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Hi all

After several ballot rejections I've finally had an acceptance for 2012. So I'm now trying to sort out hotels and I'm after some advice...

I'm intending to try and stay near Waterloo on fri and sat nights with the family in tow. The theory being that we can leave our bags at the hotel on sunday even after we've checked out so that we can pick them up as we go from the finish towards Waterloo.

How painful is getting across London early on Sunday morning to get to the start?
Has anyone used any wloo hotels that would do families (3 adults, 2 ch) and if so any good/ bad experiences?

How do hotels generally treat cancellations if injury/ illness hits? Is there general policy or can each hotel be different?

Before I hit the phones I thought I'd see what info you wise people had.

Thanks in advance for any help


  • I booked my hotel for Brighton via and they don't have a cancellation fee, might be worth looking at a hotel via them or other booking sites. There's also a Travelodge at Waterloo, which you might find useful.

    Getting across London on the morning of the race will be fine, it's unlikely there will be any major engineering works. You can find routes and transport methods on
  • Why Waterloo?....nothing wrong with it but there are better/more interesting places to stay.
  • Thanks both.

    Waterloo because that's where we jump n the train home and I fancied the shortest distance after the run
  • jogfatboyjog wrote (see)
    Thanks both. Waterloo because that's where we jump n the train home and I fancied the shortest distance after the run

    boring the fun (for everyone else) is watching you getting homeimage

    It doesn't really matter where you stay in London there are pros and cons for every hotel location, as for Sun morning, trains=packed sardines, but great atmosphere.

  • Trains to the start from Waterloo East.  No problem - just follow the crowds...
  • There is a Travelodge on Waterloo Road, a few minutes walk from Waterloo East station.  Google it and see if they have rooms - I should imagine they fill up pretty quickly.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    For anyone that has run the race already - can they recommend where to stay? My family live in Surrey - so i'm trying to work out where to stay. Is it best to stay in Greenwich the night before? or nearer the finish line? Does anyone have any recommendations for hotels (not specifically around waterloo...)?

  • i prefer the city centre. Charing X to the start is easy, and then you're closer to the hotel after the finish line for a shower.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Thanks Cougie - I was wondering about an "easy" route for start and finish.
  • Trains start at Charing X so you're guaranteed to get on at the beginning. Much better than waiting on a platform along the line as the packed trains go past....
  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭

    I live in Victoria and its pretty handy for both start and finish (no. 185 bus to Lewisham in the morning has no crowds at all!)...

    Plenty of hotels round that way image

  • I'd recommend the Strand Palace hotel - was great for me in 2010.

    5 mins walk to Charing X station = easy to get to start

    10 mins hobble back from the finish.... or longer if you went to the pub like me !

    Oh and they laid on a Marathon special breakfast (no extra chanrge) starting at something mad like 5am if you were really keen to fuel up beforehand.

    Hope that helps 

  • I've stayed in Victoria the 2 times I've ran London, will be again this year! Plenty of choices of accommodation and 10 min walk (30 min with marathon legs) from finish!
  • Thanks everybody.

    Looks like Waterloo east or charing cross for me then....time to hit the phones and websites
  • We have stayed at the travel inn county hall each time and are booked in there again this year.
  • Don't forget to come to the Chandos Pub in T.square after the race for the RW drink up
  • I stayed in the Travelodge near the Tower Bridge. The Overground Tube station to the start line is a minute walk, and for the marathon route for your family spectating is also about a minute walk just past the Overground station. Plus as well as that, your family can easily catch the Tube to the finish line.
  • By overground tube do you mean the Dockland Light railway image
  • Yea... that overground tube image
  • I have just booked a hotel opposite Waterloo station. No deposit, pay on check in. Not a flash hotel by any means but a bed for the night.
  • A question I have is, how far apart is Waterloo main and Waterloo East? Or is it the same station?
  • Just across the road from each other - there is an escalator link from main concourse Waterloo station to Waterloo East.
  • Thanks image
  • A word of caution Steve, I can't imagine any decent hotel not requiring a deposit for the night before the london Marathon... if they've got rooms to spare for walk ins on one of the busiest nights in the calendar then they might not be that good! 

  • Fair point but you should have seen the one I stopped in a last year. I plan to keep lookin though for something better
  • Is it The Wellington?
  • Can't think of the top of my head. Is that one to avoid?
  • I should think it's ok.  It is a large pub right next door to Waterloo East station.  The rooms were refurbished a couple of years back.  I should imagine it might be a bit noisy though if you've a room at the front and of course the pub might be a bit of a temptation.....
  • Ok thanks for that. Will have to check if It's that one when I get home
  • I found a fantastic option for the marathon this year and will be staying at the same place again next year.

     There is a (small private) school called All Saints in Blackheath (almost ON the heath) where the parents operate a b&b system the night before the marathon.  You can stay for £40 b&b or £50 includes a pasta party the night before in the school hall.   It was fantastic, there was a choice of 5 homemade dishes along with various salads, cous cous, anything you want to drink and ample choice of deserts.  We really were waited on by some lovely people.

    We ended up staying with the local vicar and his family (son went to the school). They were SO hospitable.  The minute we walked in they offered my hubby a beer and he sat watching the footie with the vicar!  They check in advance what you would like for breakfast and do their best to make you comfortable.

     I literally woke up at 7am hearing the helicopters overhead broadcasting on the local radio.  We were no more than 3 mins from Blackheath itself.

    Also, for first timers, you put your posessions in a large red bag and meet them again at the finish so no need to worry aboutleaving them at the hotel. Hubby and I made sure we travelled lightly as he was trying to see me at various points around the course.

    Anyway, the lady who deals with this is called Phillippa.  She can be contacted on /forum/smilies/tongue_out_smiley.gif[/img]hillippa@the]phillippa@the or 07950 038176 / 020 8852 2351.

     Hope this helps.

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