Mizuno Wave Cabrakan

Another pair of Mizuno Wave Harriers is about to bite the dust and I was going to replace with the same again. I actually prefer these over the Wave Ascends. Just checked pricing on Wiggle and noticed the Mizuno Wave Cabrakan. I've not come across these before - does anyone have any experience of these or know how they compar to the Harrier?


  • Wave Cabrakan is a great shoe but if your used to harriers and ascends your going to find it heavier ( +40gr ) and  less flexible and dynamic.  Overall its a more protective built up shoe with water resistant mesh.  If you really like harrier I think youll find the cabrakan to be too much shoe for you
  • Cheers Nick - not sure the're for me then. I'm not a great fan of more built up/heavier shoes generally nor water resistance for that matter. (Your feet will generally get wet whatever your shoes are made of!) I'll maybe try some on if I happen across them but as I've not seen any in a local shop as yet, seems like a new pair of Harriers will be on the way soon....

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