What did I do wrong?

Ok. Here are my stats:

Running: 1st time in over a year using the Cool Running Program (5 min walk, 60sec run/90sec walk, cool down). FIRST SESSION of the program.

Weather: rainy.

Terrain: hills

Food/Water Beforehand: couple sips of a beer, chili sandwich

Food/Water During: none.

Weight 201lbs, 5'8" and had twin boys 3 months ago.

So after the first 60 seconds of running my body screamed "stop. this is a joke. you're so tired you can't even pick your limbs off the ground properly. The second wave of 60 seconds: "I totally quit." The third wave: "OUCH! MY SIDE! Stitch in my side!!" The fourth wave: "I will finish". At this point I ditch my jacket and run in just leggings and a sports bra in the cold rain. The fifth wave: "Exhausted but I will finish". Sixth wave: "It's over, I feel beautifully, gloriously exhausted." I went into the house and pretty much collapsed. ***Now here is the part that upset me: when I went to stand up: I felt horrifically dizzy. It scared me.****

So what did I do wrong?? I've read that my iron could be low (very possible since I'm not a big meat/leafy green eater), that it could be my feet slamming the ground and messing with my blood levels (very possible being over 200 lbs) and that it could be spiking or nosediving of my blood pressure (hmm? I did have an issue with my blood pressure nosediving during my c-section- but that was 3 months ago and this is hardly invasive surgical procedures- it's running for pete's sake!)

Thank you in advance for your responses. And I don't plan to chat with my doc about this. He believes that running "jolts your organs to the point of destruction" & my insurance is crappy & won't let me switch.


  • Too fast

    Slow down

    Job done.  image
  • mmm maybe you should just start with brisk walking and then slowly build it up , your bp will be fine , dont give up, might be easier if you shift a bit of weight
  • Slow down 

    Avoid hills until you are a bit fitter

    Change your doctor - any health professional who seriously believes that shouldn't even be be in medical practice.

  • Not sure how soon you ran after eating but personally I need about a two hour gap between eating and running. It may be worth considering drinking water beforehand rather than beer to make sure you don't end up dehydrated as you increase the amount you run.

    What you describe whilst running, and afterwards with the dizziness has also happened to me, I also get the same thing if I have been laying down and get up too fast.

    You should find that things start to get a bit easier as you continue running.

    I'm also assuming that you are not in the UK regarding your comments about your insurance and doctor !

    Even 3 months after a C section your abdominal muscles would not have fully recovered so you may find they ache more than you would expect.....
  • image image image - I've been running 35 years and still feel like you sometimes!! 

    Advice?? Wot Meldy said plus consider water as a hydration strategy not beer....oh, and if I ate a chilli sandwich before running I'd be in bits with indigestion/cramp.  You sound pretty normal to me. Its all a learning curve.  Good luck!

  • thanks, this is really helpful everyone. i seize the day again tomorrow! we'll see...
  • If you run till you "pretty much collapse" you risk feeling dizzy and faint afterwards because the body gets confused after pumping blood to your legs flat out, and the blood starts pooling when you stop suddenly. It is not dangerous, but this is why most exercise plans have a "cool down period" at the end where you gently reduce your exertion until you are comfortably strolling around. Better luck next time!
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