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  • Morning Stripes and all!

    Shame about your first run with the Garmin. I had a similar run a couple of weeks ago just before my first club outing but it was ok in the end. The other runners will pull you through so don't be too disheartened.

    Does the Garmin look good? Things that concern me are battery life and finding the satellites which I heard can take ages. If you think it's worth the money I have my eye on one on eBay at the moment do Ill prob go for it.

    I ran a quick 2.5 miles on Sunday morning. I was out at 6.30 and I didn't pass a soul. Good way to start the day and burn off the booze from the night before.

    Mal - I've been through the lack of motivatoon too for the last few weeks but my club run is giving me a good reason to go out on a Tuesday. Just a short run of a mile now and again will keep you in shape. With a young family it must be difficult finding any time though so don't feel bad about it.
  • Hi Silver,

    The battery lasts about ten hours and the satellite lock on was really quick yesterday, maybe 30 seconds from turning it on. Not sure what kind of area is best to live in, mine is average, its not totally rural but its not exactly Manhattan either. The download from watch to computer is simple. The Garmin website is much better than the bundled software. Still learning about the watch but the options are great and the wealth of data it creates is amazing. I studied Friday's good 4 mile run intently but have yet to look at yesterdays disaster image

  • Sounds good Stripes. I'm going to go for it I think. I'll have a look on eBay tonight.

    Just did a steady 5.5k at lunchtime. All off road so loved it running through leaves and mud. The temp is still 17 degrees down here so it's lovely - grey skies but no rain so great for running although I had the wind full in my face for the last mile.

    Makes it worth coming to work when I can get out at lunchtime. I hate being stuck behind my desk all day!
  • Stripes, sorry to hear you've had a rubbish run and it has dented your confidence. I hope you have a brilliant run with the club to offset it. I'm not running enough for a Garmin but it sounds brilliant.

    Silver your run sounds lovely, I'm looking forward to getting to the stage when 5k is gentle!

    I got out for a run this afternoon, it was really good. A 2.5km loop through the park and alongside the river. I really enjoyed it so I may have found my groove again. I hope so.

  • Hi Mal. Well done with the 2.5k - that's a good distance when you are low on motivation. Which river do you run along as it sounds like a great route?

    It is hard work getting out sometimes and it's so easy to put it off. I just try to remember how good it feels when you finish. That feeling of satisfaction is second to none and worth all the effort.

    I kept my run relatively slow today so I have some energy for the club run tomorrow evening. Not that I'm that fast anyway but I know slowing down by 10 to 15 seconds a km makes a huge difference to how well I cope.

    Most important thing is that we both got out there and got a bit healthier and a bit fitter cos that's what it's all about!
  • Hi Mal and Silver, well done on your runs.

    Just got back from a great gig, saw Steve Earle at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham.

    Finally uploaded the run from Sunday and think I may have gone off too fast again, hoping that if I do go tomorrow I will find it easier running with others.

  • Morning All! Kids woke me up at stupid o'clock this morning as they haven't got used to the clock change this weekend. Too many sweets last night I think.

    Stripes have a great run this evening. Hope all goes well and they are a friendly bunch. I'm sure it will be fine.

    Best of Luck.
  • Hi all,

    Club run went well. Did about six miles with a couple of stops. Enjoyed running with other people. Spoke to a few of them and will definitely be going back. Glad I have done it and also that I have laid Sunday to rest.

    Now got next race this weekend to worry about image

  • Well done Stripes. Glad it went well tonight. Were there a lot of people there?

    I missed my club run tonight as I've been minding the kids all day and had to get them to bed this evening. Not too worried though as I've covered a few miles over the last 2 days. Really enjoying it too and may get out for another 5 or 6 tomorrow.

    I'm really pleased for you getting out with the club. Well done.

    Did you use the Garmin?
  • Hi Silver,

    Didn't use the Garmin, thought I would look a bit of a plonker first time there but lots of people had them. Will use it next week when I go. I'm getting the money for it as a birthday present so I shouldn't really be using it for 3 weeks until I hit the big four zero image

    There were lots of people there, between 30-40 I would guess. The stopping and starting was a bit of a shock to the system but I am sure I will get used to it. That is another thing that the Garmin can cope with, apparently you can set it so that it cuts out the time you have stopped without you having to turn it on and off again.

    Glad you are enjoying your running again. You have got to try a race now. You will get nagged until you do, especially when Booey gets back image

  • Hi Stripes. 30-40 is a good turn out. I know what you mean about the stopping it gets annoying sometimes and my legs tighten up too. We are only standing for a min or two max and that's only a couple of times throughout the evening though.

    Thinking about a lunchtime run today. May do the 7.5k route near the office if I have time. After a day with the kids yesterday I need a bit of freedom and a good run in the country would help.

  • Good stuff. I am gonna rest today then just do a gentle four tomorrow ready for Sunday.
  • Hi I am back image did you miss me image image

    I am mad mad busy at work as expected so its a quick hello and I will have to chat more tomorrow

    I had a great time away although the running plan didnt come together, we had a fair bit of rain and it just didn't happen but hey hoo

    Hopefully can get away 4.30ish to make running club tonight at 5.15

    Not had time to read back yet catch up 2moz *waves*

  • Well hello there Boo!

    Boy has it been quiet round here without you! I'm glad you're back as I was tempted to stray into those other threads where the serious runners lurk.

    Stripes has kept me company and you'll be pleased to hear we have both been putting in the miles over the last few days.

    So why no long run in Newquay? Was the weather that bad as its been great here v mild and dry. How did your hubby do with the windsurfing?

    I missed my club run last night due to family stuff and feel a bit miffed about it but it was a long day of school drop offs and swimming lessons so I felt like I'd run a marathon by 7.30.

    Enjoy your run this evening - I'll look for the lights on the horizon again!
  • Just come across this HM next weekend. It's made for me as my mother in law lives about 1/2 m from the start and a colleague of mine lives about 500 yards from the finish.

    It's virtually flat and all on paths etc which is what I'm used to.

    Am I mad to go for it?

  • Hi Booey, nice to have you back. Hope the weekend was good despite the weather.

    Silver, it looks like a good race but only you know if you are ready to go that far. Personally I wouldn't but I am always looking on the bleak side. Its not until 13th so you have got 11 days to prepare image

  • 11 days isn't long is it. I figure it would be a test and a good race as I know the area and it's very picturesque.

    The first half doesnt worrye as thats about 10k. I guess it doesn't matter if I end up walking some of the second half?

    I will see if I can get the wife's permission to have Sunday morning off and if she'll pick me up. From past experience that will almost be as hard as doing the run itself!
  • Hope you do get permission!
  • Hello stranger. You must stop teasing us with these short posts. Tell us what's going on in Maladroit Mansions! Did you get a chance to run anymore.

    Mrs Silver hasn't mentioned the email I sent her about the race since I got home So I know it won't be easy getting the nod!
  • If you get permission go for it if you feel its right for you but from what I was told last night the tip is to go as slow as you can for the first half and then see how you feel and take it from there.
  • Good advice Stripes. I always start slowly on a longer run to make sure I conserve some energy. I'll probably start at walking pace for a HM.

    Subject to the royal approval I think I'm going to give it a go.
  • Here's hoping.

    Hello Mal by the way from earlier image

  • Hi, thanks Stripes and Silver. Sorry for the short posts. I sometimes feel like I haven't got anything very interesting to say so I say nothing.

    Hello Booey too.

    Exciting things have been happening for us, we got a beautiful Dalmatian puppy this morning. She's lovely and has been really good so far. Hopefully I'll be able to run with her when she is old enough. For the moment I'm dying to get her vaccinations sorted so I can go for some lovely long walks with her and the kids.

    I've had a go at planning a little route for tomorrow so lets hope I didn't miss any glaringly obvious problems and end up wading through streams etc! I'm excited to be running with my lovely twin sister on Friday, she has to slow her pace quite a lot to run with me but we're always more out of breath from laughing than running by the end.

    Is that a bit better?!

  • Well I tried but the response was, in this order;

    You can't run that far yet

    You'll be out most of the day

    I can't be bothered to wait around for you for 2 hours to give you a lift home.

    I think that's a no then unless I take the boys with me and get the Bus back.

    I could now put my foot down and say I'm doing it anyway and suffer the silent treatment for the next week or I could try to slowly bring her round to my way of thinking but then I'll be forever in debt and get it on the neck for everything for the next month OR I could just forget it and have a quiet life. Oh decisions, decisions and to think all I wanted to do was go for a run! * holds head in hands and pours another glass of plonk*
  • Hey Mal, I've never got anything interesting to say but I don't let it stop me image

    Great news about the puppy, my partner and step-daughter keep dropping hints that we should get one but we are all working full time at the moment so it just isn't practical.

    Its must be good that you can plan a run with your sister, hope it goes well. Sure that having someone you are close to to run with must be a great help.

    I am hoping to do a race with my brother who is 7 years younger than me and very fit but he managed to break his ankle a few weeks ago so its not gonna happen for a good while. Can't believe the lengths he has gone to to avoid me image

  • Hi Silver, sounds very frustrating. Don't think any of us can give you advice on that one. Could just go a glass of wine myself now!
  • I'm on my third glass now and for some reason I've stopped caring about it. Hiccup!
  • Mal - I would love a dog but like Stripes we just don't have the time to look after one properly. Hope he settles in ok.

    By the way don't worry about writing interesting stuff - just read the rubbish I write - everything is interesting in some way.

    Great you are running with your twin sister. My brother is 3 years younger and also runs but he lives in York. In fact most of his runs are around the racecourse there. We dont see each other often but when we do we have a laugh - wish we lived closer really.
  • You two made me laugh!

    Stripes, your brother's showing some fairly impressive dedication to avoid running with you. Or is it an evil masterplan to train lots while your brother can't? Just how competitive are you??

    I'm lucky that even when I go back to work I work nights so they'll still always be someone here for the dog.

    Sorry to hear your wife didn't want you to go Silver, no advice for you but have you explained how much your wife's continued support means to you? Sorry, probably been done to death but I can't see why she wouldn't be supportive of something you're working so hard to achieve.

    I hardly ever get to run with my twin because we both have such busy lives but she only lives an hour away so try to every now and again. She's the one who got me into running. I've had cabin fever tonight with a clingy baby wanting to feed lots so can't wait to get out there and run for a bit tomorrow. I'm enjoying it a lot more now I can do a 15 minute stretch at a time, seems more worthwhile somehow.

  • Morning All!

    Sorry about the rambling messages last night I had had a few glasses and eventually finished the bottle.

    Mal have a great run with your sister. I think if you are now up to 15 mins continuous you will find it very easy to stretch this out to 30 mins over a few weeks. That's how it worked for me anyway.

    Stripes have a good run if you get out.

    I'm on school drop off and pick up duty again today but I may have found a window of opportunity to get out this afternoon. I may even manage a whole hour to myself. Joy! image

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