Suspect IT band problem.

Hello All,

I'm due to attend the royal parks 1/2 in 2 weeks, bee plagued with niggles all the time I've been training, but tended to just carry on.

I was having a bit of grief from my left hip and always have a clicky knee, but nothing I couldn't cope with, however, i went out on Monday, 3.5 miles or so into the run, I had a little twinge.

Carried on as I'm now 1/2 way to gym, when i got to the gym, had a little sprint (ish) to finish, but within about 30 sec's I was in agony. Yesterday noticed knee was swollen to almost double it's size....

I'm booked in for a sports massage and hitting the foam roller hard, I'm still hoping to run the 1/2, but interested to hear from any suffers.



  • I'm recently a sufferer (no idea why, never had it before) and I'm surprised the knee is swollen, although I have a tendency to stick an ice pack on the side of my knee after every session otherwise it's even more painful. Even so, the times when I haven't done this, I've had no swelling.

    I'm not 100% sure that this is definitely ITBS from your description, although obviously people's bodies react in different ways. Hopefully the sports masseur (if they're halfway decent) will know, but either way I wouldn't worry about the half. As long as you do plenty of foam rolling, ITB stretching, icing etc between now and the half and try not to do too much distance you'll struggle through it.

    I read somewhere that fast not long while recovering from ITBS (if that's what it is), so if you want to be sure, do regular short runs until the half.
  • Thanks for the reply Wej,

    Had a chat with the guy who runs are local running shop today, he's convinced it's IT band, hoping that the massage works and helps.

    I'll be doing the 1/2 even if I have to walk the majority, I need to collect sponsor money of 1 guy for sure!

  • Stepway - if it is ITBS, I've found yoga really helped when I had a twinge a few times.
  • Thanks AllNew,

    I've had the massage today, the left band was seriously tight according to the masseuse, who gave my legs a good hit, just got off the roller again and it's feeling better and not a tight.

    Just need to hope for the best and put as much time into rolling as possible.

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