Plymouth 10k

So who's running in November and how's the training going?


  • Good performance

    is good product!!!!! I would like to share with all of you!!!!!
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  • I am! Training is going ok but getting a PB is looking unlikely.

  • I am looking forward to a good race, fast and flat hopefully.
  • I'll be there, hopefully!!! I seem to get my PB's on hilly courses for some reason, so don't know how I'll fair on this flatter course!! Looking forward to giving it a good shot though!! Just hope it's not too chilly on a November day at 8.15am..............
  • Yep, I'll be there. Going down from Bristol. I see in the race pack no mention of pens for predicted times. Does this mean quicker runners mixed up with slower? Could be carnage with 3000 runners. Hope not!
  • Haha I did get a pb in the end! Great race!
  • Yay!! Well done Heather!!! I managed a PB too, so good day all round!! I did enjoy it and the weather was perfect, albeit a tad chilly whilst waiting for the off......plenty of jumping around kept me warm though!! Well done Plymouth 10k team.......great race in my eyes!!!!!!
  • Agreed. PB for me as well. Also managed to be first placed in my age cat 40, although 2 over 45's beat me! Flat course but a couple of cheeky inclines. 6 mile was toughly?
  • well done to 3 PBs for you guys...not a PB for me but 11th overall will do. as flat as plymouth can offer i suppose. great running on roads that are normally busy with cars and upsetting people who moan about closed roads and unable to get to the shops..........
  • Makes me wonder why it's a big issue to close roads in Plymouth when Bristol is a much bigger city but no complaints there? 11000 runners at Bristol this year and roads closed from 7am to 1300pm.
  • Hi all


    Running the Plymouth 10k on Nov 4th 2012 ,just wondered if anyone has received their numbers/chips yet?

  • No not yet.........waiting patiently!!! Not long to go now!!!

  • Number and chip received!Cant wait to run in the city where I was born!

  • Susie- I was the same last year, returning to my home town for the inaugural 10k.

    Nice fast, flat course and good conditions resulted in a nice PB! I expect there will be a bigger field this year, only about 1000 last year which is poor for a fairly big city!

    I am not running this year as recovering from Dartmoor Vale marathon Sunday before last. Don't think the legs could handle a pacey run. Good luck.
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