Seagrave Wolds Challenge 15.7

What can you tell me about this event?

It is close enough to my home to merit automatic consideration. 


  • Well Ben, what would you like to know?

    It is run mostly across farmland, crosses stiles, public footpaths etc.  No navigation skills needed as the route is fully (and very ably) marshalled.  If it has been wet the course can be extremely muddy which just adds to the fun.

    Approx. 50% of people that complete the course are walkers.  There are two checkpoints that will provide you with as much cake as you want.  At the finish you get a certificate and all the apple crumble you can eat.

    It is very much a no-frills event, no chip timing nonsense, no goody bag, just turn up and enjoy yourself.

    Er, running out of things to say, but please post back if you want to know anything else.  Except to say (from someone that enters 20-30 events a year) that this is absolutely my favourite event of the year, really cannot recommend it enough.  You say it is close enough to your home to merit automatic consideration - enter now because they will almost definitely reach their full capacity.  I have to travel a reasonable distance, but this will be my fourth consecutive year.

    Hope this is helpful.

  • That is certainly a very strong endorsement!

    Would you recommend trail shoes for this event?

  • Yes, I wear trail shoes.

    I just hope that, if you decide to enter, that you enjoy it now that I've "bigged it up" so much!  But I reckon it's a great way to spend a Saturday morning (usually very cold but normally one of those crisp, clear mornings), very friendly, informal etc., a challenging (but not too challenging) run through some great countryside - I had no idea that Leicestershire was so pretty.  In the short time I've entered this event I've seen it grow in popularity year on year as word spreads.

     Can't wait!

  • I guess it would keep me out of trouble for the morning. 
  • Hi Ben,

    For wht its worth its a great event I've done it the last few years both as a walker and also as a runner and its good fun whichever approach you take on the day. Raggedstaff's summed it up very nicely and I recommend enjoying it and the cake and drink stops and everyone is really friendly- its a brilliant event alround. I've ran it last few years ok in road shoes but depends how serious you are, lol


  • I am in now!

    See everybody on Saturday. 

  • Ben, did you enjoy the run?
  • I have now done pretty much every race of any consequence in Leicestershire, and I am prepared to say that this one was the most interesting and picturesque of the lot. 

    I can't fault the organisation.  It is a curious phenomenon, that the bigger the body organising a race, the more problems creep in.  My true passion lies with ultra distance races, but I will still consider taking time out of my calendar to do this event next year. 

    Your endorsement of this event is eminently justified. 

  • Hi Ben, glad you enjoyed the event too, it was top notch as always! See you there next year image
  • One further observation Raggedstaff

    The race director has contacted me thanking me for giving his race a good review on this site, and has asked me to pass on his thanks to you also. 

    Hows that for attention to detail?

  • I enjoy this race too - this time round was my third - I'm glad you weren't disappointed - lots of quirky things that make it special.
  • Ben, thanks for letting me know that.

    It is, as you say, fantastic attention to detail.

    But as you also have said, the guys work hard and get the basics right and everything flows from there.  I can compare this event to, say, the Coventry Half earlier in the year, run by a big events company for profit, and it was fairly shambolic really.

    So a big thumbs up to Mr Thompson, and I am already looking forward to next year's event!

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