Tadley Runners 10

Entries are still available for this race.


  • Online entries are open for another couple of weeks - close at midnight on 14/15 Oct - and we'll be accepting entries on the day.
  • I'll take this one on...after all havn't done many 10 milers.Also as coincidence has it my name's Tim and I'm an Ipswich supporter.
  • Just 1 week to go now! Online entries close at midnight 14/15 Oct. Entries will be accepted on the day.

  • Just 2 more days to go - and entries are still coming in! Online entries close at midnight 14/15 Oct. Entries will be accepted on the day.
  • Is there any chance of saying where the course goes,,, or can you just tell me if its near Pamper Heath road please
  • It's not that far from Pamber Heath but doesn't actually go over there.

    A summary of the course is:

    From Hurst Leisure Centre to Badgers Wood P/H then T/R into Wolverton Road.

    Down into Axmansford then up and T?L into Ham Lane.

    T/R then T/L and run up to Stony Heath past tennis courts/cricket club and on to Ramsdell church.

    T/L and run down to the White Hart PH in Charter Alley.

    T/L then T/L again into The Common.

    T/R then at the top of the hill T/R again and run past Tadley Place

    Run downhill past church and at botton of hill T/L through Church Brook farm

    T/L, T/L again and then T/R onto Baughurst Road

    It's now straight back - about 1 mile - to the finish,

  • Last chance to enter online - entries close at midnight tonight. Entries also accepted on the day.
  • Thanks for the directions of the race that helps
  • Ran this, this morning. Got a PB by 7 minutes (1hr 33mins) so am overjoyed! Great run, through some country lanes, undulated but nothing crazy. Marshals were friendly and helpful and very little cars to avoid. I think there was only around 200 ish runners there so it was really low key but I would definitely run this again. image
  • Yes it was a lovely race. I did run and must have just been infront of you .

    Great low key race worth doing again. Lovely momento

  • The results are now up on the Tadley runners web site.

    There is one result result unaccounted for, let us know if you completed it in 1:37 and are not listed.

    Glad you enjoyed it, if you like this don't forget our Xmas XC country.

  • A really enjoyable run with very little traffic.weather was fab,marshalls supportive and a top momento.

    See you next year.

  • X country already entered, this is brilliant every year hope we dont have to wait until March for it though!

    Great race today, although people with music were told only one ear piece, They were still wearing the two and were in situations where cars were trying to pass

    Never mind excellent run and marshalling

  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    Cheers Tadley, another great race. Loved it to bits, not a single thing even mildy out of place. Good momento.

    If you're Nicholas Newman, sorry for pipping you on the line. That's the fastest sprint I've managed all year!

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Thanks for all the positive comments - makes all the effort we put into organising this race seem worthwhile. As ITB says we are missing one runner - we think between position 164 and 175 - from the results. If anyone can identify themselves as missing please let me have details and I'll correct it.
  • Really enjoyed this race, decided to enter at the last minute and glad I did, the route was really lovely and the weather was perfect! it was really well organised with friendly marshalls an added bonus for me was that I got a new PB  image  Will definitely be back to run this one again next year image

  • Although it doesnt matter a great deal. I am recorded in the results as unattached. I am infact an Alton Runner and finished in 93.48


  • If you could send your details to timos2009@hotmail.co.uk I'll correct it. I can only find two Carolines in the list - one definitely unattached according to her entry form, and one attached to B & MH.
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