Hi all,

i have been reading in magazines about doing weights to help with my running and it helps to prevent injuries,well as im trying to still lose those few extra pounds,my weight seems to be rising again and im running 30miles+ per week.

I been doing planks,standing crunches, abb crunches,leg weights,lat pull downs,chest press, any ideas if this could be muscle mass?



  • Finney, Could be, but difficult to tell from here. If it's significant weight gain and truly muscle mass, then you'll notice the difference in toning, particularly of your upper body.
    Sometimes though, when running approximately at the 30 mile/week rate, runners can simply overeat.
    On the other hand, not knowing your history etc. it may be that simply you're trying to get to / stick to, too low a weight. Just as an example, in the last year, I have got my weight as low as 12-5 for some events, but generally, when I'm fit and things are going reasonably well, I'm around 12-8 / 12-9 and frequently enter races at this weight.
  • juggler thanks for the info,but i dont really over eat,i have 3 meals a day and if any snacks in between are normally oat bars,i eat porridge chicken rice,fish sweet potato,before a long run at week end pasta,my intake of fruit has go up,i have 2 oranges,2 apples,2 bananas,blueberrys,2 yogurts per day,but i would say this isnt un healthy so i cant see why my weights going up,my theory is if im putting on weight then i will be slowing down in my running as im comfortable at 8min miles and pushing it at 7.30s?


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