Ballot Entry London Marathon has to CHANGE

This morning I recieved a poor excuse of an rejection letter telling me that the last 9 months of my traing for next years 2012 London marathon has been for nothing.

I signed up for the London Marathon on the first day that people could enter, along with many others only to then learn of the ballot entry. I didnt really understand this methode then and I dont understand why this f ucked up system has to be used. After all is the winner of the London Marathon decided by ballot or by who is first past the finish. This country also rejected the AV voting system.

I will not enter the London Marathon ever again, nor will I have anything to do with the london marathon until this bullshit entry system is changed!

What I do want to suggest is that those who do get to run the marathon, put their running numbers in a hat so we can draw the winner of the 2012 London Marathon on the same basis that they allow competitors to run.




  • It's a shame you didn't put your name in the hat when Dave Bedford decided to step down as Director of the race. I think you have some original ideas.
  • Have you been training on the moon?

    You cannot complain that you didnt get in if you didnt understand the method?  There are oodles of marathons out there that you can do so that your training wont go to waste

    London marathon really do not need your entry, that is why it is over subscribed by many many thousands of people and that is why it is ballotted and that is why many many people complain year after year

    Go and find another cheaper) marathon and enjoy your training
  • I'm sure you could find another marathon to run in April 2012.
  • It isn't a great system, I think most people would agree on that but other than that I'm sorry but you should have done your research.

    There is a wealth of information on  the VLM website and, indeed, on these forums about how the ballot system works - it's hardly rocket science either so I don't know how you claim not to understand it.

    And you haven't  "wasted" 9 months of  training, there are other marathons you can run.  You might have "wasted" money by bequeathng your entry fee but you don't have to pay up front - or did this escape you too?

    Perhaps you would care to explain what rejecting AV has got to go with the VLM ballot too? I'd be intrigued to know. image

  • Maybe if two rejected applicants got together - and raised enough money for charidee, of course - they could run it together as a three-legged coalition?
  • I'm not quite sure I understand your grievance.

    Applying for a VLM place through the ballot system is always a gamble. There are more people wanting to run than there are places.

    There are other ways of securing a place - club place; GFA; charity place.

    London isn't the only marathon out there, nor is it the best. Plenty I'd far rather run.

  • wow what an opening post... well really I can't say anything more or new than what has already been said.

    I'm currently waiting for either my 4th rejection letter or my 1st acceptance to London Marathon.

    As you'll see in the booklet you received there are lots and lots of other marathons out there, all the same distance as London and probably more enjoyable maybe.

    Dont waste your training and try not to take the rejection personally. A 35000 place race which takes about 100k entries, some people are going to be disapointed.

  • Tin Tin not in? As someone once said to me. Don't give me your problems give my your solutions. What are the ideas for the improvement or indeed the removal of the ballot system? First up Tint Tin(it's out)
  • Loads more and better marathons than London and in better locations.

    How on earth did you manage to enter without understanding the ballot? Simple logistics - 100,000 aspiring runners and 40,000 places. Nowhere on the enrty forms and other "bumpf" does it say "first come first served".

  • Failing what you've suggested tin tin (not in) try lurking about on these forums March/April time and start a thread asking if people have a place they dont want...

  • What do you suggest instead Tin-Tin?

    Let all 120,000 people who want to run do so? 

    As others have pointed out - there are lots of other Spring marathons you could do instead (although Brighton is full too!).

    Or did you misunderstand, and think that London is the only marathon in the world, as many people seem to?

  • Is there a marathon in London? Never heard of it.
  • do Edinburgh instead....simples!

  • ..... and this reaction after you have only entered on ballot once? Oh dear....
  • at work, anxiously waiting for my daughter or hubby to txt me when the post arrives......  was meant to be running Chester in 2 weeks, but had to pull out due to injury. really, really want to get a place for london 2012. if not, Edinburgh is on my "to do" list too.......
  • Isn't this a bit like complaining you haven't won the lottery, despite the fact that you bought your ticket on time?!
  • First come first served like the entry for most marathons on the Continent is the way to go.

  • This is not a phrase I usually like, but for once I think it applies: "it is what it is" ....
  • i think i'm going to do the Barcelona one instead, i also got the rejection letter, barcelona is prettier anyway.
  • Mr Bump wrote (see)

    First come first served like the entry for most marathons on the Continent is the way to go.

    Well, YOU can be the one to host the web servers then !
  • Think the key word on the entry form page was 'ballot' - there's nothing about guaranteed entries for all. Either that or train for a few years to get a  GFA.
  • I will continue to enter the VLM ballot, but will still enter Brighton Marathon every year. I love Brighton marathon much more image I had to get five rejection to get my VLM place this year and did it a week after Brighton marathon.  May enter Halstead marathon this years as I thought 3 marathons was pushing it for me.

    Hoping to see the lucky ones at the reclaim baggage trucks next year.

  • Going to be with my mate Tracey at Brighton again. And Beachy Head marathon too hopefully. We're going to be such great mates TG
  • Its a shame there aren't enough places for everyone, but I'm confused what you think is a better system?

    I agree with Nam's statement 'complaining you haven't won the lottery despite the fact you bought your ticket on time' plus, you didn't have to pay for your ticket!

    There's plenty of other people in the same boat mate. Chin up, and find another event which will be just as fun.
  • Marc, welcome to the group! I'm running Barcelona as well image
  • I did London last year for charity. This year I entered the ballot but now I really hope I wont get in! I've already signed up for Barcelona and can't really be bothered with London again.

    Tin tin, you can have my race number if I get in image
  • Mr Bump wrote (see)

    First come first served like the entry for most marathons on the Continent is the way to go.

    I think 120,000 people all trying to enter as the ballot opens might cause a few problems.

    I actually think the old paper entry system was better - you had to go and find a copy of the magazine (thereby cutting down the impulse entries), and when they were all gone then the limit for entries to the ballot had been reached. 

    It saved everyone trying to get on line at the same time and making the system crash.

    People used to complain about the paper system, saying that it should be done on line - well now it is, and everyone is still complaining! 

  • I think they should just knock in on the head.  That would shut everyone up!
  • I also received my rejection in the post today. I do not know the ballot system works nor am I interested in it, am quietly relieved I didn't get in, I just don't understand why ballot at all and not first come first served like it's in Berlin.
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