • Oops I should have said 12th anniversary!! It's easy to lose a year after that length of time! image
  • Ha Ha Silver.

    My OH went yesterday and she absolutely loved it. I was very jealous image

  • Good luck to everyone racing today image

  • Thanks Maam.

    Just home. Great race. Very well organised. Really warm for running but cant complain too much as I smashed my 10k P.B. 48:03. Think I could have gone quicker if I had paced it better. Started too quickly and struggled last 4k. Still pleased though image
  • Well done!!! Awesome time too, bet you are really chuffed image Have a pint now and chill image

  • Ha ha. Could do with one image
  • Well done Stripes that's a great time. I bet you were boiling it was really hot here today. We had my 5yo party today - first for his 8 best friends on the morning and then for the family in the afternoon - it seemed to go on forever! Still he loved it which is all that matters - he went to sleep in seconds tonight. image

    Right advice on treadmills wanted - should I get one or not? I may be able to run tomorrow as I'm in the office all day so I'll see how I feel after that but I'd welcome your views on the pros and cons of using one before I fork out! Ta.

    By the way I didn't mean to be rude about being married to Mrs S - she's not that bad really - I could have done a lot worse! Haha image
  • Oh bum a couple of glasses of vino and the Internet are not a good combo for me. I've only gone and purchased a treadmill haven't I. Seemed like a proper eBay bargain though. It's a Tunturi T30 I think. Got it on a buy it now for 100 quid and the only thing wrong with it is that the clip to hold it upright is broken. Looks like they retail new for close to a grand?? It's either bargain of the century or I've been right royally ripped off. Either way I'm opening another bottle of plonk. Bottoms up!image
  • Bugger - I've just realised its in Aberdeen!?!?
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