Druid Ultra 1 day 30 MIler

HI there,

OK, I started runing 4 yrs ago and LOVE IT, done many halfs and 3 marathons BUT the latest was 2 weks ago at Denbies Wine Estate marathon which give me a mega buzz.........I spoke to a lovely chap who was amazing and he was running (I think he said) 208th marathon....and that gave me a mega buzz and alos when I finished a want more.

So, I am really thinking about doing the day 1, Friday November 11th stage 1 of the Druid Ultra.

Now I really need you help here as afte the Denbies I did a 6 miler and a spin class and had a head cold and took a week off, still got a bit of a head cold but is cerainly on the way out.

I am needing to know what my next steps re training should be as I will have 6 weeks from this Friday before race day doing 30 miles. I really need so guidance please and would really apprecite any help.

At a guess thinking of doing say long runs in the region of say next Monday (my long run day) 12 miles then next Monday after that 15, then next Monday  17, then a 13 then a week later 21? with 2 x 6 miles midweek and a spin class too? + 1 session of core stabilty?

All the very best.



  • Phew - Bear needs to lie down after reading that!   Looks fine to me.  Don't neglect hill training - although you probably did quite a few hills at the Denbies Marathon.   You might like the Pilgrims Challenge organised by same outfit and held in February which is 33 miles along North Downs Way from Farnham to Merstham and allows you to sample the delights of the Box Hill steps and Reigate Hill - just in case the Denbies route missed them out image.
  • HI there Bear,

    is the Druids HILLY? and would normal road asic shoes be ok? Have been trying to call the organiser but no luck image

  • There are a couple of steepish climbs, particularly after Wendover.  It is very mixed terrain - but I have always found road shoes ok.  The last few miles can be quite tough going if it has been wet as, although flat, it is deeply rutted track in some places and the soil is heavy clay.  How long do you think it will take you?  It gets dark quite early and you might have to finish in the dark. 
  • I ran Denbies first half in 2hr 10 then another 2hr 40 for ther last half. I will certainly run first and the latter part walk and run I guess, eta 5:30 to 6hrs. Are you doing this yourself?

    Many thanks.


  • Yes, doing the full three days at a slow waddle.  Have done it twice before so am a glutton for punishmentimage.
  • Some sections of the Ridgeway especially around Wantage/Swindon are hilly so shoes with a good grip are advisable. It's been dry so far and the Ridgeway trail is not that muddy as it's chalk and stones on the surface so road shoes may just about make it. If it's going to be wet though you may struggle.

    Ridgeway is my second home so I would love to run it all the way through, maybe next year.

  • Did all three days last year and the year before but can only do the first day this year. This makes me feel extremely sad.
    I would do a face with tears streaming down if i could.
    Never mind though i'm sure i'll get a good hit out of just the 30 miler. It's still a long way and also a bit hilly.
  • I am really looking forward to this.  did the MDS this year, walked 75% of the thing, but managed to get the Ultra Race peaks and Chester Marathon on between then and now, so feeling good about it.  I am looking forward to the more relaxed air there will be compared to the MDS, which was pretty full on.

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