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  • Dear all, thanks for all your support on the multiple forums, Facebook and calls to the office. Indeed it was always our vision to change the face of Ironman racing in the UK to be more athlete, supporter and community focussed. To have been able to secure this race in such a location is a credit to so many people, not just the team here in AW but government, council and the local communities that came out in their thousands to support.

    To date we have a few outstanding issues we are dealing with for 2011 which many of you are aware of. We are awaiting a reply re our proposals for 2012, as well as quality guarantees on all levels. Having had over 40 calls today, as far as we are aware the race is still on for 2012, but you will need to contact Kevin and his team to get full clarification a to whether the council have confirmed this in writing.

    Whatever our decision, the location is ideal for long course racing and we need to keep this dream alive of delivering a world class triathlon event here in Pembrokeshire. We chose the Ironman brand to come here and remain committed to all those we promised that a race of such stature could change lives. It has and we will continue to be a passionate partner as long as we feel it is right on all levels and our partnership with the team at World Endurance UK is one that can continue to deliver a race of such quality, which we are sure we can. Together we will come to a conclusion and once that decision is made, as athletes, supporters and friends you will be the first to know.

    Matt, Scott and the Team
  • +1 to 8Iron and the AW team

    we're all behind you guys
  • Ditto what fb said , and hoping for positive outcome ..
  • Yes fingers crossed here too.

  • sorry to drop straight back in.  Please rest assured we are 100% convinced this race will go ahead and whomever runs in I am sure it will be an excellent race.  Hey, it must go ahead! The reason for our comment as mentioned on facebook is that we had over 40 calls on friday from athletes.  Some, well most, wanted us to give them cast iron guarantees that the race is on.  This we cannot do as we have not met with Kevin, the safety advisory group (SAG) or the council.  Also a lot of work needs to be done reviewing the effect of the road closures last year, ways to integrate the race further into the community to get the crowds even bigger!! As we have not been involved in these yet, actually they have not happened yet, we cannot give these guarantees.

    But this race will happen we are sure of it.  It has to happen and it has to grow and grow and be the best race in the world.  Involved or not involved it will always be so important to Wales and Triathlon that the race is bigger than who does or does not organise it.

    I am aware Kevin had a good meeting with the council and having worked closely with the team in Pembrokeshire on IM and Long course; they are excellent in detail and worked tirelessly with us last year.  

    Dont worry guys!  Keep training, book your hotels and get ready for what will be an awesome week in Wales.
  • Thank you for the reassurance 8Iron, I needed that after seeing FB and the messages on here. Always nice to know, even if you can't state the race will go ahead that what is due to be my first IM will at least be more than likely to be there when i get there! Hotel booking in progress and training well underway.

    Good luck with sorting out the issues that i can only imagine must be massive when it comes to putting on an event of this magnitude even without inter organisational difficulties!

  • sorry to say guys but the ironman train marched on. They have taken the Ironman wales page - deleted all your comments and set a new page up run but Kevin and co at IMUK. Just so you know we will not be responding there anymore!!

    We have had to start a fresh page and can be found here. Will post any updates we have on 2012 IM Wales here:
  • one word "shit"

    Challenge Henley it is then

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    So will you have any involvement in this years IMW? 

  • not sure. we spoke with Tampa yesterday and looked like they had taken on board a lot of comments and chatting next week. Then late last night they took down the Facebook page, deleted 2,600 friends and started again!! Always second guessing.
  • That sounds a bit rough 8Iron ... sounds like its their loss 
  • Very sad.

    The Long course weekend is still all yours though I hope?

  • Well I'm really sad to hear about the way you're being treated.  Last years event was truly awesome.
  • Oh yes and long course is going to be a great weekend!!!
  • Iron Pingu wrote (see)
    Well I'm really sad to hear about the way you're being treated. Last years event was truly awesome.


    you guys were awesome - thank you.

    it made a huge impact that you were prepared to listen to and engage with the athletes - good luck with future events

  • what a bunch of twunts at WTC and WEUK

    hope you get somewhere with Tampa Matt but it's not looking good.

    bang goes pirate support in 2012 and onwards if AW aren't involved
  • Very dissapointing to see how Activity Wales are being treated after the tremendous event they put on for us last year.   Seems that the WTC have stuck there collective heads in the sand ( or somewhere else where the sun cant reach ) , and by deleting those facebook comments  , rather than take any notice of the huge amount of feedback from those that were actually there spectating/competing/volunteering and responding with something constructive...  are really letting a golden opportunity to cement IMW as the "must do" event for the European tour slip through their hands.   epic fail IMO

     I'll remain hopeful , seeing as how they have my money for 2012 already ... but it definately wont be the same without AW involvement ( did mumbles last year as well.. another great AW event so not basing this view purely on IMW )  ... Quite frankly this is gonna be bloody awful for us slow old huffers that rely heavily on the support and encouragement of the locals and other competitors if it doesnt get the Piratey stamp of approval and a good dose of AW management image   

    Fingers crossed 8iron  et al

    looking for the silver lining ... i guess if IMUK are at the helm then at least i can look forward to a shorter marathon ??

  • Hey Slag, don't worry, I'm still heading down there with my mate Kathy who will cheerfully shout 'SLUUUUT' at you again image.

  • Iron Pingu wrote (see)

    Hey Slag, don't worry, I'm still heading down there with my mate Kathy who will cheerfully shout 'SLUUUUT' at you again image.

    hahahahaha ... yes that was a special moment in last years .  Thanks Pingu image

  • I am glad my main event of the year is the outlaw but will still do this as a bit of training.
  • On the FB IM page, IM said IMW was still going ahead  and that "we are sorry for the confusion and headache a third party has caused in this matter." Nice. image
  • Ive just paid up and entered this as my first IM and im not wondering what the hell i have done.Having not experienced the race or any other IM before im not really in a position to say about the issues with activreaity wales bit from what ive read on here and facebook it seems it would be a loss if they are not to be involved.Im hopeful of a great event and just want to finish.
  • Bobby - it will be a shame that AW won't be involved, but don't let that stuff effect you - you just need to get on with the training - particularly the bike! It is a staggeringly beautiful course - you'll love it
  • +1 with Mr Z

    Bobby - don't worry about the politics going on between AW and IM, the event will still be there and it's the course that makes it such a great event. it's beautiful, challenging, and in a lovely part of the world - just do it for that.

    the politics is something that many of us who competed last year feel very strongly about (and many of us have done multiple IM all over the world so have seen other IM event organisation/disorganisation) but that shouldn't detract you as a 1st timer.

    just focus on that finish and train accordingly
  • I have today pulled out from IMW, having been toying with it for a considerable time ever since I was given a date for an evaluation at a sports clinic to see if they can do something for me to get me running again. If I have to undergo an operation there's no telling how long my recovery will be. That, and the possible organizational problems that seem to be looming over this event, have sadly made up my mind. No IM for me this year.
  • gutted for you IW

  • Thanks SA. I'm still refusing to give up hope, I've been a runner since I was 11 years old so it's a part of me just like eating, breathing and sleeping. Now in my 3rd month of no running at all and it's driving me bananas.
  • FFS Wales last year was the best event i have ever done and rekindled my faith in the IM brand after so so IMUK events both at Sherborne and Bolton I just do not get it why change a winning formula that could only improve and by delating the FB comments they just show the contempt they seem to show to the people who pay their wages i.e US image, hopefully it will still be a cracking event the people of Tenby and the surrounding area realy got behind it and deserve an event (and subsequent much needed income) that reflects their awesome support, heres hoping but if the original IMUK clowns get involved I have my doubtsimage
  • Chin up UIW image I hope it all comes good in the end
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