Just entered the Lakes 50

Clue in the title, just got my entry in for this event at end of next July. Can't wait. Done it a couple of times now, although not this year's.

Looks like both the Lakes 100 and Lakes 50 are about 50% full already, although guess you always get a rush of entries and then things just slow to a nice steady amount.

Anyone else entered?


  • Entered in the 100 Mandy... there are a few people on the SNOD ultra thread also entered either the 50 or 100.
  • I've entered the 100 after doing the 50 this year. Great event....
  • It clashes with olympics next year so i will have to give it a miss for a yearimage
  • What event are you competing in seren nos? image
  • It only clashes with the opening ceremony I think...
  • but goit to take my son to london for the eventing.....so would not have enough time to hobble back from the lakedistrict to south wales and then pack the car up again and travel to the big city for the event............

    I did look carefully at it but it was cutting things too fine and taking into account the exhaustion afterwards......i felt it wouldn't be fair on my son to mess up his one tripimage

  • Fair enough, the hobble from Lake District to Wales sounds particularly painful!... I have tickets for Athletics on Aug 4th so will be recovered enough to walk around by then!

  • We have athletics tickets too, but had forgotten about the Olympics starting then. To be fair I'd be so nervous for the organisers about the ceremony that am kind of glad I can't watch it - people will just be ready to pounce on anything they don't like or anything at all really.

    Will take a look at SNOD forum (guess I may learn there what SNOD stands for - apologies if it's really obvious - I'm not sharpest knife in the drawer today).
  • To be honest I don't know either... I always thought it was something to do with Snowdonia marathon! There are a handful of people who post in there doing either the 100 or the 50. Most have done it before so might be some useful info for you if you require it.
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    It's just a sub-thread of the Snowdonia marathon thread (affectionately known as SNOD for some reason - I don't know why) of people who run or have run in Snowdonia and want to talk about ultras but don't want to overwhelm people training for a marathon.

    Going to have to make up my mind quickly about this one ...

  • am seriously contemplating entering the 50 myself, just need to wait for payday
  • Both the 100 and 50 now full I see. I entered about 1hr after the entries opened and was quite surprised to see over 100 entries there before me.

    I wonder if the organisers will implement some kind of ballot or points entry system for the next one?
  • Im gonna throw my hat in the ring too -  I entered the 50 (?against my better judgement)

    Ive done 3 marathons but nothing above that distance yet. Im aiming for Northants 35 in May so the 50 wont be such a shock!!

    I did the Dublin marathon at the weekend. I had a great day but at the end I found myself thinking 'right, you've signed yourself up to do double this distance in the mountains..... crap!' image 

    This is gonna be interesting..... image

  • Hi KarenK - in terms of trashing my legs I think road marathons always got me more than ultras. Guess this is down to change of terrain, gradient and also that people tend to walk the uphills at a decent pace as it is more efficient than trying to run them with an increasingly shorter stride (obviously if your name is Lizzie Hawker or Jez Bragg this walking business doesn't apply to you!).

    You will be fine if you can do road marathons. Just go off easy and bet you'll think pace is easy compared to pegging round a road marathon.

    My one bit of advice is, that if you can, reccie the route, especially the leg from Ambleside to Coniston. If you can only do one reccie that is the bit to do as for most mortals a chunk of it is in darkness and there are one or two tricky bits of nav (well tricky when it's claggy/dark/your shattered/all three).

    Looking forward to the 50, it's awesome. Hoping to get out and reccie next year as didn't do this year's race so my memory of route a bit hazy.
  • Thanks for the advice Mandy.

    I've tried to choose plenty of trail races between now and then but as of now I've very little proper trail experience so when I think about it I start to feel very out of my depth!! 

    Has anyone done any of the official recce days? Are they good? My biggest concern with them is that I'll be too slow to keep up. Realistically I imagine I'll have to walk a fair amount of the race especially past the half way mark.

  • KarenK - I did 3 of the recces for this years 100. They are good. basically you all meet at the finish point, there is a coach that picks everyone up and drops off at the start point of the recce. You all set off and there are checkpoints set up where they will be in the race. Generally people end up in groups with others that are at the same pace. You wont be left behind thats for sure and the checkpoints are set up until the last people are through, with people waiting at the finish of the recce too.

    Saturday night they normally have a guest speaker discussing various perts of training from previous race winners experiences to nutrition experts etc.

  • I've done the official reccies in the past and agree with W is B, they are good and you always find someone your pace and people wait for you!

    I'd be up for a forumites reccie sometime next year nearer to the time.
  • That sounds great, I'll definitely try to make a few of them.

    Mandy Id be up for a forumites reccie too!

    Recovering nicely from the dublin marathon. Im doing the Rosedale Rumble (13 mile) in a few weeks. That will really be my 1st  taste of a trail run with some significant elevation. Really looking forward to it! Will be starting my Ultra training plan in early January - bascially just adding on another long run so I have 2 each weekend and tryig to find some hills!!

  • Rosedale Rumble sounds like it could be near me. Going to look it up. Regarding reccie will post something Feb/March time as we get to lighter days again.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Entered on 17 Oct and put on the waiting list.  Have to see how it goes - I hope to get a place.  My first race in serious hills.
  • Mandy Im fairly sure there are still places for the Rosedale Rumble if you're calender is looking a bit empty for next weekend image

    T Rex, I wont have done anything like it before either, hope you get a place!

    Going to buy my 1st pair of trail shoes this weekend, very exciting image

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