Hot spot on ball of foot and recurring blister

Hi all

I have a severe hot spot on the ball of my left foot, right is perfectly ok. I am lucky that it does not cause blisters, but it is painful so advise would be great.

Secondly I get a bllod bllister on the back of my right heel that keeps coming back, I have tried different shoes socks etc.. But it still comes back. I have tried tape and plasters but once they come unstuck it makes it worse. Again any ideas?

Cheers everyone, happy running


  • Pop it, let it heal then try again. Mine kept coming back till I popped them then no more! Good luck x

  • Update, traded my Asics for some Adidas Supernovas after seeing the guys at Swaetshop, blister is now going and the hot spot is a lot better as well. I think the Adidas have more cushioning on the heal that is helping the blister go.
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