Rejected.... again :-(

Yet another year goes by and yet another rejection for the London Marathon...image  that will be 5 comiseration magazines in a row for my collection.

Anyone have any suggestions for a Marathon in the spring that I can train for???


  • how about Edinburgh image !!!! and ONLY  £46 if you are a club member, is the money filling the same pockets?

  • How much image, the flight up there would be cheaper!!!  Bet the London guys have a cut of that!!!

    I'm thinking towards the Milton Keynes Marathon the week after the London, that's £10 cheaper and wouldn't have to fly to get there!!!

  • Well, what sort of thing do you fancy? If you don't run well in warm weather that's important to know. If you're strapped for cash and need somewhere you can hitchhike or cycle to / camp at then that's important too. If you're definitely superkeen on a city race or a certain level of support, or conversely could be swayed by somewhere e.g. very scenic but quiet...

     In the UK... big cities... Manchester marathon is starting up again next spring. And Edinburgh is probably not full yet but it is plagued by problems of one sort or another... it just seems slightly unlucky!

    There are loads of little UK ones. Usually vaguely scenic, pretty much always friendly, but not really hordes of screaming supporters.

    If you're up for a cheap flight + hostel (or more) there are nice city races all over Europe. I've done Hamburg and Zurich (to name 2 spring ones) . Take a look at the reviews on and see what catches your fancy. People like Barcelona & Seville too so I hear. Then there is Rotterdam for fast times (heatwaves aside) or Paris for having people pee on your feet (allegedly ;D). Lots.

    Or if you fancy a downhill one (net) and aren't worried by having NO SUPPORTERS OUT THERE AT ALL then Malta is at the end of Feb and has a medal like a brick.

    I suspect that not getting in may be the best thing that ever happened to you image

  • Sorry xpost...

  • Thanks Fido, lots for me to think about there!  Excellent post image

    I will have a look at the European ones, could be an excuse for us to book the kids in with the Grandparents for a weekend and me and the missus can make a weekend break of it.

    Cheers, I will give that option some serious thought!!!

  • 5th time lucky for me. Got the good news today. Tried booking a hotel in greenwich only to find they are already booked. [ any tips on getting there and back ]
  • Hull in East Yorkshire are having a marathon in April next year as part of a festival of running, i'm hoping to complete the Woldsman 50 miler the same weekend. promised myself and running mate if we didn't get London then we'd do the LDWA  Woldsman instead, 12 hours to beat !!! and its only £15 and you get fed and watered on the course, badge & certificate included image 

  • lightspeed wrote (see)
    5th time lucky for me. Got the good news today. Tried booking a hotel in greenwich only to find they are already booked. [ any tips on getting there and back ]
    Why not try a hotel on the south London/Kent Borders ? Will only take a short train/bus ride to Greenwich park. Have you tried hotels in Blackheath, Welling, Bexleyheath, Dartford etc.
  • llanelli .mid april .a real pb courseimage
  • Lightspeed - Depends where you have to go to get home after the marathon but I would recommend you book a hotel nearer the finish rather than the start and you get free tube travel on the morning with your running number.

    Last time I stayed at the Radisson Kenilworth at a very good rate for central London and it is near plenty of pasta places like Carluccio's for a decent meal the night before. 

  • What's frustrating is that under the previous sponsors of the London Marathon if you failed in the ballot 4 or 5 times you were guaranteed a place next time around. At least that gave you a bit of heart because you knew that eventually after a certain number of years you would get a place!

    Virgin for some reason don't do this anymore.
  • Got my second rejection in a row so signed up for Edinburgh, will make a weekend of it.
  • I do feel really lucky to get a ballot place so im going to make the most of it.
  • I think I have (almost) settled on the Greater Manchester Marathon the week after the VLM.  Will give me something to train hard for over the winter when it is hard to drag my backside out into the gloom.

    I was gutted when they stopped the 5 rejections and you're in policy, it was the light at the end of the rejection tunnel for me image  I know I can't commit to raising £2k between now and then, I don't think I could bear the pressure of that, I always raise money for Charity when I run the GNR but that is my choice as I got in through the ballot, no pressure to reach a certain amount...

    Oh well, if London doesn't want me let's see how Manchester welcomes me!!!

  • Manchester seems good to me too,
  • Got my 6th rejection. Ran through a charity last year though. Paris is far better! Do Paris the week before London! Great course! Great sights!

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