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I want a head torch with 100+ lumens. My brightest is only 70. I also need it to last at least 4 hours for longer night time runs. If this means a separate battery pack that's fine. Googling around finds several but need some feedback on how well they work - comfort, weight, battery life etc.

Any feedback?


  • Have you considered a Petzl Myo RXP? It's 175 grams (balanced back to front) and Petzl claims 140 lumens. I'm mostly happy with it for running, though have recently craved something even brighter. To be honest, I can't remember if it burns 4 hours, but I suspect that it does.

    The Petzl Ultra is in another category of bright, but it's heavier, so personally wouldn't be my pick for running. Same for the Silva Alpha and upcoming Sprint. (Though the Silvas seem to have a nice strap assembly, so perhaps that would help with the weight.)

    I have no experience with it, but the high £££ and bright and light option might be a Lupine Piko X Duo.

    If you're handy with a soldering iron, you can build your own ~700 lumen unit quite easily and (relatively) inexpensively. (Part of the downside to all that is sourcing all the components, including fancy batteries.) Visit; head for the Lights DIY forum. Look for the threads on easy2led housings.

  • Alpkit gamma is 88 lumens for £12.50.

    I think 4 hours burn would be possible from it - but never tried a run of that length at night !

    At the price you could buy two of them and swap when one dims ? Cant see that you can get ultra bright and ultra long unless you have expensive specialised batteries.
  • The claimed burn time on high for the gamma is 10 hours, which agrees with my experience.  When the batteries do fail it's a very sharp drop off, so better to carry a spare set of batteries (unless you know your's are fresh).

  • Thanks for the ideas everyone. Ideally I'd like to get 12 hours but will carry a spare and spare batteries. That's why at least 4 hours. Rechargeable packs might be good but they do limit carrying spares batteries.

    A bit difficult to try before I buy.

    Silva sprint is going to cost €450 euros. My car isn't worth much more and that has 2 very bright lights!

    Still undecided?
  • Still think the best all rounder is the LED Lenser H7R (170 Lumen version).

    It has more than enough light for most situations, is very light and comfortable to run in, can be focussed from spot to flood and high to low power even with a gloved hand, has good battery life (on medium settings), rechargeable from USB or mains (or you can even take AAAs as back up and to extend battery life) and all for under around £45. Even comes in a snazzy bag?! What's not to like?

  • Just took delivery of a LED Lenser H7R myself - nice looking bit of kit. Plan to test it out Saturday early am.
  • I look forward to the review Rich1. We both have the identical requirement!
  • The 160 Lumin Lenser H7R I use lets me run deep into the forest when its pitch black, even on 70% power I can pick out distant obstacles well in advance... on full power I can easily follow the trees harvester trails at normal day light pace...

  • I use mine in simialr terrain - mainly through Beech woods. I use to regular lose my way or trip  on obstacles with my old Myo XP (which was by no means a bad light) but the H7 is in another league. The ability to move through the power levels and focus so easily whilst still running  is extremely helpful, especially on varied terrain and by fouciing on full power you can pick out a footpath sign/gate/style etc from quite a distance.

    One problem I did have early on was the ratchet mechanism was a tad lose and the light tipped down occasionally when running fast over rough ground, but with a careful bit of prodding with a screwdriver that was easily resolved. I know from the fell runners forum that one or two others resolved this problem by replacing the pin with a bolt, but most people on there never seemed to even have this problem in the first place.

  • Just got back from my first proper "dark" run - left at 5 so got 1-1.5 hrs trial of the LED Lenser 170 head torch.

    Baically - Great bit of kit!
    Didn't even have it on half power and could quite run at just about normal pace for long slow run. Running on paths along drain ways in Lincolnshire - no problem picking clearest route. Had it on wide beam most the time - spot would be handy for signs, map reading etc.

    Totally recommend
  • Rennur wrote (see)

    If you're handy with a soldering iron, you can build your own ~700 lumen unit quite easily and (relatively) inexpensively. (Part of the downside to all that is sourcing all the components, including fancy batteries.) Visit; head for the Lights DIY forum. Look for the threads on easy2led housings.

    Having looked on there, there's some damned bright lights being madeimage

    I use 2 1/2 watt rear-lights on my work-bike (a Dyna-Tech Ti), & have had drivers comment on their brightness, one 'flashes', the other just 'on'. 

    However there's someone on that forum who built a 3 watt tail-light, that'll be an incredible beastie in traffic!!!!

    And as for the guy with the LEDs that (almost) set fire to paper........................... imagine that as a headtorch......

  • That mtbr forum can be a heavy time vacuum... but very entertaining when the high beams go on. Plus, the regulars are extremely helpful to noobs.
  • Gone for the LED lenser 170 lumen. Look forward to getting the toy. Tempted by the 2000 lumen torch but no....

    Thanks for the help
  • How do you like the Lenser Hillheader ?

    Ive just got rid of my petzl tikka xp2 cos it just wasnt bright enough for downhill ruuning. Have narrowed the replacement down to either the Lenser H7R, Myo RXP, or Princeton Tec Apex Pro (New 200 lumen version) but I cant see any reviews on the latter.

  • Depending on the PT version you get, you might find the weight a bit much. My ~700 lumen homemade is around 250 grams, and while that's bearable, it's not ideal. I'm much happier with the 180g Petzl (which would be comparable to the PT running CR123s).

    Only other minor point is that the Lenser H7 isn't regulated, so will dim over the course of its battery life.

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