Hamstring injury not improving

I started with a niggle in my left hamstring since about this time last year (noticed it pulling in a 10 mile race) and after a few months of ignoring it but then not being able to do any speed sessions, I went out for a steady 8 mile trail run back in July and had to stop and walk after 2 miles as the pain was excrutiating and burning.

So at this point I bit the bullet and went to see a sports physio who did deep massage to break down the scar tissue and gave me sets of exercises to do. I have been seeing the physio regularly since and building my running up again slowly and thought it was resolved, it turns out I only 'pulled' it and didn't have an acute tear or anything like that, but now I'm ramping my mileage up again (26 miles per wk over 4 runs), I have still been trying to stick to slowish runs.

Earlier this wk I decided to try and push it a bit, I went out for a 7 mile run at 9 min/mile pace (I've been running slower at 10-10.30 min miling for a few wks) and after 1.5 miles could feel my hamstring really pulling again so I stopped and walked before it got too bad, I did a bit of a run/walk all the way home but could not run for more than 30 seconds at a time as it was burning bad again. I haven't been able to get back to see the physio again but have been getting hubby to do some massage on my leg.

So now I am absolutely gutted and worried, I feel like I am back to square one and the money I have spent on physio has been wasted as it's not working, where do I go from here? I am desperate to get out there running and racing again, I have followed my physio's advice since I first went to them in July, I do plenty of stretches mid run and afterwards and thought it was better, but as soon as I start upping the pace again I'm hobbling.

I tried a run a couple of days ago and managed 6.5 miles but took it really slow (11 min/miling) and could feel my hamstring pulling all the way but not enough to make me stop, although I found the whole run exhausting physically and had to take walk breaks which is just not something I have had to do for years!!

Please help, I am totally fed up


  • Sympathise I have a similar sounding problem which started in the spring and also had physio for it, it's much better than it was but it just won't go away! I've been running as normally as I can with mine though and just trying to stretch it out more, I think I have a lot of scar tissue image

    Sorry not much help!
  • Hello

    Ive suffered with bad hamstrings through football for years and ripped them both apart but it is should i say this the stretching before hand , i said tis once and got blasted for saying no need to stretch before a run.

    If you have not stretched before hand and struggle with a Hammy injury then half way so im guessing about 4 miles , when you have already started to pull at it once again. i suggest a few little light jogs before you start to warm your muscles slightly and then do a lot of stretching of the hammy.

    As i run now and still play football i have to work alot on it, i find putting ice and heat on it good aswell i also got a cream called deep freeze which was quite cheap in which i rub into the area if its hurting i asked a doctor and he said this cream was good cause it penetrates the muscle to work it.

    Half the danger is if you have a slight twinge is that you think you can still run on it quite soon but at least 2 weeks should be left, cause if a slight twinge what we dont see is that the muscle bleeds and it crystalises and sticks to the muscle so when you do run it really gives you alot of jip then you end up with a nice big bruise at the lower area of your thigh , this is why that cream is good.

    I can only say stretch before hand with a bad hamstring.

    i hope any of this helps

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