Half Ironman 2012


I was wondering if anyone can tell me what half Ironmans there are in 2012 in the UK early next year? I'm struggling to find any good websites explaining this to me.

I want to try and do one the earliest I can.

 Thanks in advance,


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    Have you tried the events tab above?  There's a separate one for tris and you can filter by month and distance.  Most UK tris are in the summer, you'll find few in the winter unless you're willing to travel.

  • you're better asking this question in the Tri forum not Events but while I'm here, the best 2 sites for event listings in the UK are the BTF website and Tri247

    when you say early 2012, what month are you thinking?? you won't find anything earlier than May at 1/2 IM distance and the earliest is Marshman in Kent on 6th May.

    if you want earlier, you'll have to go overseas to warmer climes as UK open water is too cold for swimming before May.
  • Ooops. Apologies for posting in the wrong bit. Incidentally the one in Kent sounds perfect for me.

     I'll have a search on the recommended site's though.

     I'm grateful for the speedy replies.

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