what goes up can't come down......

After running uphill recently, i am unable to run down. In fact i can barely walk.....

The uphill running is fine. 200m + ascent over quite short distance feels ok. However, at the peak i'm met with crippling pain at the base of my calf muscles, and barely manage a walking decent. The pain subsides quickly (less than an hour),and i'm fine the next day.....

This has been going on for a few weeks now. Flat runs and small elevation changes don't set "it" off.

Any thoughts, hints or both would be appreciated!


  • I'd suggest the uphills are the problem, not the downhills. Are you going up the hills on the balls of your foot or are your heels touching down too? Also, are you shortening your stride as you go up hill as well as slowly down your pace? I would suggest going up hills slower and ensuring you're not running on the balls of your feet, with a shortened stride too.
  • Why would you say that AllNew. It seems to contradict the advice given for hill running by RW. (or do you mean toes not forefoot?)

    Personally I think that you are just doing too much too fast. You need to take the hills easier, less ascent, less speed and shorter hills. Vuild up slowly as you would any part of your training.

    Stretch your calf muscles and ahcilles after you ascents. If you ensure that you land on your fore or midfoot and touch your heels to the floor with every stride then this will stretch as you run. Massage afterward or use a foam roller or similar.


  • Yep, I mean go up on your forefoot, rather than toes.
  • Thanks both for posting. Unfortunately i'm already doing all you suggest and what is mentioned via the link from kity ......

    I've built up my hilly running over months and have learned a fair bit, but this has me stumped! I tried a flat run tonight after a downhill fail yesterday - disaster! I didn't make 2 miles before limping home in crippling agony!
    It feels like i had really over-strained the link between calf and achilles .

    I think a weekend of rest, ice, and a massage if can get one.....

    If that is the problem area, does anyone know how to improve where muscle meets tendon? My calves feel fine, my achilles aren't tender, but they aren't getting on well together!
  • Personally I'd avoid deliberate forefoot landing on the uphills if this isnt already your natural gait.

    Going uphill puts a lot of strain on the calf, and even more so if you decide to suddenly start landing forefoot - no wonder you have calf/achilles trouble.

    Is this a hill reps training session you are attempting, or is it just a big hill you come across in your run route?

    If its just the odd big hil, you need to shorten your stride and maintain the same perceived effort on the hill as you do on the flat - ie slow down a bit and pump the arms. Unless you are fell running the calves really shouldnt be so bad that you can walk or run on the flat afterwards.

    "base of the calf muscle" sounds like good old fashioned achilles trouble

  • I do most of my running out in the country lanes of south Wales, and i've been going up and down the odd hill just fine. When it gets a bit steep i do just what you guys have been saying - slow pace, keep the arms going, make sure i'm not running up on my toes etc.
    The difference recently came when specifically seeking out a big hill challenge.

    I don't know how much of a challenge it is to anyone else, but something like 250m elevation gain over 2.7k run was Wednesday evening's task.

    I had planned to incorporate this into a larger run. I set off fine, the hill was fine, but i couldn't run back down. The running ended there.

    That's happened a few times now. I've done more elevation change across larger distances for months, but compressing it seems to strain something.

    If it was the achilles itself, shouldn't i be able to tell? Stretching it doesn't hurt, poking prodding or pinching doesn't hurt.....
  • Ok then... Physio says it's a nerve issue due to recurring minor back trouble....

    Just goes to show, if you can't figure it out in a couple of weeks , see a pro. I would never have seen that coming, or known how to fix it.

    Thanks to all who posted.
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